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How Sindhi People Get Success in Business and Get Rich -Hindi
Doston agar aap ye sochte hain ki sindhi log business me success kaise hansil kar lete hain aur kaise wo rich ho jate hain to aaj ke video me aap ko jawab mil jaayega. Aaj maine aap ko jo case study bata raha hoon usme 6 baate main hoti hai jo ki kuch is tarah se hai. 1) Never share your secret with anyone. 2) Earn more instead of earning big 3) Profit is always a profit does not matter how it comes. 4) Reduce your expenses and increase profit 5) Do not allow ego in your business 6) Mind your own business dosto agar aap ye 6 bate follow kar lete hain to aap aasaani se sfal ho jayenge aur aap ko ameer hone se bhi koi nahi rok skta. umeed karta hoon aap in bato ko manenge aur inko apna kar aap bhi business me safal ho jayenge aur ameer bhi banenge. All the best
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How Marvadi People Stay Rich - Hindi
Dosto aap me se kai log ye sochte honge ki marwadi log rich kaise rahete hain. wo rich rahte hain unki kuch basic qualities ke karan jo ki aap ko maine is video me batai hai. ye basic qualities hai 1) Hamesha Monetry benefit dekhna 2) Koi bhi fijool kharch naa karna 3) paise kharch karne ke bajay kamane ki sochna 4) aur kabhi bhi jyada paise ko enough nahi samjhnaa AGar aap ne ye char bate maan li aur apne andar adopt kar li to aap bhi rich logo ki tarah hi rich ho jayenge.
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पैसे कैसे बचाए |How to Save Money in Hindi|How to become Rich By Warren Buffett| Success & Happiness
पैसे कैसे बचाए | How to Save Money in Hindi | Tips to Save Money By Warren Buffett | How to invest money by Warren Buffet. We all want to save money, and we all want to increase our money because rich people do. But many people have no idea about how to do that. If you are in the same situation, then this video can tell you many tips explaining how to save money in Hindi. In this video, you will also learn tips from legendary investor Warren Buffet. With his teaching, you will not only learn how to save money, but you can also learn how to invest money. The best thing about this video is that these tips work perfectly for every individual. If you are a small investor and you want to know how to become a successful investor, this video can help you in that. If you are in a job, this video can tell how to save money and how to invest money without affecting your monthly budget. And if you are just starting your business, then also you can get secret tips from Warren Buffet to get great success in your business. Topics Covered:- How to Save Money in Hindi Practical Tips from Warrant Buffet to become rich How to Save Salary Hindi How to save with no income. How to invest money in Hindi. Like | Share | Subscribe You can get the book “The Intelligent Investor” from here https://goo.gl/hZiJsz (affiliate link)
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I have passion for nothing-how to find your passion : hindi
Passion is one thing that drives you to a great success but many people do not have passion for anything. Are you one of those people and you also think you will never have a great success. This video can tell you a lot about passion, about finidi8your passion and having success in your life and career.
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Basic Habits That Make You Rich or Poor – Life Changing Story in Hindi
Rich people habits, Habits of Poor, How To Get Rich These are some common questions that many people have in their mind, but they do not get any definite answer for that. Today I am sharing a story of rich and poor people and you can understand how rich stay rich and poor stay poor. In fact, if rich get poor, then also they bounce back and they get richer than before. With this story you can understand how they stay rich and you can also find the golden rule that can make you rich. Also, I would suggest you to read this book. This is an amazing book that can change your thinking and you can get rich with that changed thought process. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Hindi) https://goo.gl/GLc1Mf
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कम सेलेरी, ज्यादा खर्चे पैसे कैसे बचाए:How to save money with Less salary & responsibilities हिंदी
Many people fail to save money because they have more expenses and less earning. If you also have less salary and more expenses, then this video has a practical way to save money. You need to understand this is not an easy method but it can transform the impossible into possible. My previous video about money saving. https://youtu.be/I7iYHA7bAXs For the money you should read these three books in any condition. Rich Dad poor dad Hindi https://goo.gl/mFwCzt Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Hindi) https://goo.gl/GLc1Mf The Intelligent Investor https://goo.gl/hZiJsz
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How to save money from Salary - In Hindi
Do you want to get rich? Do you want to save money like rich people do? Do you want to save money with limited income or you want to save money from your salary? If you said yes for any of the questions mentioned above, then this video and you will be able to save your money easily. **Three seconds power of thinking twice- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW1OOw6y9Nw
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बिजनेस में सफलता कैसे पाए: How to get Success in business : Hindi
