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How Starbucks became #1 in Social Media
Alexandra Wheeler, Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks, has lead the strategy and execution across key digital channels, including Starbucks websites and online communities, social media channels, in-store screens and paid digital media. In the past year, Alexs team has established Starbucks as a leader in the social web space, earning recognition as the #1 engaged brand in social media and the most popular brand on Facebook and beating out huge brands like Coca-Cola in the process. A must listen to episode for any brand manager, ad agency executive or communications planning executive who wants to better leverage social media as an element of their marketing mix. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Alexandra Wheeler, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1297
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Going from employee to entrepreneur and building a brand along the way
Clayton Christopher sold medical supplies, but had always wanted to have his own business. So while he had his day to day job, he kept his eyes open, knew he could start his own venture part time. In doing so he found an unexploited niche in a BIG category. Even though Clayton had no prior experience in the beverage industry, he started Sweet Leaf Tea Co and worked to fill a very obvious hole within the bottle tea category. He selected a few key points of difference: 1) His product would be premium in nature, created with only the best of ingredients. 2) He would build his brand in an authentic way, without traditional advertising Fast forward 10 years to 2009 and Clayton has gone from selling medical supplies, to selling a multinational conglomerate like Nestle Waters on the idea of investing in his and his teams well guarded brand...which he just did this past month! For anyone who is working on a brand or in an agency and has a desire to one day start their own business, Clayton did itand as always...success leaves clues! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Clayton Christopher, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=811
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Branding the invisible from Intel's CMO Deborah Conrad
In this episode, Deborah shares Intel's fascinating brand story. Having been with Intel since 1986, when household penetration of computers compared to today's near ubiquitous penetration, she shares how Intel has achieved an 80% market share and achieved universal brand awareness. Deborah's story shows how to tangibly market a perceived intangible product.
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Changing the positioning of a brand icon  Lessons from Quakers CMO Annie Young Scrivner
The Quaker brand is almost 130 years old and was one of the FIRST brands ever advertised. So the question is, how do you keep it relevant for consumers today? CMO Annie Young-Scrivner and her team answered that question through their newest initiative Go Humans Go. It is a fascinating case study as to how you can take an existing line of products, that fundamentally perform, and adjust the creative positioning concept so that the message gets through in a relevant way, while increasing household penetration and share of requirements. Why is this product for me? Do I like this message? During the podcast, Annie also talks about the importance of shifting the media mix and how it has become as relevant as the new positioning. Great episodelots to learn from a leader on a big brand inside an even bigger brand (Quaker is owned by Pepsico) Enjoy! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Annie Young Scrivner, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=595
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How Audi is winning on the social web
Scott Keogh, CMO of Audi of America, has been overseeing all marketing strategy and department responsibilities, as well as leading the companys marketing efforts to further elevate the positioning of the Audi brand in the U.S. since joining the company in 2006. Scotts team has firmly established Audi in the social web space, earning recognition as having the 2nd largest Facebook fan base of an automaker. This guy has changed the way that brands talk about vehicles. Great insight on how to use the social media space to gain PASSIONATE fans that WANT to go out and speak on your brand! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Scott Keogh, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1315
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How Ahmet Abaci, VP of Marketing, is helping Durex turn into a Sex Megabrand
In this episode, we speak to Ahmet about how he is helping Durex to engage with consumers in new and compelling ways. Specifically, how the brand is utilizing the new Love Box to leverage social media, providing a mechanism to drive electronic word-of-mouth for the brand. Ahmet Abaci is the Vice President of Marketing, Americas Region, for Durex branded sexual wellbeing products. Ahmet started his career in Turkey as a grocery store manager when the retail industry was entering a period of significant change in this developing country. After getting his MBA in the US, Ahmet decided to make a career move into marketing and joined Kimberly-Clark. During his 11 years at K-C in the US and in the Middle East, Ahmet worked in local brand activation, global brand development and marketing excellence roles on brands such as Huggies, Kotex and Cottonelle. Before joining Durex in 2009, Ahmet held a global strategy position at Bausch & Lomb, where he was responsible for B&L's OTC products including eye drops and eye vitamins.
