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New Belgium Brewing - Sustainability & Environment
A look at how New Belgium Brewing is implementing Environmental Stewardship in their brewing operations.
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Wonderware InTouch: The World's Leading HMI software
For 25 years, Wonderware InTouch has continually evolved to maintain its place as the world's number one HMI solution. InTouch innovation continues to lead the industry with brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the broadest partner ecosystem and the industry's best support.
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Kawasaki: Jet Ski 101
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. partnered with Maggetti Productions, Inc. to develop an "in-crate" Jet Ski personal watercraft safety video. Shot on location during three beautiful days on the water, the production included a cast of 15 riders, a 36' camera boat featuring a 23' jib arm, and 6 dedicated video cameras including an underwater housing to capture the action. All slo-mo was shot with Sony FS700. A camera: Sony EX-1. Additional angles shot on Nikon D800. Underwater footage: Sony EX-1. Plus a couple of Go Pros...and a Canon 5D Mk2 for good measure.
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Fisker Nina becomes Fisker Atlantic: B-roll montage
We shot this footage for the Fisker Atlantic reveal at the New York International Auto Show. A beautiful car... Top secret from the time we shot on Wednesday until the reveal the following Tuesday. Shot with a great crew at Fisker's Anaheim headquarters.
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Foxboro Vortex Flow Meter
Product introduction for Foxboro Vortex Flow Meter. Shot on location in HD by Maggetti Digital Media.
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AMCOR Packaging and Distribution
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Fisker Karma Hot Cut: New Music
Fisker Karma montage: Beautiful footage shot on RED by Maggetti Digital Media on location at Tejon Ranch.
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Slow Blues at the Blue Danube, San Clemente, CA
A great group of jazzmen get together every Tuesday evening at the Blue Danube in San Clemente. Some really talented gentlemen. This is a slow number, but they know how to get it hopping, too. I don't know all their names, but Mike Jaramillo is on guitar, Roger Mouton on bass and Tom Morey on Drums... yeah, that Tom Morey. If you stop by, tell them you saw them on You Tube! Shot in available light with the Sony F3 XDCAM.
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Arkema Safety and Technology
Their chemical plant in Rotterdam relies on wired and wireless technology to keep their workers safe and the factory producing at its best.
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Zero Motorcycles - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Press conference shot on location by Maggetti Digital Media for Zero Motorcycles with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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Zero Motorcycles: DS Music Video
Marketing video for Zero Motorcycles. Produced and Directed by Paul Maggetti/Maggetti Digital Media
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Bermuda Electric Light Company
On the small island of Bermuda, the electric company provides power to everyone and every thing. To do so, they rely on Invensys technology.
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F&M Bank Christmas Commercial
A slow paced, warm and cozy Christmas spot produced by Maggetti Digital Media for ETA Advertising. Featuring simple, yet effective Motion Graphics.
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Fisker Karma Hot Cut - :30 of beauty
Fisker Karma music montage. Produced by Maggetti Digital Media. Directed and Edited by Paul Maggetti. Shot on RED at Tejon Ranch with Ultimate Arm camera car.
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National Sales Meeting: "Ride the Wave"
Maggetti Productions, Inc. produced Boston Scientific's 2017 National Sales Meeting. Everything from custom set design, logo/theme/art development were handled by the Maggetti team. More than 800 attendees arrived in Dallas to celebrate a great year and prepare to dominate again. Call (949) 282-0011 to talk to us about producing your meeting.
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F&M Bank: Moving Day - Male
:30 tv commercial for Farmers and Merchants Bank. Produced and Directed by Paul Maggetti/Maggetti Digital Media for ETA Advertising Long Beach, CA
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In the spring of 2013, I returned to Italy to visit my cousins to celebrate Easter. During a short stopover in Roma, as my wife and daughter took a midday nap, I spent 20 minutes shooting around the Pantheon. Somehow, the Pantheon holds a special place in my heart. The modern world goes on around it, yet inside there is a sense of solitude and holiness. I have woven together these brief moments into a short video... a video to share what I saw and how I felt as the Pantheon stood before me, as it has since pagan times. Shot on my Nikon D800 with a Nikkor 24-120 f4 zoom lens. Music by Joy Ike. Song: Time. Licensed through The Music Bed.