बिजनेस में सफलता कैसे पाए: How to get Success in business with Money Management: Hindi: Success and Happiness बिजनेस में सफलता कैसे पाए: How to get Success in business: How to get success in small business: How to get profit in business: Tips for small business success These are some of the most common questions that people ask when they start a business, or they fail to get any success in their business. If you are also dealing with such issues and you want to know how to get success in business in Hindi, this is the best video for you. In this video, I explained one of the root causes of failure in small business, and I gave a solution as well which is proper money management for small and medium size businesses. With proper money management, any business can easily get the desired success. The best thing about these success tips for small business is that you can find that all in Hindi and these small business success tips are easy to follow. So, you won’t have any trouble implementing these habits in your work life. Topics covered in this Video. 1) Why many small businesses fail in their early years. 2) How to manage money effectively for business. 3) How to get success in small business 4) Recommendation to improve the growth of small business. To ab mai umeed karta hoon ki in tareeko ko apna kar aap bhi samjh jaayenge ki small business me saflata kaise paaye. Aur mujhe ye bhi yakin hai ki jab aap in tareeko ko apnaayenge to aap ko business me profit bhi milne lagega. Agar aap ke pass bhi business me success ke upaay ho to please use comment me jaroor share kariyega. Aap zero to one book yahan se khareed sakte hain (affiliate link) https://goo.gl/hY6PiU All the best for your success You may also subscribe me here on this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/apdubey12
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Time Kaise Manage Kare - How To manage Time : Best Time Management Tip-Hindi
Time management tips, how to manage time, time Kaise manage kare, People have several questions about time management but most of the time they fail to find a solution. In This video, I shared 5 tips from Brian Tracy’s famous book Master Your Time Master Your life. With these principals, anyone can master their time and life easily and effectively. Talking about suggestions given in this video. 1) Plan you day in advance 2) Work on 80-20 Principal. Invest more time on things that gives more result. 3) Divide your work in Blocks for better time management. Assign time for each task 4) Take a break from your work. No fun, only work makes you dull. 5) Spend your time like you spend your money. I am sure, with these tips you can do more in less time and you can learn how to manage time effectively. The best thing about these tips is that you get time management tips in Hindi. So, you have no reason to worry about the language issue. You can buy this book from here https://goo.gl/JvQ9HE
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How to Get Respect : 48 Laws Of Power : IN HINDI
Respect is one of those things that you need to earn and this video can tell you ways to gain respect in your life. It does not matter you want respect from your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, boss or employees, these 4 rules from 48 laws of power can help you gain respect easily in your life. Siddharth's Science fact channel. Please subscribe him https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpMy0adwPAGgWnfnY75C4ng Watch Siddharth's latest video here https://youtu.be/ZhspPKenk8E You can get the book in English from here https://goo.gl/Ht3b4i You can get the book in Hindi from here https://goo.gl/4k2QL3 How to get promotion in job: 48 laws of power https://youtu.be/WKHx2u1EfVc Why you should never share your secret with anyone https://youtu.be/BWSMRZngt0Y
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अंग्रेजी कैसे सीखे-अंग्रेजी कैसे बोले:अंग्रेजी सीखने का आसान तरीका: How To Speak English : In Hindi
अंग्रेजी कैसे सीखे-अंग्रेजी कैसे बोले : How to speak English easily, how to learn English speaking. अगर आप के दिमाग में भी ऐसे ही सवाल है तो इस विडियो में आप को जवाब मिल जाएगा | इस विडियो में अंग्रेजी सीखने का सब से आसान तरीका आप को मिल जाएगा | इस तरीके से अंग्रेजी सीखने के लिए आप को किसी भी टीचर की मदद नहीं चाहिए ना ही आप को कई किताबे पढना होंगी | आप को सिर्फ एक किताब पढना होगी और कुछ हफ्तों का वक्त देना होगा | अगर आप इमानदारी से मेहनत कर लेते हैं तो इन कुछ हफ्तों में आप की अंग्रेजी शानदार हो जायेगी और कुछ महीनो की लगातार प्रक्टिस के साथ आप एक्सपर्ट हो जायेंगे | अगर आप २ दिन में अंग्रेजी सीखने की उम्मीद रखते हैं, तो प्लीज दुसरे विडियो देख लीजिये आप को इस विडियो में समाधान नहीं मिल पायेगा | Books that you need English to English to Hindi Dictionary https://goo.gl/dUzxPx A big fat book( this is a good one too) https://goo.gl/FEP5UZ Improve your grammar writing easily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsTcatlordM How to Pronounce https://www.howtopronounce.com
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अमीर कैसे बने:How to get Rich: How to save money: What is Net Worth-How to increase Net Worth:Hindi
