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Shooting range gains popularity among rich Kenyans
http://bdafrica.com Welcome to the National Gun Owners Association (Ngoa) shooting range. A host of calm and alert men that could pass for a recce squad —going by the side-pocketed trousers, army boots and half jackets, received us. Don’t be fooled, these are civilians who find good, clean fun from the crackle of gunfire. They come to this range to improve their shooting skills, network and learn gun safety.
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Kenyans gamble millions in high risk Bitcoin trading craze
http://bdafrica.com More than 1,000 Kenyans are betting big on the unregulated, global digital currency craze and putting tens of millions of shillings at stake in pursuit of outsize gains. Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose values have skyrocketed in the past 10 months, are the digital currencies of choice for the Kenyan traders. The creator of Bitcoin is not known.
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New Seed balls for effective tree planting
http://bdafrica.com New Seed balls for effective tree planting
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Kenya Airways chief executive hires five new executives from Poland
http://bdafrica.com Kenya Airways chief executive Sebastian Mikosz has hired five new executives from Poland his home country for a contract of three months.
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Changing face of Mombasa CBD
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Unmasking 'The Grand Mullah' Ahmednasir Abdillahi
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Female engineer with solution for Nairobi's sewage problem
http://bdafrica.com Oblivious to the fact that she is the only woman on the construction site, Lucy Mutinda, a 34-year-old engineer, casually directs the other male engineers and workers fixing a sewage treatment system in Mocah Apartments in Kiambu.“Seeing sewage turned into clean water is my passion,” she says.Five years ago, Ms Mutinda while studying in Germany saw a market in Kenya waiting to be served and staked everything on running her own startup.
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Two Rivers Mall set to open its doors on 14th February 2017
http://bdafrica.com The Two Rivers Mall is set to open its doors to the general public on 14th of February 2017 with the launch slated for 17th February 2017
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Wood vinegar for pest control
http://bdafrica.com Wood vinegar for pest control
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Kenya Railways finally establishes an online booking portal
http://bdafrica.com Kenya Railways has finally established an M-Pesa payment option with nine Pay Bill Accounts which will see more than 1,260 passengers travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa and back by Madaraka Express train enjoy faster and reliable bookings. Previously, passengers could only book tickets physically at Standard Gauge Railways (SGR’s) ticketing offices in Nairobi or Mombasa for cash. The tickets featured a travel date and time but no name. They also contained travel class, carriage and seat numbers. An economy class ticket costs Sh700 while a first class ticket goes for Sh3, 000. “M-pesa payments will be ready from today. Safaricom team is on the ground finalising training for 20 ticket issuers who will be based in our stations. We are also intending to bring on board Telkom Kenya and Airtel going forward,” said Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina.
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PMS Group CEO talks about her journey to success
http://bdafrica.com Joanne Mwangi-Yebert not only self-driven, but also wears many hats. Aside from being a mother and chair of the Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations (FEWA), she is the chief executive of Professional Marketing Services (PMS Group). Her work is notable in the branding of renowned names such as Two Rivers, Del Monte, Thika Greens and the National Treasury’s Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).
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Building a Bombardier Q400 airplane
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Meet Samburu blacksmith who is famous for making spears
http://bdafrica.com Like every Moran who has, while defending himself, killed a lion, Mr Joseph Kaiyai Lelenguya bears a tattoo of the animal on the inner part of his right hand. His encounter with the “king of the jungle” while grazing a herd of cattle in the forest about 43 years ago, not only won him admiration in the village, but also spawned a successful business for the 63-year-old. Mr Lelenguya is a famed blacksmith from the Ngunono clan of the Samburu tribe, with his tool of specialty being the spear which he sells to his fellow morans and outsiders.
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How to reap big from Organic farming
http://bdafrica.com Anthony Munene and his wife Andrea Bye offer insights on organic farming which they say is a profitable agribusiness venture.
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Using biogas as an alternative fuel
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Kenya Airways marks a milestone with the launch of direct flights from Nairobi to New York
http://bdafrica.com Kenya Airways marks a great milestone with the launch of a non-stop flight from Nairobi to New York. The national carrier starts selling tickets from January 11, 2018 for the inaugural flight which is scheduled for October 28th this year. Kenya Airways becomes the first airline to offer a non-stop flight between East Africa and the United States of America.
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Fero Mobile unveils its latest smartphone device Fero Iris in the Kenyan market
http://bdafrica.com Fero Mobile has unveiled its latest smartphone device Fero Iris in the Kenyan market Fero Iris comes with a unique security feature that allows users to unlock their screens using their eyes(#UnlockYourPhoneWithYourEyes). The device comes with a 5-inch HD display with a 1GB RAM, powered by a 2500mAh battery. Speaking during the launch of the Fero Iris device in Nairobi, Fero Mobile Head of International Marketing Vivek Chaudhary said the brand is focused on introducing innovative solutions that are designed to enhance the customer experience. “This new technology provides unrivalled convenience to users and allows them to interact with their devices even in the extreme conditions, “said Vivek Chaudhary- Head of Fero marketing.