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TRANSPARENCY & EFFECTIVENESS  the NEW rules of advertising
As the youngest recipient of two WSAA Creative Leader of the Year awards and an inductee into the American Advertising Hall of Fame, Eric Hirshberg, President and Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch LA without question has the chops and is among the best in the business. In this episode, Eric shares actionable advice for brands, entrepreneurs and agency executives alike, spanning a number of topics. In particular, pay attention to his thoughts on the new rules of transparency for brands. There is a lot of power in honesty and authenticity. In todays service oriented society, brands that say thank you and Im sorry will win! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Eric Hershberg, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1219
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How a $15 Billion company uses non-traditional marketing to drive sales and shares
EMC Corporation is the worlds leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions. The $15 Billion company is among the top 10 largest technology companies in the world that sits alongside household name brands such as IBM, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Whitney Tidmarsh, CMO of EMCs Content Management & Archiving Division, one of the top 100 most influential women in Tech, discusses how she uses non-traditional marketing tools to drive sales. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Whitney Tidmarsh, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1137
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A marketing strategy lesson from 1-800-Flowers.com on Mothers Day
This brand has the RIGHT to use social media! And is doing it the RIGHT way! As you are planning for 2010, no doubt every brand strategy out there includes exploring how they can use social media. At least every brand we work with is. And for good reason. If you are, then this podcast is for you. As 1-800-Flowers.com was kind enough to post a few guideposts with usquestions they ask themselves to keep the program on track. A VERY practical lesson for all brands. 1) Is there a LOGICAL link between the brand and the overall concept? 2) Did we create a VIRTUAL VENUE for them to visit to learn more? 3) Did we recruit someone from within the target audience who is an AUTHORITY? 4) Did we give that authority figure some CURRENCY to use? 5) Are we using social media tools that make it EASY for others to share? Where some brands are struggling is that they are jumping right to #5! Lets put up a Facebook fan page, a corporate blog and TWEET out some promotional messages and there you go. This gets you 5 fans (all of which are from your agency) and 10 followers (also from your agency) Some good, practical, applicable learning for any brand. Happy Mothers Day Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast with special guest, Lewis Goldman, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=764
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How to market a big brand -- lessons from Sony CMO Michael Fasulo
Michael Fasulo is the executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Sony Electronics (SEL). His responsibilities include leading sales, marketing, communications, retail execution and service for SEL. Fasulo also oversees the company's corporate social responsibility efforts, building a sustainable future through innovation and working to attain a carbon-free footprint. As part of these efforts, Fasulo leads a national program promoting the free recycling of its electronics, as well as the development of eco-friendly products. In this episode, Mike shares with us how he is getting 5x ROI through integration, how Sony keeps its equity connected across categories, why social media is not new, and what really gets his attention internally and through his partner agencies.
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Transparency & Authenticity are key when communicating with consumers through the social web
Over the past few months youve probably been hearing about authenticity and transparency. Problem is, as marketing, media and advertising executives, we have not necessarily been trained to communicate in an authentic and transparent way. Today, one of the biggest names in social media marketing, shares clear and precise direction on how to implement these essential tools through social media and regain consumer trust. Andy Beal is considered one of the worlds most respected internet marketing consultants, an award-winning blogger, professional speaker and co-author of a critically-acclaimed book. His book, Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online, and blog, Marketing Pilgrim, are relevant and so important to ANY type of company that is online and utilizing social media in their marketing strategy. Andy was named to the Triangle Business Journals 40 Under 40″ and named one of the Most influential marketers of 2008. He has consulted with huge national brands including Motorola, GlaxoSmithKline, SAS, Lowes, Quicken Loans and NBC. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Andy Beal, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1341
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Sohrab Vossoughi.flv
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Ad Agency account executive turned brand manager-Now,entrepreneur selling his company for millions!
If you work in a job that you dont LOVE and have PASSION for - the kind of passion that makes you wake up early and stay up late. If you work in a job where you dont make ANYWHERE near what you are worth- If you work in a job, or even if you have a career, and want to do more, create more, make more, give more, do it better, win more frequently, call your own shots, be free, make the world a better place, leave a legacy, meet new people, set out on an adventure or create certainty for yourself and those you care about. Then you may want to read a few more lines. If thats what you want, you can have it. You can start part- time. You dont have to quit your job. Just knowing that you can start part time will open your eyes to opportunities that were always therebut that you simply never saw. By doing this you will find your idea. And then you will work. You will get home from your job at 6PM and work until 10 PM, and every other weekend. Then you can begin building your business and quit when its big enough. Then, once you quit, and focus 100% of your time, passion and attention on that one purpose, amazing things will happen. You will build it, it will grow, and you will (if you so desire) sell it for millions and be able to share that fortune with those who helped you get there! At least thats what our guest on this podcast did. And you can too! Because SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Ian Leopold, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=858
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Brand Connections & the Rise of Venue Based Media
Venue based media is being utilized by hundreds of national brands and is quick becoming one the fastest growing segments of advertising today. In this 3 minute segment, Ad Age profiles Brand Connections, one of the fastest growing companies in the space. Its founder and CEO, Brian F. Martin discusses why more and more and more brands finding that this new way to reach consumers is proving to be one of the influential tools in the marketing mix.
