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Inside Amtrak's engineer training school
Eleven weeks. That's how long it takes to go from average Joe to Amtrak engineer. The transformation takes place at Amtrak's High-Speed Rail Training Facility, housed inside an unassuming beige building along a dead-end road just west of Wilmington, Delaware's Riverfront section. It's here where hopeful engineers from around the country come to take an eleven-week classroom course. Some are former freight train engineers. Some are what Amtrak calls "off the street."
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Baseball's dirty little secret
Every Major League baseball put into play for the last 3/4 century has a secret connection to the Delaware River. More info: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/health-science-multimedia/item/27929-joy-in-mudville-all-major-league-baseballs-get-treatment-from-south-jersey-grime-
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The art of the Philly Beard
Barber Cleon Johnson of Marvin Brewington Barber Shop in West Philadelphia gives Avery Simms a trim and shape up as Atif Oberlton discusses the finer points of the Philly Beard. (Video by Lindsay Lazarski)
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Oboist Richard Woodhams quest for the perfect reed
Richard Woodhams has been in the Philadelphia Orchestra as Principal Oboist since 1977. WHYY and NewsWorks.org caught up with the musician to see how he is preparing for the 2012 - 2013 season. (Video produced by Lindsay Lazarski)
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Breaking down beats of the "Lyrical God"
Julius Wright, known to his fans as the "Lyrical God," breaks down how he beats and raps at the same time with just two ball point pens on a card table (Video produced by Lindsay Lazarski). For the full story go to: http://bit.ly/eXDFqi
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Warming up the bassoon with Danny Matsukawa of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Principal bassoonist Daniel Matsukawa of the Philadelphia Orchestra show how he warms up his instrument, fingers, and air flow with a technique he calls "Killing five birds with one stone." (Video by Lindsay Lazarski)
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Harvard-bound Philly student shares struggles
In a conversation with Keystone Crossroads reporter Annette John-Hall, Philly senior, and future Harvard undergrad, Tre Jenkins, shares remembers his difficult childhood years and has advice for students going through similar struggles.
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Bailey Coal Mine in Wind Ridge Pa. serves up 45,000 tons of coal per day
Coal produces nearly half the electricity in the U.S., but the mercury, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide it emits also make it one of the most controversial energy sources. New EPA regulations and a national Sierra Club campaign have added to rising anti-coal sentiment. For many environmental activists, coal represents an old, dirty source of power, but for coal-mining communities around the country, the story is different. Video by Kimberly Paynter. http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/homepage-feature/item/26950-with-natural-gas-booming-coal-is-at-a-crossroads
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Vietnam nurse: "We didn't just take care of physical wounds"
Grace Moore served in Vietnam in 1968. She was stationed at the 12 evacuation hospital in Cu Chi, caring for amputees, orthopedic injuries and POWs. Video by Kimberly Paynter
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Sisters of missing woman desperately seek platform to "Find Cheka"
Since Franchesca Cheka Alvarado went missing in March of 2012, her family has been searching for any information that could lead them to their sister. Another family dealing with the devastating loss of Melanie Colon offers support and love to Cheka's family. For more information, please visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Philadelphia coffee roaster bottles brewed coffee
Co-founder of La Colombe Torrefaction, Todd Carmichael explains the cold-press process he uses to bottle his coffee. For the full story go to: http://www.newsworks.org
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Eastern State Penitentiary reveals 2013 haunted attractions
Terror Behind the Walls creative director Amy Hollaman discusses what's new for 2013, including the option to be caressed, captured and terrified by the actors in the attraction! For more information, visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Philly turns Westboro Baptist Church protest into Pride parade
The LGBTQ community in Philadelphia joins together to protect the Mazzoni Center from the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church, and allow patients to enter in peace.
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Mavis Smith demonstrates egg tempera.mov
NewHope, PA, artist Mavis Smith has a show of her work at the Michener Museum in Doylestown (Feb 2012 - May 2012). She demonstrates how and why she uses egg tempura, an ancient painting technique.
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Inside the Wanamaker Organ
Scott Kip, artist and restoration woodworker for the nonprofit Friends of the Wanamaker Organ, led me through the ladies casual wear section to an unmarked door and service elevator. Kip maintains a woodshop inside Macy's where he repairs and rebuilds parts for the century-old organ. Since its installation in 1910-11, the organ's parts have been replicated and replaced by a long line of craftsmen keeping the organ playing of which Scott Kip is the latest. (Video by Charlie Kaier)
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Trombonist Matthew Vaughn shares his secrets to a focused mind and body
Acting principal trombonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Matthew Vaughn, describes how he prepares his mind and body before performing in the 2012-2013 season. (Video produced by Lindsay Lazarski)
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Teach Me: utility lineman
When you think of dangerous, demanding jobs, what comes to mind? Police officer? Fire fighter? How about utilities worker? While there may not be prime-time tv shows about lineman, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the folks who install and repair electrical lines are actually more likely to die on the job than cops, firemen, and even construction workers.
