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Why electronic health records?
The need for centralized health records available to all authorized health care providers, clearly explained.
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Knowing the benefits of electronic health information systems for clinicians
This animated video offers an introduction and examples of how clinicians and patients benefit from information and communication technology in clinical practice.
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Dr. Leo Picard’s story
Dr. Leo Picard, a rheumatologist in Moncton, New Brunswick, implemented video consulting in his practice in order to provide timely care and follow-up consultations to his patients in remote areas.
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The pan-Canadian EHR: The Plan
This animation describes how the pan-Canadian EHR is being developed.
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Telehealth Evaluation 2011
Interviews with Jennifer Zelmer, Senior VP of Clinical Adoption and Innovation at Canada Health Infoway, John Schinbein, Executive Director of the Canadian Telehealth Forum of COACH, Canada's Health Informatics Association, and Dr. Mark Guttman, neurologist from Centre for Movement Disorders, Toronto, Ontario, about what Telehealth means to Canadians. The present and the future of telehealth.
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Greg’s Story: Digital Health and Continuity of Patient Care
Greg Price was a young man from Alberta who died in 2012 after spending much of the previous year navigating a disconnected health care system. His care providers had good intentions, but there were multiple breaks in communication that caused significant delays in treating Greg’s cancer. Greg’s father and the doctor who reviewed Greg’s case for the Alberta Health Quality Council, talk about how things might have been different for Greg if he had had electronic access to his own health information.
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Knowing the plan for electronic health information systems for clinicians
This animated video provides an overview of the Canada-wide initiative and progress for a network of interconnected point-of-care and electronic health record systems. A patient scenario demonstrates how information and communication technology will support clinical practice.
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Improved treatment in an emergency situation
For patients needing emergency care, it can be difficult for them, or their caregivers to give an accurate medical history. Electronic health records give providers instant access to a patient's health information when they need it the most.
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Digital Health in Canada: Karla's Story
As a nurse working with chronic disease patients, Karla explains how electronic portals are enabling patients to be a more active part of their care team.
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Reduced duplicate tests
In Canada, there are 150 wasteful duplicates for every 1,000 lab tests performed. Electronic health records provide a complete record of a patient's test results that reduce duplication while saving time and money.
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e-Prescribing: An Important Part of Medication Safety
Learn how e-prescribing will help improve patient safety and improve communication between clinicians.
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Shortened wait times
Waiting for specialized treatment and diagnosis is enhanced by electronic records who allow patients like Grace de Jong to access online information about wait times, getting her faster access to diagnostic testing.
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Electronic Medical Records at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Patients and clinicians have seen great improvements since digital health tools were implemented at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. A pediatrician and the mother of one of her patients talk about the benefits of the move from paper to digital files, including: consolidation of information, faster access to test results, and improved information flow among clinicians, all resulting in better patient care. They say that after experiencing the benefits of digital health tools, they would never go back to paper.
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Telehealth: Bringing care closer to home
In BC, thoracic surgeons are providing care closer to home for 30 per cent of their patients via telehealth. Here, Dr. Michael Humer, thoracic surgeon at BC Interior Health Authority, discusses the success they have found over the past eight years resulting in consultations with more than 8,000 patients in 1,700 clinics, saving six million kilometers of patient travel.
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Drug Information Systems in PEI
Learn how developers of health information systems connected hospitals, pharmacies and doctors to share drug information in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
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Telemedicine Benefits Surgeon
The TeleThoracic Surgery program offered by the Interior Health Authority connects patients in outlying regions with specialists in Kelowna. Dr. Bill Nelems discusses the benefits of telemedicine, EMRs, and working on contract as part of the provincial program. "After two or three minutes, the screen becomes invisible, you're just right with the patient", he says. Patients save time and money: "they love it".
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Telepathology: Faster diagnosis and better access
A network of telepathology sites has changed the way health care is delivered in eastern Quebec. Dr. Bernard Têtu, Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé (RUIS) project manager in telepathology at Laval University, discusses how this innovation is connecting rural communities to pathologists located hundreds of kilometres away.
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How electronic health records are helping health care providers
Electronic health records are equipping health care providers with the tools they need to provide fast, accurate and collaborative care. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists all agree that there is no going back to paper. See the difference electronic health care record systems are making to the way they deliver care.
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What clinicians are saying about the benefits of electronic health information systems
Hear what Canadian clinicians from various disciplines have to say about the benefits of using information and communication technology in clinical practice.
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Connecting Patients for Better Health: 2016
We live in a digital age and Canada’s health care system becomes more digital every day. Learn why Canadians believe it’s important to take full advantage of digital health services
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Decision support and workflow
Health care providers are increasingly using electronic decision support tools at the point of care to make evidence-informed decisions. This video describes how the electronic medication reconciliation process helps to reduce errors and support team collaboration.