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The Evolution of Brand Marketing in the Digital Age
Tom Bedecarré is CEO of AKQA, the digital advertising agency that uses innovative ideas and technology to deliver results for the world's top brands — including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Nike, Schwab, Visa and Xbox. AKQA has more than 800 employees in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Shanghai, Washington D.C. and San Francisco where Tom leads the corporate team. In this episode, Tom shares with us how digital advertising has evolved, why social media is becoming an ever-increasing part of the marketing mix and offers tips for employees who want to become entrepreneurs. AKQA has been recognized numerous times as "Digital Agency of the Year" and was also recently named one of the Fast 50 -- "The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies" by Fast Company magazine. The Wall Street Journal featured Tom as an "Admaker to Watch" and he is a frequent speaker at industry events. An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Tom was a founder and CEO of Citron Haligman Bedecarré, San Francisco's largest independent advertising agency and a leader in launching Internet brands. Tom started his career in advertising on Madison Avenue at Ogilvy & Mather in New York and later returned home to San Francisco where he was a Vice President at Hal Riney & Partners. Tom holds a BA degree from Stanford University and an MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
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How brands can better leverage digital marketing
In this episode, I reached out to Samir Balwani, who is brilliant in the space of digital marketing. He shares how brands can better leverage digital tools to connect with their consumers. We also talk about the philosophy behind social media, how it takes us back to the basics of what is essential in human relationships. How it is reconnects people's interaction by linking the offline to the online and connecting the known to the unknown. Lastly, we speak about how the evolution of digital marketing has fundamentally changed how we influence consumers and how consumers influence us, specifically looking at recent examples of major brands such as the GAP shifting their branding based on consumer feedback and demand. Samir Balwani is a digital marketing strategist at PMK BNC, helping businesses create holistic marketing solutions. His areas of expertise include digital communications, online marketing, and new media PR. You can follow his online marketing blog to get access to his free marketing workbooks in the Insider's Library.
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How Kia Motors created a new brand in THE most competitive category!
Creating a new brand and cementing it in the mind of a consumer is one of the most challenging tasks a marketer will face. Now imagine creating that new brand in THE highest spending and most competitive category. That was the challenge facing Kia Motors. And in this episode, Michael Sprague, Kias VP of Marketing, shares their strategy along with some of the key challenges they faced along the way. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Michael Sprague, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1361
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Brand Fast-Trackers will help you build a stronger brand.
In this episode, Carl Johnson, defines what innovation means within the walls of Campbell's. Specifically, how the company has encouraged and utilized innovation in order to sustain a competitive advantage in their category and enhance their existing brand equity. Carl Johnson joined Campbell Soup Company in April 2001, as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. He has direct responsibility for corporate strategy, Research & Development and Quality, corporate marketing services, licensing, and e-Business. He reports to Douglas R. Conant, President and Chief Executive Officer. Carl joined Campbell from Kraft Foods, where he ran three successively larger business divisions. He joined Kraft in 1992 as Vice President, Strategy, for Kraft Foods, USA. In 1993, he became Executive Vice President, Kraft USA and General Manager of Kraft's Specialty Products Division. In 1995, he was made Executive Vice President of Kraft Foods, N.A., General Manager of the Meals Division and member of the Kraft Foods N.A. Operating Committee. 1997, Carl was named President of the $2.5 billion New Meals Division when the former Meals and Enhancers divisions were consolidated. In this capacity through early 2001, he led the division's three-year transformation, restoring sales and earnings momentum and achieving record-high operating income growth. Prior to Kraft, Carl was a senior partner and director of the consumer goods consulting practice at Marketing Corporation of America, where his key clients included among others, Kraft, Con Agra, Cadbury Schweppes, Readers' Digest and NYNEX. Before that, he was Vice President of Worldwide Advertising at Polaroid Corporation. He began his career with a 10-year tenure at Colgate-Palmolive in marketing management on both personal care and household products. Carl earned his B.A. degree in government and economics from Wesleyan University, and his M.B.A. degree from the University of Chicago. Carl is an Advisory Board Member of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, University of California, Davis. He serves as a Trustee of the Adelphic Educational Fund at Alpha Delta Phi, Wesleyan University. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of Avedro, Inc., a pioneer in vision correction technology.
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If you have something to say, say it  Those who are interested will read it!
