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Car misfire troubleshooting and repair.
Here I am going to repair misfire problem on my 2004 Toyota Corolla. The car developed misfire condition all of a sudden somewhat 25Km away from home. The car was still in running condition but with less power. Hope this video will help people encountering certain condition. Acura. Alfa Romeo. AMC. Aston Martin. Audi. Bentley. Buick. Cadillac. Chevrolet. Chsler. Daewoo. Datsun. DeLorean. Eagle. Ferrari. FIAT. Fisker. Ford. Freightliner. Geo. GMC. HUMMER. Hyundai. Infiniti. Isuzu. Kia. Lamborghini. Land Rover. Lexus. Lincoln. Lotus. Maserati. Maybach. Mazda. McLaren. Mercedes-Benz. Mercu. MINI. Mitsubishi. Oldsmobile. Plymouth. Pontiac. Porsche. RAM. Rolls-Royce. Saab. Saturn. Scion. Smart. SRT. Subaru. Suzuki. Tesla. Toyota. Volkswagen. Volvo. Yugo. Dotson. misfire check engine light mechanic repair p0300 misguided miss minus minx misfits misleading misinformation
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Fan balancing. Impeller balancing.
Here we have 55KW fan in our process supplying air to the burning zone in prehaeating area. This fan was having 5.5mm/s vibration and it was showing it in 1X range. This was needing balancing. So we performed balancing and then vibration reduced to 1.5mm/s after balancing. Impeller balancing fan balancing SKF Microlog GX series Vibration vibration control vibration analysis industrial repair industrical electronics Industrial Workers Of The World (Organization) Cement (Industry) process motor alignment Reliability Engineering (Field Of Study) fabrication Motor control center motor electrical electrical engineering mechanical engineering Impeller balancing network load balancer is a useful equipment. server load balancing is a regular job. load balancing server is special equipment. load balancer server is very useful for fans. server load balancer can be used in industry. web load balancer is also useful. load balance server can be used anywhere. cloud load balancer is another name. virtual load balancer. global load balancing machine is available. load balancing methods are common in industry. best load balancer are there in the market. internet load balancing application load balancer are normally used. vip load balancer network load balancing manager are specialized equipment. loadbalancer is common item. best load balancers web server load balancing load balancer vip load balancing hardware geo load balancing load balancing technologies load balancing options load balancing solutions for web servers hosted load balancer netscaler load balancer global load balancer distributed load balancer vpn load balancing hardware load balancing traffic load balancer load balancer architecture load balancing tools elastic load balancer load balancer windows load balancer cluster load balancing failover load balancing ip netscaler load balancing datacenter load balancing load balancer affinity load balencer distributed load balancing load balancer products load balancing architecture load balancer security failover load balancing xenapp load balancing geo load balancer describe load balancers virtual load balancers network load balancing switch load balancer features automatic load balancing load balancing applications understanding load balancers load balancer web load balancing mechanism sticky load balancer load balancer protocol keepalive load balancer was ist load balancing
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Toyota Echo Security no start. A weird tip on car starting.
Today's car is having integrated anti theft security system. The security system consist of immobilizer, ECU and transponder key. If the system is running well, it is very reliable and providing good level of security and operation but sometimes the security is keeping the car from starting unnecessarily also. Here is one case of Toyota Echo with me today. Here security system is not allowing my car to start with original key. So here I am going to solve the problem. It came in the way and it was night time when it happened so I did not made much testing on the car but if it will come again in some good time and place, I will make enough testing and will film it as a case study.
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MOI ABSHAR Registration and activation.
Here is the proceedure to register and activate MOI ABSHAR account. This is a must for all Saudi residents as for all residents now the whole documentation like residential cards, passports, visas, driving license, cars registration, Penalties track and much more is in this database system. One can register and activate very easily. There are agents who are doing so for people charging their fee. So this video is for people who are looking to register their-selves not involving an agent. Absher, absher saudi.
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Car low performance and low power diagnostic part 1
This Toyota Corolla 2004 has low power complaint. We are diagnosing and troubleshooting this car in this video. In next parts of the series, we will repair the car and will further diagnose it for further causes. Such testing could be applied on car models like nissan. gtr has a strong engine. rogue is not the best. springfield mo is good. Nissan altima is a worst car ever. murano have power steering issues. Nissan pathfinder has cheap spare parts. versa is an economy car. Nissan maxima is another bullshit car. skyline is a good series of cars. The frontier old is gold. The armada is very rare. The airbag recall is due when the expload. the coupe is not very famous. The bentonville ar is another car. The bluetooth technology is included in there. The bluebird is also one series. The build and body for such a car is very strong. The bank provides loan to purchase a car. The bladeglider is a bad car ever. the bolt pattern should be correctly followed. The ceo of Qassim Cement co. is a motherfucker. To get in there can be a life mistake. The cube company is good. The columbia mo is a motor company. the conway ar is also a car manufacturer. The connect and cummins and careers are all good. The canton ms is not a manufacurer. The commercial vehicles are all diesel. The d21 have no place. the missouri is a good car. the datsun is also very old. the envy had no meaning. the estore is good also. The emblem is a bad manufacturer. They provide express service,. They have ester oil the elgrand and europe is finance fayetteville ar. In 2016 the forklift, fairlady and nismo. 0-60, r35 and , hybrid, hatchback, houston, hubcaps, idx, harrison ar, infiniti, incentives, india, intelligent key, inventory, 2015, internship, juke, joplin mo, jonesboro ar, jackson ms, kansas city, key fob, key battery, knoxville, kick in the head, ka24de, king cab, katy, leaf, leaf range, lease deals, lmp1, 2014,minivan, nv, nv200, note, nv2500, navara, north america, nsx, muskogee, oem, outboard parts, of fayetteville ar, outboard, omaha, pickup, patrol, pao, pulsar, passenger van, quest, qashqai, qashqai usa, recalls, rolla mo, 2012, transmission, sentra, suv, silvia, stagea, sports car, r34, titan, trucks, titan reviews, uk, union city, van, vehicles, vin decoder, 2012, wood river, work van, xterra, x trail, youngblood, yuma az, york pa, y60, zx, z35, z350, z cars, z 2016, zero gravity seats, z 2015, z price, 180sx, 1999, 180sx craigslist, 240sx, 280z, 200sx, 280z for sale, 240z, 350z, 370z, 300zx, 300zx, twin turbo, 300zx for sale, 4x4, 400r , 400z, 4runner, 4wd, 4.0 v6, 50 forklift, forklift, 6 seater and many more of the same kind.
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Car ECU/ PCM computer testing
Here is procedure for Nissan Sunny/ Sentra 2004 ECU or PCM testing using oscilloscope. You can test and verify it using a DMM. By testing, you know better what is fault with ECU or PCM and how to repair one.
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Universal motor rewinding. AC series motor repair. Part 3
Here is the continuity of the AC series motor or universal motor re winding and repair. You much watch the previous parts and continue next parts to understand the process fully. It is not so difficult to re wind a universal motor by an average DIY. However I have shown every possible detail of such a motor winding to cover almost every aspect of work in this project. Hope this will be a nice series for those who are planing to learn the motor re winding job like me. The process could be a bit boring for experts but it is important to show as there is very less material available on the subject on internet. All positive and constructive comments are most welcome. The repair instructions work on almost all make and models of vacuum cleaners like 3m, Advance, Airway, Avanti, Beam, Bissell, Black & Decker, Bosch, Breuer - Tornado, Broan, Brute, Carpet Pro, Castex, Centec, Cirrus, Clarke, Compact, Craftsman, Dayton, Debrismaster, Delonghi, Dirt Devil, Douglas, Dust Devil, Dynavac, Dyson, Electrapure, Electrolux, Emerson, Enviromaster, Essco, Eureka, Euro-pro, Fantom, Filter Queen, Filtex, Fit All, Fuller Brush, Ge, Goldstar, Hayden, Hoky, Homemaker, Hoover, Hp, Iona, Karcher, Kenmore, Kirby, Koblenz, Lg, Lindhaus, Loveless Ash, Mastercraft, Metflo, Miele, Mighty Maid, Montgomery Ward, Nutone, Oreck, Osprey, Panasonic, Premier, Proforce, Proteam, Pulman Holt, Readivac, Regina, Rexair, Riccar, Royal, Rubbermaid, Sams, Samsung, Sandia, Sanitaire, Sanyo, Shark, Sharp, Shop Vac, Singer, Sootmaster, Sunbeam, Unitech, Vacu-maid, Vacuflo, Vornado, Vorwerk, Wal-mart, Whirlpool, Whisper Cool, Windsor, Aggressor, ProTeam USA, Ash Vacuum Cleaners, Germ Guardian, Floor Machine, Atrix Vacuum Cleaners, Gruene Backpack Vacuum, Steam Mop Cleaner, Bank Vacuum Cleaners, Haan Steamers, Reliable Steam & Vac, Bissell Cleaners, Hoover, Rowenta Cordless Bagless, Bona, Kalorik, Royal Vacuums, Bona Mops, Koblenz, Rubbermaid Vacuum Cleaners, Bosch Bags and Filters, Lindhaus Italy, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners, CanaVac Central, Love-Less Ash Vacs USA, Samsung, Carpet Pro, Maid Lite, Sanitaire by Electrolux, Cirrus, Maytag Vacuum Cleaners, Sanyo Dirt Devil, Metro NYC, Sebo Vacuum Cleaners GERMANY, Dupray Vapor Steam Cleaners, Miele Germany, Shark,Dust Care, Monster Steam Cleaners, Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners, Dyson, Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, SteamFast Steamers, Electrolux, Oreck Halo, Thermax USA, Eureka, Oreck USA, Vapamore, Euro Steam Cleaners, Oxygen by Electrolux, Vapor Clean & Steamers, Euroflex Monster, Panasonic, Windsor by SEBO, Ewbank Earlex Steamers, Panasonic Vacuums, Workshop Vacs, FastVac, Polti Steam Cleaners, iRobot Roomba, FilterStream DirtTamer, PowerStar Central Vacuums etc. How to rewind a series motor. How to rewind a universal motor. How to rewind a coil. how to rewind a motor field winding.
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Motor winding. Universal motor repair. part 1
This is a series of videos in which I am exploring AC series or universal motor rewinding step by step. This motor is used in many home and industrial applications. This motor has some special characteristics which is making it unique and suitable for special applications. Those are very high speed and very high torque in a small construction.They are going bad frequently due to very high stress on them. They have wound armature and field winding which makes them a bit difficult machines. So I decided to rewind one and film it for an average DIY to get enough information so that one would be able to rewind it easily. I am not a professional motor re-winder but this was my first motor rewinding job to do. Hope this video series would be a nice starting point encouraging anybody to put leg in the motor rewinding work. If anything goes bad at first trial, has not meaning to give up. Actually that is the point where one starts learning and thinking process starts. In such a process one learns great deal of other things related or not related to the specific job but sure those details are helping one in one way or another. Dumping such motors as trash is not a good idea instead recycling such motor by rewinding is a more practical and cost effective way. The rewinding of such a motor costs very less as the armature needs only 50 to 80 grams of wire and other very low cost materials. Where as replacement of such a motor is expensive in some cases. But keep in mind it a labor intense work and needs much more time especially if you are doing it for the first time. The knowledge earned in the process is worth. Keep up watching other parts. A series motor should not take much current and the commutator should not spark too much. Also it should not overheat when in operation. If a universal motor or AC series motor is showing such faults, that motor needs a proper maintenance and repair. The motor repair is rewinding of the motor. The motor winding heats up sometime due to the passage of very high current through it. That high current heats up the motor winding. The winding insulation also gets damage. In such a case the motor winding wires touches to each other and creates short circuit. The short in the winding takes much more current due to low resistance and low inductance. such a high current overheats the motor further and result could be a complete damaged or burned motor. There are different types of motors like induction motor, synchronous motor, slip ring motor, squirrel cage induction motor, AC series motor, universal motor, servo motor, reluctance motor, DC series motor, DC shunt motor, wound rotor motor and brushless DC motor. Brush less DC motor is relatively new motors. They are common in DC electric fans. Sometimes they need special electronics to run them. Big motors need special arrangement for their starting. They need starters which is a way of controlling starting current. They limit the starting current for a motor. Otherwise the motor will fail due to very high current taken by the motor during start up.
