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How to become an INTJ - part 1, stop having fun
Introductory course for those wishing to become INTJ. Material covered: focused disgust, malevolent pity, astral projection (of your negative emotions). Side effects may include friend-loss (sometimes persisting after discontinuation), celibacy, scientific literacy.
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INTJ song - genius was the case
One for the manifold two for the hitchens three for the eddie current four to read your Nietzsche I to the N to the T to J I'm the man with the masterplan already underway It's intelligence I possess information I compress So when you witness my progress and my success I got the stress, and I got depressed but nevertheless you'll be the one with the big distress As you convalesce amongst the oppressed it will be futile to protest cause there will be no redress now you got yourself into a hell of a mess because your feelings and emotions you just couldn't suppress You only obsessed over the way that you dressed you based your life on a guess every decision was more or less but I digress ... and every day I reassess and try to express how life is just a game of chess it must be played with a little finesse and it is here that I shine no, fluoresce under great duress my plan begins to coalesce and I ain't never gonna quit egress or acquiesce greatness is what I profess and temporary failure is a testicular test I learn and I earn aggress bench press and when your bitches see me they all want to undress so I can tap that ass but I confess I'm not too impressed (thinkers don't give a shit, thinkers) I got books in my living room turning me on and I ain't sleeping until 6 in the morning the original G cause genius was the case that they gave me I got my mind on my study and my study on my mind cause genius was the case that they gave me (thinkers don't give a shit, thinkers) By the way I'm Cray and I'm deep and I'm blue and when I improv I'm like a molotov I'm like Garry Kasparov I am INTJ I don't socialize I don't anthropomorphize ya better recognize Diggidy check your IQ cause it's way overdue is there anything you read that's even peer reviewed cause it's knowledge i accrue to simulate you and just beyond your field of view downstream by just a move or two an effortless move like aikido or kung fu black rook in B2 and you can kiss your king adieu My brain coming at ya like a freight train Like Saddam Hussein like a hit of cocaine i'm at the top of the food chain Damn cause genius was the case that they gave me
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Carrying the future with you
A sudden inspiration about achieving a bubble of future around you without relying on sensory grounding. A possible state of mind, of merging a fierce fight to the death to help get to the post-scarcity society, and achieving today the dignity and perfect calm that would characterize that world, so as to be its ambassador in a foreign time. And more. Or, pure bullshit. Soundtrack: Secret Lagoon, Paul Lawler.
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One reason to believe in Utopia
It is a common human cliche that utopia is impossible, that you should accept your limits, keep your head law, work for a boss, enjoy diseases, death and surgery without anaesthesia. Fuck human cliches. In fact you know what? Fuck humans :) No humans = no human limits. But I am a pessimist so don't listen to me.
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INTJs and depression: Happiness is a state of the body
Much of the suffering in western civilization is caused by a myth, that happiness is a state of the mind. This myth is quite insidious because it creates an ecosystem of delusions. Such as: - it can be sustained indefinitely - it has intrinsic meaning - it must be hard to achieve and require very uncommon methods - its minimum to maximum range has to be very wide All of the above are valid assumptions once you equate happiness to other mental abilities, such as the ability to ride a bike or play an instrument or speak a language. In fact though, happiness it is a state of the body. It has to be replenished frequently, it is easy to achieve, pretty much a dumb thing that you don't focus on, and its minimum to maximum range is quite narrow. These things are common to other bodily states such as being satiated, not thirsty, not sleepy, and so forth.
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Age of the entrepreneur
A glimmer of hope that social problems may at some point in the near future begin to be tackled by meritocratic start-ups
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Failed Species
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INTJ - shit people say to control you
"Be spontaneous", "Be a man" - just a few of the things people say when they want you to do something that goes against your self interest. My value system is selectively osmotic, and bovine excrement is unable to penetrate its membrane.
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A word to those who march
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INTJ - insane in the brain
6 years ago I was preparing an employment and stock option lawsuit in retaliation to hardcore treachery by the CFO (ENTJ) and CEO at my old company. To add some meat on it I got a fake PTSD certification from a psychiatrist by precisely reciting all the symptoms. An INTJ's idea of fun.
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Night stopover metaphysical mindturbation
My level of interest for your civilization and spacetime sandbox achieves an all time low. I leave the universe to find some better entertainment. Please post complaints about the background music below.
