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The College Interview: Tell Me About Yourself
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to respond to the Tell Me About Yourself college interview
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The College Appeal Letter: How To Get More Financial Aid
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to use the college appeal letter to get back what a college takes away in financial aid
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Teacher Recommendation Letter: Format For Recommendation Letter
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com A teacher letter of recommendation suggests there's a correct format for a recommendation letter.
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Rolling Admissions: Why Apply This Way?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com When to apply on the basis of rolling admissons
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How To Apply To College: How Many Colleges?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to apply to college means countng how many colleges you should apply to.
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Fear Of College: First-Year Students
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com First-year student fears are normal. Embrace them.
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College Admission Essay: College Essay Topics To Avoid
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com The college admission essay has 7 college essay topics you should avoid.
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How To Find The Cheapest Colleges
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Finding cheap colleges requires your answering this vital question.
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Leadership In College Admissions
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to lead when your resume has no evidence of leadership
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Scholarships: How To Find Them
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Scholarships searching is made a whole lot easier for the do-it-yourselfer
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Why A Merit Scholarship Can Be A Total Surprise
http://www.planforcollegevideos,com You don't have to be a national merit scholar to get a merit scholarship.
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3 Things High School Seniors Should Do Early
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com 3 things high school seniors should do early in their senior year.
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Why Ivy League Colleges Are No Longer Relevant.
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Why companies prefer grads from the big universities instead of the Ivy League colleges
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College Essay: Dumb Things You Don't Say
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Learn to speak before you start writing.
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How To Get Into College: Consider Multiple Deposits
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Should You Send A Video With A College Application?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Should the college application have a video attached?
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How To Write A College Application Essay
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Finally, a simple formula on how to write a great college essay
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Why Early Decision Is A College Admissions Mistake
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Why early decision in applying to college is a huge mistake
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College Admission Essay: The Biggest Mistake
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com The biggest mistake college-bound students make on the college admission essay
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Uncommon Common App Tips
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Here are just a few very uncommon Common App tips.
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FAFSA Mistakes To Avoid
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Here are mistakes to avoid when filling out the FAFSA
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Common Application Essay: The Best Topic
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com This is the best question to answer as your Common Application essay.
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Why The College Double Major Is Useless
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com A waste of time, effort, and money
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Your Social Security Number on College Applications?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Why you need your social security number to appear on college applications
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FAFSA - It's Easy!
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Plan For College Videos
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Here's how you plan for college: get expensive pre-college advice for a whole lot less.
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Admission To College: It Takes A Ribbon
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Why it takes a ribbon to gain admission to college
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College Debt
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com The awful college debt you can expect when you graduate from college.
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Diversity In College
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to avoid diversity in college requirements in the college admissions office
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The College Fair Dump From College Admissions
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Is the college fair a waste of time?
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AP Test Results 2011: How To Make A Money Connection
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Here's how to make the money connection between AP test scores and reducing your college costs.
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High School College Night Is A Parent Pity Party
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com A high school college night can be a waste of time!
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College Videos For Students On How To Get Into College
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Get more than 100 college videos for students on how to get into college and pay less for it.
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College And Facebook: Hazardous?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com College and Facebook could be a deadly combination. Here's why.
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Test Scores: When Do I Send Them?
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com When do I send in my test scores?
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College Reality Check #1
http://www.videocollegeadvisor.com What every parent needs to know before spending a dime with any college
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College Advisor: Paul Hemphill's Clients Reveal His Results
http://www.videocollegeadvisor.com This college advisor lets his clients sound off.
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The College Visit: Press For Good Answers
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Make your college visit productive by getting good answers to your questions.
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SAT/ACT Tutor Alexis Avila
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The College Tour: The One-Mile Comfort Zone
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Where parents should be on a campus tour.
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How To Get A College Interview
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to get a college interview when the college says, "We don't require interviews."
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College Reality Check #2: What Are Parents Getting For Their Money?
http://www.videocollegeadvisor.com What parents should watch before they pay any college a dime.
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College Reality Check #3: What Are Parents Getting For Their Money?
http://www.videocollegeadvisor.com Here's what every parent of college-bound students should watch.
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Can Paul Hemphill play the piano? We video, you decide.
http://www.precollegeprep.com Can you fool all the people all the time? Or just some of the people some of the time? Or some of the people all the time?
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The College Drop Out: Focus On The First 6 Weeks
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com How to avoid being a college drop out in the first 6 weeks of freshman year.
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Assumption College Reunion (Class of 1968)
http://www.videocollegeadvisor Alumnus Paul Hemphill runs the camera for this Assumption College reunion.
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Quincy Tutoring
http://www.videocollegeadvisor Here's un unpaid endorsement for this SAT prep course.
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What The Guidance Counselor Must Know Now
http:www.planforcollegevideos.com What your child's high school guidance counselor must know immediately
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Test Optional Colleges
http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Test optional colleges are dishonest.
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