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Microwave oven repair. Keypad modification.
In this video I am illustrating a very common fault of microwave oven. I will troubleshoot it as well as will give complete instructions to repair such a fault and make modification not to repeat such a fault in future or if the fault even repeat, the repair will be very much easy and low cost. Hope this video will serve like my other videos. Here is the blog post associated with this video. you must give a look as it contains a little more information about the subject. https://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/09/microwave-oven-front-panel-keypad.html Done microwave is a machine to heat up food. The micro oven is another term used for it. black friday microwave is a company of microwave. microwave cost a little but work well. microwave brands are there a lot. black friday microwave deals are good deals. kitchen microwave oven are common. sunbeam microwave is a good brand. microwave cooking oven are common machines. cost of microwave is not very high. stainless steel microwave sale is over. microwave range is available. micro oven deals are not common. microwave oven cost is not very high. goldstar microwave is also very good. where to buy a microwave you can find it anywhere. which microwave to buy you can select one. microwave black friday deals are oven. cheap microwave deals will cost of a microwave will be low. microwave magnetron is very important part. which microwave to buy. microwave shopping you can do. microwave antenna is very dangerous. top microwave brands are all brands. price of a microwave is low. best stainless steel microwave are beautiful. micro microwave is not very common. microwave oven brands are there. black friday microwave sales at top. microwave shop is closed to you. which microwave oven to buy you can choose one. microwave store near me. microwave oven models are there in the market. the microwave oven is a good machine. microwave with price and over the counter microwave oven is available. microwave new and cajun microwave are there. which microwave oven to buy. price microwave is not high. ifb microwave is not very common. stainless steel in microwave online shopping microwave oven grill microwave oven lowest price the best microwave oven to buy microwave glass a microwave oven micro oven for sale micro appliances microwave appliances online microwave kitchen microwave sensor microwave with grill price built microwave microwave in oven range with built in microwave microwave model cheapest microwave prices cost of a microwave oven microwave oven small magic chef microwave oven 1200 watt over the range microwave price of a microwave oven microwave on top of oven micro oven rate micro microwave oven microwave sharp micro oven price online kitchen microwave oven next black microwave micro oven online price under counter oven microwave combo best microwave oven for home use top brand microwaves microwave by dimensions black friday microwave oven microwave oven rate price of microwave convection oven best new microwaves microwave oven and microwave microwave to oven white microwave oven with grill microwave oven suppliers buy micro oven online microwave convection oven combo convection oven microwave built in microwave convection oven black friday deals on microwaves microwave appliance countertop convection microwave oven ge microwave convection oven counter microwave microwave retailers maytag microwave commercial microwave amana microwave ge microwaves on sale ge microwave for sale best place to buy a microwave oven industrial microwave microwave with convection oven under counter microwave convection oven wall mount microwave oven cost of new microwave commercial microwave oven household microwave appliances microwaves counter microwave oven microwave purchase panasonic commercial microwave 1200 watt microwave over the range countertop microwave oven sale over the counter microwave convection oven compact microwaves on sale convection microwave oven built in compact microwaves for sale price of microwave convection oven ge microwave ovens for sale oven top microwave microwave to oven over the range microwaves new microwave microwave hood countertop microwaves kitchen microwave over the range convection microwave combination microwave convection oven over the range microwave oven microwave range hood over counter microwave where to buy microwave under counter microwave oven countertop convection microwave microwave oven countertop best price for microwave oven over the counter microwave oven under cabinet microwave ovens microwave oven built in low profile microwave oven where to buy microwave ovens microwave hood combo range with built in microwave counter top microwave ge microwave sale microwave oven over the range undercounter built in microwave under the counter microwave ovens white microwave oven with grill ge microwave cost How to repair microwave. How to repair microwave oven.
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How to pay vehicle registration fee in Saudi Arabia  تجديد رخصة قيادة
Here in this video I am showing how to pay for vehicle registration or Istimara fee in Saudi Arabia through ATM machine. This information will work for people who are about to renew their expiring vehicle registration. Keep in mind driving with expire registration is a crime in Saudi Arabia and have Sr. 100 penalty on each catch. So better renew it in time and don't delay it. truck registration is necessary. online vehicle registration check is available. go renew registration now to avoid penalty. vehicle license registration is compulsory. find my car registration online service near you. dmv registration pay online is easy. auto registration services are there in every city. online car registration verification can be done. reg motor vehicles and car registration receipt you can get. car registration pay online and car rego is here. car registration plates can be get. car reg service may help you. vehicle registration renewal in an easy process. car tags can get. dmv car registration and renew registration is here. check car registration online. car registration renewal and car registration number are same. dmv vehicle registration and tag renewal are different. check vehicle registration is easy. trace vehicle owner and registration car by sms. renew car registration. online vehicle registration. renew registration online. vehicle registration search. motor registration. vehicle reg check. auto registration. car registration online. dmv online registration. dmv renew registration. renew vehicle registration. register car online. online car registration. vehicle licensing. vehicle reg. registration online. car registration details. new car registration. vehicle registration online. register vehicle online. car registration search. pay car registration online. registration of vehicle. tag registration. dmv registration fees. dmv tags. vehicle number search. car registration cost. registration dmv. pay car registration. dmv pay registration. registration for car. motor vehicle division. motorcycle registration. mvd registration. registration of motor vehicles. car licence renewal. vehicle license renewal. vehicle number. vehicle registration information. vehicle registration fees. license registration. registration vehicle. vehicle registration office. car license. dmv services. renew car license. check registration number. title and registration. new vehicle registration. car registration years. the dmv. register a car. new registration. register my car. vehicle registration plate. vehicle registration checker. lost vehicle registration. dmv motor vehicle. private car reg. car registration fee. motor online. dmv title. department of motor vehicles hours. car registration uk. florida vehicle registration. vehicle registration renewal near me. motors and vehicles. california vehicle registration. california car registration. ca vehicle registration. dmv online. dmv license. car registration california. pa vehicle registration. vehicle registration nz. uk car registration. texas car registration. tx vehicle registration. department of motor vehicles phone number. change car registration. dmv title transfer. rto vehicle registration. auto licensing. dept of motor vehicles. lost car registration. vehicle identification number database. motor vehicle license.
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Universal motor rewinding. AC series motor repair. Part 2
This is the second part of the motor rewinding series videos. In this video I am explaining how to make insulation lining and cutting paper for slots of the motor to insulate winding wires from armature core. This is a very important step most newbies don't know. Their winding get short due to poor insulation lining. So it is very important to cut and place proper size and shape of insulating paper lining. The insulation for electrical machines is as important as conduction is important! Insulation is dealing with voltage or potential difference whereas the conduction is dealing with flow of current in electrical circuit. The purpose of this series here is to give enough understanding and courage to an average DIY to rewind his or her burnt house hold motor and one should be able to recycle those motors like new instead of dumping them in dumpster. By this way we are getting several benefits like saving some money, saving environment, acquiring a new skill and joy of doing something practical. Hope after watching all the video series people will feel confidence to work on their own motors. Universal or AC series motors are used everywhere in house hold from like electric shaver, blender, toys, mixers, drill machines, choppers, juicers, grinders, chasers, wood working tools like electric planner, power saw, hair dryer and vacuum cleaner etc. So learning to repair one is not a bad idea. Universal motor is one of the most useful and great torque motor available. They are commonly used in juicers, choppers, electric shavers, drill machines, grinders, hand tools, electric saw, electric planner and may more. These machines are high speed motors. They are very reliable but they need care to use them properly. Also there are carbon brushes inside them which needs replacement after certain interval. There is commutator also inside these machines which needs cleaning as carbon is deposited on them. They are worn out with time. Then such a universal motor needs rewinding. Rewinding a universal motor is not very difficult but it needs a little more skill compared to induction motor rewinding or any other motor winding. There is a complete video series I uploaded especially on AC series motor or universal motor rewinding. So please watch all my videos in such series to understand it well. series motor rewinding is done in two ways. One ways is machine winding and the other way is hand winding of universal motor. The machine winding is done in the motor manufacturing industry whereas hand winding is done in winding workshops. Both winding by machine or winding by hand have nearly the same results and they are equal in performance. Machine winding is proffered in motor industry because it is fast and less effort involved. Whereas the winding by hand is proffered in normal life because in ordinary workshop there are no such machines available to rewind AC motor or universal motor armature. In workshops teachers are not giving training on such motors on the first day. But they show such motor winding in the end of the motor winding session due to the complex construction of such a motor. First they give understanding of induction motors to students and then in the end they give understanding of universal motor armature training. There is another part of such motor is the field winding. The field winding surrounds the motor armature from the outside and provide magnetic field to make the motor run. Some times the field winding becomes defective also when the armature become defective due to excessive current flow as both are in series. In such condition both armature and fields should be wound. Winding both field and armature will result in a useful motor. Otherwise your motor winding will not succeed due to defective field. The motor will heat up again and will burn soon. So testing both armature and field winding at the same time is a must. Field winding is simple in construction and have no much complexity. They are divided into two halves. Both makes two poles of electromagnetic field. The two poles are north and south. Winding needs enough insulation. The winding should be carefully insulated in insulating paper and with varnish in the end. The insulating paper insulates the winding from metal core. If the winding touches the metal core, it create a short. Short circuit we are avoiding. The motor core is made of steel and is connected to motor body. The winding wires are enameled insulated but still paper insulation is required between coils and metal core. The winding should never touch to the motor body or motor metal core. Otherwise a leak or a short will be produced which is harmful both for motor and human. Motor winding is a skill which one can acquire with experience and knowledge both. People works in such field for years to become mater winders. But thanks to internet now a days as it provides nice platform for learners and they can get benefit from skilled teachers very easily.
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Throttle body repair. Idle air control cleaning & repair.
Here I am showing procedure to remove throttle body from a car and service it by cleaning and washing. The procedure could be applied to most cars. Here is the url for blog if you like to read: diycarmaint.blogspot.com
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Car Self Starter testing. Off car self starter testing.
Here I am explaining the procedure of car self started testing. Self starter testing is important because when you will rebuild a starter, it is needed to test and confirm the self starter working off the car prior to installation on the car. This procedure can be applied to almost all cars.
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Solving check engine alarm issue. Chevy Caprice.
