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Audi 3.6 timing chain fix p0017 00011
Car ran rough, had codes for cam sensor and correlation code p0017 or 00011 which is exhaust side so you can have different codes for the intake side any ways the valve sticks causing timing chain noise and over advanced cam which will missfire
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2006 -2009 Equinox torrent blend door repair no heat FIX
This is how to use the Dorman 902-600 blend door repair kit to fix the common broken blend door shaft on 2006 - 2009 equinox and torrent. Be careful to follow the steps or you could end up having to take the whole dash out.
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Atlas BP 8000 automotive lift review
This is my review of the atlas bp8000 lift after 1 year of use
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How to install timing chain or belt without special tools Audi Volkswagen vw
This is a good way to install timing chain or belt with out using special tools which is very common with audi and vw. This will work on other makes not just audi and vw. The engine must already be timed correctly or this will not work. If the timing chain or belt broke then this will not work for you.
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How to change arbor shaft on ammco brake lathe
This is how to change an arbor on an ammco brake lathe
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1987 Wellcraft 23 NOVA XL
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How To Play Blink 182 All The Small Things Guitar Lesson Easy Beginner Song
check out my band http://www.facebook.com/#!/MOUTHFULLPUNK This is just a quick lesson i made before i went to bed because i seen some of the lessons one here and they suck.I didn't leave much out, just watch the vid a few times and play along with a set of head phones on and you will get it quick.its an easy song, i didnt play it perfect its just a quick lesson to guide ya
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2008 Grand Prix spark plug removal (joke)
This is a complete joke
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How to change oil filter on a Chevy Traverse, Enclave,Outlook,acadia
Mechanic humor at its finest.
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How to clean battery acid out of a car
This is how I clean battery acid out of a car that had a bad battery that leaked. You must wear eye,face,hand,arm, body and breathing protection. I assume no responsibility for your safety. Be very careful to not breath battery acid fumes and to not have any contact with battery acid. If you have any contact with battery acid seek medical attention. I have safely used this method many times successfully but I am very careful. Pour baking soda in very slowly to avoid “BOILING / BUBBLING” This is recommended for trained personnel! If you do not feel comfortable do not attempt this! Be careful!
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Vw alh tdi 5 speed conversion coding with Snapon scan tool
Vw alh tdi coding for 5 speed conversion using a Snapon scan tool
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Chevy 2.4 2.2 ecotech timing guide bolt repair
How to repair a 2.4 and 2.2 Chevy ecotech timing chain guide bolt without cylinder head removal. The part is a “dorman 917-954”
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Beginner Electric Guitar basics part 1
Check out my band http://www.facebook.com/#!/MOUTHFULLPUNK Make sure you watch all my guitar vids.This is some of the very basic stuff to learn to play punk, metal,rock type music.I made this to show people some of the easy basics about guitar, with out getting to in depth with things people don't want to know at first so it feels a bit easier when first starting to play .I know i left a lot of things out but like i said this is for beginners. The guitar i am playing is a 2008 fender strat with a Seymour Duncan invader pick up.The amp is a crate blue voodoo.Feel free to ask any questions
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Top Pop Punk Bands OF All Time
This my list of my favorite pop punk bands of all time. Copyright - all of the material in this video is that of the artist featured and I do not claim to have created any of it myself.
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