We all want to get rich, but most of us do not know the secret of riches. We fail to have money like rich people because most of us have no idea about network, asset, liabilities or net worth. Poor people only focus on their earning and rich people focus on thir network. This difference of thinking is one of the biggest reasons for financial success. In this video, you will get that all in Hindi. Rich people know how to save money, they know how to make money, and they know how to increase net worth. If you also want to join the legume of rich people, then you need to understand these rules of saving money an increasing net worth. In this video you will learn what is net worth, what is asset and what is a liability. Also, your focus should be there on which factors to get rich. Topics covered in this video. 1) Thinking difference of rich and poor people. 2) What is net worth, its importance and how to increase net worth. 3) What is an asset and what is a liability 4) Types of asset and how to invest in right kind of asset. 5) Type of liabilities and how to avoid bad liabilities Mujhe umeed hai is video ko dekhne ke baad aap ko ye samjh aa jaayega ki rich kaise bane ya rich hone ke liye aap ko kya karna hoga. Sath hi aap is video ko dekhne ke bad ye bhi samjh jaayenge ki networth kya hai, asset kya hai aur kyon jaroori hai, sath hi liabilities ko na kyon kahna chahiye. All the best for your future. **************************************************** Is series ka second video https://youtu.be/v8A8jMzWsrQ **************************************************** Rich Dad Poor Dad Book(affiliate link) https://goo.gl/mFwCzt
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Boss Se Promotion Ki baat kaise kare- how to talk about promotion with your boss: In Hindi
How to talk about salary increment with the boss. This is a very common question asked by many people around the world and in this video, I am explained how you can convince your boss to pay you more salary in your yearly performance review. I wish you all the best for salary increment. To know the benefits of thinking 3 seconds, check this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW1OOw6y9Nw
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वारेन बफेट की तरह गोल कैसे सेट करे - How To Set Goals Like Warren Buffett -Hindi
How to Set Goals for life- Life ke liye target kaise set kare Ye ek aisa sawal hai jiska jawab har wo insan janna chahta hai jo ki apni life ya career me safal hona chahta hai. agar aap ke dimag me bhi yahi sawal hai to aaj ka ye video aap ko is sawal ka jawab de dega. Is video me maine aap ko wo tareeke bataaye hain jin tareeko se warren buffett apne goals set karte hain. Warren Buffet ke goals set karne ka tareeka kaam karta hai is baat ka yakin ham unki saflta ko dekh kar ke kar skte hain. To agar aap bhi safal hona chahte hain to aap apne goals ko aise set kariye jaise warren buffet karte hain
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How to manage money effectively- Tips in Hindi from Secrets Of Millionaire Mind
If you always fail to manage your money in a proper manner then this video can help you do that. This video offers some basic tips from "secrets of millionaire mind" for money management and you can have outstanding results for money management. Benefits of smaller savings Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_mZTUW9y_4 How to save money from salary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7iYHA7bAXs Link to buy the book https://goo.gl/jWbXKb
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असफल लोगो की ६ आदते - 6 Habits Of UnSuccessful People
हम सफल लोगो की आदतों के बारे मे तो बात करते ही हैं, पर आज मै उन ६ आदतों के बारे में बात करने वाला हूँ जो किसी भी इंसान को असफल बना देती है | अगर आप में भी ये ६ आदते हैं तो आप को सफल होने के लिए इन आदतों को बदलना होगा | अच्छी बात ये है की इन आदतों को बदलना मुश्किल नहीं है | बस थोड़ी सी कोशिश कर के आप इन आदतों को बदल सकते हैं और खुद को असफल से सफल बना सकते हैं | अगर मै बात करूँ इन आदतों की जो आप को सफल नहीं होने देती तो वो कुछ इस तरह की हैं | १) फिजूल खर्च करना या जरूरत से ज्यादा पैसे खर्च करना | २) बहुत ज्यादा टीवी देखना या फिर इन्टरनेट पर वक्त बर्बाद करना | ३) गलत दोस्तों की संगत रखना ४) ठीक से खाना ना खाना और जंक फ़ूड खाना ५) जरा भी कसरत न करना ६) नशा करना | और अगर आप के लिए नशा छोड़ना मुश्किल है तो आप को ये विडियो देखना चाहिए मुझे यकीन है आप अपनी सोच बदल लेंगे | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc79TuL1vlE
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Six Morning Habits Of Unsuccessful People – असफल लोगो की सुबह की 6 आदते
Ye to aap bhi jante hi hai ki aadte hi hain jo hame safal banati hai aur aadto ya habits ke chalte hi ham asafl bhi hote hain. Aaj mai aap ko 6 morning habits ke bare me batane wala hoon jo ki aap ko asafal banati hai. Ji han mai aap ko 6 aise morning habits ke bare me bata raha hoon jo sabhi asafal logo me hoti hai aur aaj kal to kuch adate bahut hi common bhi ho chuki hain. Bat kare in morning habits ki to unhe mai short me yahan bhi bata raha hoon 1) Jaagne ke bad bhi bistar par pade rahnaa 2) Subah subah social network se time waste karna 3) Khud ke liye koi free time naa dena 4) Ignoring Healthy Life 5) Taking Only Mental Notes 6) Random Morning Routine Agar aap apni in aadto ko badal lenge to aap aasaani se safal bhi ho skte hain You can buy “The miracle morning book from here https://goo.gl/mQeoDQ To watch Six morning habits video please go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0bJSA232HQ
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Paise kaise bachaye - How to save money - How to manage money - Hindi
Paise kaise bachaye, How to save money, How to manage money Ye kuch common sawal hai jo log hamesha ek doosre se poonchte rahte hain lekin unhe in sawalo ke jawab mil nahi paate. Aaj is video me mai aap ko Elizabeth Warren ki book All your worth, the ultimate lifetime money plan se ek aisa rule bataoonga jisko apna kar aap easily paise bacha paayenge, apni jaroorto ko poora kar paayenge aur apne kharcho ko bhi easily manage kar paayenge. Aap ye kitab yahan se khareed skte hain. https://goo.gl/v7EuuT Aap ko money saving ke liye mera ye video bhi dekhna chahhiye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0uMOVjnRA Aur agar aap sirf plan karte hain lekin action nahi le paate to is video ko jaroor dekhiyega https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8xa2JS-C84
