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Part 76 How To Not Inhale A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to not inhale a cigar.
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Part 88 What Should You Do If You Feel Sick After Smoking A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to deal with the sick feeling after smoking a cigar.
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Does Pipe Tobacco Have Chemicals???
Does it???
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Do Cigars Have Chemicals???
Do They???
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Tobacco Haul 3/26/11
I'm A lucky Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How Old Do You Have To Be To Smoke But Not Buy Tobacco
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to smoke and possess tobacco but not buy or purchase it.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Escudo
Not a bad pipe tobacco, very moist in the tin, has a very sweet acidic taste and is sweet. 8/10 For Rating
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Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Billy Budd (Full Review)
I was so hyped for this tobacco mainly because I hadn't smoked it in over 4 1/2 years, now after smoking two bowls of it I can tell why I waited so long to smoke it again. This pipe tobacco really is terrible maybe its just it being way too dry but its no fun to smoke. Burns hot, bites and tastes like a combination of cigarette ash, cheap cigars, pepper and a**. Not suggested save your money. 3/10 For Rating.
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Part VII: Pear Wood Pipes
Pear Wood
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Part 27 Nicotine Sickness What To Do???
In this video I discuss what to do what when you have nicotine sickness from smoking a pipe
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Pipe Tobacco Review: CAO Cherrybomb
Decent pipe tobacco with a sweet cherry and vanilla flavor. 7/10 For Rating.
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What Is The Most Expensive Pipe You Own???
I show you the two most expensive pipes I own
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Why I Personally Smoke Tobacco
In this video I discuss why I personally smoke tobacco (pipes and cigars).
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Why are Pipe Tobacco Tins So Expensive
Do you know the Answer?
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Part 4 How Old You Have To Be To Buy Lighters/Matches
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to buy lighters/matches.
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Part 44 Telling If Pipe Tobacco Is Too Moist or Too Dry
In this video I tell you the most simple way to tell the moister content of your pipe tobacco
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Gas Station Cigar Review: Dutch Masters Vanilla Cigarillo
Very good cigar/cigarillo with a strong pepper and tobacco taste but no vanilla taste at all. Tobacco Taste gets a 8/10 for Rating. Vanilla flavor gets a 4/10 for Rating. Overall 6/10 for Rating.
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Butane VS Zippo For Lighters Which Is Better???
In this video I discuss butane vs zippo for lighters and which is better.
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Annual Deaths From Pipe/Cigar Smoking
Interesting Info On Pipe/Cigar Smoking
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Pipe Tobacco Review: G L Pease Odyssey
Very smokey, strong Latakia Blend. 8.5/10 For rating.
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Part 4: Humidity
Cigar Humidor Humidity
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Cigar Review: Gurkha Ninja Knife
Sells for $7.70, 5" long, about a 54 ring size, has a musty hay smell. Great cigar 9/10 for rating. lasts 1 hour 5 minutes. Burns very nicely.
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Tobacco and The Mail
In this video I discuss tobacco and the mail.
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Storing Cigars At A Cold Temperature
In this video I discuss storing cigars at a cold temperature.
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Part 7 Know What Temperature and Humidity To Store Your Cigars At
In this video I discuss knowing what temperature and humidity to store your cigars at.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Cornell and Diehl Purple Cow
Very dry and spicy smoke taste. 8/10 for rating.
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Pipe/Cigar Question: Throat Hit Is It Worth It???
Is it worth it to get a throat hit???
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Part I How Long Do Briar Pipes Last
In this video I tell you how long Briar pipes last
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Aromatic Pipe Tobacco's
Here's my little rant on aromatic pipe tobacco's
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Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars
Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars.
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History Of "Big A$$ Cigar"
In this video I discuss the history of my catch phrase.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Erinmore Mixture
Very average burley tobacco with hints of sweetness and vanilla. 7/10 For Rating
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Cigar Question: How Long Should I Let My Cigars Rest Before Smoking Them???
How long should I let my cigars rest in a humidor before smoking them???
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How Much Smoking Is Too Much???
Keep it to moderation with pipes and cigars
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Health differences Between Pipes/Cigars and Cigarettes
There is a difference
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Part 9 How Long Does Nasal Snuff Last For
In this video I discuss how long does nasal snuff stay fresh for.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Junk Yard Dawg
Very Good Full English Blend. 8/10 for rating.
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Part 6 How Much Nicotine In Chew/Dip
In this video I discuss how much nicotine there is in chewing tobacco and/or dipping tobacco.
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Part 3: Humidor Juice Review
Juice/Fluid for Cigar Humidor
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Part I Canada To Be A Pipe Smoker
In this video I discuss how Canada is a bad country to be a pipe smoker
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Finally Tried The Padron 90th Cigar(s)
Finally Tried The Padron 90th Cigar(s).
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane Limited 1-Q
Very good aromatic with a nice soft vanilla flavor. Very good and high quality for an aromatic pipe tobacco and that is saying something. 8/10 For Rating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Sillem's Commodore Flake
Very, Very Peppery, earthy and creamy. Very Decent 8/10 For Rating
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Pipe Tobacco Review: McClellands Navy Cavendish
Not too good very hard to pack and smoke, 6/10 for rating
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Part II Australia To Be A Pipe Smoker
In this video I discuss why it's bad to be a pipe smoker in Australia
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane Limited RLP-6
Very good aromatic minus the minor tongue bite and harshness. This is a very good starter pipe tobacco with a nice sweet flavor. 7/10 For Rating.
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Part 29 Do You Need A Filter For Your Pipe???
In this video I discuss what are pipe filters, the pros and cons and do you need a filter
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Part 8 Smoking Straight Perique
In this video I discuss smoking straight perique pipe tobacco.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Captain Black Cherry Part 2 (Live Review)
Part two of the review.
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Cigarillo Review: CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla
Good cigarillo with a good vanilla flavor. 8/10 For Rating.
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