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Art for Kara_Chan's art contest // done :3
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There For You // animation // request
Requested by Ehla The Gamer Girl 13 Oc credits to her Welp.. Took me long enough :p
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Pusher // animation
Took me 3 hrs to make it (kinda rushed it x3) Enjoi peepz
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Infinite - animation (FLASH/EYESTRAIN WARNING)
Im actually happy about the editing... yeah.. for the first time ever i used green screen. Also ignore the 50 watermarks ;w; Bye
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Happy Late Halloween! (DESC) (gift)
I'm so sorry about that I'm this late :'( So so so so much sorry!!! I had like 5000 exams (my friends will proof) Hope u see this :'3 Friends featured - (Me, Isi, Lucy (Anastasia) and Maria) ♥
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like me better /// marry early christmas /// lazy animation
Bonjour :'3 This is just a quick made animation... hope y all like my editing I need more backgrounds ;_; I think I'll upload another animation, diy (never did that tho :'3) or drawing stuff before new year or a short christmas video... yeh Sorry for inactivity, I'm busy with school and stuff... I'll be uploading more in January, if I find time... Oh btw thnx for 62 subs ly all, and heres some stuff and awnsers to common questions for ya: • Why don't chu upload more? - school • How come r u 7th grade and ur 11 that's not possible!!!??? - it is Now the most common, do u do questions (FOR NOW maybe the awnser will change) • Do u do fanart? - yes • Do u do requests? - yes • Do u do collabs? - ONLY when I have time but I may cancel it later, if you or me don't finish on time • Do u do art trades? - yes And for my irl friends: • Why don't chu make other videos like diy or short animations of blinking and stuff? - I'm making stuff that I'm interested in, I may make diy and shorts soon, if I get a request • You're weird - thnx • CHOCOLATEEEEEE!!!! - HIIIIII :'3 If y want me awnser some more, comment them down beloe I'mma delete some cringe now cya later I mean, orevuar :'D
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Fools MV map part - for //Radiance//
Wth happened to half of the end!? NVM ill reupload if needed forgive me and stupid YouTube editor :'3
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knock knock ouo
Idk what I made.mp4
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🌸Blossom run🌸 // animation
Promised you, y got it :3 Another video (not Christmas themed sorry) Original by Kari
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Old art redraw (desc)
Can someone help me My whole school prob knows about my channel now and how cringy my videos are I wanna delete it and start over I also hate undertale and ponies now Sorry Hope yall understand
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Watch dis plz i gu e s s i explained everything. Still gonna keep sOME of my old content thou, just for the improvement
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100 subs special fecc revel (read desc befor im ded pls) (PS my aj friens, don't kill me ;-;)
Edit: fucc mah fingers hurt xox Pls read if u wanna kno importent stuff and a deep secrat... 1.If u don't believe that's me, go ask mah frunds or KeeKayn or smth (Idc lol) 2. If u think I'm ugleh u succ (jk think whatever u want) 3. Dis is a common question from mah schoolmates and everyone - why I privated all mah AJ videos? BC I GOT HACCD!! I DUN WANNA REVEL MAH USER BC IM FUCCIN SCARED!! (even tho I can hacc myself I usually don't hacc accounts, only games with munneh like tunnel town stars, gems and stuff, also DUNOT REPORT BC I DUNNOT KNO HOW TO HACC ACCOUNTS!! (I mean I do but I never hacced anyon) Tyvm... ouo) 3. Dis is also really important soh pay attention - qna video coming soon so better ask yr questions today (but since I'm making this video at 2am u can ask tonite) Bye, goodnite :v
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when u get scammed in aj like...  (gift for my evil ass neighbor, ear rape warning)
totally put effort in this... hope your happy that im actually making this for u kitty/twilight/idk (ok i forgot ur ocs name srry) anyway, srry for loose uploads, i also wont be active much the next few weeks... welp-
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Trick or treat (mini map part for cactus_flower)
Yeah so sorry I'm late... Tried my best but it's a bit rushed so hope you like it 3':
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Bella | speedpaint (read desc)
Idk this video is made 2 months ago and I just uploaded it bc idk what to upload Ask ur questions qna video coming soon (I'm just lazeh to animate :p)