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First Experience: Clay Monoprints
Artist Mitch Lyons studied ceramics and print-making in college. After graduation he found a way to combine the two. He became the first person to print with clay. Now 50 years later he’s still working on his craft. Mitch and his clay mono prints make up this week’s First Experience.
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Nick Foles/Carson Wentz
Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl 52 victory parade speech
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Diving for treasure in UPenn students' trash
Introspective excavating at UPenn. For the full story go to: http://bit.ly/jg5tRz (Video produced by Peter Crimmins/For NewsWorks)
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24 Hour Vending in South Philly
Robots have taken over South Philly. For the residents at The Enclaves and The Gateway Towers, 3900 Gateway Drive, a new 24 hour vending machine has made go to items more accessible.
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Angel Corella
Pennsylvania Ballet's new artistic director Angel Corella talks with WHYY's Peter Crimmins about his plans for the company. Video by Emma Lee Audio by Peter Crimmins
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Feeding Francis: Chef Rich Landau & Chef Kate Jacoby, Vedge & V Street
If you had the chance to cook dinner for Pope Francis what would you make? That’s a question we’ve been contemplating here, at WHYY. So we asked some of the city’s top chefs to weigh in and their recipes are divinely inspired. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Who is the Phillie Phanatic?
Tom Burgoyne, long time best friend of the Phillie Phanatic, explains how the Phanatic came to love Philadelphia and its baseball team. video by Kimberly Paynter
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East Falls Synth builders Critter and Guitari
Critter and Guitari, based in East Falls Philadelphia, build small but potent instruments. Their synths and loop machines are capturing the imaginations of local musicians.
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North Philly Pee Wee football team heads to league Superbowl
The Blackhawks, a North Philadelphia youth football team, is headed to Florida to play in the Pop Warner Super Bowl. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Andrew Wyeth "The Ides of March"
Virginia O'Hara, Curator of Collections at the Brandywine River Museum, discusses Andrew Wyeth's process from spark of imagination to final masterpiece of his painting "The Ides of March."
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Delaware correctional officers speak out in documentary
Following February's deadly prison riot at Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware, the correction officers union is producing a documentary allowing guards to tell their story. "The job the job that we do is one of the most, if not the most dangerous job," said correctional officer Nicole Downing in a preview of the documentary posted online. "Hidden in Plain Sight" is a rare look inside Delaware's prisons, told by those who work there. People like correctional officer Angelina Deallie. "We knew it was coming. It was classic, textbook. There were guys put in that building, free roaming with other inmates that should have never had contact with other people at all, period," Deallie said. "Life became very real to us that day, because all the things that we thought could never happen, happened that day." That day was February 1st, when inmates took control of the C- building at Vaughn Correctional, holding both guards and other inmates hostage. The siege, which resulted in the death of correctional officer Lt. Steven Floyd, was finally resolved nearly 20 hours later. In the following weeks and months, lots of questions have been asked about conditions inside Delaware prisons. The people most familiar with the answers to those questions, correctional officers, are rarely- if ever- allowed to talk about it with the press. To get around that, the officers union, lead by union president Geoff Klopp is working on a documentary to tell their side of the story.
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Finding the perfect pitch with Philadelphia Orchestra timpanist Angela Zator Nelson
Associate Principal timpanist for the Philadelphia Orchestra, Angela Zator Nelson demonstrates how she tunes her timpani drums before and during a performance. (Video produced by Lindsay Lazarski)
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Philly's James "Too Sharp" Barnett, 13, trains at Bozy's Dungeon
Under the tutelage of well-known trainer Derek "Bozy" Ennis, James "Too Sharp" Barnett is a 13-year-old boxing prospect (some might say prodigy). Bozy's Dungeon, at Penn and Belfield in E. Germantown, is an old-school boxing gym. Bennett has already won seven bouts and was recently named Boxer of the Night at an event in Elizabeth, NJ.
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Smyrna's Will Knight, humble football superstar, triumphs over hardship
“Football is just I would say is a great sport. You get to come out and prepare with your team and just grind it out and build a relationship with different people.” Will Knight, the supernova of a running back for the Smyrna High School football team, is the embodiment of the philosophy he preaches. For the last four autumns, fans of the Eagles have forged a special bond with Knight. He was the player who ran and fought and led Smyrna -- and himself -- into the Delaware sports history books.