David Ogilvy helped lots of brands sell a lot of product. Brands from Schweppes to Rolls Royce. And he often used lots of words to do so. If you have something to say, say it. The page of print you buy costs the same whether you use a one word headline or tell a story. In this episode we can learn from two brands utilizing very different strategies. So far, the in market results would suggest one is clearly winning. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, David Ogilvy, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=874
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Jim Stengel, former GMO of P&G shares his experience
In this episode, Jim shares invaluable advice for brand managers, marketers and the agencies who support them. Really, a not to be missed episode! Jim is the President/CEO, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC, an author and Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Jim's company is both think tank and consultancy and conducts proprietary research, generates thought leadership and applies a new ideals-driven framework to drive business growth in today's global economy. He is the former GMO of $83B Procter & Gamble, where he oversaw an $8B advertising budget and had organizational responsibility for nearly 7,000 people. He was recognized in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007 by Advertising Age as the number one "Power Player" in marketing. In 2005, he was recognized as Grand Marketer of the Year by Brandweek magazine, the same year P&G was named Marketer of the Year by Advertising Age magazine. Highly regarded, his leadership was also recognized in 2008 when P&G was honored as the 2008 Cannes International Advertising Festival Advertiser of the Year for the first time in company history. In his seven years as GMO, he personally led the transformation that has firmly established P&G as one of the most admired brand-building companies in the world. He joined the company in 1983, and before that spent four years at Time Incorporated in the Time-Life Books division. He grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in a family of six children. He holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College, and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University (Smeal School of Business). Jim is on the Board of Directors for AOL and the Motorola Corporation. He serves as an Advisor for MarketShare Partners, an industry-leading marketing analytics firm, and for Spencer Trask Collaborative Innovations, LLC. Jim and his wife Kathleen have two children, and split their time between Cincinnati, Ohio and Coronado, California.
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How your brand can better leverage mobile marketing with Sheila Dahlgren from Adobe
I have never had a conversation with someone who knew more about a platform that could transform a market; in this podcast, we speak with Sheila Dahlgren about smart phone dominance and how the best brands are leveraging new mobile marketing efforts to influence us to buy--you will love this! Sheila Dahlgren leads the marketing efforts for Adobe Scene7, the leading on-demand cross media platform, which is part of the company's Omniture Business Unit. Prior to Adobe, Dahlgren was co-founder and SVP of Marketing for Scene7, which Adobe acquired in May 2007. Under Dahlgren's leadership, Scene7 implemented highly successful marketing campaigns utilizing direct, online and mass media channels, and employed an ROI-based framework for measuring effectiveness. Previously, Dahlgren was vice president of Product Marketing at Broderbund Software as well as a Marketing Manager for Clorox. Dahlgren holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from University California, Berkeley and an M.B.A. from UCLA.
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How do you get to market Billion Dollar brands??
How do you get to market Billion Dollar brands like Direct TV or perhaps those found within the Wrigley product portfolio? How do you start with nothing and build a business that exclusively represents 30 Fortune 500 companies? Well as they say, success leaves clues.
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How to market a product that you can't touch, smell, feel or see
In this episode, Lisa offers great insight how she markets a product that you can't touch, smell, feel or see. Marketing the intangible, insurance in this case, takes intelligence and intuition. Lisa has also smartly shifted AmFam's traditional marketing investment in new directions to incredible success.
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This brand was authentic before it was fashionable to be so...Moosejaw is the real deal!
Gary Wohlfeill is the Creative Director for Moosejaw Mountaineering & Backcountry Travel Inc., a specialty outdoor retailer. Gary is a senior member of the Moosejaw Marketing Squad and oversees the development of the m-commerce initiative at Moosejaw as well as the creative direction of Moosejaw, which includes the catalog, web site, photography and private label. He has been at Moosejaw for the past four years. In this episode, Gary shares how Moosejaw was authentic before it was fashionable to be so. He tells us how they are able to use their authenticity to create a brand experience at every customer touch point, engage their fans through Twitter, Facebook & Mobile, and why they can create the most brand equity with their customers by simply knowing who they are as a company.
