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PROOF OF GOD. Man gets cured from eating FAECES and URINE.
PROPHET T. B. JOSHUA “DELIVERS” MAN FROM EATING SHIT-. Mr Mukaila Malomo, a Nigerian who lived in Germany for 16 years, confessed to being addicted to regularly taking a sickening concoction of faeces, semen and urine. People present in the church could scarcely contain their shock as Malomo’s revelations continued. “It is not only my own faeces; on many occasions, I visited public toilets here in Nigeria and Germany and ate from there.” He described the mixture as food to him. “I enjoy it. I don’t even perceive any smell. I eat it as if I eat eba (Nigerian cuisine) or something like that. Joshua then called on the congregants to join together in supplication and proceeded to pray for the ‘demon’ within Malomo to come out! Falling to the floor, Malomo’s body began vibrating uncontrollably and uncannily. Asked to explain what was happening, Malomo said he felt as if something was leaving his body. Be blessed as you watch. Credits to EMMANUEL TV for Prophet T. B. Joshua (WWW.SCOAN.ORG) God BLESS.
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These are the three kinds of Heaven explained by God to his humbled servant through the Holy Spirit. I pray God helps you to believe. Amen.
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