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Health information solutions are helping to transform health care in Canada
Watch this short video to hear experiences and perspectives of patients, clinicians, and health care administrators on the journey to better care through improved connection and access to health information.
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My Health Matters: Information and Tools for Albertans
Canadians want to be informed and involved when it comes to their health. Patient portals, such as myhealth.alberta.ca, are providing residents with access to credible online health care information, tools and wellness tips. Karla Vermeer, Registered Nurse and Clinical Coordinator at Edmonton West Primary Care Network, discusses how Albertans will soon be able to diarize their health care management, helping them be an active part of their own care team.
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Data Analytics in Health Care
Data analytics is the examination of raw data to discover insights to help support informed decision-making. As more of health care moves from paper to digital, a great deal of raw data is generated, and the opportunity to harness its power for health system use increases, just as it has in other industries.
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Dr. Ed Brown: on Telemedicine
Dr. Ed Brown, CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, discusses patient and health care provider satisfaction with Telemedicine, highlighting key benefits such as reducing hospital visits for patients and improving quality, sustainability and access to healthcare system resources.
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Don Newsham: EHR in Canada
Don Newsham, CEO of COACH, Canada's Health Informatics Association, discusses the progress of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) adoption across Canada.
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EMR benefits doctor's practice
EMR system benefits doctor, office staff, nurse, and patients at Rutland Medical Associates: interviews with Dr. Michael Golbey, Lana Thompson, Darla Wiebe, and Mia Chorney.
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Remote Patient Monitoring: Keeping Patients at Home
Nancy is enrolled in a Community Paramedicine Program that provides digital health tools in the homes of patients so they can measure their vitals such as blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels. The information is sent to Emergency Medical Services in Middlesex-London, Ontario so paramedics can intervene before minor issues become more problematic.| Nancy est inscrite à un programme de paramédecine communautaire où les patients ont accès, à partir de leur domicile, à des outils de santé numériques qui leur permettent de mesurer leurs signes vitaux comme la tension artérielle, le poids et la saturation en oxygène. Cette information est envoyée aux services médicaux d’urgence de Middlesex-London, où du personnel paramédical peut intervenir avant que des problèmes mineurs ne dégénèrent.
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Value-on-investment and funding models to support modernization of healthcare infrastructure
Moderator Mark Casselman, CEO, COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association Speakers Dr. Glen Geiger, CMIO, The Ottawa Hospital Leon Salvail, President and CEO, Gevity Consulting Dave Wattling, Vice-President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, TELUS Health Session Information This interactive panel session features discussion based on two recent publications from Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum (CHIEF) entitled “The clinical value/business return equation – understanding hospital information system ROI” and “Public Private Partnerships – putting P3 funding models to work for Health IT”. The panel explores a standard approach and considerations to developing an ROI case for health information systems, and discusses effective funding models to support critical and timely modernization of healthcare infrastructure.
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L'ordonnance électronique : pour des médicaments plus sûrs
Découvrez comment les ordonances électroniques contribueront à améliorer la sécurité des patients et améliorer la communication entre les cliniciens et cliniciennes.
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La santé numérique au Canada: l'histoire du Dre  Marie-Andrée Fortin
Écoutez la Dre Marie-Andrée Fortin, chef du service de radio-oncologie du Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), expliquer comment l'utilisation d'outils de santé numériques à la clinique contribue à améliorer la relation entre le patient et le professionnel de la santé.
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Collaboration and communication for chronic disease patients
This video demonstrates that for patients like Marie-France Perrault, who lives at a distance from her health care team, receiving specialized treatment can be a challenge. See how a respiratory therapist, a respirologist and a patient collaborate to virtually using telehealth technology to help solve common challenges in health care delivery.
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Mary Deren: Telehealth in SK
Mary Deren, Regional Telehealth Coordinator for Sun Country Health Region, Weyburn, SK, speaks about the benefits of Telehealth in her health region.
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Brian's Story - Heart and Stroke Foundation
Brian was in his 40s, active and playing tennis regularly. Then suddenly, he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. After facing down heart disease, Brian has changed his attitude, lifestyle and approach to living. Take the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Risk Assessment today at www.MakeHealthLast.ca.
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Pourquoi les dossiers de santé électroniques?
La nécessité d'un dossier centralisé de santé, accessible aux aux professionels de la santé autorisés, est clairement énoncée.
