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Critical ops: Sniper Montage#1(Bureau)
Hey guys this is my first sniper montage for critical ops, hope you enjoy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recorded these clips from two TDM matches on bureau map. Music: Aero chord- Time leaps https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=beDFafObkFw My Discord ID: BigBang#6994 Sry for low fps coz I still use Android ;-; Leave a like, share and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy :3 Peace guys ;)
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Critical ops: New Map and Upcoming new features
Critical ops: New Map and Upcoming New Features Hello guys, new map coming soon, HYPEE!!! Some new features also coming soon...... One more announcement, this map only available for team death match Music used: Too far gone https://youtu.be/60XUgHQo71Q Discord: D E C E N T#6994 Device:Android Peace💖
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Ssky caught hacking 😨
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Critical ops: hacker in version 0.9
Critical ops: hacker in version 0.9 We thought anti hack update on v0.9 in c ops will eliminate hacker? No hackers always find a way to ruin games, sad but true that most of the noob player wanna use hacks instead of practicing :'( IGN of the hacker in this video: lll_SuPuN_lll You can contact me on Discord app My Discord is BigBang#6994 Wanna see more of these nonsense hackers been banned So like subscribe and share Will upload a sniper montage soon :))) Peace guys ;)
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