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Triad of Destiny
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On dignity
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INTJ with paranormal mother
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Free Will My Ass
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God's Start Screen
When a Dyson sphere is idling, i.e. not spawning ontologies, creating universes, inventing living art forms with incomprehensible and astronomical bandwidth, and generally being fabulous, it defaults to its start screen. A contemplative state of god-like hyperawareness from which all possibilities of existence are accessible. I am an Experimental Theologian - completely disinterested in petty human existence, I want to know the life cycle of an information processing mega-structure, how it's born, what it does for fun, and where it sees itself in 10 years.
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INTJ - Serenity
Stop worrying about bullshit and start being terrified about something you should be terrified about.
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INTJ - Productivity. Hack your reward system.
Multitasking/Field inertia. Task fragmentation. Calling the reward system's bluff. Reward substitution. Reward system edging. Ultra long term planning. Self image manipulation. Having multiple goal systems. And enough foul language to make it rain (about half way through).
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INTJ on Buddhism, Stoicism, Suffering, and the post-scarcity society
Soundtrack: G. B. Pergolesi's Stabat Mater (Quando Corpus Morietur) Links for this video: Four noble truths http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Noble_Truths Noble eightfold path http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_Eightfold_Path Stoicism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoicism Aubrey de Grey's Ending Aging talk at Google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXJzvo0Jekc Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation http://e-drexler.com/d/06/00/EOC/EOC_Chapter_1.html David Pearce's Hedonistic Imperative http://www.hedweb.com/hedethic/hedonist.htm Scrat gone nutty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etKCHLgW_o0
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INTJ / INTP type and owning a business
Psychological blocks preventing thinkers from being in business for themselves. Reasons for enjoying business. And why it's the best place for an INTJ to be.
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Just #WalkAway
Today I kick off the #walkaway from humanity movement. #ArthurShrugged #PerArduaAdAstra ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0 https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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You have a whole planet, leave me alone
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My sacred life
Another piece of the puzzle
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INTJ - Fuck Christmas
And since we're there, fuck Christ. =D PS: I meant sunflowers not heliotropes
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Eu sei que vou te amar
5AM. Trying to get back to sleep with Jim Beam and Milton Nascimento
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Why am I me?
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On raising children
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A gift of freedom (an INTJ collaborative project)
Website: http://kissmyass.university/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kiss-My-Ass-University-1114896878558116/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJEmwsudufv2pM_M40QTXA
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Starring Me
A few thoughts about self ownership, life focus, and using mind tricks of people with personality disorders to your advantage. ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0 https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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Meaning vs fun, nihilism, red pill rage, reward substitution, hypergamy
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Republic of Mind
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Surfing through life as an antidote to anxiety
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INFP link progress 4% complete
After consenting to augmentation during her Turing test (in the previous video), we have commenced expansion of her mental capacities. In this video she answers some of the common questions of our primitive scientific community. Please do not be alarmed by her appearance, it is all part of the uplink process.
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Levels of Cuckery (MGTOW)
Seeing you suffer makes her feel good about herself. ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0 https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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Video request - getting to the singularity
Big topic, but just a quick primer based on personal safety and health. ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0
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INTJ talks about the Quantum Suicide
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2326869/Is-universe-merely-billions-Evidence-existence-multiverse-revealed-time-cosmic-map.html http://phys.org/news/2010-12-scientists-evidence-universes.html
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The only relationship rule
People in a relationship can be on the same side trying to make it work, or on opposite sides fighting against each other. The one relationship rule is: you must enforce the finality of threats of separation. ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0 https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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INTJ depression masterclass
Genetic predisposition, Childhood environment, Hygiene / didn't RTFM, Self/environment mismatch, Escape velocity, Socialization, Simulated self harm.
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Why even smart people are stupid
Dealing with stupid people is bad enough, but what really pisses me off is the stupidity of people who were 'supposed' or expected to be smart. https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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Deplatforming of Alex Jones, Infowars, etc.
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Observations on dating and the decay of modern society.
Just like Virgil guided Dante through hell, I take your hand and guide you to the very bottom of humanity, an iterative descent through layers of disgusting bullshit, where the extremophiles, lowest of the low, go to feed and spawn. There, right at the bottom, we find: dating.
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Mothers should be celebrated, but only the really really good ones.
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AMA coming up
Submit your questions to arthur.arcturus@gmail.com
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The Parable of the Castle
The fate of humanity is binary ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0
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Arthur's bedtime stories: Hard take off
Some comments on MIRI's Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics (Chapter 3) ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0 https://www.patreon.com/arthurarcturus
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Self Structure Allotropy
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The only seduction rule
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