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Keynote | Consumer Driven Healthcare
Michael Serbinis, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LEAGUE Inc. Healthcare is broken. Costs are rising, the experience is out of date, incentives are misaligned and the current structure is no longer a fit for today's consumer. What would healthcare look like if it was driven by the consumer? Can a digital platform that connects the consumer with providers, carriers and their employers through their employee benefits deliver a better solution?
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Webinar: Big Data Analytics in Health
In this webinar held June 6, 2013, Dennis Giokas and Alex Mair of Canada Health Infoway talk about the opportunities, potential value, enablers and challenges for the introduction and use of Big Data Analytics in Canadian health care. Dans ce webinaire présenté le 6 juin 2013, Dennis Giokas et Alex Mair, d'Inforoute Santé du Canada, nous parlent des débouchés de l'analytique des mégadonnées dans le domaine des soins de santé au Canada, ainsi que de sa valeur potentielle, de ses facteurs d'habilitation et des défis qui se rattachent à sa mise en place et à son utilisation. Présenté en anglais seulement.
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The Benefits of e-Prescribing
e-Prescribing is the secure electronic transmission of a prescription from a prescriber to a patient’s pharmacy. Canada Health Infoway is developing a secure, patient directed electronic end-to-end e-prescribing solution called PrescribeIT.
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eHealth in Saskatchewan
Neil Gardner, Strategic Advisor to the eHealth Saskatchewan Board, discusses the progress of eHealth in Saskatchewan.
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Connecting the Circle of Care with PEI's Provincial EHR
In 2006, with funding from Canada Health Infoway, PEI embarked on a project to replace four legacy systems in one hospital with a new EHR system. Now, no matter where a patient goes in PEI, their record follows them. Margaret Duffy-Landry, RN Business and Clinical Lead, Health PEI, discusses the benefits seen across the province.
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e-Mental Health Solution Supports Patients
Meet Ontario patients John and Jane who share their experience using an e-mental health solution called Big White Wall. The solution provides online support and resources that patients can use 24/7. Big White Wall is an Infoway-sponsored project conducted by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). | John et Jane, deux patients ontariens, parlent de leur expérience de l’utilisation d’une solution de santé mentale électronique appelée Big White Wall, qui permet à des patients d’accéder en tout temps à du soutien et à des ressources en ligne. Le projet Big White Wall, parrainé par Inforoute, est mené par OTN, le réseau de télémédecine de l’Ontario.
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Panorama: Safeguarding ‎the Health of Canadians
Panorama modules are now live in provinces covering 75 per cent of the Canadian population and several jurisdictions are now in the planning stages. With Panorama, public health nurses have immediate access to reliable immunization histories of students, regardless of where they were immunized and public health officials who are using Panorama have reported increased efficiencies in the management of vaccine supply.
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Dr. Michael Golbey's EMR system
In 2010, Dr. Michael Golbey adopted his electronic medical record (EMR) system. Dr. Golbey discusses the benefits of EMRs for patients, physicians, and staff: the liberation from paper records, ease and speed of communication resulting in faster diagnoses and treatment, and increased privacy and security.
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Safer Care for Cancer Patients.
With many chemotherapy drugs available for cancer patients, a computerized record becomes a valuable tool for clinicians and their patients. Here, Flay Charbonneau, Clinical Specialist, Systemic Treatment Program at Cancer Care Ontario, talks about how a computer program called OPIS is changing cancer care for the better.
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Dr Bryce Kelpin on the benefits of an EMR system
Dr. Bryce Kelpin is medical director of Continuum Medical Care in West Vancouver, British Columbia. This practice, which is made up of family physicians and specialists, provides care for about 35,000 patients. Dr. Kelpin talks about the benefits of an electronic medical record (EMR) system for patients, and care providers.
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Digital Health in Saskatchewan: Living Well with Telehomecare (Remote Patient Monitoring)
Wendy Waters is an artist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She says telehomecare (remote patient monitoring) helped her manage her condition and gave her the care and support she needed without having to leave her home.
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Gestion de l'information et patients mieux informés
Les rapports synoptiques électroniques favorisent la sécurité des patients et la qualité des soins. Ce vidéo montre comment l'information normalisée sur la santé mène à une amélioration des issues pour le patient et améliore la prestation des soins aux cancéreux aux échelles locale, provinciale/territoriale et nationale.
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Better diagnoses & treatment
Today in Nova Scotia, all radiological scans are performed 100 per cent digitally. And that means specialists can easily share test results leading to faster, more accurate diagnosis regardless of where patients receive care.
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Reducing Hospital Visits with Remote Patient Care
Remote Patient Care (RPC) enables patients and their health care providers to be connected with technology. Learn more about how RPC is changing the way health care is delivered in Canada.
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