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Part 76 How To Not Inhale A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to not inhale a cigar.
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Part 88 What Should You Do If You Feel Sick After Smoking A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to deal with the sick feeling after smoking a cigar.
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2016 Christmas Haul With SmokingEssy7887
Happy Christmas 2016!!!!!!!!!!! ***I AM 25 1/2 FOR THE LAST TIME AND OF LEGAL AGE TO DRINK AND SMOKE***
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane Limited 1-Q
Very good aromatic with a nice soft vanilla flavor. Very good and high quality for an aromatic pipe tobacco and that is saying something. 8/10 For Rating.
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Part 27 Nicotine Sickness What To Do???
In this video I discuss what to do what when you have nicotine sickness from smoking a pipe
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The Truth About SmokingEssy7887 and Dating
The truth about SmokingEssy7887 and dating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Star Of The East
Very strong, heavy and smokey tobacco. 9/10 For Rating
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Do Cigars Have Chemicals???
Do They???
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Part VII: Pear Wood Pipes
Pear Wood
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Pipe Tobacco Review: CAO Cherrybomb
Decent pipe tobacco with a sweet cherry and vanilla flavor. 7/10 For Rating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Hearth & Home Black House
Very good smokey and spicy pipe tobacco. 8/10 For Rating
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How Old Do You Have To Be To Smoke But Not Buy Tobacco
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to smoke and possess tobacco but not buy or purchase it.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Cherry Cordial
Very decent aromatic, very good burn and taste/flavor. 7/10 for rating
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Weirdest Single Comments Part 211
Weirdest Single Comments Part 211.
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Part I How Long Do Briar Pipes Last
In this video I tell you how long Briar pipes last
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Storing Cigars At A Cold Temperature
In this video I discuss storing cigars at a cold temperature.
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Part 7 Know What Temperature and Humidity To Store Your Cigars At
In this video I discuss knowing what temperature and humidity to store your cigars at.
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Part 44 Telling If Pipe Tobacco Is Too Moist or Too Dry
In this video I tell you the most simple way to tell the moister content of your pipe tobacco
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Pipe/Cigar Breath
In this video I discuss pipe/cigar breath.
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Part 4 How Old You Have To Be To Buy Lighters/Matches
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to buy lighters/matches.
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Why are Pipe Tobacco Tins So Expensive
Do you know the Answer?
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Part 12: Moretti Pipe
Got it on http://www.ebay.com very expensive
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Cigar Question: How Long Should I Let My Cigars Rest Before Smoking Them???
How long should I let my cigars rest in a humidor before smoking them???
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Peter Stokkebye Perique (No. 311)
Very strong makes me very dizzy almost too strong only suggested if you're looking for a big strength kick. Has flavors of leather and alcohol and pepper. 7/10 For Rating.
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Cigar Review: Virtue Man O' War
Very good strong smoke 9/10 for rating
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Cigar Review: Gurkha Ninja Knife
Sells for $7.70, 5" long, about a 54 ring size, has a musty hay smell. Great cigar 9/10 for rating. lasts 1 hour 5 minutes. Burns very nicely.
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Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars
Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars.
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Food (Drinking) and Smoking
It usually doesn't go well together :(
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Escudo
Not a bad pipe tobacco, very moist in the tin, has a very sweet acidic taste and is sweet. 8/10 For Rating
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Benefits Of Aging Pipe Tobacco
Aging Pipe Tobacco and it's benefits and what tobacco's benefit the most from aging
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Part 57 Biting Off The End Of A Cigar
In this video I discuss biting off the end of a cigar with your teeth.
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Meerschaum Lined Pipes
Meerschaum Lined Pipes.
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How Much Smoking Is Too Much???
Keep it to moderation with pipes and cigars
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Smooth Sailing By Ashton
Very mild, bland pipe tobacco. 6/10 for rating.
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Part 52 Nicotine Sickness With Cigars
In this video I discuss nicotine sickness with cigars what you can do about it and what is it and the difference between a feeling buzzed and feeling sick.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Junk Yard Dawg
Very Good Full English Blend. 8/10 for rating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Sillem's Commodore Flake
Very, Very Peppery, earthy and creamy. Very Decent 8/10 For Rating
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Part I Canada To Be A Pipe Smoker
In this video I discuss how Canada is a bad country to be a pipe smoker
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Clove Cigarettes VS Clove Little Cigars
In this video I discuss clove cigarettes vs clove little cigars.
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Tour Of My Room For Cigar Gang!!!!!!
You mfers asked for it and you got it: Tour of SmokingEssy7887's room.
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Do You Think I Act Strange or Odd
In this video I ask the simple question do you think I am odd or strange.
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Part VIII Health Effects Of Nasal Snuff
In this video I discuss the health effects of nasal snuff
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Part 6 How Much Nicotine In Chew/Dip
In this video I discuss how much nicotine there is in chewing tobacco and/or dipping tobacco.
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Cigarillo Review: CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla
Good cigarillo with a good vanilla flavor. 8/10 For Rating.
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How Much Should You Smoke???
In this video I discuss how much should I smoke???
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Part 3 What Is Pipe Tobacco???
In this video I discuss what is real pipe tobacco that is actually meant for a tobacco pipe such as a briar, clay or corn cob pipe not rolling/cigarette tobacco
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Part 5 Nicotine Lozenge
In this video I discuss nicotine lozenge.
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Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia Black Cuban Classic 1979 Robusto
Great rich full bodied cigar flavors, coffee, earth and pepper make this cigar wonderful. 9.5/10 for rating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Billy Budd (Full Review)
I was so hyped for this tobacco mainly because I hadn't smoked it in over 4 1/2 years, now after smoking two bowls of it I can tell why I waited so long to smoke it again. This pipe tobacco really is terrible maybe its just it being way too dry but its no fun to smoke. Burns hot, bites and tastes like a combination of cigarette ash, cheap cigars, pepper and a**. Not suggested save your money. 3/10 For Rating.
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Do You Get Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Smoking Cigars/Pipes???
Do you? Sorry for the bad lighting.
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