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Lessons for brand marketers on how to use Apple's new IOS platform
In this episode, Bart Decrem, Founder and CEO of Tapulous, shares how brand marketers should utilize Apple's new iAd network and IOS platform. The iAd gives an exclusive interactive opportunity for marketers to harness the emotional power of the 30-sec spot. You simply have to hear this podcast! Bart Decrem is founder and CEO of Tapulous, a Palo Alto-based startup building social apps for the iPhone, including the wildly successful rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge. Bart has been featured as one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business (May 2009), in Advertising Age's "2010 Creativity 50" (March 2010) and Newsweek's Silicon "Valley Future Superstars" (April 2010). In May 2010, Fast Company featured him again, as a "Blast from the Past". Tap Tap Revenge, the Guitar Hero of the iPhone, launched in July of 2008. Twenty days later, the game nearly reached 1 million downloads. Tap Tap is now the most popular app on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with one study claiming that 1 in every 3 U.S. iPhone users has downloaded the game. Bart Decrem has launched two sequels and brought the success to record labels, which created artist-branded versions from the Black Eyed Peas and Justin Bieber. With over 15 million combined downloads, Decrem is turning his attention next to the iPad and Android. Before founding Tapulous, Bart was the founding CEO of Flock, the social web browser company, and a co-founder of Eazel, a company working to make Linux easier to use. Bart also headed marketing and business affairs for the Firefox 1.0 launch. In between, Bart has been an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Doll Capital Management and worked on a number of community projects, including founding Plugged In, one of the nation's first digital divide programs. Bart speaks 8 languages and was born and raised in Belgium.
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Building your brand for the right reasons & the power of good Intentions
Paul Venables is the Founder and Creative Director of a hot independent west coast ad agency Venables Bell & Partners. The agency's big, sweeping, trademark-able philosophy has nothing to do with buzz generation, media agnosticism or content creation, but is simply "our intentions are good." Those good intentions have helped Venables and his partners attract big-time clients like Audi, HBO, Intel, The Coca-Cola Company, ConAgra Foods, Vizio and ConocoPhillips. Venables, Bell & Partners was #10 on 2010 Ad Age's Agency A-List, "Gold" winner in the Graphics 2010 Design Competition, 2009 Kelly award winner, 2009 Cannes Cyber Lyons award winner, and winner of other awards, including D&AD, One Show, Webby, Communication Arts, Addy, Andy, and EFFIE awards. In this episode, Paul shares with us his business philosophy and vision, how he went from receptionist to running his own agency, why you have to be an entrepreneur for the right reasons, and how challenging your clients and turning down business can make you a stronger company. Prior to opening VB&P in 2001, Venables was Co-Creative Director, Associate Partner and heir apparent of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. By the end of his six plus years there he was running over $400 million in business and had won various industry awards. Venables was also an Associate Creative Director at Korey, Kay & Partners, a copywriter at McCaffrey and McCall and, at the start of his career, a telephone receptionist at a small New York agency.
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How PR agencies are embracing and owning social media with Edelman Digital's SVP Steve Rubel
In this episode, Steve talks about how PR agencies are embracing and owning social media by developing in-house solutions and strategies for their clients, how social media enables brands to speak with consumers on a person-to-person basis and why knowing what your brand wants to accomplish with social media is your first task when developing your social strategy. Steve Rubel is the SVP and Director of Insights for Edelman Digital. He studies global technology, media and online trends and shapes them into actionable insights and marketing communications strategies. In his role, Rubel has served as senior strategic advisor to Edelman clients such as Dannon, HP, PepsiCo, Zagat, Unilever, Microsoft and many others. Rubel supports the account planning processes, intellectual property development and the firm's innovation and business development efforts. He is a member of the Edelman Digital senior leadership committee. Prior to joining Edelman in 2006, Rubel worked for 15 years in a variety of marketing communications positions in corporate, non-profit and small/mid-sized PR firms. Most recently, he spent five years at CooperKatz & Company where he pioneered the use of blogs as a marketing vehicle for clients such as the Association of National Advertisers, simplehuman, and Vespa. Steve's writings on emerging technology have been called must-read by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNET, PC Magazine and Forrester Research. In addition, he is actively followed by more than 34,000 on Twitter, writes a bi-weekly column for Advertising Age and is often sought by the press and as a keynote speaker. Rubel has been named to several prestigious lists, including: PR Week's 40 Under 40, The Forbes.com Web Celeb 25, PC Magazine's 100 Favorite Blogs, Media Magazine's Media 100, the AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 and the CNET News.com Blog 100.