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Vadim Gluzman performs an excerpt of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
World renowned violinist Vadim Gluzman will perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra on January 23rd and 24th at the Kimmel Center. For more information, please visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org
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The Ornithologist
Only a fraction of the collection at the country's oldest natural history museum is out in the open for visitors to see. Eighteen million plant and animal specimens are catalogued and stored in huge metal cases for research purposes upstairs at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Nate Rice, collection manager of ornithology, spends most of his time caring for and managing the more than 200,000 bird specimens there. See the full story here: bit.ly/10WTV6h
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Inmates discuss impact of music therapy
Inmates at Edna Mahan Correction Facility for women talk about how the music therapy program they participate in has affected their lives. For more, visit www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Recycling - Part 2
Newman Paper company in Philadelphia recycles used paper into paper board. More on this story here: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/healthscience/item/14311-recycling
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Taking Tea at the Curtis
The Curtis Institute of Music in Center City has been training the world's best musicians for 87 years. In 1931, a young piano prodigee named Eleanor Sokoloff entered the school, and never left. She has been on the piano faculty for 75 years. Her students include such classical soloists Susan Starr, Leon McCawley, and Hugh Sung; and jazz musician Keith Jarrett. Now, 97, and still on the piano faculty, the Grande Dame of Curtis hosts an afternoon tea for students and staff, from whence she holds court. (Video produced by Peter Crimmins) For the full story go to: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/homepage-feature/item/29239-01pccurtis
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'Patsy' interviews Jen Childs on what it means to be a Creative Connector
Jen Childs, co-founder of 1812 Productions, annually produces "This is the Week That Is," a full-length theatrical show about current events ripped from the day's headlines. The script changes daily. But one of the recurring characters is Patsy, a fiercely opinionated denizen of South Philadelphia, who holds court from her stoop at 7th and Shunk. WHYY and NewsWorks.org asked Patsy to venture outside her comfort zone (anything above Snyder Avenue is foreign territory to Pats) to investigate what it means to be a Creative Connector. (Script by Jen Childs, video produced by Lindsay Lazarski) For this story and more go to: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/item/28664-21pcpatsy http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/creative-connectors
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Meet the Streets Department Pothole Killer
Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Badlandz Boxing Gym trains at-risk youth
The Badlandz boxing gym on American Street in North Philadelphia offers kids and adults a place to come and hone their athletic skills and build mental discipline. For more information, visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Tiny Homes for the Homeless
The tiny home movement is growing in popularity across the country and two Dover women think tiny homes can make a dent in Delaware's homeless problem. Along a busy street in Dover, a 10 by 20 foot tiny home sits in front of a church. With just 200 square feet to work with, there's not a ton of wiggle room, but there is a living space, kitchen, pull-out bed, bathroom and utilities. This tiny house and others like it could help make a dent in Delaware's homeless population.
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What are Independent Expenditures?
WHYY's Senior Political reporter Davie Davies explains to South Philly stoop lady Patsy what Independent Expenditures are. This video is part of a Philly politics vocab series, featuring Patsy, played by Jen Childs and Dave Davies. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Louis the gorilla walks upright at Philly Zoo
A video taken by a docent at the Philadelphia Zoo has gone viral. It shows Louis, a 470lb Silverback gorilla, walking upright across the zoo yard has been shared almost 500 thousand times. Primate and small mammal curator Michael Stern shares a little bit about the life of Louis, and why the zoo is so excited that the video has gone viral. video by Kimberly Paynter
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An inside look at a new Coast Guard cutter
The Coast Guard's Rollin Fritch is the first cutter of its kind to be based outside the Caribbean. WHYY got an exclusive look inside the vessel during a visit to the Port of Wilmington. With a crew of more than 20, the patrol boat has lots of different responsibilities from search and rescue missions to intercepting smugglers. U.S. Sen. from Delaware Tom Carper got a tour of the boat recently while it was docked at the Port of Wilmington. "They have remarkable technology in their ability to go out to sea for extended periods of time and find things that need to be found, stop things that need to be stopped from coming in our country," Carper said following the tour.
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Painting by Memory: Landscape artist Pat Witt
South Jersey landscape painter Pat Witt has always been drawn to the wetlands of her youth. Despite losing her central vision at 86 years old, Witt continues to teach and paint the landscape she knows and loves at The Barn Studio of Art in Millville, New Jersey. (Video by Lindsay Lazarski)
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St. Hubert's and community rally to fight against closure
For more information and news, please visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Fostina Dixon at the Apollo
In the tradition of jazz legends like Clifford Brown and Robert "Boysie" Lowery, Fostina Dixon Kilgoe feels every note she plays. And she shared that feeling with the world -- from Showtime at the Apollo, to a tour with Marvin Gaye -- and then back home to Delaware, where she founded the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band. http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/component/flexicontent/item/23557-jazz-it-up
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Chris Botti visits Clef Club in Philadelphia
Jazz trumpeter Chris Botti made a stop at the Clef Club before his performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra tomorrow night at the Mann Center. For more information, please visit: http://www.NewsWorks.org. Video by Kimberly Paynter.
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Philadelphia Radha-Krishna Temple
Radha-Krishna Temple has served as the center of worship, preaching, spiritual education, and prasada distribution to a congregation of about six hundred families. It is located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NewsWorks has this profile of this Hare Krishna group.
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Rendezvous with a Horseshoe Crab
Fascinating look at the annual horseshoe breeding cycle in the Delaware Bay and its affect on the red knot shorebird's ability to survive it's annual migration.
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The docent's guide to the Barnes Foundation
Art galleries can be intimidating places. The Barnes Foundation, where a dazzling collection of painting and objects is arranged in unusual ways, can be especially challenging. That's where docents come in. http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/component/flexicontent/item/4064-the-docents-guide-to-the-barnes-foundation2
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