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The Most Basic Rule To Get Success  - Hindi
Doston kai baar aap sochte hain aap safal honge ya nai aur uski wajah se aa p safal bhin ahi ho paate hain ... You have to understand that if you want to succeed you have to believe you will succeed. May be you do not know the path today, but if you have confidence you will find the path. So have trust on yourself and do not allow anyone to tell you cannot do it. In This video I am sharing the most basic and important rule that can decide your success of failure Mere one minute wisdom wale channel ko aap yahan se dekh skte hain https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkrJUrKkcpNB1ewBVEcdQw Watch One video from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlN9CD06USw
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How Gujrati Get Success In Business - Dhandha How Gujratis Do Business In Hindi - Part 1
How Gujrati Do Business or How Gujraati Get Success in Business? If you have this question in your mind, then today I am giving you an answer for that. This is actually a 3 part video, and in this case study, I will share to 18 points or qualities of gujrati businessman. I am sure, if you or anyone can embrace these qualities then he can surely become a successful business man regardness of his business type of business mode. In this video I talked about 6 points that include 1) Hardwork- You don't av any alternative of hard work. 2) Dream To start business 3) They take quick decision. 4) They giv great importance to knowledge. 5) They include family in their business 6) They help others to get success in business. Along with these 6 qualities, I will share 12 more qualities with you in coming days that you can find right here. Also, I will share a PDF of this case study with you in coming days.
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4 Habits of Rich People - Hindi
Dosto is video me maine rich logo ki 4 adte batai hai jo aap ko ameer bana skti hai. Rich logo ki habits hai to bahut hi aasaan par aap ko shandaar nateeje de skte hain. Meri taraf se aap sabhi ko bahut bahut shubhkaamaneey
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6 Success Habits That Work Without Talent - Hindi
Many time people wonder if they can get success without having any talent or not. If you are in the same dilemma, or if you are worried about lack of talent, then you should not have that feeling anymore. You can get success without talent as long as you are ready to follow the basic rules of success. In today’s video I am sharing six success habits that can help you get extraordinary success without having any kind of talent. Also, I assure you one thing, if you can embrace these six success habits, you will not only get success but you will get great talent as well. Talking about these 6 habits for success that will work even if you do not have any talent and these 6 habits include 1) Giving value to time. 2) Doing Your efforts 3) Readiness to learn 4) Asking help from people 5) Going an extra mile 6) Persistence If you can have these six success habits in yourself, no one in the world can restrict you to get the success that you deserve. Don't forget to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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School College Never Teach These Six Secrets About Money -Six Money Managment Habits To Get Rich
School aur college aap ko bahut kuch sikhaate hain lekin wo money managment nahi sikhaate. aaj is video me mai aap ko 6 aisee baate bata raha hoon jo school aur college kabhi nahi sikhaate . Agar aap in six money managment habits ko apnaa lete to aap ko life me kabhi money related problem nahi aayegi aur ap rich bhi ho jayenge. These Six Habits for money management will keep you away from any kind of complication. So, I would strongly recommend you to follow these six habits to get rich. Talking about these Six habits that can help you get rich then here I am sharing that in short. 1)Spend Wisely follow 50-30-20 rule 2) Save and invest money 3) Say No To credit card 4) Save money for Bad time 5) Avoid Show off 6) You need money to make more money. If you can follow these 6 habits about money I am sure you can get great success in your life.
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How Gujrati Get success In Business and Get Rich -  Hindi - Part 2
This is the second installment of series in which I am sharing qualities of Gujarati businessmen that makes them extremely successful in the business. In this video, I shared another six qualities that include 1. Take Risk to Get Success in Business 2. Importance of Money 3. Work with honesty 4. How to use an opportunity 5. Staying connected with roots 6. Giving important to money instead of passion These are other six habits or qualities of Gujarati businessman and you should embrace them as well in your life. Please watch other 2 videos here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wUHEaErzFk&index=1&t=2s&list=PLyqNu9XKV2zcjrV_dfPJ4dh_5CYeq
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6 Habits of Successful Students  - Hindi
Agar aap student hai aur aap ye samjhna chahte hain ki acche student ki kya habit hai to aap ko jawab is video se mil jaayega. Is video me maine aap ko aisee 6 habits ke baare me bataya hai jo ki sainkdo salo se students ko faayda de rahe hain aur aap ko bhi is se faayda milega ye tay hai. These habits are easy to adopt but it can simply help you become the best and most amazing student in easy ways.