Here in this video I am working on a 2008 Chevy Caprice Holden Commodore. The car is running well but had a check engine alarm coming on the message display while driving. Check engine light, flashing or blinking light means some problem with your car. The light is not only indication some engine problem instead it means there is something wrong anywhere in the car. That could be engine itself or some associated system fault. These codes have different prefix. P0171, P0300, P0455, P0420, P0442 are few examples of codes associated with check engine. These codes have specific meaning and those could be decoded on internet on many websites. In older days the check engine light was used to collect code information in most cars. For that a jumper was introduced in two specific pins and was looking at the blink or flashing of lights were counted and noted down. The blink pattern was showing some specific code. Now a days these codes are collect by scan tools. There code readers are also used to collect codes data for poor man. mercruiser oil pressure switch oil is easy to locate. pressure switch replacement corsa is in difficult location. oil pressure switch working or not working the vehicle may run. vtec oil pressure switch can do defective any time. corsa c oil pressure switch is strong oil pressure switch. pt cruiser oil pressure switch work to understand. honda civic oil pressure switch is accessible. corsa oil pressure switch is replaceable. the dodge neon oil pressure switch you know well. oil pressure switch ford escape is approachable. The oil pressure switch function is easy to understand. oil pressure switch filter is replaceable. oil pressure switch pt cruiser has manufacturing defect in it. The oil pressure switch replacement honda accord is an easy job. oil pressure switch replacement dodge is affordable work. oil pressure switch replacement honda is another work to do. oil pressure switch replacement ford is expensive work. oil pressure safety switch prevents engine from breakdown. oil pressure switch trailblazer have big work. vauxhall corsa oil pressure switch had some defect in it. oil pressure switch 5.7 hemi is easily accessible.
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ATX PC power supply diagnostic and repair.
Here in this video I am going to test, diagnose and repair ATX power supply for one desktop PC. The PC went dead after power supply failure. Here we will learn how to test and limit the power supply fault to a particular circuit. replacement power supply can be found anywhere in the market. switching power supply is the main part of today's modern electronic equipment. power supply manufacturers are everywhere in China. 12 volt computer power supply is very common ATX type supply used in computers, laptops, photocopiers, printers, atox and everywhere. unregulated power supply is another common type of power supply used in most equipment. 24vdc power supply is sometimes used to charge a lead acid battery. pc 12v power supply can be modified as lab power supply. 12v dc atx power supply is common type supply for desktop PC. pulse power supply is another name give to a switching power supply. ac dc power supply is very common for lab use. linear regulated power supply are used as variable voltage output supplies. programmable power supply is another kind of variable voltage power supply. cosel power supply is sometimes used in electronics. best power supplier are most manufacturers. industrial power supply is another kind of power supply used. 12v dc computer power supply can be used as apx power supply. where can i buy a power supply is common question asked. medical power supply is the most costly type of power supply used in medical equipment. switching power supply is another name of ATX power supply. dc power supply is also a kind of switching regulator. ups power supply is termed as uninterruptible power supply. 12v power supply has many many uses.
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CNG kit maintenance part 1. Car CNG gas kit repair and maintenance
Here is a video on car CNG gas kit repair and maintenance. This is a very important video series as I was receiving many request to do video series on such maintenance as these kits are very common in most cars. Also they are very sensitive and they are creating big problems in car driveability if they are not maintained well. Here in this series of videos I will try to cover almost all details of CNG gas kit so that almost anybody with a few tools and little knowledge will be able to service their own car CNG gas kit at home very easily and with professional results.
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Oxygen sensor. Bad heater oxygen sensor troubleshooting.g
Toyota Camry oxygen sensor diagnostics and replacement. Dodge had accessible o2 sensor. Chrysler has older style o2 sensor. Jeep need special tools to open oxygen sensor. Chevy oxygen sensor wires are long. GM has good quality oxygen sensor. Ford has new style oxygen sensor. Nissan Oxygen sensor is wide band. Toyota had simple four wire oxygen sensor. Mitsubishi oxygen sensor has its own design. Lexus is sometimes using toyota oxygen sensor. Honda oxygen sensor has special construction. Suzuki is still using older days oxygen sensor in their cars. BMW Oxygen sensor is expensive. Volvo oxygen sensor is easily available. Audi oxygen sensor is more costly. Mercedes oxygen sensor sometimes going bad. Volkswagen oxygen sensor had its own value. Kia is using Korean oxygen sensor. Mazda is using Japan oxygen sensor. Subaru is using simple construction oxygen sensor. Hummer oxygen sensor waveform is easy to understand. Porsche oxygen sensor is very expensive. Hyundai oxygen sensor is same as volvo Oxygen sensor. Land Rover Oxygen sensor is in difficult location. Mercury Oxygen sensor is five wires. Lincoln is using old style oxygen sensor. Isuzu is using oxygen sensor on its diesel cars and trucks.
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Generator AVR adjustment. Generator voltage adjustment.
Here is the blog post regarding generator repair. Must read it to get more understanding: http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/03/generator-alternator-electrical-repair.html Here in this video I am showing how to deal with house hold generator electrical system and how to troubleshoot and repair its no output defect. This video is for those who are about to repair their own generator or alternator when it comes in defect or fault. House hold generator or alternator is a machine which runs using fuel like gasoline or methane gas and producing line electricity to run electrical appliances like lights, motors and other house hold equipment. The generators are great machines to produce emergency electricity. They work very nicely if they are in their service life. They produce very clean and nice quality electricity suiting to most house hold needs. These machines are very reliable as long as they are good maintained. An alternator consists of engine and generator or dynamo part. The engine is known as prime mover and running the generator to produce electricity. The dynamo or generator part is electrical part and is producing electricity which is further used. The alternator or generator has same like synchronous motor construction. It has two major parts like stater or armature and rotor or field. These two parts have winding on them. The stater or armature is producing electricity and the rotor or field winding is producing magnetic field which is necessary to produce electricity. The rotor or field winding is supplied power through slip rings. The slip rings have carbon brushes touches to them and they are providing power all the time to field winding. The field current is known as excitation also. The carbon brushes are connected to AVR automatic voltage regulator. The AVR is an electronic circuit which is regulating the output AC voltage of the generator produced. AVR is monitoring the generator voltage all the time and regulating it to a certain value. The regulation is achieved by controlling the field current. The field current is directly proportional to the alternator produced emf. So this is actually a closed loop which is monitoring the output all the time and based on output voltage the AVR is controlling the field current to achieve regulated output voltage or line voltage. The AVR output can be adjusted through a potentionmeter or variable resistor to get the appropriate output voltage. That variable resistor is located on the AVR body. One can adjust it using a screw driver. The wiring to the AVR and from the AVR to the carbon brushes should be firmed and tight. If there will be any loose connection or bad contact in the wiring, the output will be badly effected. Here in the following screens I am showing a problem which occurred in a generator due to loose connection and also demonstrating the output voltage adjustment through AVR. There is no out put on the generator output voltmeter. Or zero output voltage when the generator had been started and is running at its normal speed. Generator no output voltage. No output voltage at alternator output volt meter read out and output power socket. The generator is only producing output voltage when its wiring is wiggled. The output voltage produced is not 220V but less as 165V. Generator output voltage production. The generator wiring having some problem as it only produces voltage when wiggled. The following image is showing the output voltage when the generator wiring is wiggled. The generator is only generating voltage when its wiring harness is wiggled and is pressed. To diagnose this problem it is required to open the end cover of the alternator where its wiring and connection is located. This cover is held by two screws. Both screws are needed to be removed using appropriate screw driver. Unscrew both screws to remove the generator end cover. Under this cover generator connections are located. After opening the end cover keep it side and look at the wiring connections and wiring. Make a visual inspection for any abnormality and damage. Under the end cover check the wiring and all connections for any damage. I found an earth or ground wire Yellow and Green loose in its thimble. I found it loose when wiggling on this wire. Removed it and soldered it in its thimble to avoid any loose connection in future. check for any abnormality, I found this wire loose in its thimble. Open the screw for carbon brush holder to remove the brush assembly. Check and inspect it for worn out and any damage. Replace if needed. In my case it only needs a little cleaning. Also inspect the slip rings underneath. Clean them using cloth and sand paper if needed.Unscrew all screws for AVR to bring it off the generator. Secure all the screw for fixing them back in the end. Remove the AVR screws to bring it off. Look at the AVR. You will find a variable resistance free energy generator permanent magnet generator free energy flywheel.
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Engine compression testing. Car low power and low performance diagnostic part 4
This is the final part of Toyota Corolla 2004 low power diagnostic video. I uploaded the whole series step by step in the sequence I diagnose and repair the problem. Actually in this car there were two parallel problems altogether. Both were contributing to the low power trouble. This is a case study for DIY repair people to give full attention to a vehicle under repair and don't consider that there will be sure one problem which we will solve and will achieve 100% results. Also my series is focusing on the fact that don't guess things instead in any suspect you have to test the system and gather the evidence and solve the problem in light of that evidence. The testing illustrated here could be applied on many cars like zambia, zace and many more. compression tester. engine compression test. compression gauge. cylinder compression tester. compression test kit. compression testing machine. compression check. diesel compression tester. motorcycle compression tester tensile test. compression test tool. engine compression gauge. small engine compression tester. diesel engine compression tester. compression check tool. engine compression test kit. compression tester gauge. compression test engine. car compression test. cylinder pressure tester. engine pressure test. diesel compression tester kit. engine compression. compressive strength test. compression tester diesel. test compression. 2 stroke compression test. compress kit. compression pressure. compressive strength testing machine. outboard compression test. tensile testing machine. compression testing machine price. compressive strength machine. snowmobile compression tester. compression tester adapter. cylinder compression. compression material. universal testing machine. universal tensile testing machine. running compression test. check compression. compression cylinder. car compression. 7.3 compression test. compression test motorcycle. compression test cost. comp test. compression engine. actron compression tester. cylinder test. wet compression test. ring compression test. box compression test. auto compress. tensile testing equipment. active compression test. good compressions. instron tensile tester. compression car. compressie tester. tensile test procedure. no compression in all cylinders. universal testing machine pdf. tensile test report. no compression in engine. otc compression tester. compressor tester. craftsman compression tester. autozone compression tester. low engine compression. compression tester napa. no compression in cylinder. universal testing machine price. tensile testing lab. engine testing. tensile testing machine manufacturers. compression tester autozone. sears compression tester. unconfined compression test. tensile test experiment. concrete compression test. axial compression test. tensile test specimen. good compression test numbers. chainsaw compression tester. triaxial compression test. compression test concrete. compression tester walmart. compressive strength. walmart compression tester. compression testing machine wikipedia. universal testing machine experiment. napa compression tester. dirt bike compression tester. rotary compression tester. motometer compression tester. compression test results. how to do a compression test. tensile test theory. concrete compression testing machine. astm tensile test. low compression engine. what is engine compression and how does it work. gzip test. tensile test conclusion. tensile test discussion. gzip compression. car pressure test. steel tensile test. compression test of materials. mts tensile tester. compressiontest gzip. engine compression test results. rx8 compression test. compression test pdf. compression test procedure. tensile test sample. compression plug. car engine test. tensile test results. how to use a compression tester. car compressor. what is tensile test. test de compression. gzip compression test. manual compression test. check gzip compression. what is engine compression. tensile test standard. gzip check. check gzip. how to do compression test. foraminal compression test. astm compression test. what is a compression. test gzip. how to use compression tester. compression rotation test. uniaxial compression test. how to check compression. http gzip. what is compression test. how to test compression. how much does a compression test cost. http compression test. diy compression tester. how to check engine compression. dog bone tensile test. how to compression test. what is a compression test. relative compression test. website compression. noble compression test. how to fix no compression in engine. test gzip compression. gzip compression check. si compression test. neck compression test. no compression in cylinder causes. compression gauge definition. how to perform a compression test. how to test engine compression. compress website. what causes an engine to lose compression.
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Car first state inspection. Governmental inspection for vehicle.
Here I am showing the video which is illustrating governmental state vehicle inspection performed by authorized inspection body. This is illustrating different tests they are taking on the vehicle. Video quality is not good due to shot by ordinary camera and had been shot from far away due to restrictions. Hope this video will serve its purpose.
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Desert air cooler pump repair. Shaded pole motor.
