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NFSU2 OutRun Video Need4skill Vs M1nos
elite raceing skillz :P
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7K Minerals in 30 seconds.
Mules eat minerals for breakfast.
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1:35 sec Classical skateboard manual
Decided to manual since my deck is broken. enjoy :P
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I lol Watching my friend play SC2.  I don't no how he is still in gold league...
That was a ladder match and he plays this bad all the time yet some how still wins... It seems no one scouts his expansions every time he plays since every one thinks he is a beginner based on his bad starting tatics. Either he is super lucky or knows how to play mind games really well. Based on how he plays he should be in bronze league.
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Stacking image bug?
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Inferno Is Hard!
Me trying to survive in Inferno Act 2.
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Hitting Level 60
Barb hitting level 60 on may 16th.
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FF1 Origins World Record attempt (normal)
4:25, Normal difficulty.
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Sit down grind and many other grinds to go with it.
Took about 30min of filming to land all the tricks I wanted. Would of looked better on a longer ledge, but it still worked out.
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This Is Too Fast!
NFS Carbon. Beach front 2 laps 1:52 using Corvette.
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My PvPer build
what can i say it kicks ass :P
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C7 Semi AFK no upgrading run.
If any one knows of a better no upgrade/ semi afk build like me know.
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A walk through  the park with my destroyer.
duped +4% critical gems and socketed them all and got 100% critical hit all the time :P
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CC too good
No walls no nothing in 1 lane.
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C5 assassins how do you counter this?
any suggestions?
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StarCraft 2 Beta testing fun.
har har har
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C5 sewers Lava wall ramster build.
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Bastille C7 Mastery build.
I sure there is better builds but this is the one I used. I upgraded Proton beams where Lady orcs spawned.
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1400+ Redemption healing
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All Classes Tanking Inferno with same gear
I wanted to keep the DPS close to equal to see how all classes fair out using same items, So I had to use a lower DPS wep on the barb as it was barb items that were being used so it had more STR stats.
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Beating C5 solo for the first time.
after 20 tries.
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