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बिना पैसे बिजनेस कैसे शुरू करे : How to have passive income: Hindi
We all want to get rich, but we cannot get rich without multiple sources of passive income. In this video, you can find four different methods for passive income. The best thing about these methods is that you can have passive income without a lot of investment. Also, you can create multiple streams of passive income with these methods. Talking about the passive income methods suggested in this video 1) First method is creating a youtube channel. This is one of the best ways of making money online. If you can create better quality content, you can get great success as well on youtube. 2) Second method is creating a blog for a particular niche. With blogs, you can easily make passive income, and you can get rich as well. You just need to create quality content on your blog, and if you can do it wisely, you can have multiple sources of passive income. 3) Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money without doing any work. Of course, you need to invest your efforts in the start, but later you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work. 4) Writing a book is also a fun way of making passive income. You can write a good book, you can publish it online, and you can have a stream of passive income without any delay. The good thing about these four passive income methods is that you can try all four of them, or you can choose one, two or three. That all depends on your choice and you can start making money even if you do not have any money. If you do not know what passive income or why you should create a passive income source here is a good video that can help you understand the importance of passive income and how it can make you rich. https://youtu.be/9Rhe8_lLSso If you want to have some help for youtube or blogs writing. You can subscribe me here https://www.youtube.com/c/APDubeytechcorner You can also subscribe this blog for future updates http://easycontentwritingtips.blogspot.in Buy this book to learn passive income https://goo.gl/7Eky5H
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How To invest in Share Market Hindi
the intelligent investor -Best way to get rich Dosto aaj aap ke liye le kar aaya hain hoon the intelligent investor ki book summary. agar aap ne is kitab me bataai hui baato ko smajh liya uar uske tareeke se share me invest kara to aap ko shares ke jariye ameer hone se koi nahi rok skta. Dosto is video ki research aur animation Pappu Parhega ne kari hai aur ye ek collab video hai. unke channel ko aap yahan se subscribe kar skte hain https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-XJ8lZ6jgUsQj1GO2jN0pA share market ki basic bato ko smajhne ke liye is video ko jaroor dekhiyega https://youtu.be/zoZNU4B-Kzw buy it from here https://goo.gl/kpqMyE
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कर्ज कैसे खत्म करें – How To Get Rid Of Debt –Hindi
Karj kaise khatm kare, how to get rid of debt, karj mukti ke upay Ye kuch aise sawal hai jinka jawab sbahi log dhoondhte rahte hain par un logo ko in sawalo ke jawab nahi mil paate .aaj ke is video me maine aap ko 4 aise tips bataaye hain jo ki aap ko apne karje khtam karne me bahut madad kar skte hain aur ye Ye karj mukti ke upay ya 4 tips bahut hi simple hai jo kuch is tarah se hain 1) Naye karje nahi lena. 2) Apni income ka budget banana 3) Apne kharcho ko kam karnaa 4) Loan repayment plan karna Ye kaise karna hai uski details aao ko video me mil jaayengi.. Agar aap in tareeko ko apnaa lete hain to mujhe yakin hai ki aap ke karje khtm ho jayenge. karj mukti ke upay, karj mukti ke upay in hindi, karj mukti ke liye upay, karj mukti mantra in hindi, karz mukti ke upay, karz kaise chukaye, karz kaise khatam kare, karz kaise kam kare, karz kaise chukau, how to get rid of debt hindi, how to get rid of loans hindi, loan kaise kam kare, loan kaise khatam kare, EMI Kaise kam kare, how to get rid of loan fast in hindi
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कर्ज बढ़ने के ६ कारण और निवारण - 6 Reasons for Debt And How To Get Rid Of Debt- Hindi
Many time people want to get rid of debt, but they fail because they do not know the main reason for increment of debt. Today in this video I am sharing 6 main reasons for the debt and I also shared how to avoid those mistakes so you never get into debt again in your life. Talking about these six reasons it include. 1) Zero financial planning 2) Use of Credit Card 3) Useless Expenditure 4) EMI Trap 5) Due to Sickness 6) Old Debt In this video I also explained how to avoid these mistakes or avoid these reasons and how to get rid of debt easily
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How To Save Money Without Fix Income -Hindi
Bina fix income ke paise kaise bachaaye? ye aisa sawal hai jiska jawab bahut sare busienssman, freelance worker aur majdoor varg ke log dhoondhte rahte hain. Is video me maine aap ko ek aisa system bataya hai jo ki aap ko paise bachane ke liye madad karega aur yahi tareeka aap ko business me grow karne me bhi bahut madad karega. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyqNu9XKV2zfjNLSWOA9ZysqgJ8IslAB0
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How To Quickly Take Action On Ideas And Get Success In Life - One Minute Wisdom - Hindi