I laughed very loudly while I was telling "1 horse power pump or motor" I know that 1 HP equals 746 Watts. This was not HP but it was PH. This is a common motor repair video on a very simple construction motor. They are very commonly used in desert air coolers. They are normally thrown away when they go bad. They could be restored with a little effort and sometimes very small amount of money in case if the winding is burnt or the bushing go bad. So here in may case both were good so it was a simply repair. The friction of a kilo watt motor are very common in house hold applications. These motor are used everywhere in the house hold equipment. They are used in vacuum cleaners, choppers, blenders, blowers, and desert coolers.
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fuel hose replacement. Car fuel leakage. fuel pump Zero SG
Here I am going to illustrate the fuel hoses (fuel lines) replacement for Nissan Sentra car. The procedure applies to almost all cars. Fuel hoses are made of rubber which becomes brittle and cracked with the passage of time. Liquid fuel (gas) is leaking/ dripping from those cracked lines. This point it is safe and economical to replace those lines with new. Nissan fuel tank has difficult access. Nissan fuel leak can be repaired if you watch this video. Nissan gas leak is not very easily accessible. Nissan engine overhauling is a regular job. Engine repairing is another job one can do. Engine replacement is not very easy and good. Nissan brake job one can do easily. Nissan no start can be solved like other cars. sunny no start sometimes has distributor problem. Nissan transmission overhauling is expensive job. transmission repair is another alternative. oil change is relatively easy job. filter replacement is straight forward. air filter is easy job. fuel filter is located inside fuel tank. fuel injector cleaning is a professional job. fuel gauge. fuel pressure. fuel prices. alternator repair. alternator replacement. brush replacement. Battery testing. battery repair. gas station hose. gasoline resistant hose. industrial water hose. chemical hose. steel braided hose fittings. fuel hose retractor. goodyear gasoline hose. hydraulic hose replacement.
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Car no start no crank  diagnosing, troubleshooting and repair.
Here in this video I showed step by step how to troubleshoot, diagnose and then repair a no start and no crank Toyota Camry 2007. The procedure can be applied to almost all cars with little or no variation. This is best example video on electrical and mechanical system repair associated with car starting. There are different systems working in a car all together. One of the most important systems is the starting system of the car. If the starting of the car is not perfect it is a real pain in ass then. Also it can cheat at any moment when you badly need it. Another down side is if your self starter is dry and dirty, it will suck off your battery and will make it defective permanently in small time. People are replacing batteries when they die after one year of use and they become happy that batter survived in our car for one year. Believe or not car batteries can stay for more than four years if the maintained well! car wouldn't start. Self starter. problem. no start. no start engine. carbon. brush. Hyundai. Kia. Suzuki. Chevy. Chevrolet. Key programming. Auto repair. Electrical. Mechanical. no start diagnosis. no start diesel. no start no spark diagnosis. no start no injector pulse. no start no crank. no start condition. crank but no start. crank no start diagnosis. diesel engine no start. engine crank no start. gm no start no fuel troubleshooting. no start honda. toyota no start. no crank no start toyota. car wont start. starter. auto repair. check engine light. auto mechanic. truck repair. local auto repair shops. estimate for car repair. mechanic fixing car. auto maintenance shop. auto mechanic repair. car repairman. car repair auto. auto mechanic service. auto repair local. auto repair places. auto repair maintenance. auto repair in. the auto repair shop. prices for car repairs. quote on car repair. local auto service. chevy truck turns over but wont start. what to do when your car won t start. what to do if your car won t start. how to make a car not start.
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Car front suspension DIYer inspection and repair
Here I am going to show kind of jobs I will perform on my Toyota Echo 2000 to pass the inspection test and to make it in good order. A car suspension is a very important part of a car. With defective suspension you can't drive a car. The defective suspension will not allow you to drive your car with driving pleasure. Also it could be very dangerous. The defective suspension will give you abnormal sounds. A car should have very good suspension to make it ready for drive. This video will cover suspension for car of the following make and models. Acura. Alfa Romeo. AMC. Aston Martin. Audi. Bentley. BMW. Buick. Cadillac. Chevrolet. Chrysler. Daewoo. Datsun. DeLorean. Dodge. Eagle. Ferrari. FIAT. Fisker. Ford. Freightliner. Geo. GMC. Honda. HUMMER. Hyundai. Infiniti. Isuzu. Jaguar. Jeep. Kia. Lamborghini. Land Rover. Lexus. Lincoln. Lotus. Maserati. Maybach. Mazda. McLaren. Mercedes-Benz. Mercury. MINI. Mitsubishi. Nissan. Oldsmobile. Plymouth. Pontiac. Porsche. RAM. Rolls-Royce. Saab. Saturn. Scion. Smart. SRT. Subaru. Suzuki. Tesla. Toyota. Volkswagen. Volvo. Yugo. how to repair car suspension.
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Car axle rebuilding. Drive shaft Boot rubbers replacement.
Here is the blog regarding this video. The blog contains the same as well as additional information regarding the subject.: http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/02/drive-shaft-axle-rubber-boot-replacement.html Here in this video I am working on a 2000 Toyota ECHO and am replacing boot rubber for both axles.
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Toyota corolla 2004 hesitation. Stalling at idle.
Here I am going to repair a 2004 Toyota Corolla which is hesitating and stalling on idle. The way I am diagnosing it is not conventional but I fount the trouble easily and then repair it and shot video for your knowledge.
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Universal motor rewinding. AC series motor repair. Part 5 (final)
Here I am winding up the series of universal motor winding and repairing. The motor in this part we will assemble and will test it for functionality. This part is important to know the testing of the motor after rewinding it. So by this I am closing the video series. Hope this series will give enough understanding to one who is about to rewind his or her motor in DIY manner. This proceedure applies to machines like 3m, Advance, Airway, Avanti, Beam, Bissell, Black & Decker, Bosch, Breuer - Tornado, Broan, Brute, Carpet Pro, Castex, Centec, Cirrus, Clarke, Compact, Craftsman, Dayton, Debrismaster, Delonghi, Dirt Devil, Douglas, Dust Devil, Dynavac, Dyson, Electrapure, Electrolux, Emerson, Enviromaster, Essco, Eureka, Euro-pro, Fantom, Filter Queen, Filtex, Fit All, Fuller Brush, Ge, Goldstar, Hayden, Hoky, Homemaker, Hoover, Hp, Iona, Karcher, Kenmore, Kirby, Koblenz, Lg, Lindhaus, Loveless Ash, Mastercraft, Metflo, Miele, Mighty Maid, Montgomery Ward, Nutone, Oreck, Osprey, Panasonic, Premier, Proforce, Proteam, Pulman Holt, Readivac, Regina, Rexair, Riccar, Royal, Rubbermaid, Sams, Samsung, Sandia, Sanitaire, Sanyo, Shark, Sharp, Shop Vac, Singer, Sootmaster, Sunbeam, Unitech, Vacu-maid, Vacuflo, Vornado, Vorwerk, Wal-mart, Whirlpool, Whisper Cool, Windsor etc. Aggressor, ProTeam USA, Ash Vacuum Cleaners, Germ Guardian, Floor Machine, Atrix Vacuum Cleaners, Gruene Backpack Vacuum, Steam Mop Cleaner, Bank Vacuum Cleaners, Haan Steamers, Reliable Steam & Vac, Bissell Cleaners, Hoover, Rowenta Cordless Bagless, Bona, Kalorik, Royal Vacuums, Bona Mops, Koblenz, Rubbermaid Vacuum Cleaners, Bosch Bags and Filters, Lindhaus Italy, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners, CanaVac Central, Love-Less Ash Vacs USA, Samsung, Carpet Pro, Maid Lite, Sanitaire by Electrolux, Cirrus, Maytag Vacuum Cleaners, Sanyo Dirt Devil, Metro NYC, Sebo Vacuum Cleaners GERMANY, Dupray Vapor Steam Cleaners, Miele Germany, Shark,Dust Care, Monster Steam Cleaners, Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners, Dyson, Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, SteamFast Steamers, Electrolux, Oreck Halo, Thermax USA, Eureka, Oreck USA, Vapamore, Euro Steam Cleaners, Oxygen by Electrolux, Vapor Clean & Steamers, Euroflex Monster, Panasonic, Windsor by SEBO, Ewbank Earlex Steamers, Panasonic Vacuums, Workshop Vacs, FastVac, Polti Steam Cleaners, iRobot Roomba, FilterStream DirtTamer, PowerStar Central Vacuums and many more types where the universal motor is used.
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Car Headlight low beam and high beam electrical repair
Here in this video I am illustrating the repair of a strange behavior headlight for Toyota Corolla 2004. Hope this video will help people running in the same problem as this is very common repair for cars.
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Car air conditioner refilling Complete version.
Here I am illustrating complete version of car air conditioner refilling procedure. This procedure do not include purging of the system as it was not required for this car. how to repair air conditioning in car is discussed in this video. The topic where to fix air conditioning in car is covered in this video. Here we will see car air conditioning. Also where to fix car air conditioner. The how to fix your car ac is an opportunity. how to fix the ac in a car. This is easy to fix my car ac. The how to fix my ac in car is covered in this video. The people who fixes air conditioners in car are earning good money. air conditioning car is a good skill. air conditioning repair car has demand. air conditioner repair car is a good knowledge. air conditioning for cars are available here. car air condition can easily go bad in summer. car ac repair is easy. car air condition repair is another way to do it. car air conditioner repair can be learned. ac fix car is easy. where can i get my car ac fixed is easy to answer. ac repair in car is done by mechanic. air conditioning auto repair is a big job. air conditioner repair auto will have its value. repair air conditioner car can be done by electrician. ac fixed in car is a demanding job. auto repair air conditioning is important in summer. air conditioner car repair pays its value. air conditioner for car is very critical in summer. vehicle air conditioning is not very difficult. car air conditioning repair is a difficult work. where to get your car air conditioner fixed you should locate a local shop in your area. auto air conditioner repair is a complete course. repair air conditioning car do it yourself. The air conditioning repair shop is easy to find in your area. There is auto ac repair near me. ac service auto shop is everywhere. auto ac shops near me and I can't locate it. ac auto repair near me had bid battle. automotive air conditioning repair shops are easy to locate. ac car repair shop on the road. car ac shops near me you must find it. automotive air conditioning service centers have priceless value. air conditioner auto repair shop is difficult to locate. ac shops for cars is the ordinary electrician shop. air condition service for car can be given by technician. ac auto repair shop is closed on Sunday. air conditioning repair auto is worth job doing it. a/c car repair can be learned by an average auto technician and can earn good money out of it.
