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INTERVIEW: Jasper Cuppaidge
Alex Marshall from Capital Craft Beer went down to Camden Town Brewery to meet its founder. Jasper Cuppaidge spoke about all things craft beer and where the industry is heading.
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Keystone, An Environmentally Friendly Brewery
Alasdair Large, founder of Keystone Brewery, talks to Capital Craft Beer about the value of sustainability in the Brewing Industry.
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3 Tips for the Novice Craft Beer Taster
Guest Vlogger Lizzie tells Capital Craft Beer her 3 Tips for the Novice Craft Beer Taster whilst trying to convert Hannah.
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Bath Beer Festival Audio Slideshow
We went along to Bath's Beer Festival to see if there really was contention between Camra members and craft beer.
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Interview: Tom Cadden
Captial Craft Beer talks to the Group Manager of the Craft Beer Co , Tom Cadden
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The Micro-Batch Beer Brewing Kit
Interview with Simon on his new Craft Beer company
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Chris Hall, The Man Behind the Posts
Renowned beer writer Chris Hall talks to Capital Craft Beer about the recent UK craft beer boom and his experience of it through his blog.
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Craft Beer Week
Anna Carlson discussses if craft beer could be the solution to keeping local pubs open.
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Chris Hall comments on Sexism in the Beer Industry
Beer writer Chris Hall talks to Capital Craft Beer about the mentality that the beer industry is some sort of boys' club.
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Capital Craft Beer interview MP Andrew Murrison
We talk to MP Andrew Murrison who's been awarded the parliamentary beer award for his advocacy for the beer industry in parliament. However we questioned him on whether it's a conflict of interests with Conservative MP Murrison helping the beer industry and the health related issues associated with alcohol consumption as a doctor. Watch the interview to find out what he said.
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Guest Vloggers - Elanor and Jason
Melbourne based craft beer experts spoke to Capital Craft Beer about their local scene and what's on offer there. They also gave some top tips for the craft beer novice and what's on offer in the typical Melbourne pub or bar.
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London Beer Week: day one in sights and tastes
Anna Carlson and Alex Marshall from Capital Craft Beer give us their thoughts on the four beers they tasted at London Beer Week 2015.
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Online Guest Vlog: Ang Daybell
Are you a craft beer novice? Don't worry, A. Daybell tells Capital Craft Beer the 6 things you need to know about Craft Beer.
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