Doston kai bar log bahut hi shandaar ideas sochte hain jo unko safalta ki unchaiyon par le ja skte hain lekin wo log un ideas par koi action nahi lete aur safal bhi nahi ho paate. Yahan is video me, aap ko mai wo tareeke bata raha hoon jinko apna kar aap apne ideas par turant sahi tarah se action le skte hain aur usme safal bhi ho skte hain. Yahan ye bat maine aap ko 1 minute ke andar samjhaai hai aur isi tarah ke one minute motivation aur wisdom se jude videos ko dekhne ke liye aap mere is chanel ko subscribe kar lijiey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHOzSxh8yhA aur agar aap video dekhna chahte hain to yahan se dekhiye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTvkm5XxibI
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Benefits of smaller saving (Hindi): Chhoti savings ke bade fayde (पैसे कैसे बचाए )
Most of us do not give importance to smaller savings, yet it can give extraordinary results to you. In this video, I tried explaining the importance of smaller saving and How you can convert small and regular saving in a money tree. My previous video in which I explained "How to save money from Salary" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7iYHA7bAXs The audio for this video is given by my very good Freind and owner of Yebook Channel. He makes excellent summaries for life changing books. Make sure you visit his channel. Here is a link for his channel https://www.youtube.com/c/yebook
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Business Success Tips-Biggest mistake of a business -Hindi
Success tips in business, Best tip for business success, business failure reasons When you do your business, you work hard to establish it. But sometime you make one mistake and you end up destroying your business. In this video, I am going to share some of the best business tips with you. In fact, it is only one business tip that can lead you to great success. If you ignore this simple rule, it can cause business failure as well. Talking about this mistake that can destroy your business, it is having arrogance. If you get arrogance in your business, it can destroy your entire business and you should not make this mistake in your business.
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How Gujrati do business – Dhandha  Business secrets of Gujrati  Par 3
This is the third part of the case study that explains how gujrati do business, how they get success in business and how they get rich. I already shared two parts of this series that you can watch from here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wUHEaErzFk&index=1&t=2s&list=PLyqNu9XKV2zcjrV_dfPJ4dh_5CYeq In this third and final installment, I am sharing 6 more habits of gujrati businessman that makes them expert in business. Talking about these remaining six habits, it includes 1) They wait for success 2) They respect and learn from their opponents 3) They do not fear more work 4) They show persistence for success 5) They plan their profit 6) They Give back to the community I hope these six habits and other 12 habits that I shared previously will help you get great success in your business or in your life.
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How To Get Rich - Most Important Video - Hindi
Doston aap me se kai log aise honge jo ye sochte honge ki aap ameer nahi ban skte, ya being rich is tough. Lekin sach aisa nahi hai aur aaj ke baad aap kabhi nahi kahoge ki aap rich nahi ban skte. Aaj ke baad aap hamesha kahoge ki aap rich ban skte hain. Agar is video se aap ki soch badli hai to mujhe comment me likh kar bataaiye "I can and I will" Aur One minute wisdom wale video dekhne ke liye mujhe yahan subscribe kariye https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkrJUrKkcpNB1ewBVEcdQw aur ye video dekhiye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ULtllie_R0
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सफल लोगो की आदतें - Habits of successful people : Hindi
All successful people have some common habits that make them successful and happy. For your help here I am sharing those habits with scientific reasons so you can embrace and accept these habits of successful people in your life. This video is in 2 parts. This is first part and you can find second part here. https://youtu.be/wSiTsMl8JX4 Visit Siddhartha’s channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpMy0adwPAGgWnfnY75C4ng
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Depression Ko Kaise Door Kare- How To Get Rid of Depression –Hindi
Depression is a very common problem that affects almost everyone in their life. In most of the cases we do not know how to deal with our depression and this leads us to a very complicated situation. If you are in the similar situation and you want to do something great something big in your life, then you need to learn how to deal with your stress, anxiety and depression. The basic solution for dealing with your depression is quite simple you just need to find the reason why you have depression. Once you realize the reason of depression, you just can either stay in depression or you can fight and you can get. That’s the basic recipe to deal with depression. I am sure if you can follow this rule you will get out of your depression in almost no time.
