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Manhunt:The Smileys
I always loved what this one smiley guy says so I thought id recored some of the shit he says,enjoy!
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Oblivion: A Night at Skingrad
Bah, my previous upload of this was messed up by the upload process of youtube, i re-edited it in hopes of easy reupload.
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Scott Steiner Responds to Norm
Video Response
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Oblivion: Freedom of Speech
Egger3d, LordofCorruption,Incogneatus, and oneclipleft , gave me the inspiration to try my own take at elder scrolls movies. More may come in time..
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Angry Black Man Plays CSS
Shit,I couldnt resist.ME using angry black guy soundbored
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Oblivion: Freedom of Speech III
People seem to like these, and im back with another. Might be my last one for a while tho.My best one IMO
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P-51 Kamikaze
IL-Sturmovik 1946. This game rocks... This is actually the first kamikaze attack that actually sunk a ship!. If people like it more may come
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Oblivion: Freedom of Speech II
I May make a movie with a plot and so on maybe=P
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Oblivion: Deranged Fan. ep1
Finally!! I took some time to make a movie with a plot! After following the Arena Champion and waiting for the Champion, Adoring fan's mind has started to....wonder, to say the least. Now that he has (some) mind of his own what will he do?? songs used: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/172579 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/256869 Took me awhile to get this the way i wanted it I captured and recaptured video to get this the way i wanted it. Went through so many ideas and i think this may be the best. I hope you enjoy it! Link to adoring fan mod http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=18187
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Oblivion: Freelance Archery
Long time since I did a video, wanted something to break the ice. Meh, if people like it i may do another one
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'Angry' Joe Vargas vs. Nintendo Entertainment
Most Know of this skirmish,but few of the direct attack on The Headquarters itself by none other than Joe.* Dramatic Dramalization
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