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Goku vs Kefla except goku is a car
This is a meme ok? I wasted my precious sleep to do this
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Sister Covenant on ROBLOX [LONG VIDEO] PT.1
according to the creators of the game people like me are "seeking views", and they say the hate they get is made by uneducated people btw this was today the video was today
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Seriously help me with this glitch
a video asking for help for a glitch and also a comedy video
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poorly made mugen characters be like
The poorly made character is the AI(the black betty), its shielding ability does not count as block and allow combo attacks even hit it, but she cant take any damage on the shield state that is on almost 24/7
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Sister Covenant Pt.2 Wednesday
What the heck is even going on...?
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Cringy undertale mugen frisk or chara idk
worst character i downloaded because not even my two best mugen characters with OP AI can beat frisk gonna try frisk vs frisk and frisk today and send it
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