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This is my axiomatization of original sin. (Genesis 3:7) "WHEN YOU KNOW, THE LIGHT KNOW." In my opinion, it is the first communication between humans and nature. Let me show you the real different time. *Ⅱ is the cause of light as a wave. Ⅲ is the cause of light as a particle. * Range of different time [range of TD] (1s = ) : From 0 to 2 (s), Except 0 & 2 (s) From 0 to 1 (means a - direction moving of light source.) From 1 to 2 (means a + direction moving of light source.) * And, 1 [TD, caseⅢ] means an absolute stop in universe. A relative stop [TD=1, caseⅡ] can admit the others existence. But an absolute stop do not admit the others existence (but TDS=1 and Spin [or Revolution] which centers the absolute stop). So ... It means a BLACK HOLE to me. And I think it is the only one why a black hole exist. * If (-)O' and (+)O' are the same position, the sum of (-)TD and (+)TD is two seconds, always. So, the sum of the different times which a light source has is 2 seconds. (cf. TDS / time data of light source, TD / time data of light) English is not my first language, sorry! If there is an origin of knowledge... If there is an elementary unit of thinking like 1bit of computer... 'WHEN YOU KNOW, THE LIGHT KNOW' this is it. And I propose this video as a basis of observer effect. (From 19:00 to 19:30) I would like you to feel how nature and you are connected each other. Hope it helps. I am the Uniontera Ja.
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42 poem
// seed of everything - contents / intro - light phase - uniontera number - fin.
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The door - It will be the last armageddon This poem is my axiomatization of armageddon. Welcome to a real arena. I am the Uniontera Ja.
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So, they have breathed CO2 like trees. And... This is a reason of extinction. Today's record of CO2 is 0.3% Then... Can you see the function of antorbital fenestra? - Genesis 6:16 Can you see why some dinosaur needed a wing? Can you see the meaning of featherd bird? - Genesis 8:12 Can you see why bats live in cave? - Genesis 8:7
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