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Marketing digital and social media from Microsoft's CCO, Gayle Troberman
In this episode, Gayle tells us about the challenges of marketing digital and social media and why being agile, rapid and responsive is essential to success. She also shares the philosophy behind Microsoft's decision-engine, Bing, what differentiates it from its competitors, and how she is achieving consistency across brands in her newly created position. Gayle Troberman has been driving marketing innovations at Microsoft for more than 13 years. She founded the industry's first digital branded entertainment team (BEET) at MSN. She purchased some of the first offline advertising for a dot.com brand while heading up marketing for Microsoft's Sidewalk and internet start-up businesses back in 1997. Gayle's team is responsible for global advertising, relationship marketing and digital strategy for Microsoft's consumer, business to business and developer focused products and services including: Windows, Office, Windows Live, SQL Server and more. Prior to Microsoft, Gayle spent ten years in the NYC agency world managing consumer marketing and business development programs at Manning, Selvage & Lee and NW Ayer for a range of clients making everything from software to footwear. She has a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College and was born and raised in Rhode Island.
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Kendall Collins
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An overview of cloud computing with Dave Robinson, VP of Marketing, Mozy
In this episode, Dave shares with us the story behind the world's largest online back-up service, detail behind what cloud computing is and in particular why it is important. He also shares what led him to join technology start-up from a regional ad agency and how we can recognize similar opportunities for ourselves. Lastly, he shares how the decision paid off when 18 months after he joined Mozy, the company was purchased by EMC. Dave Robinson is the VP of Marketing for Mozy, the world's most trusted provider of online backup solutions for consumers and businesses. More than one million individuals and 60,000 businesses place over 50TB of data on Mozy's personal information management solutions. Robinson was one of Mozy's first employees and has been leading the marketing efforts since the company was founded. Mozy is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMC Corp. Prior to Mozy, Robinson spent four years at Ancestry.com, the world's largest online family history resource. He also worked at loyalty rewards startup Webmiles and began his career in advertising at Publicis. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a minor in Dutch from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.
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What is Communications Planning and why do big brands care about it?
Of the $450 Billion that big brands spend on marketing each year, about 1/3 of it is spent on Media, TV, Print, Online, Out of Home, etc, etc. So how do they decide how much goes where? If you have any interest in having a brand direct some of those dollars to you, you must understand how they think. And since this practice began in Europe, who better to learn from than one of the UKs top communications planners and founding partner of IDCOMMS, Tom Denford. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Tom Denford, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1074
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Why is it important to challenge the traditional media mix?
Why challenge the traditional media mix? The Director of Invention for Mindshare, Global Media Agency of the Year, shares his thoughts, perspectives, and experiences in working with brands like Cottonelle, Kotex, and Huggies. Oh, and if you are as curious as I was to better understand the title Director of Invention, you will truly enjoy this episode! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Bohb Blair, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1041
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How to spot the next generation of breakthrough digital agencies, products & services
Brands invest more than $450 Billion to market their products. These brands turn to agencies to help them invest those dollars. Agencies are often owned by advertising holding companies like WPP or Omnicom or MDC Partners. I had the pleasure to speak with Brandon Berger who is the VP of Digital at MDC Partners. Not only does he absolutely know his craft held positions at Netscape, founded a wireless company and built the digital innovation group at Ogilvy (one of the largest ad agencies in the world) but now he is in charge of leading acquisitions, investments and strategic partnerships in digital. Said another way, hes trying to find, invest in and grow the next generation of breakthrough companies to serve the ever evolving needs of todays marketers. His opinion matters. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Brandon Berger, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1149
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TRUST: The center of every marketing strategy the most perishable of all assets
A recent poll by public relations giant, Edelman, reveals that fewer and fewer consumers trust brands. In fact, only 44% of American consumers say they actually believe the messages that brands are sending them! In a world where word of mouth distributes news to MILLIONS of consumers at the click of a retweet button and customer product reviews are spread like wildfire over the web, brands are left to watch as control slips steadily through their fingers. Brands today need to face critics head on and RESPOND to and ACT on consumer concerns. Airing a funny commercial today can only go so far.
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Marketing BIG BRANDS online  101 Lessons from someone DOING it, not TALKING about it
In just ten years, internet branding and online advertising has surpassed magazine advertising in terms of total dollars invested by brands. During that time, there have been lots of people talking about how national brands should be using the web. Basically, a lot of opinions. Ironically, most of these people have never worked for a big marketer, nor have they ever marketed a national brand. Today, youll get an opportunity to hear from someone who has been doing it since the beginning and his track record suggests that he knows what he is doing! Seth Greenberg is the Director of Online Advertising and Internet Media for Intuit, marketers of brands like Quicken and Turbo Tax. On a side note, notice his titlemore and more companies are dedicating headcount solely to focus on directing the brands online marketing and branding investment. In addition to sharing with us how he sold in Vanilla Ice as the spokesperson for an online tax product, (that in and of itself should tell you that hes a good marketer), you will get an insiders look as to what its like to be responsible for a major online investment. Be sure to check out Intuits The TaxRap featuring Vanilla Ice: http://TheTaxRap.com AOL homepage take over: http://aol.taxmojo.com The TurboTron (Click on Full Experience): http://wow.taxmojo.com & http://hoops.taxmojo.com Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Seth Greenberg, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=708
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Do consumers really feel like brands want them to get involved?
