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Part 76 How To Not Inhale A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to not inhale a cigar.
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2016 Christmas Haul With SmokingEssy7887
Happy Christmas 2016!!!!!!!!!!! ***I AM 25 1/2 FOR THE LAST TIME AND OF LEGAL AGE TO DRINK AND SMOKE***
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Does Pipe Tobacco Have Chemicals???
Does it???
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Part 88 What Should You Do If You Feel Sick After Smoking A Cigar
In this video I discuss how to deal with the sick feeling after smoking a cigar.
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Part 27 Nicotine Sickness What To Do???
In this video I discuss what to do what when you have nicotine sickness from smoking a pipe
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Do Cigars Have Chemicals???
Do They???
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Part VII: Pear Wood Pipes
Pear Wood
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane Limited 1-Q
Very good aromatic with a nice soft vanilla flavor. Very good and high quality for an aromatic pipe tobacco and that is saying something. 8/10 For Rating.
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Mr.Snuff Order
It's here!
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Pipe Tobacco Review: CAO Cherrybomb
Decent pipe tobacco with a sweet cherry and vanilla flavor. 7/10 For Rating.
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Cigar Review: Omar Ortez Maduro Torpedo
Great, great smoke 9.5/10 for rating
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How Old Do You Have To Be To Smoke But Not Buy Tobacco
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to smoke and possess tobacco but not buy or purchase it.
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Part I How Long Do Briar Pipes Last
In this video I tell you how long Briar pipes last
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The Truth About SmokingEssy7887 and Dating
The truth about SmokingEssy7887 and dating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Dunhill BB1938
In this video I review Dunhill's Baby's Bottom 1938 Mixture.
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Why I Personally Smoke Tobacco
In this video I discuss why I personally smoke tobacco (pipes and cigars).
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Cigar Review: Gurkha Ninja Knife
Sells for $7.70, 5" long, about a 54 ring size, has a musty hay smell. Great cigar 9/10 for rating. lasts 1 hour 5 minutes. Burns very nicely.
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Cigar Review: Rocky Patel  Renaissance
Good one 9/10 for rating
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake (Full Review)
Very good VaPer blend with a small amount of Black Cavendish. 8/10 for Rating
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Why are Pipe Tobacco Tins So Expensive
Do you know the Answer?
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Part 7 Know What Temperature and Humidity To Store Your Cigars At
In this video I discuss knowing what temperature and humidity to store your cigars at.
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Butane VS Zippo For Lighters Which Is Better???
In this video I discuss butane vs zippo for lighters and which is better.
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Storing Cigars At A Cold Temperature
In this video I discuss storing cigars at a cold temperature.
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Pipe/Cigar Breath
In this video I discuss pipe/cigar breath.
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Hot Sauce Review: Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
Great spicy chili sauce. 8/10 For Rating.
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Part 52 Nicotine Sickness With Cigars
In this video I discuss nicotine sickness with cigars what you can do about it and what is it and the difference between a feeling buzzed and feeling sick.
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Pipe Tobacco and Nicotine
Most pipe tobacco's have low nicotine.
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Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars
Biggest Gripe With Padron Cigars.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Escudo
Not a bad pipe tobacco, very moist in the tin, has a very sweet acidic taste and is sweet. 8/10 For Rating
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Part 4 How Old You Have To Be To Buy Lighters/Matches
In this video I discuss how old you have to be to buy lighters/matches.
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Meerschaum Lined Pipes
Meerschaum Lined Pipes.
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Part II Australia To Be A Pipe Smoker
In this video I discuss why it's bad to be a pipe smoker in Australia
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Cigar Question: How Long Should I Let My Cigars Rest Before Smoking Them???
How long should I let my cigars rest in a humidor before smoking them???
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Part 44 Telling If Pipe Tobacco Is Too Moist or Too Dry
In this video I tell you the most simple way to tell the moister content of your pipe tobacco
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Junk Yard Dawg
Very Good Full English Blend. 8/10 for rating.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: G L Pease Ashbury
Very spicy, smooth, creamy English Blend. 8/10 For rating.
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Cigar Review: Padron Damaso No. 15 Toro (6x52)
Great cigar with flavors of cedar, wood and tobacco. 8/10 For Rating.
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Strike Anywhere Matches
Coolest matches Ever!!!!!!!! Cheap too, the video explains the rest.
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Annual Deaths From Pipe/Cigar Smoking
Interesting Info On Pipe/Cigar Smoking
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Pipe Tobacco Review: Danish Black Vanilla
Very poor burn hot and fast 3/10 for rating
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Do You Get Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Smoking Cigars/Pipes???
Do you? Sorry for the bad lighting.
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Part 6 How Much Nicotine In Chew/Dip
In this video I discuss how much nicotine there is in chewing tobacco and/or dipping tobacco.
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Part 75 How To Take A Draw Off A Cigar
In this video I explain how to take a draw off a cigar.
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Pipe Tobacco Review: G.L. Pease Gaslight
Very good strong, smokey and rich blend. 8/10 for Rating
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SmokingEssy7887's One and Only Verdict On Smoking Fetish People
The long awaited video on my opinion on smoking fetish people.
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Pipe/Cigar Question: Throat Hit Is It Worth It???
Is it worth it to get a throat hit???
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Boswell Pipe Tobacco's
Can you tell me more about Boswell's?
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Finally Tried The Padron 90th Cigar(s)
Finally Tried The Padron 90th Cigar(s).
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Nasal Snuff Review: Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte
Very Pleasant smell!!! 9.5/10 for rating!!! Good snuff!!!!!!
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Part II: Cigarillos
White owl, Black and Mild, Phillies Blunts etc
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