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Fanart for Cotton Fox
Well... You didn't have to do that video but since u did... Tysm!! Here is some fanart of ur oc!! Took me 18 minutes to make, idk how I never actually finish that quick... XD Hope u enjoy!! ~♥
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(im the gurl in white with not yours on it) 50sub special legit face reveal + a gift for my friends
For my friends- IF YOU WANT ME TO DELETE THIS TELL ME NOW PLZ SO ITS NOT TOO LATE D': This is also on musically you can find me and watch my musicallys im fluffy_bunny29 plz follow mee :'3 Im the girl in white with Not Yours sign on it
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Guys, the winners are announced and the contest is over now, I'll be hosting another one at 150 subs so make sure to subscribe! -Rules:- × -No copying or stealing others art!- × -No copying my art here!- × -No fights!- -If you want to join you have to:- ~ -Subscribe (i will check) and turn on the bell to be notified when is the announcement- ~ -Like this video- ~ -Comment if you join, who will you draw (when you post the video reply to your comment) have you done all the rules- Prizes: 1st place - Will do a collab with me and I will animate his oc and get a drawing of his oc 2nd place - Will get a free place on my group collab that i will do soon (he will animate on his own this time) and get a drawing of his oc 3rd place - Will get a drawing sof his oc Thats it my friends ~💟
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Art for Kara_Chan's art contest // done :3
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Map part // opening // for Festive Frenzy
Srry I'm so dumb and my device doesn't let me download the song bc I have no memory I'll delete this video after I get disqualified ;-;... Ok jk I won't XD
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🌸Blossom run🌸 // animation
Promised you, y got it :3 Another video (not Christmas themed sorry) Original by Kari
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Every single day!!!!!! (Warning: hungry cats XD)
What I have to deal with everyday ;-; I get a reward from them tho: a huge scratch, yey :'3
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Pusher // animation
Took me 3 hrs to make it (kinda rushed it x3) Enjoi peepz
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Happy Late Halloween! (DESC) (gift)
I'm so sorry about that I'm this late :'( So so so so much sorry!!! I had like 5000 exams (my friends will proof) Hope u see this :'3 Friends featured - (Me, Isi, Lucy (Anastasia) and Maria) ♥
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Winners of the art contest!! (Read desc and sorry if it's too late)
So.. here they are... Winners: 1. Queen Pineapple_animates 2. K9loveplayz_yt 3. Kari the furry (or Taylor Chan) 4. star moon Congrats to all of u who joined!! The winners will get their prizes of course and I'll tell when they r ready... Byee :33
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like me better /// marry early christmas /// lazy animation
Bonjour :'3 This is just a quick made animation... hope y all like my editing I need more backgrounds ;_; I think I'll upload another animation, diy (never did that tho :'3) or drawing stuff before new year or a short christmas video... yeh Sorry for inactivity, I'm busy with school and stuff... I'll be uploading more in January, if I find time... Oh btw thnx for 62 subs ly all, and heres some stuff and awnsers to common questions for ya: • Why don't chu upload more? - school • How come r u 7th grade and ur 11 that's not possible!!!??? - it is Now the most common, do u do questions (FOR NOW maybe the awnser will change) • Do u do fanart? - yes • Do u do requests? - yes • Do u do collabs? - ONLY when I have time but I may cancel it later, if you or me don't finish on time • Do u do art trades? - yes And for my irl friends: • Why don't chu make other videos like diy or short animations of blinking and stuff? - I'm making stuff that I'm interested in, I may make diy and shorts soon, if I get a request • You're weird - thnx • CHOCOLATEEEEEE!!!! - HIIIIII :'3 If y want me awnser some more, comment them down beloe I'mma delete some cringe now cya later I mean, orevuar :'D
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Fools MV map part - for //Radiance//
Wth happened to half of the end!? NVM ill reupload if needed forgive me and stupid YouTube editor :'3
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3D pen reveal... And voice reveal...
I guess...? Whatev ty for 87 subs... If someone gets me to 100 he gets a free drawing and a shout-out in my Q and A video... Also plz ask me questions or dares there I can't link the vid rn so better find it for yourself... Also I sound like a child... I am a child... bye
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My life
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Cola Song READ DESC I HAVE A NEW KITTEN - part 5 (for GalaxyMaiden's map)
So the third kitten in the animation is called Lemon and he is 4 month old + super SUPEr cute :D He is... oh god WILDDD (he likes petting so FRICKINg much that when I pet his head he starts running like a chicken all around our yard) Ikr? He is just a little kitten, and he also likes to bite me and play with Maxi (they play catch a lot when i let my bunny out the cage and when he wins he starts playing drums on his butt :'3) And thank you guys so so so much for 50 subs!!! Ly you alllllll ~♥
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Infinite - animation (FLASH/EYESTRAIN WARNING)
Im actually happy about the editing... yeah.. for the first time ever i used green screen. Also ignore the 50 watermarks ;w; Bye
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knock knock ouo
Idk what I made.mp4
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summertime sadness // animation // original?
