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Entering your Coursework
Helpful tips and tricks on NursingCAS coursework entry.
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Admissions Experience
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Student Experience
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NursingCAS Verification
NursingCAS verifies the course work information applicants report on their application against their corresponding official transcripts and checks for any discrepancies. Schools use the verified course work and transcript information to help determine whether or not an applicant is a good candidate for their program. Nursing and admissions staff review and evaluate lots of transcripts (depending on the size of their applicant pool) when making admissions decisions. It can be difficult to evaluate applicant course work when different schools report it in different ways and transcripts vary in look. Typically schools do hand GPA calculations and the volume of applicants they review can lead to human error. The verification process helps to cut down on human error, which benefits both applicants and nursing programs. That is why the course work section of your application is a very important part of the NursingCAS application process.
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NursingCAS Full Case Study
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IT Experience
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Administrator Experience
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