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Rare Soundtrack in The Long Dark
Really rare track that plays only when cooking at a fire. Since it was so rare I thought I'd record it. Sorry for the odd cameras movement. I was in the moment. ;)
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The Long Dark - Hunted by a Wolf Couple
While playing The Long Dark, I ran into two wolves. Hid out in a deer stand until they ran off.
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Trump Tax Protest on 6th Avenue in Midtown
I was walking down 6th Avenue after leaving Trump Tower and being forced over there due to barricades. I didn't what was going on but since the cops had Assault Rifles I knew it was gonna be serious. Eventually we ran into the huge mob of protestors and actually got stuck in Bryant Park for 10 minutes. Enjoy the stupidity.
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15 Minutes of The Long Dark's Aurora menu screen.
15 Minutes of the Christmas Menu Screen for The Long Dark. Featuring the Mysterious Aurora Borealis. The Aurora Borealis is also now in-game as of the Wintermute Release August 1st AND IT IS GORGEOUS!
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