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The End of the Computer Program that is "You"
Terminating the looping program that has you forever trapped in the tyranny of thought
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A Lesson Before Dying
How death taught me about mindfulness and living
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Realizations that Loosen the Ego
Seeing reality in a way totally incompatible with the social upbringing causes depression and, if worked with, liberation from the shackles of the self over-identification.
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If You Desire Peace, Forsake Learning
Part of a treatise on the intellectual dilemma
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Dealing with Depression and Suicide
The vast majority of people have energies turned in the direction of self murder every day. They wake up in terror - but soon remember the lies, and return to the comfortable trance in which they live.
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No Way Out
Can we escape the self and the samsaric matrix of Saturn?
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5&6 The Curfew - Cosmic Abandonment, Self Murder, and RE: Darryl Sloan
1. Conclusion of "The Curfew" and beginning of "The Dialectical Agenda"(whenever I do that) - Logical conclusion to Cosmic abandonment is the same as parental abandonment. 2. I hurl sadistic abuse at Daryl Sloan. I discuss the extremes of self abuse, I am a half Scots Irish drug addicted alcoholic. I end with A MESSAGE TO ALL WHO WOULD DARE DISAGREE: In the words of the famous youtube blood over intent cult leader: "I have the holy spear fuck you!" And P.S. DEATH TO VIDEODROME ALL HAIL THE NEW FLESH
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You Have No Choices
WHOEVER DEFINES YOUR "ALTERNATIVES" (Republican and Democrat for example) HAS COMPLETE POWER OVER YOU. What is the dialectic and dialectical thought? Scratching the surface of how you are a victim of trauma mind control and mental manipulation through conditioned dialectical thought
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The "Resistance" will FALL, the Protests are FAKED, the Opposition CONTROLLED, the People BRAINDEAD
The revolution will not be televised nor "livecast" from your "smart" device
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What Kind of Slave Are You?
Fake Rebels of the Controlled Opposition
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Can you find a true Inner PATH in Life?... Does LIFE have no meaning?
Do we each have true inner purposes? Do the events in our life hold meaning for us outside of what we give them? What is the purpose of our suffering... or IS there a purpose to our suffering? ... Or to anything? Life seems so confusing sometimes, for all of us! You're not alone in your loneliness!
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1 The Curfew: Drugs, pornography, feminism
How we are under the curfew
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The Dead Individual and the Agenda to End History
History cannot be erased with a population of self-knowledgeable individuals still intact.
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Your Society is a Lie
Society and religion are the lies you tell yourself, the opiates of self-delusion that destroyed the planet. This is part one of a spontaneous improvised chat, with pictures! All pictures fall under fair use and they are part of an educational video being used for the "progress of science and the useful arts," and was produced as a non-profit venture, as are all of my videos. Society consists mostly of individuals in a consensus reality that has become a consensus trance. Each person relies on the society to give them their identity and their place, including their prefabricated religion and belief system. But these are all abstractions created by the human mind that do not accurately describe anything that is "real." In fact, the human being can never see or interact with anything that is real, and the ignorant confidence that he "knows" something causes the quest for "truth" spiritually, and to "better the world" by forcing his beliefs and his "charity" on others.
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Life is Beyond "Meaning"
Conventionally, meaning is what you know, and what you know is all that you can experience - yet ultimately life is beyond meaning.
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Someone set us up teh (fake) bomb!!!!111one
Now for something slightly less serious New videos - when I feel like it!!! meme on, America pics c/o of 4chan and bunch of others #fakebombs
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"Who Am I?" is a Question With No Meaning Or Answer
A spontaneous lecture on the self, philosophy, and quantum physics, with illustrations and quotes, which pass by rather quickly so it may be necessary to pause and study for elaboration, or to listen more than once. A brief journey beyond limiting schools of thought, featuring Hegel, Witgenstein, UG Krishnamurti, Alfred Korzybsky, and the Quantum Physicists. Also featuring heavily are the ideas and philosophies of Dr. Stephen Wolinsky, Nisargadata Maharaj, the Advaita Vedanta philosophies, and so forth.
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The mind can never transcend itself by using thoughts, by using techniques. What are you here for - What are we seeking, and why... Does our journey have any meaning outside of it's inherent nature? The mind can't be used to transcend itself.
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4 The Curfew - Coping Mechanisms, Denial, Group Suicide
The denial of death involves the social impulse towards creating an immortality project or to kill ourselves in the hopes of escape and being reborn elsewhere or in heaven.
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YOU HAVE LANGUAGE VIRUS 100% - strangely, symbolically, this video got cut into small pieces, so here's the second piece.
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Heaven and Hell are the Same Place
Hellrazor, based on Clive Barker's "The Hell-bound Heart" is a brilliant metaphor about seekers of physical, emotional, mental, and essential stimulation. As pleasure desensitizes the being, the seperate-self requires greater and greater stimulus to achieve the same physical response, and this physical response is pain to the body. Eventually, when the level of pleasure is high enough, one cannot help but realize that it is painful to the organism - opiates for example, give the feeling of an "aching" pleasure in the body, similar to that felt during the reproductive processes of the body, which are a trauma to the organism and cause a disruption in homeostasis.