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Airtel threatens to pull out of the Kenyan market
http://bdafrica.com Airtel Kenya has protested the roll out of the 4G network in Kenya and has threatened to pull out of Kenya if the market structure is not addressed in terms of dominance.
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Senate Public Accounts Committee hearing during a probe over land compensation
http://bdafrica.com Afrison Export and Import Ltd and Huelands Ltd, director Francis Mburu during a Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee (PAIC) hearing chaired by Moses Kajwang’ during a probe over Sh1.5 billion land compensation and the 96 acre plot of land in Nairobi's Ruaraka.
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Tononoka Steel earns over 400 million from the supply of metal to the SGR project
http://bdafrica.com Kenya manufacturer Tononoka Steel says it has earned over 400 million from the supply of metal to the SGR project.
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Long lost African ‘wonder’ grass, Brachiaria, comes back to improve livestock farming
http://bdafrica.com The long lost African ‘wonder’ grass (Brachiaria) has come back to the continent to improve livestock farming. Field trials of the grass are underway in Kenya and Rwanda. Other East African countries are expected to follow suit
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Tree farming business tips
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Congo truck with a record overload of 117 tonnes held
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Dr Oscar Githua explains what it means to be a forensic psychologist
http://bdafrica.com Dr Oscar Githua, Forensic Psychologist and Assistant Professor at USIU, talks about the key role that psychology can play in the country’s justice system as well as in societal life.
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Civil rights group Take Back Kenya dispersed by police with teargas on Moi Avenue in Nairobi
http://bdafrica.com A group of civil rights activists were on Monday December 12, 2016 dispersed by police with teargas on Moi Avenue in Nairobi. The group calling itself ‘Take Back Kenya’ had gathered at the Tom Mboya Statute to take part in a peaceful demonstration through Moi Avenue, Harambe Avenue, Parliament road and Kenyatta avenue and end at Jevanjee Gardens.
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The HUB Karen:  A mixed use complex at the heart of Karen
http://bdafrica.com The HUB Karen is a mixed use complex set on 20 acres piece of land in the heart of Karen, Nairobi’s green suburb it is located 200m from Karen roundabout on Dagoretti Road, less than 1 km from crossroads, 14 Kms South West of CBD,7 kms from the Junction Mall and 7kms from Galleria Shopping mall. The Hub Karen is a development with a total lettable area of 28,907 gross area of 35,077sqm and total of over 1200 parking spaces using effectively the terrain contours. The Hub offers a variety of entertainment spaces an array of food and beverage outlets most of these with outside terraces /space and at least one will be dedicated to family dining. The architectural feature is European style 2 storied separated buildings with open air walkways and circulations, 2000sqm open air piazza in the center of the development, 4000sqm lake acting as recreation area as well as water harvesting feature, offices, banks and medical around courtyards and maximum land left for landscaping, 24 hour CCTV surveillance, a standby power back, water purification and a borehole.
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Studying in Canada for Kenyan students
http://www.bdafrica.com Bhanu Vishishth, President and Life Coach of Ignite Globally. Speaking on studying in Canada for Kenyan students.
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Imperial Bank depositors protest demanding for the access of their deposits
http://bdafrica.com Imperial Bank depositors protest outside the bank’s headquarters on Westlands Road in Nairobi to pressurize for the access of their deposits. It is one year today since the bank was put under receivership by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).
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Joel Kibe, CMC Holdings chairman interview
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Britam launches a Sh1,000 phone based savings product that offers higher returns
http://bdafrica.com Britam has launched a Sh1,000 phone-based savings product that offers higher returns than interest offered for bank savings. Investors in Britam’s Imarika Investment Plan will enjoy an annual interest of between 8 to 12 per cent over the specified period of between 5 to 20 years as well as a 5 per cent guaranteed minimum return per annum paid on maturity of the policy. According to the Central Bank of Kenya minimum interest on deposits banks must pay a minimum of 6.65 per cent for all savings while fixed deposits attract varying interest rates per annum starting at 8per cent.
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Top 40 Under 40:Dr Oscar Githua
http://bdafrica.com Dr. Oscar Githua, Forensic Psychologist and Assistant Professor at USIU, talks about some of his achievements. He is among the Top 40 Under 40 2014 finalists.
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Pest control for organic farmers
http://bdafrica.com Anthony Munene and his wife Andrea Bye offer insights on pest control through the use of good agricultural practises and greenhouses in organic farming.
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Kenyan inventor brings cooking gas meter to market
http://www.bdafrica.com The days when one's cooking gas ran out abruptly leaving uncooked food on the burners are numbered, thanks to Gilbert Maina. Gilbert, 29, has successfully developed a regulator gauge to measure just how much gas one has used and how much more is left. That means one can estimate when the gas will run out and plan to replenish accordingly. His gadget is known as the Gasimita and it is the first of its kind in the Kenya market.
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Toyota unveils Kenya's most verdsatile SUV
http://bdafrica.com Toyota Kenya has unveiled the country’s most versatile Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the Toyota Rush, in a move that is expected to disrupt Kenya’s used and new SUV market segment and address the existing new cars market gap in the country. Priced at KSh. 3 Million inclusive of taxes, the all-new Toyota Rush becomes Kenya’s most competitively priced full-feature SUV that targets the discerning car owner and enthusiast who is keen on buying a brand-new vehicle at a reasonable price.