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CNG LPG Generator conversion gas kit maintenance
Here is the blog post regarding this video. Must see this post as it is covering much more additional details about the gas kit. http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/03/cng-lpg-gas-kit-maintenance-and-repair.html Here in this video I am illustrating how to maintain and adjust a gas conversion kit with a small gas engine for optimum performance. AC generator or alternator is a machine used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The house hold alternator or generator is a combination of an engine and dynamo which produces line electric power which is 110 V or 220 V for house hold requirements. The power of the produced energy depends upon the size and capacity of the generator. A very common size now a days is 3KVA machine with gas engine from China manufacturing. Whereas there are other varients like 5KVA and 7KVA are also in use which has car engine and a local dynamo or alternator. There are diesel engine generator sets available. They are big machines normally with much more power capacity. The gasoline engines are sometimes run by regular gasoline and most of the time they are operated using line gas or Methane (CH4) if available locally. The methane or gas is cheaper for operating such engines compared to regular gasoline. The methane or gas is not that strong fuel like as gasoline but due to high prices for gasoline, gas is preferred fuel for such engines. The gas is fed to the regular gasoline engine through gas kit. The gas kit is nothing but a gas pressure and flow control device. The house hold gas is regulated through company provided regulator but that is not enough for the purpose of engine to run it smoothly. Further regulation is achieved by gas kit equipped with engine. The gas kit has one inlet and one outlet. The inlet is connected to house hold gas line and the outlet is connected to the air intake of the engine at the mouth of carburetor. The gas is mixed with intake air to engine here at this point. The gas kit has a mechanism that it is not providing any gas flow on the outlet till it is not sucked. The gas kit is working on the negative displacement or suction principle. When the engine is running, it is operating like an air pump. It sucks air from the intake, compress it and then exhaust it. The cycle repeats each time. When the engine is sucking during suction stroke, it produces negative pressure at intake manifold. This negative pressure produces vacuum in the outlet line of the gas kit. In the gas kit there is a diaphragm inside to which a lever is attached. The level is further attached to a rubber stopper which is pivoted on the gas intake line of the gas kit. There is a little spring tension applied on the lever which keeps the stopper in stopped position at intake at normal atmospheric pressure. The spring tension is adjustable by a screw from the out side which sets the gas quantity to the engine. When there is a vacuum applied on the diaphragm, it attracts the lever which opens the gas intake and that gas is fed to the vacuumed line or gas kit outlet which becomes the engine fuel. So during the other three stokes of the engine when it is not sucking air, the gas intake is stopped by stopper as there is no vacuum in the intake of the engine. This cycle continues all the time, the engine runs and it is fed with required quantity of fuel. Here is the image you can understand the function from. Also this image is depicting the different parts. Doing maintenance on a gas kit: Open all 6 elan key bolts using appropriate size elan key wrench. Keep them side and don't loose any bolt because they maybe fixed latter on. Remove both halves of the gas kit. Use a screw driver to crack open both sides if necessary. Keep the one cover side. Pry off the diaphragm as shown in the image below. Unscrew both screws on the lever pivot. By removing both screws you will be able to remove the lever from the kit. Keep the spring is secure place and clean it also for future assembly. Clean the rubber stopper on the control lever using a sand paper. Make it smooth and clean. Clean the gas kit gas intake also using sand paper. Make it level and smooth. Clean the pivot groves also and lubricate them with little motor oil to make the lever very much free during its operation. Assemble everything back in exact reverse order you opened. Then after completing the kit, fix it back on the generator or engine and connect both lines. Start the engine and adjust both adjustments for good engine performance. Fine tune them to achieve excellent engine running and starting points. Set the adjustment on such calibration. The gas kit nicely adjusted will perform well and flawlessly for its good service life. Once you do it perfectly, it will worth your effort by easy engine starting and excellent running. Do this maintenance for the gas kit yearly or whenever required. Hope this document will help those who have such kind of engines and they are about to service their gas kits.
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Car alternator repair. Car dynamo repair.
Here I am going to re-brush the alternator. Car alternator needs preventive maintenance after running for a while. As there are moving parts like bearings and wearing out components like carbon brushes which needs replacement after certain service life.
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Car no start diagnostic and repair. Must watch DIY fix.
Here in this video I am diagnosing and repairing a no start Toyota Cressida. There are mainly four things to check for a no start car. First is Spark, Second is Fuel supply to engine, Third is Compression and fourth and least is Timing of the engine. Here I am going to check them step by step to solve no start problem and let us see on which step we are reaching to our no start result.
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Universal motor rewinding. AC series motor repair. Part 4
This part covers the impregnation of the winding coils. Impregnation with insulating varnish is a must after winding to make it insulate and firm it solid like a stone. As the armature is rotating at a very high speed, there are centrifugal forced acting on it. Such centrifugal forces are trying to throw away winding and insulating papers from the rotating armature. Also vanish is acting like extra insulation and saving winding from moisture and other dust particles. The procedure applies to numerous machines like 3m, Advance, Airway, Avanti, Beam, Bissell, Black & Decker, Bosch, Breuer - Tornado, Broan, Brute, Carpet Pro, Castex, Centec, Cirrus, Clarke, Compact, Craftsman, Dayton, Debrismaster, Delonghi, Dirt Devil, Douglas, Dust Devil, Dynavac, Dyson, Electrapure, Electrolux, Emerson, Enviromaster, Essco, Eureka, Euro-pro, Fantom, Filter Queen, Filtex, Fit All, Fuller Brush, Ge, Goldstar, Hayden, Hoky, Homemaker, Hoover, Hp, Iona, Karcher, Kenmore, Kirby, Koblenz, Lg, Lindhaus, Loveless Ash, Mastercraft, Metflo, Miele, Mighty Maid, Montgomery Ward, Nutone, Oreck, Osprey, Panasonic, Premier, Proforce, Proteam, Pulman Holt, Readivac, Regina, Rexair, Riccar, Royal, Rubbermaid, Sams, Samsung, Sandia, Sanitaire, Sanyo, Shark, Sharp, Shop Vac, Singer, Sootmaster, Sunbeam, Unitech, Vacu-maid, Vacuflo, Vornado, Vorwerk, Wal-mart, Whirlpool, Whisper Cool, Windsor etc. Aggressor, ProTeam USA, Ash Vacuum Cleaners, Germ Guardian, Floor Machine, Atrix Vacuum Cleaners, Gruene Backpack Vacuum, Steam Mop Cleaner, Bank Vacuum Cleaners, Haan Steamers, Reliable Steam & Vac, Bissell Cleaners, Hoover, Rowenta Cordless Bagless, Bona, Kalorik, Royal Vacuums, Bona Mops, Koblenz, Rubbermaid Vacuum Cleaners, Bosch Bags and Filters, Lindhaus Italy, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners, CanaVac Central, Love-Less Ash Vacs USA, Samsung, Carpet Pro, Maid Lite, Sanitaire by Electrolux, Cirrus, Maytag Vacuum Cleaners, Sanyo Dirt Devil, Metro NYC, Sebo Vacuum Cleaners GERMANY, Dupray Vapor Steam Cleaners, Miele Germany, Shark,Dust Care, Monster Steam Cleaners, Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners, Dyson, Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, SteamFast Steamers, Electrolux, Oreck Halo, Thermax USA, Eureka, Oreck USA, Vapamore, Euro Steam Cleaners, Oxygen by Electrolux, Vapor Clean & Steamers, Euroflex Monster, Panasonic, Windsor by SEBO, Ewbank Earlex Steamers, Panasonic Vacuums, Workshop Vacs, FastVac, Polti Steam Cleaners, iRobot Roomba, FilterStream DirtTamer, PowerStar Central Vacuums etc and many more.
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Car air conditioner refrigerant refill. Freon charging in air conditioner.
Air conditioner charging is a very common and necessary repair in almost all automotive in almost all parts of the world. Car air conditioner is breaking down regardless of the car make and model. Almost every car experiencing air conditioner failure several times in its service life. The air conditioner is the unit in a car which is eating up a lot of money from a car owner. Never ever original air condition is lasting for the life time of a car. You will need a set of manifold gauges to check you Freon pressure. Here are some general guideline for A/C system pressures and temperatures based on ambient outside temperature. Remember that these are a guideline and your actual temperatures and pressures will vary depending on humidity in the air and the condition of your system. When running the car at idle to check the freon level it is a good idea to have a water hose handy and spray water on the a/c condencer. The condencer is located in front of the radiator. For vehicles currently running with freon R-134a only You can also use this good rule of thumb with R134a, run fan on High with all windows open and engine at 1500 rpm. High side pressure in PSI should be about 2.2 to 2.5 times outside air temperature in degrees F. Example if it's 90 degrees F, high side should be no higher than 225PSI Here is a useful trouble shooting chart for systems currently running on freon R-134a Trouble shooting Low Compressor Discharge Pressure 1. Leak in system 2. Defective expansion valve 3. Suction valve closed 4. Freon shortage 5. Plugged receiver drier 6. Compressor suction valve leaking 7. Bad reed valves in compressor Repair 1. Repair leak in system 2. Replace valve 3. Open valve 4. Add freon 5. Replace drier 6. Replace valve 7. Replace reed valves High Compressor Discharge Pressure 1. Air in system 2. Clogged condenser 3. Discharge valve closed 4. Overcharged system 5. Insufficient condenser air 6. Loose fan belt 7. Condenser not centered on fan or too far from radiator Repair 1. Recharge system 2. Clean condenser 3. Open valve 4. Remove some refrigerant 5. Install large fan 6. Tighten fan belt 7. Center and check distance Low Suction Pressure 1. Refrigerant shortage 2. Worn compressor piston 3. Compressor head gasket leaking 4. Kinked or flattened hose 5. Compressor suction valve leaking 6. Moisture in system 7. Trash in expansion valve or screen Repair 1. Add refrigerant 2. Replace compressor 3. Replace head gasket 4. Replace hose 5. Change valve plate 6. Replace drier 7. Replace drier High Suction Pressure 1. Loose expansion valve 2. Overcharged system 3. Expansion valve stuck open 4. Compressor reed valves 5. Leaking head gasket on compressor Repair 1. Tighten valve 2. Remove some refrigerant 3. Replace expansion valve 4. Replace reed valves 5. Replace head gasket Compressor Not Working 1. Broken belt 2. Broken clutch wire or no 12v power 3. Broken compressor piston 4. Bad thermostat 5. Bad clutch coil 6. Low Refrigerant - low pressure switch has cut off clutch power Repair 1. Replace belt 2. Repair wire or check for power 3. Replace compressor 4. Replace thermostat 5. Replace clutch coil 6. Add refrigerant Evaporator Not Cooling 1. Frozen coil, switch set too high 2. Drive belt slipping 3. Hot air leaks into car 4. Plugged receiver drier 5. Capillary tube broken 6. Shortage of refrigerant 7. High head pressure 8. Low suction pressure 9. High suction pressure 10. Defective expansion valve 11. Frozen expansion valve Repair 1. Turn thermostat switch back 2. Tighten belt 3. Check for holes or open vents4. Replace drier 5. Replace expansion valve 6. Add refrigerant 7. See problem #2 8. See problem #3 9. See problem #4 10. Replace expansion valve 11. Evacuate and replace drier Frozen Evaporator Coil 1. Faulty thermostat 2. Thermostat not set properly 3. Insufficient evaporator air Repair 1. Replace thermostat 2. Set to driving condition 3. Check for excessive duct hose length, kink or bend. If you can't get your a/c to turn on then use this chart to determine if you are low on freon. Remember that this is a general char and will vary for different makes and model cars and refrigeration units. air conditioner pipe leakage can be repaired. air conditioner hose leak can be repaired. Air conditioner is blowing hot air. air conditioner duct cleaning is good. air conditioner condenser leakage can be detected. air conditioner evaporater leakage can be repaired. Air conditioner is not kicking on. Air conditioner compressor is bad. air conditioner refill. Air conditioner refilling. air conditioner compressor replacement. air conditioner compressor oil filling. Air conditioner oil charging.