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Highlight Reel:  2014 Range Rover Sport North American Media Event
Cool video overview of North American journalists testing out the new Range Rover Sport in Menlo Park, CA. Maggetti Productions, Inc. produced the full B-roll package for journalists and covered the 14 day event in this 4 minute retrospective.
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Dog becomes a flying saucer
Our puppy, Oliver, flipped his bed and couldn't get out from under it. As he ran around we laughed heartily at his expense.
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2011 Fisker Karma
Shot by Maggetti Digital Media at Tejon Ranch. Camera: Red Camera Car: Ultimate Arm. Director: Paul Maggetti Director of Photography: George Peters
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Invensys InTouch Access Anywhere
InTouch® Access Anywhere is the world's #1 Human Machine Interface software in a browser. Produced and directed by Maggetti Productions, Inc. this image piece was developed to introduce the new, ground-breaking mobile HMI. Shot on location at Invensys, Paul Maggetti served as Director and Director of Photography. Burnie's Grip and LIghting provided an innovative lighting design with Craig "Burnie" Burns running the grip and lighting department as we shot 5 distinct scenes/locations in a single 10 hour day. Original music by Invensys employee Phil Couling.
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Family IQ
Concept, production & motion graphics for Internet Marketing video
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:30 TV commercial for Circle Audi Long Beach
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Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
A leading producer of cancer detection tests, Fujirebio manufactures 75 million tests per year at their facility in Malvern, PA. Shot on location by Maggetti Productions, Inc. with the Sony F5 CineAlta Camera, Fujirebio's commitment to helping people is evident throughout their entire facility.
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F&M Bank - Moving Day: Female
:30 tv commercial for Farmers and Merchants Bank. Produced and Directed by Paul Maggetti/Maggetti Digital Media for ETA Advertising Long Beach, CA
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2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged B-roll package
Jaguar Land Rover brought in Maggetti Productions, Inc. to shoot B-roll and Running Footage to support the North American launch of the 2014 Range Rover Sport. Shot on location in and around the Santa Cruz mountains, Maggetti utilized the Sony F5 to capture the beauty and grandeur of this magnificent vehicle and its breathtaking surroundings.
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Komen Pink Tie
Shown at the Orange County Komen Pink Tie Ball, this video helped to raise awareness of Komen's OC efforts.
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Be The Radical
Motivational Video: Global Sales and Marketing Conference meeting opener. Shot on 2 Sony F5 CineAlta cameras in 4k. On location at Lacy Street Production Center.
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:30 TV commercial for F&M Bank
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9REN Solar Power Success Story
Shot on location in Spain and Italy, Maggetti Digital Media produced this marketing video for Invensys.
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The Tale of Woosie
The final moments in the life of a Woosie floating around South Coast Plaza at Christmas time.
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Chinese Bullet Train - Invensys Success Story
Shot on location in Beijing, China by Maggetti Digital Media. The Chinese Ministry of Railways utilizes Invensys software and systems to control the world's longest high-speed rail line.
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Invensys: Today & Tomorrow
Every day, our lives are touched by the technology provided by Invensys.
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Rainy Day
Shot on the Canon 5D Mark 2... just one day after the Mark 3 became available. On a rare rainy day in Southern California, I shot with the Canon and a Glidetrack on and around my back patio. Not a bad way to spend a rainy day.
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National Sales Meeting - "Amplify"
Maggetti Productions, Inc. produced Boston Scientific's 2018 National Sales Meeting. Everything from custom set design, logo/theme/art development were handled by the Maggetti team. More than 800 attendees arrived in Austin to celebrate a great year and prepare to dominate again. Call (949) 282-0011 to talk to us about producing your meeting.
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