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Taj Mall owner shows land titles alleging double ownership
http://bdafrica.com Taj Mall owner Ramesh Chandra during the press conference where he showed land titles and paperwork alleging double ownership of the land on which the mall stands.
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Fresh Life toilets introduced in Nairobi slums
http://bdafrica.com Edith Karimi and Sheila Kibuthu, Sanitation Experts at Sanergy talk about the impact of the Fresh Life toilets in Nairobi slums.
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What makes The Hub a playground paradise
http://bdafrica.com Many city parents spend a great deal of time at one particular playground on a residential street, if they are lucky. But for many, family-fun days have been relegated to doing rounds at eateries, most of which are fitted with bouncy castles as the city runs out fast of fun places for children. But things are evolving quickly following the opening of The Hub, a mall in Karen that has brought new adventure to Nairobi.
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Meet woman mechanic that has fixed car for Uhuru Kenyatta
http://bdafrica.com Meet woman mechanic that has fixed car for Uhuru Kenyatta
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Nairobi's changing face
http://bdafrica.com It's mid-morning and masons and other construction workers have been busy at work in several buildings that are coming up in the Westlands area of Nairobi since daybreak. It seems like there's a new development coming up every 500 metres around this area of the capital city.
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Uber drivers protest slashed earnings: Interview with NTV's Hudheifa Aden
http://bdafrica.com Taxi drivers using the Uber e-hailing platform are on strike decrying the 25 per cent commission taken by the San Francisco-based firm which they term as "high and exploitative." The drivers, who held a meeting in a Ngara hotel Monday morning, pledged to work together until Uber addressed the issues facing them. They are also planning a demonstration this Thursday.
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Top 40 Under Forty Women: Kagure Wamunyu
http://bdafrica.com 29-year-old Kagure has a double degree major in mathematics and civil engineering, a Master's degree in city and regional planning from the University of California Berkeley, USA and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford, UK.
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Tinga Tinga Tales highlights
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Banks unveil own mobile money platform allowing transfer of nearly Sh1m
http://bdafrica.com Banks introduce competition for MPESA - Pesalink
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Safaricom launches 4G LTE technology
http://bdafrica.com Safaricom Limited has launched the 4G LTE technology that will enhance the overall user experience for both individual and corporate customers, and enable them to derive more utility from their devices. The launch was at the village market in Nairobi on December 4, 2014.
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http://bdafrica.com Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, on Tuesday hosted Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, to a lunch date at Ranalo restaurant in the city centre. Also invited for the lunch date were legislators recently charged with incitement including Senator Johnson Muthama (Machakos), MPs Junet Mohammed (Suna East), Aisha Jumwa (Kilifi), and Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati).
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Family bank launches online banking platform
http://bdafrica.com Steve Mararo and Pius Kirera talk about the features of the new online banking platform recently launched by Family Bank.
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Two Rivers Mall open to the public: Interview with BD reporter Annie Njanja
http://bdafrica.com The developer is set to embark on the second phase of the project, which will include a five-star hotel and apartments, before mid this year. The mall comes with an app that is designed to help the shopper to pay for parking and access other information regarding the shopping complex. It sits on 11 of an 102-acre property situated on Limuru Road, in close proximity to the affluent neighbourhoods of Runda, Nyari, Gigiri and Muthaiga.
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AKS East Africa casual workers and technicians lay power cable through Uhuru Park
http://bdafrica.com AKS East Africa limited casual workers and technicians lay a power cable in a duct through Uhuru Park in Nairobi on June 9, 2016. Kenya Power is laying a dedicated power cable to Mamlaka Substation which is expected to improve power supply around Mamlaka, University of Nairobi and State House and Times Towers.
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Meet this year's Top40 under 40 Women - Emma Miloyo, President, Architectural Association of Kenya
http://bdafrica.com Emma Miloyo is among the few women set to shape the history of architecture. The 38-year-old wants Kenyan architects to rekindle the love for greenery, by designing buildings around existing trees. This repeat nominee recently became the president of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK). She graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with a first class honors in architecture, in a class that had only three women. She founded a company, DesignSource, with her husband, also an architect that has designed and overseen construction of many buildings in the region. Currently, the mother-of-three is overseeing the construction of a Sh1.2 billion 22-storied building that her company designed. “We need to discard this box-mentality that promotes felling trees to accommodate buildings. If a tree or two exist, we could come up with circular or triangular designs that help preserve such a tree while creating space for gardens, footpaths, and running tracks,” she says. Ms. Miloyo also sits on the board of technology hub Konza Technopolis. She believes construction experts have a solution to low-cost housing in Kenya.
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Naivas Supermarkets opens its 45th outlet at the Capital Centre
http://bdafrica.com Naivas Supermarkets opens its 45th outlet at the Capital Centre on Mombasa road in Nairobi. The space was formerly occupied by Uchumi Supermarket.
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