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Stereo repair ; Audio repair; Radio repair at home easily; Learn Electronics part 2
This is the second and final part of the audio mono or radio repair series. We will further diagnose the machine and will repair it according to such diagnostic. This repair procedure is a typical example which illustrates that for electronic repair part are not always required. Hope you will learn the diagnostic procedure and possible repair for electronic circuit. This procedure applies to many audio systems like Acoustics, AMC, Anthem, Antique Sound USA, Aragon, Aerial, Arcam, Ashly Audio Inc, Atma-Sphere Music Systems, Audio Artistry, AudioControl, Audio Note - UK, Audio Note, Audiophile APS - PurePower, AudioQuest, Audio, Research, AudioSpace, Audiostatic, Audio Valve, Audio by Van Alstine, Audire, Avalon Acoustics, Avantgarde, Ayre Acoustics, Bagend, Balanced Audio Technology, Bang & Olufsen, Basis, Bel Canto Design, Beauhorn, BGW, Billy Bags, B&K, Blue Circle, Bluenote, Bolzano Villetri, Boulder, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Burmester, Bryston, B & W, Cabasse Electroaccoustique, Calix, Canton, Cambridge Audio, Cambridge SoundWorks, Camelot Technology, Canare Corporation of America, Cardas, Carver Corporation, Cary Audio, CAT, Chang Lightspeed, Channel Island Audio, Chord, Ciamara, Clark Synthesis, Classe Audio, Clearaudio, Coda, Conrad Johnson, Continuum, Creek Audio, Crown, Dakiom, Dali, Daniels Audio, darTZeel, Day Sequerra, DCM Loudspeakers, DCS, Definitive Technology, Denon, DK Design, Dolby Laboratories Inc, DEQX, Dulcet (Swan), Duntech Speakers, Dynaudio, Earthquake, EAR USA, Echo Busters, Edgarhorn, Edge Electronics, Eggleston Works, Elac, Electrocompaniet, Electrovoice, ELP (Laser Turntable), Eminent Technology, EMM Labs, Energy Loudspeakers, Equitech, Evolution Acoustics, Ferguson Hill, Fidelity Acoustics, Final Lab, Florence Audio, FM Acoustics, Focal/JM Labs, 47 Labs, Fosgate, Fried, Furman Sound, Furutech, Gallo Speakers, GamuT, Genelec, Genesis, German Physiks, Gershman, Gillmore Audio, Goldmund, Graff, Grace, Graham Engineering, Groove Tubes, Gryphon Audio Designs, GTE Audio, Hafler, Hagerman, Halcro, Harbeth Acoustics, Harman/Kardon, HeadRoom, Herron Audio, HigherFi, Hovland, HSU, Huff, Hyperion Sound, Infinity, Innersound, Integra, Intuitive Design, Isophon, Ivie Technologies, Ixos Cables, Jadis, Jamo, JBL, JBL Pro Components, Jeff Rowland, JMlab, JOB, Jolida, Joseph Audio, Joule Electra, JPS Labs, JVC, KEF, Kenwood, Kharma, Kimber Kable, Kings Audio, Kirksaeter, Klimo, Klipsch, Klyne Audio, Kora, Krell, KR Audio, Koss, Kuzma, Lamm Industries, The Lars, Legacy Audio, Lehmann Audio, Levinson, Lexicon, Lindemann, Linn, Linn Audio of New Hampshire, Lowther, LSA Audio, Lumen White, M&K Sound, Madrigal, Magico, Magnepan, Magnum Dynalab, Manger, Manley Labs, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Mark & Daniel, Mapleshade, Marten Design, Martin Logan, mbl of America, McIntosh, McCormack, Melos, Meridian Audio, Mesa Engineering, Metaxas Audio Systems, Mirage Loudspeakers, Mission, MIT Cables, Mondial Designs, Monitor Audio, Monster Cable, Montana Speakers, MoonAudio, Mordaunt-Short, MSB Technology, Music Metre Audio Cables, Musical Fidelity, NAD, Nagra, Naim Audio, Nakamichi, NEAR, Nearfield Acoustics, NHT, Nirvana Audio Accessories, NOLA, Nordost, Nova, NRS, NTT AudioLabs, Nuance, NuFORCE, OHM Acoustics, Oracle Audio, Ortofon, Onkyo, Outlaw Audio, Overkill Audio, Paradigm, Parasound, Pass Labs, Pathos, PBN, Peak Consult, Perreaux, Phase Technology, Philips, Piega, Pioneer, Plinius, Polk audio, Polyfusion, Proac, Proceed, PS Audio, PSB Speaker Systems, PurePower, Purist Audio, QLN, Quad, Quest, Quintessence Acoustics, Quicksilver, Raidho / Eben, Red Rose, Reference 3A, Rega, REL Acoustics, Reson, Rethm, Revel, Rives Audio, Rockport, Rockford Corporation, Rogue Audio, Roksan, Rotel, Jeff Rowland, RPG, Sequerra, Sennheiser, Sennheiser, Shamrock Audio,Shanling, Shahinian, Shunyata Research, Shure, Signature Technologies, Siltech, Sim2, SME, Snell Acoustics, Sonic Frontiers, Sonus Faber, Sooloos, Sota, Sound Lab, Sound Valves, Spectral, Spectron, Stax, Stereophile, Studio Electric, Sunfire, Sunny Cable, Svetlana, Swan, Synergistic Research, T+A, Tact, TAG McLaren Audio, Talon, Tannoy, Tara Labs, TAS - The Absolute Sound, Tenor, TDK, Teac, Totem Acoustic, Technics, Theta Digital, Thiel, Thor Audio, Thorens, Threshold, THX, Tice Audio, Totem, Townshend Audio, Transcendent, Transparent, Transrotor, Triad, Trichord Research, Tri Planar, Tube Research, Tyler Acoustics, Unison Research, Uniwave Tek, Usher, VAC, VAF Research, Van Alstine, Van den Hul, Vandersteen, Velodyne, Verity Audio, Vitus, Voce Divina, Von Gaylord, Von Schweikert Audio, VPI turntables, VTL, Vyger, Wadia, Walker, Wattgate, WAVAC, Wharfedale, Wavelength Audio, WBT, Welborne Labs, Western Electric, Westlake, Wharfdale, Whest, Win Analog, White Audio Labs, Wilson Audio, Wilson Benesch, Wireworld, Wisdom Audio, Wolcott, Wright, Yamaha, YBA, Yee, Michael, YG Acoustics, YS Audio, Zanden, Zero Impedance, Zingali, Zoethecus, Z-Systems and much more.
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Sandwich grill repair Electrical repair
Here is the blogpost covering all these and much more details of repair of such unit: http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/04/sandwich-maker-or-sandwich-grill-repair.html sandwiches maker is a very common house hold and kitchen hold appliance. They are used in daily routine. Here is the repair of such a unit which broke down. I will cover all important steps of repair in this video and will show you in the end the functional unit. Hope this video will be very helpful for beginners. sandwich grill, sandwich maker, panini press, panini maker, sandwich toaster, toastie maker, sandwich press, panini grill, grilled sandwich, toasted sandwich maker, grill sandwich maker, cuisinart sandwich grill, breville sandwich toaster, cuisinart sandwich maker, panini toaster, grilled cheese maker, toastie machine, breville sandwich maker, panini machine, sandwich maker price, best sandwich maker, best sandwich toaster, sandwich maker online, breville sandwich press, breville panini press, grill toaster, panini sandwich maker, sandwich toaster price, electric sandwich maker, sandwich machine, sandwich maker grill, toaster sandwich, best panini press, best panini maker, cuisinart sandwich toaster, best toasted sandwich maker, best toastie maker, breville toasted sandwich maker, grilled cheese sandwich maker, proctor silex sandwich maker, hot sandwich maker, toaster machine, commercial panini press, sandwich toaster online, best sandwich press, toaster grill, prestige sandwich maker, breville toastie maker, panini grill press, sandwich grill press, toaster sandwich maker, best panini grill, bread toaster online, sandwich grill maker, toast maker, single sandwich toaster, bread toaster price, sandwich grill toaster, buy sandwich maker, grill sandwich maker price, cuisinart dual sandwich nonstick electric grill, bread sandwich maker, best grill sandwich maker, sunbeam sandwich press, sandwich toaster and grill, sandwich griller price, toaster and sandwich maker, electric sandwich grill, grill sandwich toaster, bread griller, small panini press, deep fill sandwich toaster, toaster grill sandwich maker, griller toaster online, cuisinart sandwich and waffle maker, cheap sandwich toaster, commercial sandwich press, cuisinart double sandwich maker, cuisinart sandwich press, single sandwich maker, cheap sandwich maker, sandwichmaker, flat sandwich press, panini machines, online sandwich maker, cusinart sandwich maker, indoor grill, cheap toastie maker, electric grill, sandwich toastie maker, price of sandwich maker, cheese toastie maker, raclette grill, cuisinart sandwich, sandwich maker cuisinart, sandwich maker and grill, weber grill, george foreman grill, bread sandwich toaster, snackwich maker, sandwich cooker, sandwich press grill, sandwich toaster removable plates, buy sandwich toaster, breakfast sandwich maker, egg sandwich maker, sandwich maker machine, breville panini maker, best sandwich grill, industrial sandwich press, breville cafe style sandwich press, cuisinart wm sw2, cuisinart toasted sandwich maker, jaffle maker, sandwiches maker, panini sandwich press, sandwich maker with grill, electric sandwich toaster, double sandwich maker, 4 sandwich toaster, nova grill sandwich maker, 4 slice sandwich toaster, sandwich grill machine, large sandwich toaster, panini pan, sandwich makers online, sandwich machine price, grill sandwich maker online, cuisinart wm sw2 sandwich grill, sandwich panini maker, double panini grill, 4 sandwich maker, sandwich grill cuisinart, panini maker and grill, cuisinart electric sandwich maker grill, the sandwich maker, panini press and grill, sandwich maker buy online, sandwich toaster with removable plates, bread grill toaster, grill panini press, sunbeam sandwich maker, sandwich and grill maker, panini cooker, grill and sandwich maker, toast and grill sandwich maker, sandwich griller online, charcoal grill, penne press, sandwich maker and toaster, waffle sandwich maker, sandwich toaster grill, commercial panini grill, grill sandwich maker 4 slice, deep fill sandwich maker, toasted cheese sandwich maker, grill, toasted sandwich machine, panini sandwich grill, sandwich and waffle maker, sandwich maker lowest price, presse panini, 4 slice sandwich maker, sandwich toaster press, waffle and sandwich maker, cast iron sandwich press, toasted sandwich press, sandwich and panini maker.
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car no start problem.
Here is Toyota Camry 2000 model which is not starting. The car had come from another work shop with timing cover open. The replaced the crank position sensor on the hope to start the car but in-vein. Here is the diagnostic and repair for such a problem. To watch another no start case study video on Toyota Cressida, click here: http://youtu.be/VzkGCy64X_U
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Air conditioner do it yourself repair. AC charging.
Here in this video I am showing how to charge Freon in split air conditioner. This is not something a complete tutorial on evacuation and refilling but showing only the way to refill the system if it had been leaked down due to some reason and low on cooling. This will help DIY guys to figure out their air conditioner at their own facilities without removal and taking them to service centers. By this way the job will be done in budget. Some times I will shoot a complete video on the system installation and charging when ever get a chance.
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generator engine assembling. Generator engine overhauling.
In this video I will show how to assemble a generator or alternator engine. This video will cover details for crank shaft, piton, rings, harmonic balancer and cam shaft assembling in the engine housing.
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Head lights repair.
