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Safehouse I used to be innocent like you
Whistle blower killed. I used to be innocent like you, wrap myself up in the flag.
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Shooter snow scene there are no sides
There is no democrats and republicans, there is only haves and have-nots. Are you on the inside, or are you on the out?
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Dangers and repercussions of promiscuous lifestyle for men and women pt. 1
Gloria.tv. Besides STDs, the physical biological, brain chemical, repercussions of having sex with multiple partners. original video site: http://www.gloria.tv/?media=41992
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Stephen chow Fight Scene Karate
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Moon Warriors music theme
Part of the movie with great music
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Dangers and repercussions of promiscuous lifestyle for men and women pt. 2
Gloria.tv. Besides STDs, the physical biological, brain chemical, repercussions of having sex with multiple partners. original video site: http://www.gloria.tv/?media=41992
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Jesus was killed over Debt money.  Michael Hudson on Keiser Report
Economist Michael Hudson describes how Jesus was killed by the Romans over his desires to have debtors debts cancelled. Debt cancellation was opposed by the leading Jewish Rabbis. Jesus spoke about in his early sermons. Jesus went to the Temple unrolled the scroll of Isiah and proclaimed the Jubilee year. The creditor interests took control of the Jewish church, and had Jesus killed for trying to restore people from their DEBTS , NOT sins. The word SIN and DEBT are the SAME in archaic language. That's what debts originally was taken up for, to pay for causing a sin, or personal injury.
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Richard  Wolff Federal Reserve is NOT the problem
Economist Richard Wolff explains how central bank was created to manage and prevent massive mistrust in banking.
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Shanghai Calling cafe expat scene
Cafe scene where Amanda confronts Sam's real intentions in China; Is he here to stay long term or for a short term stint? Sound is bad, but you can read the subtitles.
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Which country profits the most from selling the iPhone
Which country profits the most from selling iPhone. Excerpt from the documentary "Inequality for all'.
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Mike Dunleavy draft pick
Mike Dunleavy draft
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Corruption is why we win Syriana Movie
The sick secret. Corruption is why we win.
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Love line 911 Adam Carolla Dr Drew
Loveline radio show 9/11 2001 Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky
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Those Mother Fuckers
Eddie Griffin
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Stomach gurgling.  Possible water in intestines making the sound.  Turn up volume.
gurgling sound I'm able to make whenever after I take a good dump.
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Dangerous bacteria at airport security
bacteria on airport floors walking through metal detectors
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The Moon Warriors Music soundtrack score
Anita Mui scene
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calf cramp
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Jason Richardson Dunk contest
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Crazy ass white boy
Crazy ass white boy
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Avengers Seven Nation Army Trailer
The soundtrack to the Avengers wasn't memorable. I think the G.I. Joe soundtrack is more suitable.
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Patriot Radio reads Jay's Letter about China
This is Jay's astonishing and controversial, but well written, letter to the Patriot news hour about the subject of China on March 3rd, 2010. http://www.allamericangold.com/ http://patriotarchives.blogspot.com/
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Winking Entertainment Shanghai, China demo reel
Winking Entertainment, a leading game development company in Asia , was established in 2000, from online game development to art outsourcing, we have obtained trust and recognition by several leading game companies worldwide through our continuous efforts in improving the quality of services. Winking has a great experienced talent pool specialize in coding, artwork design and game design etc. with more 300 development staff and have offices in Shanghai, Taipei and Nanjing. Most of senior developers have more than 10 years of experience in gaming industry.  Winking 3D and 2D outsourcing company located in Shanghai China. You can contact me through my youtube inbox.
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NBA Live 2003 Trailer
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Stephen Chow Flirting scholar painting
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Pick tennis ball up with Feet part 2
Picking up tennis ball with my feet
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KIA  flip out commercial song
KIA car commercial flip out song 1 minute
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Li Ning Basketball commercial
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To live is to consume. To live is to spend.
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Police on 94
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White Women!!!
All my life I've only been able to think about ONE Thing.... WHITE WOMEN!!!!!
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grab tennis ball with feet
Challenge accepted
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Boss exploits worker
Bryan Cranston exploits his worker
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Spending helps the economy.
You save so you can spend it later. If you can't afford it now, you can get credit. If not, then save up to spend it. But ultimately, you spend it. That's how an economy works. Savings is not investments. With investments there are risks. You can make or lose money with investments. But you SPENT your money to buy those investments didn't you? And your investments depend on others spending their money to buy whatever products your investments represent otherwise your investments wouldn't be so valuable.
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Trolling auto repair GTA V online
Trolling on GTA V
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Stiglitz on gene patents and TPP
Joseph Stiglitz explains the greedy Myriad big pharma patents and explains the TPP as a form of second Opium war via trade policies.
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Stephen Chow
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Sensational Athlete
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Are you a slacker?
Career Opportunities
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My reaction to game of thrones Red Wedding
My reaction to game of thrones red wedding
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I love living at home
Career opportunities
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90% of product launches are failures due to lack of understanding humanities.
Clip from new economic perspective
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