Idk owooo Anywhay working on the qna awnser video and an amv thing so stay tuned for that :vv Can't wait for spring break owoo Bai ;-;
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Trick or treat (mini map part for cactus_flower)
Yeah so sorry I'm late... Tried my best but it's a bit rushed so hope you like it 3':
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Old art redraw (desc)
1.Guys, I'll reupload the Q and A video but I'll also awnser on the questions of the other one, and ill do it at 110 or 120 subs (bc mh laziness beats me every time TwT) 2.Also... I forgot how to draw ponehs ;-; sorre if it's kinda bad (dont kill meh plz but in 2014 I only drew pones tbh XD) 3.Tommorow won't be active much (maybe I'll upload idek) I'm going to a book exhibition and idek how much time will I stay That's it uwu Bai
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Availible songs: - He broke my heart (yeah... this will take 3-5 characters) - Only you - (1-2 characters) Taken: - There for you Ehla the gamer girl 13 (1-2 characters) All rules r in the video Bai ^w^
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Bella | speedpaint (read desc)
Idk this video is made 2 months ago and I just uploaded it bc idk what to upload Ask ur questions qna video coming soon (I'm just lazeh to animate :p)
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Gift for Fuzz the Fuzzy Dragon - Sims 4 CAS
Check out Fuzzys channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJG4IPFHBcmacZvrD6IMMA My first ever CAS video, welp... hope i do more in the future... Requests are open (for drawing and for CAS) you can ask me if you want me to make your character in the sims 4, but we also have rules here: 1. The character must have a specified gender, otherwise i wouldnt know what gender to make it 2. The character musnt be too much detailed or complicated (with too many patterns since i cant make them, but i MAY find a mod that will fit) 3. You must specify the species of the character so i know what do i make, i can make any animal, human, demon, angel, butterfly, and (also if someone has a TV as an oc, i have a mod for that, but thats a rare case XD) and if an elf is the case, i kinda accidently deleted the mod for adult elves, so i can make it only as a child uwu 4. If you want me to make your AJ animal, ANY animal can do, and also i can add accesories (except tails i cant do that) and if i cant put a specific item the same ill TRY put the most similar one, and note that the top color would be the hair (for ex. Fuzzy's snow leopard was grey on the top, skin colored bottom and the patterns were blue, i usually put the patterns as tatoos or as a gradient hair, the top color as hair and bottom as skin color as you can see in the video) 5. I can also make you irl, but not exactly the same, but ill try owo 6. You can send me the picture on Hangouts or make it as a youtube video (the best way is the second option) and ill comment on it if its done! Thats it, hope u enjoy, bai ;-;
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uh..... -_- (noooooooo)
Sjaajjahhajasjjahjwhjwsjnjdhueudieijjnjdhbegesvgsbhsniemimsmjnjsj Just.... No (dis heppend in reiel laife :3)
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AJPW Speedpaint - Happy Valentines Day Everyone ~ ♥
Just a speedpaint of my snow leopard :p Also.... my friend XD (if you read this, you are funny XD) Btw... Ty for 84 subs guys! And guess what.... Soon ill be waiting for my 3D pen to arrive! Yes i ordered one and if we hit 90 or 100 subs i will do a pen review and a voice reveal XD!! So if ur new plz subscribe, my goal is 100 subs but its fine if we get 90!! Ly all and have a nice warm valentine hug from me :3 Bye ~ ♥
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Pity party - part 10 (For GalaxyMaiden's map)
Here we go, finnaly took me 7 hours to finish it yesterday 3 today 4 phew 😅😅 Enjoy anyways XD Followed the rules, used the pallet, no watermark, music... (plz use it im tired it's 4:07 am and ... zz...z..........
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Lol (this was animated in September, finished this morning ;^;) Sorry for loose uploads :(( I won't be able to upload much next week as well bc I have like 500000 exams to study on •-• This is for fun and if you want to ask me somthin ask in the comments down... Bais wish me luck on my exams 3:
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For Hi im Bianca's art contest ~♥
Proof that i made it - i have my sign there (heartlucky29)
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Art for LPS Snickerty TV ~♥ (finally)
Sorry its a bit late but nvm 😂😂 still good time Hope you like it ~♥
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He broke my heart | funny animation
Hahahah Bonnie actually likes someone but he likes her sis a bit more ;3 #hebrokemyheart
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100 subs special fecc revel (read desc befor im ded pls) (PS my aj friens, don't kill me ;-;)
Edit: fucc mah fingers hurt xox Pls read if u wanna kno importent stuff and a deep secrat... 1.If u don't believe that's me, go ask mah frunds or KeeKayn or smth (Idc lol) 2. If u think I'm ugleh u succ (jk think whatever u want) 3. Dis is a common question from mah schoolmates and everyone - why I privated all mah AJ videos? BC I GOT HACCD!! I DUN WANNA REVEL MAH USER BC IM FUCCIN SCARED!! (even tho I can hacc myself I usually don't hacc accounts, only games with munneh like tunnel town stars, gems and stuff, also DUNOT REPORT BC I DUNNOT KNO HOW TO HACC ACCOUNTS!! (I mean I do but I never hacced anyon) Tyvm... ouo) 3. Dis is also really important soh pay attention - qna video coming soon so better ask yr questions today (but since I'm making this video at 2am u can ask tonite) Bye, goodnite :v
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when u get scammed in aj like...  (animation)
totally put effort in this... srry for loose uploads, i also wont be active much the next few weeks... welp owo
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Art for Cotton Fox's art contest ~♥
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Forest rave | animation | wip
Lolz I will never finish this :'(
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Chime - collab (still unfinished)
Thanks to Kits are Katz Asian Bendy Ahri nightcore For joining this collab ~♥ Its still unfinished but yeah Finished result coming soon
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Despacito (gift for Ahri)
Its not so god but yeah x3 For my rl friend Aki ~♥
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Art for Cocosully's art contest ~ ♥
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For Fresia XD's art contest ~♥
Hope its good ~♥
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For Sythers art contest ~♥
Here is the finished art... Srry I didn't record how I draw it my recorder broke :c But there is my signature, and my friend was chatting with me so I have proof it's my art, if u don't believe XD Bat I'm sure u do :P Also the blue parts r aqua but the filter made them bluish so ya XD Enjoy ~♥
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Art for Vixen Loves Sans art contest ~♥
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Art for Foxarra 0v0's art contest ~♥
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