Once a year, awards are given out for the most influential Ad campaigns in the industry. Advertisements involving consumer participation through social media and engagement were the big award winners last year. But do consumers really feel like brands are reaching out to them? And do consumers even care to be involved? We go to Times Square to find the answers.
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For all Web 2.0 Marketers who cant understand why big brands buy TV & Print Heres the answer.
Last week I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion for the American Advertising Federation, How BIG BRANDS connect with consumers in new ways through alternative advertising Among the panel were top executives running billion dollar brands. There was one question in particular that i asked which got a lot of discussion going - Web 2.0 marketing zealots often proclaim that any marketer who spends a dollar on print or TV is a fool. Ok, thats their opinion. But I tend to listen to EXPERIENCE rather than OPINION. So who better to listen to than a marketer who is doing it every day, responsible for a $20 Billion dollar number. His opinion MATTERS. You want to learn how to golf, you listen to Tiger. You want to understand how a serious marketer investing hundreds of millions of dollars into his business thinks? Watch Jon Gieselmans response on the AAF panel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm-1ZRcSCjQ
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The Changing Face of Marketing
As VP of Global Advertising for Large Enterprises with Dell, serial entrepreneur, and winner of the Most Influential Communicator award, Andy Lark KNOWS marketing. In this episode, Andy shares his thoughts on how marketing will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 50 and answers some of the industrys most frequently asked questions. How can you make social media WORK for your brand, big or small? If youve got a great idea, how can you go from employee to entrepreneur? And why the RULES OF SELLING apply to ALL marketing positions. As the creator of one of the most successful online marketing strategies weve seen to date and owner of a series of his own marketing consulting agencies on the side, when this guy speaks we listen! Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Andy Lark, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1261
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Greatest case studies in marketing and advertising have come from times of extraordinary challenge
Some of the greatest case studies in marketing and advertising have come from times of extraordinary challenge. Without question, the financial crisis that came to a head in late 08/early 09 was one of those challenges. Sowhat would you do if you were top marketer for a brand right in the middle of it all? In this episode, Michael Fischer, Senior VP of Marketing at Coldwell Banker, shares with us those lessons. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Michael Fischer, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1047
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Ford Sales up 33%!! This is how they did it
What did they do differently? What were the key drivers? How did they get consumers re-energized about the brand? And most importantly, how did they invest their marketing dollars to have such a significant turnaround? John Felice, General Manager Ford Lincoln Mercury Marketing, shares how his team turned it around. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Scott Keogh, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1399
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For a brand marketer, this is the most powerful tool  rarely used.
A brand marketer has one primary job to influence us. Their marketing strategy is to influence our brain so that we associate some of our most desired feelings and wants to their brand. How do they do this? Well typically they utilize our sense of sight and hearing within their branding strategies. Think about it. A print ad utilizes, sight, radio and hearing. A television commercial utilizes both. Question for you, how many print ads do you remember from this past week? TV spots? Heres another question, ever walk through a mall past Abercrombie & Fitch and notice a unique scent in the air? Perhaps you have been onboard Singapore Airlines you are struck by how clean it smells? Cinnabon? Does that smell not make you crave that most unhealthy breakfast on planet earth? Well thats because our sense of smell is controlled through our olfactory system which is the strongest sense linked to memory. And in the end, marketers are trying to get their brand into our long term memory storage, while associating pleasure to that emotion. Master marketers and business branding experts know that one of the fastest, most powerful ways to do this is by leveraging our sense of smell. Now obviously categories such as beauty, fragrance, food, beverages, beer wine, liquor all have this as a critical element of their product design but do they leverage and execute it in their marketing plan? Do they allow you to experience the smell and use it to influence us? Further, how can other categories like travel, auto, even credit cards use these branding strategies to their advantage? Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Steve Landau, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=932
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If you have a desire to go from employee to entrepreneur, this is a guy to listen to...
In this podcast Eric presents the important steps in transitioning from an employee to the head of your own company, and the mindset to do it. To launch Method, one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies to date, Eric looked to fill in the gaps of a large market (detergent), in order to meet a consumer need or desire that would otherwise be missed. He inspires all to find that empty space in a market and produce a well-targeted innovative product.
