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Dry socket, confirmed! Dentist appointment,  bone scrapping, suture hell!
Confirmed! It was dry socket. How do they treat that? With torture of course!
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Dry socket? Regular dental extraction pain? Just here to bitch....
Just needed to vent. Any advice on the tooth extraction junk is welcome!
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Tooth update 1
FML dry socket
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I wish I had a zebra
Autry, I is jealous
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Hackensaw boys!
The Lantern in blacksburg September 18 2008
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Yume Twins June Box with Studio Ghibli addition items!!!
First month with Yume Twins. It's hot here, I look like crap, needed some cheering up...so it's box unveiling time!
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hackensaw boys blacksburg
The Lantern in blacksburg September 18 2008
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hackensaw boys
The Lantern in blacksburg September 18 2008
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“When I Grow Up” Sam’s going to be just like his hero. Kindergarten end of year program.
My son proclaiming his future profession. Other kids: “when I gwo up I wannab uh cop” “imma be uh princess” “a teeesher like my mom!”. But not Sam... he wants to be like his hero Toby Fox by making indie video games and making it big! :3 #tobyfox #undertale #whenigrowup #kindergarten #goals
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Sailor Chibi Moon T-Shirt Review! Sailor Moon Merch Reviews
First review in a set of many to come. Sailor Chibi Moon t-shirt from Ebay . Will be selling a bunch of my Sailor Moon Merchandise soon (some of it already on ebay). Sorry for the low quality, the next will be better. Thanks for watching! If you are interested in buying my Sailor Moon merch please like and leave a comment!
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