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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
A description of the concepts behind Analysis of Variance. Also, see this site: http://www.psych.utah.edu/stat/introstats/anovaflash.html for a "hands-on" experience.
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Degrees of Freedom
An introduction to the concept of degrees of freedom. This is an "arm-waving" proof; if you want something that is mathematically rigorous, please look elsewhere :)
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Introduction to the Linux/UNIX tar command
How to use the tar command to create and unpack file archives
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Simple Explanation of Chi-Squared
An explanation of how to compute the chi-squared statistic for independent measures of nominal data. For an explanation of significance testing in general, see http://evc-cit.info/psych018/hyptest/index.html There is also a chi-squared calculator at http://evc-cit.info/psych018/chisquared/index.html
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Levels of Measurement
When you do statistics, you need to know the level of measurement for your variables in order to choose the proper statistical tests.
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DeMorgan's Laws
Shows that you can write an expression like "not (A or B)" as "(not A) and (not B)". Similarly, "not(A or B)" can be written as "(not A) and (not B)" Which way should you write an expression? Whichever way most clearly states the intent of your program.
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Using R to calculate chi squared
Doing a chi-squared calculation with R. Special comment about doing correction for 2 by 2 designs.
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Absolute vs. Relative URLs in links
Use absolute URLs for links to other people's sites; use relative URLs for links within your site.
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Exporting Data from LimeSurvey
Export data from LimeSurvey for further analysis in R. We export as CSV rather than as an R data file, because it makes things slightly easier in the long run.
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t-test with related samples (part 2)
Continued discussion of the formula for the t-test.
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Conditions in LimeSurvey
How to show (or not show) questions in Limesurvey, depending upon the answers to other questions.
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Doing a desk check
How to do a "desk check" of your program plan. Additional audio by my cat, Big Tony.
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The Mann-Whitney U test
A description of the idea behind the test, and a simple calculation of the statistic.
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Entering Data into SOFA by Hand
How to design a data table and enter data into it using SOFA (statistics open for all)
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Using LimeSurvey: Entering Questions (part 3)
Creating questions that require numerical input and a list of choices.
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Using R to do a related t-test
Use R to do related t-tests on interval data and Wilcoxson T tests on ordinal data.
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t-test for related samples
This video describes the formula for a t-test with related samples (repeated measures). It's an informal discussion of why the formula is the way it is.
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Backing up a Moodle course for export
How to back up a course in Moodle so you can restore it later or import it in another Course Management System (like Canvas). Note: If you are using Chrome, when you download the file, it will put it in a default folder (probably "Downloads"). You can find out where the file is by clicking the arrow next to the file name in the ribbon at the bottom of the page and selecting "Show in folder". This will open the file manager and show you exactly where Chrome saved the file.
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t-test with related samples (part 3)
Using R to calculate the t-test with repeated measures
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Finding correlations with R
Using R to find correlations in data from a LimeSurvey survey
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Using LimeSurvey: Starting the Survey (Part 2)
Creating a survey: entering a description, welcome, and end page; setting presentation and navigation options.
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Feral cat feeding time
Feeding the feral cats at Evergreen Valley College. The loud noise in the background is an electrical transformer. The tortoiseshell cat is Misha, the tamest one of the group. I hope to get a better version later this week or next week.
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Subtraction: the "easy way" vs. "common core"
Is subtraction as taught in one of the common core methods really that complex or silly?
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Using SOFA to do an independent t-test
Use SOFA to determine if the average height of men and women is significantly different.
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Calculating Basic Statistics with SOFA
Calculating mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum with SOFA
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The "reduce" function in ClojureScript
A description of how "reduce" works.
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t-test with unrelated samples (part 1)
A non-rigorous explanation of the formula for a t-test with unrelated samples.
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Times Square NYC, June 2016
A walk in the Times Square area; film made with Polaroid (TM) Cube, edited with OpenShot.
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Using SOFA to do a paired t-test
When each person has multiple scores on a variable, you need to do a paired t-test to see if the scores are significantly different.
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Using LimeSurvey: Using Flexible Lists (Part 4)
Using pre-built lists to add Likert scale items to a survey
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Filtering data in SOFA
You can tell SOFA to use only certain data value. In this video, we use the example of an analysis of all data where the "number of shoes" is less than 70.
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Evergreen Farmers' Market, San Jose
A quick trip around the farmers' market on Sunday. I am using the Parashoot wearable camera, and still have problems getting the thing attached straight.
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Tests of difference with ordinal values
The Wilcoxson Signed Ranks T test and Mann-Whitney U test for testing differences in ordinal data. Note: the book referred to in the video is "Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology, 3rd Edition" by Dr. Hugh Coolican. ISBN 0-340-90757-6. Great book, well written, and fun to read!
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Exporting Data from LimeSurvey
How to export data for use with SOFA statistics or R
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Tour of part of Evergreen Valley College (Cube+ video)
Experimental video made with Polaroid Cube+ attached to the bill of my cap. First section of video was recorded with a Samsung WB-350F
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Importing data into SOFA
You can import data into SOFA from a variety of sources. This video shows how to import data from a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The laughter you hear in the video is when my cat decided to jump up on the desk to assist me.
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Editing Data
Sometimes you have to edit data before you perform statistical analysis on it. Here is an example of some editing of survey data.
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Using SOFA to do a chi-squared test
The chi-squared test is appropriate when your data is nominal (categorical).
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Creating Links to Other Sites
Use HTML to create a link from your site to someone else's site.
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Getting the Thonny IDE
A quick introduction to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) I will be using in this course.
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Color Tutorial 1
Using Photoshop to colorize a drawing. Drawing by WenM from Bay Area Artists Unite. Video taken in Japantown in San Francisco. There's a lot of background noise; it was busy there.
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SCVWA Scorekeeping
How to keep score at a match for a Santa Clara Valley Wrestling Association tournament.
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Using R to do unrelated t-tests
Use R to do unrelated t-tests for interval data and the Mann-Whitney U test for ordinal data.
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Open Source Tools for Math Teachers
Demo of LibreOffice's formula editor and Maxima's plotting abilities; these are free, open source tools that might be useful for people who teach math. I did this video for the Math faculty at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose; that's the school I'm referring to in the first part of the video.
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Paragliders at Montgomery Hill Park in San Jose, CA.
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How to Find a Room in Acacia
Instructions for finding a room in the Acacia building on the campus of Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA
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metal texture 2
How to add a "metal texture" to a drawing. Drawing by WenM from Bay Area Artists Unite.
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Making a Frequency Table with SOFA
You can use SOFA to create frequency tables for two or more variables. In this variable, we construct a table showing frequency of color choice by gender.
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Color Tutorial (Part 2)
Using Photoshop to colorize a drawing. Drawing by WenM from Bay Area Artists Unite.
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Color Tutorial (Part 3)
Using Photoshop to colorize a drawing. Drawing by WenM from Bay Area Artists Unite.
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