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Download: http://www.4shared.com/zip/1skIt7vH/ILLE_VIVIT.html "ILLE VIVIT" is Latin for "He's alive." Sorta corny I know but I was getting desperate :D. Starring Nicotine, one of the best scopes in Pakistan! Thanks to all of drw for helping me out with the cinematics. I know I annoyed you all but I love you guys ;D. Music: Celldweller - Own Little World RTPN - Shattered Project Viremia - The Endgame Anthem Enjoy!
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My Twisted Phantasy.
This initially started out as me fiddling around in Vegas, but eventually grew into a minute long video that makes no sense. I used Phantasy's demos (the ones that were to be used for the competition). No need to point out the flaws; I know there are many. Thanks to Drw for help with the cinematics. This is hardly a movie. It's just random shit. Music: Klaypex - Lights.
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My first actual frag movie. Starring Pakistani players Hassan 'Absolute' Zareef and Omar 'Nicotine' Amjad from teams Scumm and Virus, respectively. Comment, and... yeah. Song names: Heathen Foray - Bifrost Blue Stahli - Bulletproof Celldweller - Birthright RTPN - Boomslang Voxis - Version One Point Nothing
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Sonic Impact || By Talz
So I was introduced to Sony Vegas about a week ago, and I decided my first project to be a montage, or whatever. This is basically just a test for me to get a feel of what Vegas is capable of doing. Yes, these are sniper only servers, but frags are my lowest priority right now. My main aim here was to sync the shots with the music, along with basic edits. Enjoy! And don't hesitate to offer some constructive criticism :D Songs: Incubus - The odyssey Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome to the masquerade
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Effects of excessive studying.
This is what happens when I spend too much time studying for my Physics exam. :(
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My go at stop-motion. Quality sucks, yeah. And it turned out shorter than I thought it would be, sorry. :D
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