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Toyota front knuckle, hub, and brake service overhaul Video #1 Removal.
This is a thorough breakdown of how to tear down your front hub, brake and knuckle on your toyota, same for many other 4x4's as well. Check my other video for re-intsallation of the same parts.
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Slee Castor Correction Bushing install, Land Cruiser Tutorials.
A tutorial on installing castor correction bushing on a Toyota Land Cruiser, the same process can be used on the Land rover.
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How to start a flooded snowmobile, PowerModz!
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MotorFist Rekon Gear gets tested to the extreme by PowerModz!
You want your gear tested? How about an honest review? Well, better make sure it does what you say it does:) We took this gear to the extreme with a real soak down and froze our man Kealey for 1.5 hours in minus 25 weather, colder than minus 30 with the windchill - and the gear did what it was supposed to do - keep us warm and dry. Check out the vid.
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #8 Oil Delete! PowerModz!
get rid of that heavy oil injection system - here's how you do it!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #11 Running Board Install! PowerModz!
Check out these cool custom boards I install on the 700 Mod Sled!!
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Remove your snowmobile sliders easily!  PowerModz!
Here's a cool little trick to get those sliders off without removing your suspension!
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Polishing a snowmobile tunnel, this stuff works!  PowerModz!
I tried this aluminum polish by swabbies and it works the best out of all that I have tried. Check out the 700 - looks sweet!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #9 Boyesen Rage Cage Install! PowerModz!
Need new reeds?? Here's how you install the Boyesen Rage Cages!
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PowerModz doing PowerModz things  #1
Thanks for watching more great videos to come!To help out PowerModz via PayPal please go here! https://www.paypal.me/powermodzcom For PowerModz clothing and hats please go here! http://shop.powermodz.com/powermodzlogo?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT
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700 Ski Doo mod sled ep #1  Intro to build, PowerModz!
Episode #1! First in the series of over 30 videos detailing the build of this cool old school mod sled. Thanks for watching and give me a big ole thumbs up if you like please!
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How to buy a used snowmobile, Skidoo Rev, 36,000 kms!  PowerModz!!!
This is one tired sled, but a great tool to show you what to look for when buying a used snowmobile. Very informative!!
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Starting the old elan after sitting in the field.  PowerModz!
Parked it last spring, started it once over the summer - and we get it going today!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #10 Flatside Carb Cleaning! PowerModz!
Clean those dirty carbs!!!! Here's how you do it.
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Changing a Polaris RZR 900XP belt, PowerModz!
A quick tutorial on how to change your RZR belt, works for other models as well!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #21 Sly Dog  Powder Hound ski install! PowerModz!
Check out these Sly dog skis! Powder Hounds rock in the deep stuff, I had to install these ski'd on the mod - take a look!
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Land Cruiser rear hub/axle service, bearings, axle, seals, gasket etc
A complete removal, repack, bearing and race removal, and hub install video - covers the whole process.
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Skidoo Rev Top 10 mods for little to no cost!  PowerModz!
Here are 10 simple mods you can make to your REV that will make it perform better and make your ride a little more comfortable. There is practically no cost to these practical mods, can be done in a matter of hours, so what are you waiting for! Get out there and prep your REV for the season!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled ep #7 R.A.V.E. Cleaning, PowerModz!
Clean your RAVES! Here's how you do it!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled ep #3 Engine and cylinder removal, PowerModz!
In this episode I remove the engine and cylinder to bring to Jaws for porting!
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Land cruiser 1HZ 1HDT  1PZ Valve shim adjustment tutorial
A "how to" on how to adjust the valve shims on your toyota land cruiser with 1HZ and 1HDT engine, but will work on other as well.
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #32 BRTech Lexan Hood Install! PowerModz!
Losing some serious weight with this lexan hood install! This thing weighs only 7 pounds! Buy the hood at BRTechracingdotcom!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled  ep #2  The Dyno, PowerModz!
In Episode #2 I bring the 700 stock to Jaws Performance to see how much life is in it! If you like the vid please give a big ole thumbs up!
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700 Ski Doo mod sled ep #6 Head Install, PowerModz!
After the jugs go on the head has to be bolted down, here's how you do it!
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Mod Ski doo Elan 540cc having fun, March 5 2012
Finally got it out for a test run with the carb swap, running well but need to tweak the carb a bit more. Very nice in the snow and would be much better in powder. Was dealing with about 2-3 feet of snow but with a crust - so it'll probably be next year before I hit the deep powder. Just about done though - after 3-4 years!
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How to start your Ski-doo if the pull chord breaks.
ok, so your pull chord breaks, do you know how to start your ski doo? Ok, most do but I show you how and it's very easy!
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Ski doo tundra track and suspension removal.
A video tutorial detailing the removal procedure of the suspension, axle and track on this tundra.
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #16 Fox Shock Install! PowerModz!
Lighten that sled up! Check out these super light Fox Float 2 adjustable air shocks, if you want the have the lightest sled possible and do it in comfort then install these beauties!