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Ladkiyon se kaise baat kare:How to have confidence How to talk with girls:How to impress girls Hindi
Ladkiyon se kaise baat kare, ladkiyon ko kaise impress kare -How to talk with girls, How to impress girls-Hindi These are some common question guys ask more often, and they do not get any straight forward answer for that. Well, if you are in the same situation and you do not know how to communicate with girls, or how to talk with girls, this video has the answer for you. In this video, I gave you the exact reason because of which people fail to talk with girls. Also, I shared how you can overcome those problems in a practical manner. With these tips and ideas, you not only learn how to talk with girls, but you can also learn how to impress girls easily Topics covered in this video 1) Importance of confidence to talk and impress girls 2) Embrace your fear of failure 3) Wear your best dress every day. 4) Always respect yourself 5) Get comfortable with many girls I am sure, if you follow these tips, you will be able to impress girls with ease. I gave these tips in Hindi, so if you have a question like how to talk with girls in Hindi, or ladkiyon se kaise bate kare ya ladkiyon ko kaise impress kare, then you will find answer for that as well in this video.
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खुश रहने के लिए ६ जरूरी आदते - Six habits to live a happy life
दोस्तों अगर आप खुश रहना चाहते हैं तो आप को अपनी लाइफ में कुछ सिम्पल सी आदतों को शामिल करना होगा | आप की मदद के लिए यहाँ मैंने इन ६ आदतों को बहुत ही सिंपल तरीके से समझाया है और उम्मीद करता हूँ की आप इन आदतों को अपनाएंगे और हमेशा खुश रहेंगे | #sixhabits #habitsforhappiness #howtobehappy
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दुश्मन से कैसे निपटे : how To Deal With Enemies : 48 Laws Of Power: Hindi
Learn How to deal with the enemy by 48 laws of power. Many people want to deal with their enemies, but they do not know how to do it. or what to do with their enemies. In this video, I shared 3 laws that can tell you how to deal with any enemy. You can find Divyanshu's channel here. http://youtube.com/boostyourbrain Here is latest video from Divyanshu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om3xh9bchZs&t=197s 48 Law of power other videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyqNu9XKV2zdQ8n5M-n0apoJjy1LJiXEV You can buy 48 Laws of power in Hindi from here https://goo.gl/gLnKGk You can buy 48 Laws of power in English from here https://goo.gl/TqW3DX
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3 Rules To Get Success and Happiness in Life - Hindi
We all want to have success and happiness in our life. To achieve these things there are several things that you need to do and giving value to right things is one of those actions. When people ask me about the most important rules to get success or happiness in life, I suggest them to follow a rule of MPH that is money, power, and health. If you want to have success and happiness in your life, make sure you give utmost value to three things that include 1) Money: when you have money you can buy almost all the things that you need for your happiness. You must understand that world runs on money, not on emotion. So give value to money. 2) Power: There are few things that you cannot buy with money, but if you have power you can get those things with power. You should always respect power to have success and happiness in your life. If you want to help the world, you can help world as well with power 3) Health: If you do not have health, you cannot enjoy money or power. Nor you can live a happy life. So, pay attention to your health and live a happy life. If you can follow these three rules, your relationship will flourish, you will have more respect, and you will be able to live your life as you want it to be.
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How To Save Money With Job & Get Rich – नौकरी करते हुए सेविंग और इन्वेस्टमेंट कर के अमीर कैसे बने
If you want to get rich with your job then it is not impossible and if you can give time and energy then you can surely get rich as well. In order to get rich while working in a job, you need to follow the basic rule of saving and investing your money. If you can do these two things, you can surely save and invest a lot of money and you can eventually get rich as well. Talking about this rule, first and the most important thing is that you must save before spending your money. If you have the tendency to save after spending you cannot save any money at all. Also, once you take out the money for saving, it is crucial that you invest it without any delay. If you will keep the money in your pocket you may spend it instead of investing. So, make sure you follow the rule of saving and investing without any delay. As far as investing part is concerned you can invest your money in SIP. In this video, I gave you various reasons that explain why sip is a good way of investing money. For investing money in SIP you can use Groww app that is a great way to invest money in mutual funds. You can download the app from here. App: https://groww.app.link/vhneYvYWIO Website: https://goo.gl/2C55US I use this mic for recording https://amzn.to/2LrgSfs
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जिन्दगी में सफल कैसे हों - How To Get Success In Life - In Hindi
Dosto, agar aap soch rahe hain ki safal hone ke liye aap ko kya karna hai, to uska ek hi rule hai, aap wo kariye jo sare safal log karte hain is video me main aap ko us succesful habit ke bare me bataya hai jo sare succesful people karte hain. mujhe yakin hai un success habits ko apni life me apna kar aap bhi success ko paa loge.. Candlepower by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/divider/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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रिच कैसे बने| How to save money| How to Get Rich| Paise wale Kaise bane-Hindi|Success and Happiness
