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Wishing stairs - Recessional
This music video is about the relatonship between So-hee and Ji-seong
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Wishing stairs a deleted scene
This is just a deleted scene from the beautiful horror movie whispering corridors 3 Wishing stairs...i may upload some more when i actually got the movie to work perfect ^_^
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Wishing stairs My Soul
Audio change again...cus of youtube i really dont want em to delete my channel again :[
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So-hee & Ji-seong -  Nobody's home  - Wishing stairs MV
I just love this movie....but i didn't change the song audio myself...I got it from @xxMusicxSpazzxx !!! selena gomez and demi lovato video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPZNC9vkSGU this one! but i have no idea what you mean with credit? i thought it was to give some money to the person....but i have no money XD but maybe it's ok just i write the persons user name?
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Wishing stairs - I wanna be there
This is my secound wishing stairs music video! I really do love this movie..it's beautiful and sad. Enjoy! it took me like 2 hours! :D Music: I wanna be there by blesid union Movie: wishing stairs - Whispering corridors 3
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Icarly [Lost and Delirious Style] Carly/Sam
Oh i finally took time to make this....it's my dream to create this video. Well yes Sam is in love with Carly..I dunno i had nobody else to use but Missy so please pretend she's ok anyway xD KISSING MANIPS ARE NOT MADE BY ME!!
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Carly/Sam - It's you
This song means a lot to me at the moment...I've had some problems with my beloved soul mate..Though i did something very stupid...But i think it's almost as before..He's my everything and i wouldn't wanna loose him i know everything has it's end but still..yet I'm gonna give everything i have and a little more for this! Oh, and sorry for the amazing editor who made the kissing manip! I do not own it...I just HAD to have it in the video since it's the best one ever made...! Song: You by Switchfoot Show: iCarly Pairings: CAM (Carly/Sam Please like and comment!
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Wishing Stairs - Corner of your heart
Wishingstairs third music video!! I thought this music was sweet....so..one night i decided to make a video of it!
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So-Hee & Jin-Seong
Oh my god i can't believe this is the only thing i could do....movie maker keeps crash on all 4 computers i have!!! Makes me so goddamn angry.... I haven't made videos cuz movie maker won't be nice to me! Help me?
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Wishing stairs
Another wishing stairs video...youtube says this matches the third part....so i changed the audio...to something youtube recomended...hope it takes away it and let my channel stay!
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Test white: curse of melody
My movie maker program haven't been working lately...i decided to make a short test video to see if it's ok now! just took a random movie and a good sound...
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My sweet scorpion girl
Well this is my scorpion girl! she's very calm and sweet...shes eating good too! she love to climb on me lol..don't comment somthing mean please!!
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My kitten cleaning himself
My lil crazy kitten cleaning his paws ^^
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Stellan is the best.
This is my most unique friend riding the escalator.
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Wishing stairs requiem for a dream
For the best soundtrack i think....requiem for a dream! Oh shit today movie maker decided to be a bitch to me....so it's not so well made....refused to save and refused to keep making on the MV....so well..fuck movie maker..(sometimes)
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Hidetaka taste Djungelvrål for the first time!! sweden candy! XD
Our japanese, tastes salty candy from sweden.....and we record how he react XD Soo evil....sorry :3
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Polkadot The albino corn snake
Short video of my lil cute charming corn girl
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Wishing stairs kiss [manip]
My first manip ever *_* it's of wishing stairs....yeogo goedam 3 so-hee and ji-seong kiss! gonna buy the original movie with 2 discs soon!! i only have a chinese verson with 1 discTT-TT sorry if its not good...its supposed to look like they kiss anyway..
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My baby tarantula Charlotte
My baby tarantula ^_^ sorry for my CP cam to lag/hack sometimes...hope you guys enjoy!
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Sally da salamander
This is my sweetheart..! i really love this guy :') he comes when u call him..
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Frogs and fishes! [R.I.P]
R.I.P yellow froggie :( sorry for the very very bad picture...but youtube wont let me upload from my HD camera..it go like 8349479 minutes left....after some hours..it fail by unknown reason!
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Go go billy!
We making a random video for halloween...LOL Btw....im billy :D
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Beck/Jade - See it
This video is all about their sad break up and how Jade is left all alone wanting I Beck back..I do shop Jori/Torade more then Bade...i'm actually glad they broke up..now Tori has her chanse lol :') Pairings: Bade (Jade/Beck) Song: Little black backpack by STROKE 9 Show: Victorious
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Wishing stairs mv
It's sad...i dunno what movie editor i should use Q_Q windows movie maker is just a crashing shit program...sony vegas will take me weeks to understand...i tried some other one but it made a text in the middle of the video cus i havent paid for it -.- Yea, im just playing around with movie making things...i need to find my true match D: And...i couldn't add any music with that program too -.-
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R.I.P Lisa the scorpion 5/5 2012
...title says it all
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