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The Hearthstone Ritual?
My ritual was to win enough to get that month's card back. Now I'm trying to get to legend.
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The Menagerie but not like this
The third wing of One Night In Karazhan.
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Fail to 60 part 1
One of the big goals in HS is to win 500 games and get the golden hero. But you can't get to 500 wins unless you get to level 60 first. So this is me failing my mage to level 60.
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One Night In Karazhan: The Opera Wing
Completion of the Opera Wing on easy mode.
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Successful Karazhan prologue
Successful completion of the Karazhan prologue. Enjoy!
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The Karazhan Fiasco (re-upload)
I failed so bad in my first Karazhan attempt...I did't even get the video right. So we try again.
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Channel update plus mystery game!
An update on what the heck I'm doing with this channel plus a brand new game that (really it's not new) I hope to play and play and play and...you get the idea.
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