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Peter Hirshberg, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Conversation Group
Nine out of 10 marketers rate themselves below average with respect to their utilization of social media. How should a marketer be utilizing these tools? That was the question posed to a man who has been involved in cutting edge technology ever since his start at Apple. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Peter Hirshberg, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1098
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Out-of-Home Video  Working to Create a New Category for Marketers
Creating a new category to be first in is one of the most powerful rules of marketing. If you can pull it off, often, you win. When you think of the categories of marketing products or tools that national brands invest in, you come up with TV, Print, Online, Promotion, Radio, Out of Home, etc. But over the past few years a new category, Out-of-Home Video has been created. Creating a category or sub-category you can be first in, being relevant and differentiating your product against its competitors are three keys to the successful launch of any new category. Suzanne Alecia, president of the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau, shares how she was able to accomplish this and define a category in the process. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Suzanne Alecia, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1113
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How your brand can START to leverage social media
More and more brands have been utilizing social media as a part of their marketing mix. But jumping into the social media space can be a daunting task. In this episode, Jason Falls, a leading educator and thinker in social media and public relations shares his key insights. Jason, principal of Social Media Explorer, is consistently rated at the top of the Advertising Age Power 150 Blogs list and works with major brands including Humana, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark and Knob Creek bourbons, NASCAR driver Robby Gordon, Louisville Slugger, and The National Center for Family Literacy. His work has resulted in acclaim and recognition in publication and honors, including a 2009 SAMMY Award for Best Integrated Social/Cross Media Campaign. One of the most in-demand speakers in the social media space, Jason has spoken internationally and nationally and is known for his engaging style, wit and humor, brutal honesty and for adding value to each audience's experience.
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This Product director of a $40 B company knows how to make a true CONNECTION with his consumers
As a leading provider of consumer healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson products reach hundreds of millions of consumers every year. Chances are you have at least one of them in your cabinet at home right now. But how, in a global market where there are so many options, does J&J continue to beat out their competition year after year? In this episode, Manos Spanos, Product Director and branding expert for J&Js Neutrogena discusses how his experience in working with global markets has helped deepen the level of understanding and trust between his brand and its consumers. He shares lessons on the irreplaceable value of broadening your scale when educating yourself on the needs of your consumers, as well as how to USE this knowledge to develop closer bonds and profound connections. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Manos Spanos, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=1168
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Invest, dont spend
When most people think about national brands and advertising, the topic often turns to, what are you spending? How much money do you SPEND on marketing? Antony Young, CEO of Optimedia views it a little differentlyhe views it as INVESTING. And in doing a survey of a dozen or so clients, they prefer INVESTING as well! In this episode, Antony shares insights from his 20+ years of experience in working with brands like T-Mobile, British Airways and Nestle, his two recent books, Profitable Marketing Communications and Strategies in a Downturn as well as his frequent contributions to publications like Ad Age. In addition to learning about the paradigm shift that occurs when you think about marketing not as a spend, but an investment, Antony also touches on social media, the rise of online video and the future of brand communication planning. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Antony Young, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=626
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What do you love to do? What would you do for free? How can you make it a career?
In the late 90s, Peter Madden, found himself a job. Then one Friday afternoon he was fired. Rather than simply getting another job he paused and asked himself a series of questions: What do I love? What do I love so much, I would do it for free? Rather than going back to work for a corporation, he chose to launch his own advertising agency. Fast forward a few years and now hes gotten the ATTENTION of major companies like Comcast and Hugo Boss. In this episode, he shows you how to do the same. Listen to the full Brand Fast-Trackers podcast featuring special guest, Peter Madden, by visiting: http://www.brandfasttrackers.com/?p=887
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Growing some of the biggest brand icons on the planet
When a marketing executive who manages some of the biggest brands on the planet takes time to share his opinion...odds are...there is something to learn! In this episode, we speak to Keith Levy, VP of Marketing for Anheuser-Busch. He shares with us his philosophy on brand building, creative, building his team, utilizing social media and the value of advertising in the Super Bowl.
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9 out of 10 consumers think they can market a brand, better than the marketer!
I had a meeting last week with a marketer who is in charge of a Billion dollar brand. She shared with me an interesting finding from a market research study she conducted in June. In sum there are a lot of consumers who like talking about brands, and believe that they can market them better than the marketers! So we figured we would test that theory. She was right! If brands can find a way to get a scalable enough number of consumers engaged in thinking about how they would market their product differently and leverage social media to spread those conversations that is a brand revolution. And it wont be televised but probably will be on Twitter.
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