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Gravel Yard MACC 2012
This video was done at the MACC which is the organization "Music Against Childhood Cancer". It is a Bluegrass Festival every year in Columbus Ohio. It is comprised of some of the top talent in bluegrass music who donate their time and energy to bring awarness to the cause of childhood caner. This is what we do in our downtime for the week we are all there. These kids were jamming at a picnic shelter that we were camping by. Maybe if we had more kids like this we would have a lot less suicides, drive by shootings, and drug overdoses in the world. The singer Tyler is an amazing young man who has CP but never let his disability get him down. Also look at the little blond head boy he is an amazing picker as well. He is about 8 or 9 years old.
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This is a VR for Perbain on how to make a butternut squash pie.
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Tim Eriksen Sacred Harp Jam  Brookville Ohio 2009
This is a Sacred Harp Convention that was held in Brookville Ohio in 2010 featuring Tim Eriksen playing in an impromtu jam after the convention
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Bluegrass Jam at the Meeting Place
This is a video of the weekly jam held at the meeting place.
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I've been everywhere! Nashville TN
My recent trip to the music city
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A Preppers Guide to Mental Health after a Sudden Loss
This is a brief teaching tool for the prepper community on Breavement and Mental Health after a Sudden Loss of a loved one(s).
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VR to GaryMule Unbelievable 1000 subscriber contest
Hope I win he he!!!
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VR zappo 888's Sing a little song
This is a VR to Zappo 888's Sing a little song. I hope it inspires people in the prepper community to take up dancing and music. Be blessed
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