I am working on a 1994 Toyota Corolla. This car had bad head lights. Head lights went off during a trip. I am trouble shooting the head lights in this video using a test light. Acura head light are of good quality. Alfa Romeo had traditional head lights. AMC head lights become gray. Aston Martin head lights are presenting problems. Audi head lights have good lighting effect. Bentley head lights are darker sometimes. Buick head lights have shadows. Cadillac head lights have H4 lamps in there. Chevrolet head light have special tube inside. Chevrolet head light tubes are very safe. Daewoo head lights have hellogin lamps. Datsun head light wiring is good. DeLorean head light have little problems. Eagle head lights are dim. Ferrari head light relay went defective. FIAT head light lamp fuses sometimes. Fisker head light lamps are expensive. Freightliner head light lamps are rare. Geo head lights become brighter. GMC head lights are of old style. HUMMER head lights have a beautiful design. Hyundai head lights are using Korean technology. Infiniti head lights angle is inclined. Isuzu head light lamps are A4. Kia head lights have hyundai lamps in there. Lamborghini head light have special design lamps. Land Rover head light replacement is easy. Lexus head light have Toyota light in it. Lincoln head light is from Ford. Lotus head light have good electrical wiring. Maserati head light switch is bad design. Maybach head light have small tube in it. Mazda head light replacement is avail from dealership. McLaren head light location is difficult. Mercedes-Benz head light needs scan tool to adjust. Mercu head light is very bright. MINI head light have 55/60 W lamp. Mitsubishi head light have 100 W lamp. Oldsmobile head lights are going defective when used for long time. Plymouth head lights are very bright. Pontiac head lights shades are normal. Porsche head lights are greenish. RAM head light connectors are not of good quality. Rolls-Royce head light is very expensive to replace. Saab head light is ordinary lamp style. Saturn head light quality is good. Scion head light beam is straight. Smart head lights are brighter. SRT head lights are round shape. Subaru head light lamps are special design. Suzuki head light have H4 lamp in them. Tesla head light switch have bad design. Toyota head light have complex combination switch. Volkswagen head light wiring gets heat up. Volvo head light uses Hyundai lamps. head lights are worst design. Dotson head lights beams are lower. automotive headlight. car headlights bulbs. car headlight. bulb headlight. auto head lamp. replacement headlamp bulbs. headlight lamps. car headlamps. headlights bulbs. headlights automotive. headlight led. headlamp auto. headlamp auto. headlight. auto headlight bulbs. headlight bulb. light bulbs for headlights. headlamp car. headlight lights. auto head light. where to buy headlights for car. auto headlights. headlights auto. headlight replacement. car headlight lamp. headlight bulb replacement. headlight leds. headlights parts. halogen car light bulbs. projector head lamp. How to fix halogen head lights. how to connect halogen head lights. How to test halogen head lights. Chevrolet head light car headlight led strip replacement lights are easily available. how to test halogen light bulbs. Fisker head light have best quality among all. car head light replacement is a common diy job.
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Relay explained, How to use a relay. Relay automatic switching by 220V for 12V fan
Here in this video I am explaining a relay complete. I will show how to make an automatic fan control switch which will switch on a 12V DC fan in case when the power company 220V will be absent. This circuit will use a commonly available relay for switching. Must watch the video till end to understand all the details well. MY3-N, MY4-N, MY2-N
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Network resistance. Resistance array. Testing and understanding.
Here in this video we will discuss about network resistor or resistance array. This is very commonly used in digital electronics and microcontroller based circuits. We will understand this component and will test using an instrument.
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Toyota Corolla 2004 tappets job. Performance issue solved.
Here in this video I am going to set the tappets gap for Toyota Corolla. Same technique could be applied to most vehicles. Such video is not available on youtube.
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SKF Vibration Handheld instrument review. Unboxing.
Here I am giving review of the SKF hand held vibration reading instrument. Hope this will give information about the instrument and its accessories. bearing skf. skf bearing catalog. bearing cross reference. skf seals. skf catalog. kugellager shop. roulement skf. 6203 bearing. cuscinetti skf. skf group. skf lager. rhp bearings. nachi bearings. rolamentos skf. skf kugellager. rulman fiyatları. vong bi. rolamento skf. koyo bearings. ntn bearings. rodamientos skf. rulman ölçüleri. bac dan. skf bearing price list. fag bearing. nsk bearings. ina bearings. iko bearings. skf catalogue. skf rulman. rulman çeşitleri. skf rodamientos. skf katalog. skf rolamentos. bearing catalog. fag lager. tipos de rolamentos. skf france. rodamientos de bolas. peer bearing. skf catalogo. skf usa. упорный подшипник. rulman yatakları. catalogo skf. bearing man. skf india. kaydon. ina fag. zkl. bearing net. zvl. سكف. скф. zwz. fyh. snfa. skf logo. skf share price. ыл. skf ball bearing. skf products. skf company. sk f. skf roller bearing. skf wheel bearings. bearing skf catalogue pdf. skf industries. ball bearing skf. skf ball bearing catalogue. kugellager skf. skf bearing cross reference. bearing fag. rolamentos nsk. skf bearing specification. skf online. mancais de rolamento. spherical roller thrust bearing. mrc bearings. rolamentos fag. подшипники skf. skf bearing distributors. rolamentos ina. baleros skf. sk bearings. rulman kataloğu. rodamientos fag. spherical bearing skf. ina rolamentos. rulmenti skf. łożyska skf. fag rolamentos. timken ball bearings. vòng bi skf. skf bearings uk. fag kugellager. skf thrust bearing. rodamiento lineal. rodamientos ina. rolamento nsk. lineer rulman. skf spherical roller bearing. skf roulement. skf 6203. skf 6204. skf 6205. bearing specification. skf bearing india. timken bearing catalog. skf seal cross. rodamientos de agujas. yataklı rulman. skf oil seal catalog. skf rillenkugellager. skf spherical bearing. rolamento ina. skf flange bearing. skf online catalog. nsk rulman. thrust bearing skf. ina kugellager. skf uk. rodamientos koyo. nsk rolamentos. lager skf. zkl bearings. skf seal catalog. rodamientos timken. skf bearing catalogue pdf. rodamiento axial. skf 608. skf production. oil seal skf. nsk lager. catalogo rodamientos skf. rodamientos axiales. rolamentos timken. подшипники nsk. skf linear bearings. bearing number. bearing nsk. skf cross reference. skf 6004. flange bearing skf. online bearings. skf kogellagers. rodamientos nsk. skf bearing grease. catalogo rodamientos. skf 6001. rodamientos conicos. harga bearing skf. fag rodamientos. skf canada. nmb bearings. www skf. skf gleitlager. подшипники fag. skf подшипники. skf needle bearing. rolamentos ntn. skf bearings usa. nsk japan. skf 6201. distribuidor skf. rolamento axial. nke bearings. skf shop. skf oil seal. skf rulman kataloğu. ntn bearing catalog. skf distributors. rulman katalog. skf dealer. skf bearing sizes. rodamientos ntn. distribuidor de rolamentos. skf bearing malaysia. skf bearing chart. rodamiento conico. ntn rulman. linear rulman. linear bearing skf. snr bearings. подшипники koyo. skf germany. mancal skf. подшипники ina. nsk ball bearing. skf seals cross reference. spherical roller bearing skf. rolamento industrial. rollway. katalog bearing skf. skf parts. skf bearing interchange. rolamentos koyo. metric bearings. skf wälzlager. skf linear. skf roller bearing catalogue. timken rodamientos. skf bearing nomenclature. bearing ina. skf bearings pune. skf sweden. skfbearings. rolamentos skf preço. skf italy. skf seal interchange. skf katalog online. elges. skf china. skf stock. rulman seçimi. skf ab. skf automotive. skf bearing selection. skf fag. skf bearing finder. skf product list. ab skf. skf bearing pdf. skf wiki. skf catalog online. skf etf. skf ltd. skf bearing singapore. saeco bearings. skf automobile. skf bearings careers. skf news. skf bearing torque. svenska kullagerfabriken. skf bearing bangalore. skf price list 2016. skf bv. skf canada limited. sfk group. skf stock price. skf gothenburg. skf apps. skf full form. skf parts info. skf kenya. skf bearing wiki. skf bearing cad. skf magnetic bearings. skf headquarters. what is skf. skf meaning. catalogoskf. skf bearing manufacturer. skf sealed bearings. oil seal skf catalog. skf plain bearings. skf corporation. bearing cross reference skf. skf international. roller bearing skf. skf flange mounted bearings. skf oil seal cross reference. skf cross. sku bearings. sky bearing. thrust roller bearing skf. skf suppliers. skf u joints catalog. skf e catalog. metric ball bearings. skf kaydon. timken bearing lookup. skf bearing installation. skf bearing selector. timken bearing finder. skf 3. skf motor. skf s. skf america. skf bearing training. bearing codes skf. bearing grease skf. skf bearings ltd. skf flowery branch ga. skf flowery branch. skf group headquarters.
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Keyless entry; Car remote control part 3
This is the third and final part of the car remote locks installation. I tried to cover all important details as possible to give guide lines for those who are about to install remote control system for the very first time or trying to repair such system in case of failure. This is for Toyota 2001 and the technique can be applied to most cars and truck of different make and models. I covered the window mechanism lubrication also which could be considered as a video bonus here. keyless entry is very important feature for a car today. electronic door locks are very common for cars in today's world. keyless door lock is essential. keypad lock is anther type of keyless entry. remote start is extra feature provided in new cars. door lock are very important for a car. remote car starter is an extra feature. deadbolt lock is not good. key lock is old fashion. remote car locksmith has great value today. car locksmith is earning good money. key fob has such controls for car. viper remote start is extra feature. entry systems are not very common. electronic entry systems are good to hack. car remote keyless entry is perfect for most cars. keyless lock system is not very expensive to add in a car. remote door entry systems are cheaper now a days. keypad entry system for doors is common in today's car. electronic fob entry system is good choice. electric door locks home are also becoming popular. car key alarm remote is supper feature. locksmith have good opportunity. car locksmith have good future. car remote door lock is important to understand first. remote for car keys is good to be there. digital lockset is a good choice. electronic exterior door locks are not very common. door keyless entry system is an extra facility. keyless alarm system is supper to have in your car. electronic keyless lock is easy to operate. keyless entry locks for the home have extra beauty. keyless entry alarm system is valuable. door lock deadbolt combination can be done easily. exterior door keyless entry can be programmed. keyless entry door lock car can be done electronically. electronic keypad for door can be fixed for Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevy and Honda cars. car key and remote replacement is very common job in Saudi Arabia. remote car starter with keyless entry is also common in the market of Saudi Arabia. remote car opener is a device to open up a car without key. exterior door locks with keypad can be controlled electronically and it is a common fashion now a days in Saudi Arabia. house keyless entry system is also in fashion in Saudi Arabia. exterior door knob with keypad are working with electronic door lock system. number keypad door lock is another control locking system. remote door unlock car is good to have in your car. electronic door entry systems are simple in nature but a little bit tricky to understand at first. key programming is another special skill an auto electrician mush have and understand as it is commonly used when swapping ECU or PCM for a car. key fob car key is good for keyless entry in a car.