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Why you work harder than a Medieval Peasant!
The strange world of "society" that we live in.
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Reality IS Duality
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The Physical and Spiritual are One
I've been called to be focusing on spiritual videos again for a while
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2 The Curfew: Emasculating Western Man, Radicalizing Western Woman
Why does your life suck? Exploring the symptoms of the passive curfew in which we live as Americans and westerners in general.
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What's So Bad About Collectivism?
What is at the root of the curfew we are under? Global idealists vs the rest of us. This will be in four parts because my phone ran out of space
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Contemplation for the Wayward and Depressed
I hold satsang with myself! Join in and see if you get anything out of it
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War, Fear, Uncertainty, and the Self
Fear and desire create borders - and fear maintains the continuity of borders through war. Fear is god of the self.
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Advice and methods on overcoming the incessant self talk or self dialog within.
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Why Does it Seem the World is Crumbling Around Us?
As the world falls apart, man is presented with the terrifying choice of regressing back into a dark age of religion or plunging into the abyss of transhumanist postmodern "progressive" hell. Man lives now increasingly in a narcissistic world of his own alienated fantasy, alone, among billions, as language and communication break down.
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The Cosmic Orgasm and Divine Pulsation of Existance
The act of creation in the macrocosm and microcosm according to the Vedas, the Vijnana Bihrava, and the Western tradition
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Storm's a'comin...
The lies continue.
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Internal Tips on Overcoming Addiction
My paradigm for addiction recovery - Everyone who makes it out the other end learns several things - among them 1. Humility (the unreality of the self) 2. "Higher power" (energies comes together and the "I AM" abstraction of consciousness appears), 3. Equanimity (the most meaningful and important thing is whatever is in front of you here and now, not whatever desired mental projection is in your head) 4. Acceptance (reconciling past illusions, hopes, and dreams with the present reality) 5. Compassion (for this life you hold) 6. Meaning (is more important than pain and pleasure and is self generated)
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Channel Update, rant
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Pleasure and Pain are One Energy to the Human Body
Pleasure is PAINFUL to this organism! The "separate-self" - the conceptual-self delusion that believes it is an totally isolated individual identity - is created by this consumer-producer society to be brainwashed, instilled from birth and indoctrinated to chase after the pleasure-movement in society that comes from consumption. BUT THE BODY WANTS NONE IF IT - PLEASURE IS TOXIC TO THIS ORGANISM AS IT DESTROYS THE SENSITIVITY OF THIS ORGASNISM TO FUNCTION EFFICIENTLY IN ITS ENVIRONMENT.
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I told you! It's The End Of Days - the Appocalypse!
Natural cycles have no beginning and therefore no end.
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Equality is for Enslaved Minds
Only the mediocre, suicidal, and hopeless individual will self-righteously preach about equality, without understanding of what he truly asks - because as Marxism shows us, forcing equality means everyone must become equal to the one who is most stagnant and incapable. This man cannot play an instrument or perform surgery or express himself - so everyone who can must drop what they are doing and be like him - no expression, no art, only what is "of the people." If a skyscraper and a shack are present, the skyscraper must be torn down to the level of the shack. If a man with no skill exists in the nation, all men possessed of skills must hide it or face persecution. Those with culture must erase it. In Marxism, since lesser can never become greater - greater must always become lesser. And that means those with any differences in intellect, skill, or culture, will always be trampled under by the collectivist nightmare of Marxism and national/international socialism.
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Being, Suffering, and the Rose Cross
A casual and cursory discussion on metaphysics and philosophy as can be applied to the center and arms of the hermetic Rose Cross, without much esotericism
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Iraq Vet opinion on Las Vegas Shooting
Does it pass the smell test?
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Illuminati Stargates of Death and Ancient Draconic Vampire Bloodlines
Bringing you some important history and etymology synchro-mystically analyzed.
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Belief Systems: Affirmation and Diminishment of the Will
How we look to detect patterns to affirm the will and create continuity in the life
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The War to Divide Men and Women in America
America as transhumanist social-experiment: The carefully designed archonic agenda to create misanthropy and population control by encouraging isolation, addiction, and normalizing and promoting previously fringe sexual aspects of society and nature
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Absolute Truth or Moral Relativism? - The Practical Government of the Future
If the human race survives and eventually thrives, it will likely be because of the acknowledgement, understanding, and intelligent harnessing of the tribal and individual urges of man that evolved over millions of years and are not going away any time soon - together with the establishment of the sanctity of individual rights and total self ownership of individual consciousness, states rights, tolerance of the social and economic rights and views of others(within reason), the acknowledgement of inherent tribalism and the necessity of the need to pass judgement for the human organism to survive and get feedback in it's environment, and understanding that higher forms of morality beyond simple religion are needed in order for man to "do what's right," and acknowledging the difficulties in declaring immutable universal truths and laws for all in the physical realm.
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