रिच कैसे बने - अमीर कैसे बने, How to save money- How to Get Rich- Paise wale Kaise bane-Ameer kaise bane Most of us have these type of questions in our mind, and we fail to find any practical answer. If you also want to know how to get rich or how to save money in Hindi, this video can give those answers to you. In this video, I explained what you can do to increase your net worth and how you can reduce your liabilities. Also, I explained three best options of investment to increase net worth. This video cover following topic 1) Reducing liabilities 2) Increasing Asset 3) Increasing investment 4) Investment in Gold, 5) Investment in property 6) Investment in Share or stocks Ham me se sabhi log in baato se jude sawal apne dimag me le kar ghoomte hain aur ham me se adhiktar logo ko inka jawab pata hi nahi hota. Par ye video aap ko un sawal ke jawab hindi me de dega. The Intelligent Investor Book https://goo.gl/hZiJsz (Affiliate link) You can buy Gold Bar from here https://goo.gl/wdkUqF (Affiliate Link) You can buy one gram Gold coin from here https://goo.gl/uHfrQt (Affiliate Link) First part of this video https://youtu.be/WBUpTXDBJN4
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सोच बदलो जिन्दगी बदल जायेगी :  Change your thinking, life will change: Hindi
Dosto, hamaari life hmaari soch ya thinking par hi depend karti hai. Agar aap ki soch positive hai to aap jindagi me khush rah skte hain aur sfalta bhi hansil kar skte hain, agar soch negative hai to aap jindagi me sirf fail hi honge. ye video aap ko batata hai ki kaise aap apni soch badl skate hain. Soch badlo jindagi badlo kitba ko aap yahan se khareed skte hain https://goo.gl/UNTbjJ
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Why Money Is The Most Important Thing In Life : जिन्दगी मे पैसा जरूरी क्यों है
Do you know what is the importance of money in your life? If you do not know why money is important in your life then this video can help you understand that. With this video, you will know why money is important in your life and why you should give maximum value to money. You can get the book from here https://goo.gl/dIjhlt
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Koi Aap ka sath naa de to kya kare -Best Motivational Video
Dosto maine pahle is video ko one minute wisdom par share kara tha lekin mujhe lga ki yahan bhi share karna chahiye to yahan aap sabhi ke sath ye video share kar raha hoon. is video se aap ko maine sirf ek baat bataai hai jo i aap ko motivated banaye rakhne me madad karega. is video se aap ko pta chalega ki aap akelepan se bahar kaise nikal skte hain.
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भीड़ से अलग कैसे हो | How to be special| How to get special attention | Hindi |success and happiness
भीड़ से अलग कैसे हो | How to be special| How to get special attention | Unique kaise bane We all want to be special, we all wish to get special attention, but we fail in that. In this video, I shared one simple trick that can make you better from crowd and different from crowd. So, if you are wondering how to get special attention, you just need to follow this one trick. Using this trick my daughter gets special attention every time and people give her special attention and care. Topics covered in this video #what we do to get special attention #A trick to get special attention #How this tip made my daughter special and unique To agar aap bhi is soch me hai ki bheed se alag kaise dikhe, unique kam kaise kare, ya khud ko special kaise banaaye to is tareeke ko ajma kar dekhiye. Muje yakin hai aap ko is tareeke se fayda milega aur aap khud ko special bana paayenge. https://youtu.be/VwVZJmqxvhQ Aakhir me is video ko sabhi ke sath share karna mat bhooliyega. Thank you very much
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How to Become Rich - अमीर होने के राज : Hindi | Get Rich | Success & Happiness
How to Become Rich - अमीर होने के राज : Hindi If you want to become rich and you are finding that how to become rich, then you can do only with the help of saving, investment and earning. This video gives you some insight information that can help you get rich with the help of money saving and management. Topics Covered - 1.How to Become Rich 2.Ameer Kaise Bane 3.How to Become Rich in Hindi 4.How to Become millionaire 5.How to Be Rich ************* Don't Forget To Subscribe *********** follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/getsuccessa... Books for financial planning management and understanding https://goo.gl/4ssBv9 https://goo.gl/cL9J6K https://goo.gl/UsFsTA
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ये 5 संकेत है आप एक दिन अमीर बनोगे You will be rich Chanakya niti\ Chanakya thoughts
5 signs you will become rich –Chankaya Niti हम सभी अमीर होना चाहते हैं और इस के लिए कई बार अलग अलग काम भी करते हैं, लेकिन फिर भी हमें अच्छे नतीजे नहीं मिलते | महागुरु चाणक्य ने चाणक्य नीती मे अमीर लोगो की ५ बाते बताई है और अगर आप में ये पांच बाते हैं तो आप तो ये तय है की आप अमीर बनोगे | अगर हम बात करे उन ५ बातों की तो वो बाते यहाँ मै आप को बता रहा हूँ | हम बात करे इन संकेतो की तो ये ५ संकेत है १) बचत करना २) पैसे इन्वेस्ट करना ३) अपने टारगेट पर फोकस रखना ४) अपने भविष्य के लिए प्लान करना ५) हमेशा सीखते रहना अगर आप इन ५ बातो को सीख गए तो आप निश्चित रूप से धनवान भी हो जायेंगे| Follow Me On Twitter https://twitter.com/apdubey/ Follow Me On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/getsuccessandhappiness
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