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Quick Tip-Throttle Cleaning LearningZone
Here is the link to the blog post on the video contains much more information and must visit it. http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/03/drive-by-wire-throttle-body-cleaning.html Here in this video I am explaining how to clean and maintain the drive by wire throttle body for Toyota Camry car. The procedure applies to most cars. The drive by wire is the newer technology used in cars since 2007 or so. In Toyota it had been introduced in Toyota Yaris model year 2007. In the drive by wire technology the throttle body throttle plate is actuated by an electric motor instead of a mechanical wire and cable arrangement actuated by foot. In the drive by wire system the driver of a vehicle is footing on gas pedal which actuates a set of sensors. They can be some times magnetic sensors and sometimes variable resistors or potentiometers. So by footing on gas pedal a voltage signal is produced proportional to the pressure on the pedal. This voltage signal is feed then to the ECU or PCM of the vehicle. The ECU or PCM is using this signal as input. There are other inputs to the PCM also like MAF sensor, O2 or Oxygen sensor etc. Then ECU or PCM is deciding how much to open the throttle plate to ensure the correct psychometric ratio of fuel and air to get optimum engine performance. In such a case the TPS sensor is acting like a feed back signal sensor to ensure the exact mechanical position of the throttle plate. The benefit of the drive by wire system is obvious as the ECU or PCM is controlling the throttle plate using an algorithm hence optimum performance and excellent fuel economy is the result. The drive by wire car present much more fuel economy and optimum performance than of the older days mechanical wire arrangement cars were. Also there is another benefit of easy cruise control feature is achieved without installing extra equipment as it was in the case of older mechanical actuated system. The reason for the optimum performance and better fuel economy is the better control of ECU or PCM on the throttle plate in all driving conditions and situations. The conventional systems is using driver foot force to actuate the throttle plate in the throttle body. So a mechanical wire and cable arrangement is used. Hence the PCM is not controlling air instead it is only controlling fuel quantity to the fuel injectors in such designs. So the system is even a bit mechanical dependent. Whereas in the newer drive by wire system the pcm is controlling the throttle plate hence it controls the quantity of air along with quantity of fuel. By this way a sophisticated and much more efficient control is achieved which results in optimum performance and excellent fuel economy. Drive by wire system is used in most new car makes and models. They are less pron to dust and dirt accumulation in the throttle body which cases the rough idle and low performance at slow speeds. Anyhow they are having problems when they accumulate dust and dirt. Here in the following lines I am explaining the way to clean and maintain the drive by wire throttle body for a Toyota Camry car. Drive by wire throttle body cleaning Locate the throttle body in your car. It is closed to air filter and air intake tube. You should have to remove the air intake tube, the filter box and some times battery also. Also remove the battery one terminal in case if you are not going to remove the battery from the vehicle. Clean and wipe the throttle body using paper towel. By this way you will be able to remove the small dirt and carbon even more. In the result you will get a very cleaned throttle body. The sytem includes wide throttle body, skunk2 throttle body, 70 mm throttle body, how throttle body works. The topice covers Throttle Body - Explained, HOW TO CLEAN A THROTTLE BODY !!! D.I.Y. AND SAVE !! Ford Vehicles: Electronic Throttle Body Relearn Procedure, Automotive Technology Course | Electronic Throttle/Drive-by-Wire Testing Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) System, Throttle Actuator Control Systems, How to Clean an Electronic Throttle Body SafelyFord Electronic Throttle Body Failures and so on. Calibration By applying such procedure on can calibrate the throttle body and achieve the ideal idle speed of 600 to 700 rpm. If you don't have a bidirectional scan tool then the other way is to keep the vehicle running and cycle the key for several time. After a few days of use the ECU or PCM will learn the new state of throttle body and will set it to Zero calibration. But the best way is off course to calibrate it using a scan tool. how to clean throttle body. how to clean drive by wire throttle body. How throttle body works. How to clean idle air control valve. How to repair idle air control valve. http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/01/throttle-body-cleaning-maintenance.html Ford throttle body maintenance. Toyota Camry throttle body maintenance and repair. Throttle body cleaning. how to clean throttle body. how to repair throttle body. how to clean drive by wire throttle body.
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Motherboard repair. Main board repair.
Here I am trouble shooting and repairing on IBM P4 desktop main board. This PC is used by my son and last day it got some problem and it is not switching on. I am showing step by step procedure how to troubleshoot and repair the mother board. I did repair on the same board before also. You can view the video on the following url as: http://youtu.be/Q2kf9ENiNW0 mainboard motherboard kaufen mainboard kaufen pc mainboard gaming mainboard mainboard mit cpu atx mainboard intel mainboard mainboard bundle amd mainboard msi mainboard mainboard mit prozessor mainboard pc mainboard 1150 mainboard sockel 1150 computer mainboard itx mainboard 1150 mainboard sockel 1150 mainboard micro atx mainboard z170 mainboard bestes mainboard mainboard intel hauptplatine mainboard cpu mainboard atx mainboard gaming mainboard amd mainboard computer mainboard motherboard asus gaming mainboard mainboard sockel 775 mainboard micro atx mainboard 775 gamer motherboard amd mainboard ddr4 motherboard mit prozessor mainboard 1151 mainboard 1155 kaufen i7 mainboard 1151 mainboard mainboard cpu bundle motherboard cpu combo gaming mainboard 1151 aktuelle mainboards mainboard sockel 1151 mainboard sockel 1155 kaufen 1155 mainboard kaufen am2 mainboard sockel 1151 mainboard gutes mainboard asus mainboard 1151 cpu mainboard mainboard am2 mainboard msi dual cpu motherboard ddr4 mainboard mainboard 2 cpu asus mainboard mainboard sockel mainboard bestenliste die besten mainboards skylake mainboard notebook mainboard msi mainboard 1151 msi motherboard mainboard i7 asus motherboard mainboard 1151 bestenliste motherboard mainboard ddr3 mainboard neues mainboard server mainboard cpu mainboard bundle sockel 2011 mainboard mainboard i5 asrock mainboard mainboard chipsatz gigabyte mainboard bestes gaming mainboard bestes mainboard 1151 mainboard 2011 mainboard mit 2 cpu motherboard cpu bundle mainboard asus motherboard mit cpu mini itx mainboard sockel 775 mainboard cpu motherboard bundle cpu motherboard mainboard ddr3 am3 mainboard motherboard cpu 2011 mainboard mainboard hersteller mainboard skylake main gigabyte mainboard 2016 sockel 939 mainboard dual cpu mainboard bestenliste 1151 dual cpu mainboard bestes motherboard laptop mainboard motherboard and cpu mainboard asrock mainboard vergleich mini mainboard main board best mainboard motherboard test biostar mainboard asus mainboard z170 mainboard test mainboard treiber motherboard bundles bestes motherboard 2016 asus motherboard amazon mainboard test 1151 ecs mainboard mainboard 1151 test mainboard anschlüsse bestes mainboard 2016 mainboard rangliste foxconn mainboard sockel 1151 mainboard test 1151 mainboard test mainboard finder welches mainboard was ist ein mainboard mainboard erklärung motherboard anschlüsse test mainboard mainboard vergleich 1151 mainboard sockel 1151 test asus mainboard bios mainboard test 2016 mainboard aufbau was ist ein motherboard motherboard vergleich mainboard or motherboard motherboard deutsch mainboard benchmark gaming mainboard test mainboard wikipedia mainboard definition mainboard funktion motherboard erklärung intel desktop board was habe ich für ein mainboard mainboard driver best mainboard 2016 mainboard suche mainboard sockel notebook mainboard kaufen mainboard chipsatz motherboard bestenliste die besten mainboards 1151 mainboard 1150 bestenliste mainboard anschlüsse sockel 1151 mainboard test was ist ein mainboard welches motherboard kaufen mainboard erklärung asus mainboard reparatur hauptplatine laptop mainboard benchmark mainboard sockel 2011 rangliste intel mainboard test welcher sockel für gaming pc mainboard driver motherboard sockel 1151 test mainboards im vergleich
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Head light repair. Basic electrical repair on lamp circuit.
Here in this video I am illustrating head light repair on Toyota Corolla 2004. This is a basic Electrical repair video on head lights. To someone it would have no meaning but the people suffering from intermittent headlight problem will sure be able to figure out their problem using information here.
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A visit in Madina, Vadi e Jin. Baida valley Madina Saudi Arabia
This is a video I just shot last days during visit to Madina. Just watch and your mind will blow. There is strange driving force in the valley for 13 to 14Km which pushing or pulling a vehicle to its higher speed up to 120 to 130 Km/h. Nobody knows the reality of such a force! There are many stories associated with this strange thing but real idea nobody have. madina madina nasheed.
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Samsung duos wifi range problem. Long range wifi solution.
In this video I am illustrating how to solve Samsung mobile wifi signal problem. Actually I am switching off the wifi power mode to increase the wifi signal strength to increase its range. galaxy ace wifi problem is a common defect in these sets. galaxy beam wifi problem is also seen. galaxy beam wifi error can be fixed. galaxy wifi calling feature is available. galaxy wifi connected but no internet connectivity. galaxy wifi camera is good choice. galaxy core wifi problem can be solved. galaxy core wifi not working is general error. galaxy camera - wifi & 3g works good. galaxy core wifi not turning on have defect. galaxy core wifi not connecting to internet. wifi galaxy core prime is good. galaxy wifi direct connects. galaxy wifi disconnecting always. galaxy duos wifi problem can be solved. galaxy express wifi issues can be handled. galaxy express wifi hotspot is easy. galaxy wifi error is common. galaxy wifi erro de autenticação espanola. galaxy e7 wifi is good. galaxy express wifi have defects. galaxy fame wifi problem is not very common. galaxy fame wifi hotspot is easy to set. galaxy gear wifi is general error. galaxy gio wifi sorunu is unknown. galaxy wifi hotel works great. galaxy wifi hotspot can work good. galaxy wifi hotspot s4 is easy to setup. galaxy j wifi hotspot is not good. galaxy light wifi calling is easy. galaxy light wifi problems is common. galaxy light wifi is good. galaxy mini wifi problem starts. galaxy mega wifi is doubled. galaxy mega wifi problem is not general. galaxy mega wifi issues is solved. galaxy mini wifi hotspot. galaxy mini wifi error is disscussed. galaxy mini wifi sorunu good wifi. galaxy mini wifi ayarları works. wifi galaxy mini 2 error solved. wifi galaxy mini 2 works. galaxy wifi not connecting defect. galaxy note wifi problem solved. galaxy note wifi connecting. galaxy note wifi only works. wifi galaxy note 2 is better. galaxy nexus wifi direct antenna. wifi galaxy note 3 set. galaxy nexus wifi job. galaxy nexus wifi not working. galaxy note wifi not turning on to internet. galaxy wifi problem. galaxy pocket wifi problem. galaxy wifi question mark. galaxy quattro wifi problem. galaxy q wifi. galaxy rush wifi hotspot. galaxy r wifi problem. galaxy wifi s 5.0. galaxy wifi samsung. galaxy wifi s5. galaxy s4 wifi wont turn on. galaxy s4 wifi problem. galaxy s4 wifi issues. galaxy s5 wifi issues. galaxy s3 wifi problem. galaxy s4 wifi hotspot. galaxy s4 wifi not working. galaxy wifi tab. galaxy tab 3 wifi. galaxy tab wifi problems. galaxy tab wifi 3g. galaxy trend wifi problem. galaxy tab 2 wifi. galaxy tab wifi direct. galaxy tab wifi 10.1. galaxy tab wifi harga. galaxy tab wifi 7. galaxy xcover wifi problem. galaxy y wifi problem. galaxy y wifi. galaxy y wifi driver. galaxy y wifi error. galaxy y wifi hotspot. galaxy y wifi fix. wifi galaxy young tidak bisa connect. galaxy y wifi hack. galaxy y wifi problem solution. galaxy y wifi direct. galaxy 10.5 wifi. galaxy 10.1 wifi. galaxy 2 wifi problem. galaxy 2 wifi. galaxy 2 wifi hotspot. galaxy wifi 3. galaxy wifi 3g tablet. galaxy 3 wifi not working. galaxy 3 wifi problems. galaxy 3 wifi not connecting. galaxy wifi 4. galaxy 4 wifi wont turn on. galaxy 4 wifi problems. galaxy 4 wifi will not turn on. galaxy 4 wifi calling. galaxy 4 wifi hotspot. galaxy 4s wifi issues. galaxy 4 wifi not working. galaxy wifi 4.2. galaxy wifi 4.0. galaxy wifi 5. galaxy wifi 5.0 update. galaxy wifi 5.0 review. galaxy wifi 5ghz. galaxy wifi 5.0 ice cream sandwich. galaxy wifi 5.0 xda. galaxy wifi 5.0 hard reset. galaxy 5 wifi problem. galaxy 5 wifi calling. galaxy 5 wifi hotspot. galaxy 6 wifi calling. galaxy 6 wifi issues are discussed here in this video. Watch the video from start to end to understand the process fully and well.
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