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India's Barry Chuckle song Missing Tea (Punjabi)
Barry C needs more tea. He's not getting enough. Please support him in getting his pyaar (love). Thank you. #song
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Logitech Touchpad with 1 Finger Swipe Bug WORST SUPPORT
Bug with Logitech Touchpad T650 on Windows 10. Logitech do not even try fixing this. Be careful what you buy from them. Video has no sound. Happens when -Location is on for Cortana -Logitech SetPoint is running (*crucial step) -I swipe left (from the right side of the touchpad) -Any application is running (like MS Edge) -Cortana will open
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GREATEST fireworks in India. Happy Diwali.
Firstly, keep safe when you have a display in the home. Here are some of the fireworks we lit in India. Happy #Diwali.
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Windows 10 NOVEMBER UPDATE  - New Context Menu and Snipping Tool Delay
The new context menu on the November update includes New context menu theme Snipping tool delay - Click Delay, 2 (for 2 seconds), then new, then click the area you wish to snip, then you can grab that area.
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India's Barry Chuckle sings Sad but FUNNY Song (Punjabi)
Girl doesn't like the sweet maker boyfriend because of his job. #song
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