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Polaris RZR XP1000 vs XP900, multiple camera angles!  PowerModz!
I wanted to see how much of a difference there would be in a race between the 2013 900 and 2015 1000 XP's. The 1000 is great off the line and pulls from the 900. The 900 is a strong contender though - these Polaris machines rock!!!
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Ski-doo REV mod sled build Episode #15, extrovert driver install, PowerModz!
Time to get rid of those internal drivers and get some extroverts on there that I just received from First Place Parts, no more racheting and I can run the track a little looser - more power!
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Check your thermostat! mine came apart and destroyed the waterpump and pump housing - lost all my fluid and burned down the top end. Good times:)
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How to remove decals, stickers from your snowmobile, atv, motorbike etc.
I quick video showing how to remove decals from your snowmobile, atv, motorbike, car etc etc.
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Make your snowmobile lighter!  This is how to do it.  PowerModz!
Everyone wants a lighter sled if not to make it faster, more agile and more fun, then how about just being able to get it unstuck easier:) I discuss various ways to make your sled lighter no matter what model. Lots of good info inside so check it out!
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Snowmobile clutch removal, water method - very easy!  PowerModz!
THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON THE ROTAX WITH THE SKIDOO CLUTCH _ DO NOT USE ON POLARIS OR YAMAHA OR ARCTIC CAT. Don't have a puller? No problem - just use some water and you can get that clutch right off your sled in a few seconds - here's how you do it. Thanks for watching more great videos to come!To help out PowerModz via PayPal please go here! https://www.paypal.me/powermodzcom For PowerModz clothing and hats please go here! http://shop.powermodz.com/powermodzlogo?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT
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Skinz Light weight seat for my 700 Mod Ski-doo! PowerModz.com
I just received this seat and had to show everyone, very light, will fit the 700 Doo, 540 elan and Polaris XLT with little to no mods. Check it out - and watch me install it on the 700 Doo Mod Sled build series coming soon!
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Milling a dead old Oak tree into useable lumber!
We found this old oak tree that has been dead for years - maybe 5 or 10 so I dragged it back to the mill and milled it up - it's not perfect but it is useable and will make some home owner pretty happy!
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Toyota Land Cruiser front Knuckle rebuild tutorial #2 installation
The final in the knuckle rebuild series.
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Tillotson Carb high and low speed needle adjustment - the way I do it.
Pretty easy! Here's how you fine tune your Tilly carb after you have CLEANED IT PROPERLY! Here is how you clean your Tillotson Carb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZP2Yr9o7-Y To adjust your low speed needle - with engine warm and carb set to factory spec turn out the needle (counter clockwise) until the idle rpm rises and then drops to almost stall - then turn it in to the top rpm and then in again about 1/8 to 1/4 max - that should do it. For your high speed needle - engine warm hold the sled wide open and turn it counter clockwise until the highest rpm and then it will start to cut out - turn it back in (clockwise) to the highest rpm and then in 1/8 to 1/4 turn. that should do it! For Tilly carb parts go here and tell them louie sent you! These are real Tillotson parts so make sure you get the blow off spring and the check valve for sure! http://eccarburetors.com/store/en/
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #37 Before and after weight, see the sled run! PowerModz!
This is it, the last video in this series!! Come inside and see the final weight and hp gains, hear this sled run too! Thanks to all my sponsors for making this happen - this is one sweet sled and I'll have a blast running it hard this winter. Make sure you tune in as the winter progresses for on the powder reviews of each of the products I installed on this sweet 700 DOOOOOOOOOO!
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Mikuni carb series #2 Disassembly and cleaning
A detailed tear down and cleaning of the mikuni carb.
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #25 Engine install! PowerModz!
Time to get the heart of the beast back where it belongs! The engine goes in with the carbs, airbox and a few other loose ends.
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Aisin Manual hub (free wheeling hub) rebuild Toyota Land Cruiser
Complete rebuild of an Aisin hub with Longfield Chromoly inner hub gear install.
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PowerModz report from the Gaspe trip, how things went for us.
Just a brief run down on how the trip went while it was fresh in our heads.
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700 Ski Doo mod sled Ep #17 Track and driver Installation! PowerModz!
Long track that monster and tear up the snow! Here's how you put a track in and install extrovert drivers.
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C & A Pro Ski, a look at the MTX and new BX Boondocking Xtreme, PowerModz!
I'll be installing the C&A Pro BX Boondocking Xtreme ski on the IQR 800 Mountain Mod, take a look at the video as I examine the differences between the MTX and BX. Both are purpose built and different for their applications. Check out http://www.caproskis.net/ for more details!
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Installing RER in a rotax 700, Episode # 6    700 Skidoo Rev Mod Sled. PowerModz!!
I took the 800 out of the rev, removed the stator and pickups, did the same for the non rer 700, and then installed the 800 stator and pickups in the 700, now i just have to plug the 700 in the rev wiring harness and all set with RER!
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