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Lol (this was animated in September, finished this morning ;^;) Sorry for loose uploads :(( I won't be able to upload much next week as well bc I have like 500000 exams to study on •-• This is for fun and if you want to ask me somthin ask in the comments down... Bais wish me luck on my exams 3:
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Art for Foxarra 0v0's art contest ~♥
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Pity party - part 10 (For GalaxyMaiden's map)
Here we go, finnaly took me 7 hours to finish it yesterday 3 today 4 phew 😅😅 Enjoy anyways XD Followed the rules, used the pallet, no watermark, music... (it's 4:07 am what am i doing)
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For Sythers art contest ~♥
Here is the finished art... Srry I didn't record how I draw it my recorder broke :c But there is my signature, and my friend was chatting with me so I have proof it's my art, if u don't believe XD Bat I'm sure u do :P Also the blue parts r aqua but the filter made them bluish so ya XD Enjoy ~♥
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For Hi im Bianca's art contest ~♥
Proof that i made it - i have my sign there (heartlucky29) 31.08.2018 Ok im scrolling thru my old videos and ocs and i have a headache bc of how cringey everything is... Since i sort of improved.. imma delete some trashy old content and change my oc a bit bc i dislike how it looks
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summertime sadness // animation // original?
Idk owooo Anywhay working on the qna awnser video and an amv thing so stay tuned for that :vv Can't wait for spring break owoo Bai ;-;
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Art for LPS Snickerty TV  (finally)
Sorry its a bit late.. Hope you like it ~♥
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Art for Cotton Fox's art contest ~♥
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Forest rave | animation | wip
Lolz I will never finish this :'( 31.08.2018 Ignore shit part where my oc and Maxi become black and use magic and shit, idk creepy shit was new to me when i made that and i wanted to make it edgy so uh-
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Map part // opening // for Festive Frenzy
Srry I'm so dumb and my device doesn't let me download the song bc I have no memory I'll delete this video after I get disqualified ;-;... Ok jk I won't XD
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My life
Idk istillhaveunfinishedrequestsandimherewaistingmytimesendhelp
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Thanks to Kits are Katz Asian Bendy Ahri nightcore For joining this collab ~♥ Its still unfinished but yeah Finished result coming soon
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Fanart for Cotton Fox
Well... You didn't have to do that video but since u did... Tysm!! Here is some fanart of ur oc!! Took me 18 minutes to make, idk how I never actually finish that quick... XD Hope u enjoy!! ~♥
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Cola Song READ DESC I HAVE A NEW KITTEN - part 5 (for GalaxyMaiden's map)
So the third kitten in the animation is called Lemon and he is 4 month old + super SUPEr cute :D He is... oh god WILDDD (he likes petting so FRICKINg much that when I pet his head he starts running like a chicken all around our yard) Ikr? He is just a little kitten, and he also likes to bite me and play with Maxi (they play catch a lot when i let my bunny out the cage and when he wins he starts playing drums on his butt :'3) And thank you guys so so so much for 50 subs!!! Ly you alllllll ~♥
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AJPW Speedpaint - Happy Valentines Day Everyone ~ ♥
Just a speedpaint of my snow leopard :p Also.... my friend XD (if you read this, you are funny XD) Btw... Tyvm for 84 subs guys! Ly all and have a nice warm valentine hug from me :3 Bye ~ ♥
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For Fresia XD's art contest ~♥
Hope its good ~♥
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Despacito (gift for Ahri)
Its not so god but yeah x3 For my rl friend Aki ~♥ 31.08.2018 I disliked this video from 2 accounts bc i h8 it so much... but its still better then the older shit i posted.... welp-
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Gift for Fuzz the Fuzzy Dragon - Sims 4 CAS
Check out Fuzzys channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJG4IPFHBcmacZvrD6IMMA My first ever CAS video, welp... hope i do more in the future...
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Art for Cocosully's art contest ~ ♥
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Art for Vixen Loves Sans art contest ~♥
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Every single day!!!!!! (Warning: hungry cats XD)
What I have to deal with everyday ;-; I get a reward from them tho: a huge scratch, yey :'3
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