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WAR IS A RACKET 1935 Gen. Smedley Butler- Chapter One: War is a Racket
Holler at me on Patreon guys. I'm still looking for my very first patron. Will it be you? Thanks so much in advance and enjoy the video. Feel free to mirror, so long as you give me the attribution, and provide links to my YT, my Minds.com, and my Patreon. Thanks again guys! https://www.patreon.com/Divided_And_Conquered This is Major General Smedley Darlington Butler's 1935 classic piece on what war is all about in reality. This is a must hear for any of those people who still believe war is fought primarily for freedom, sovereignty, democracy, God & country, and a whole host of other propagandistic "reasons". War is fought for the economic benefit of the very few at the expense of the very many, even at the expense of generations not yet born. It is one of the greatest understatements you will ever hear to say that war is a horrific thing, but to think that one of the biggest reasons it is fought is for the benefit of a handful of individuals causes an even greater indignation in the breasts of all those with an inkling of compassion. With this realization comes a horror all its own.
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9/11 & Operation Northwoods - Why the US Is Willing to SLAUGHTER Its Own Citizens
So America.... you really think your government would never kill it's own citizens, the citizens of other nations, and / or fake an attack as a pretext for WAR? We all know that lies are told as a pretext, but did you know the US would even kill its own for pecuniary ulterior motives? Don't listen to MY opinion, just listen to this declassified document's outline of how to do it. This is your world, I'm just living in it and reporting what I see. I am an American. I love my country, but I HATE MY GOVERNMENT as it exists today..
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Big bang vs. religion
An honest thought provoking insight into the main differences between science and religion. Neither science nor religion can explain how it all began. The difference is science admits it doesn't know, then strives for the answers. Religion has all the answers (so they think) therefore no search for answers is necessary.
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Robert G Ingersoll's First Speech 1860- Progress; Part 1, Progress
Please rate & comment whether or not you like either me, my presentation or Robert Ingersoll. If however, you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, favorite &/or feature my video as a token of appreciation. By doing so, you can greatly help my video/s get noticed by others. Highly rated, favorited and featured videos get noticed much quicker. Thanks in advance. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ The first ever speech from Robert Ingersoll in 1860. He was just 27. Little did those lucky enough to be listening know that he would come to be known as "The Great Agnostic", one of the greatest orators of his day. I found a bunch of Ingersoll's works and will be posting them periodically when the mood hits me. I never did any narration before so it was fun to mess around. I love RGI's speeches. He was really something else.
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God's Omniscience EXPOSED
Ever wonder how God can be omniscient when He can't even account for His own existence except to say "I just always was" ? If we say that an all-knowing, all-powerful deity was always there, then that leads to MANY more questions than if we simply say the universe ITSELF was always there. Then we don't have to explain how this deity got His powers. All we'd have to contend with then are the laws of nature, the physical laws, which are mystery enough without inserting a deity of unimaginable complexity. All we do by attempting to explain existence using God is make the problem INFINITELY more difficult. It's hard enough; in my opinion it's impossible to know the nature of existence... but that won't stop us from trying. Such is human curiosity... infinite as the universe from which it sprang....
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War is a Racket Chapter 2 ...The long awaited!
Chapter 2 of Smedley Butler's classic polemic against war profiteering and racketing.
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George Washington's First Annual Message to Congress January 8th, 1790
This was after the 1st year of Washington's 8 year presidency. I just love how Washington calls the Indians the 'aggressors' when they had their land taken from under them and were merely trying to survive a genocide that took untold millions of native lives. Here come the white men, taking land as they go from people who inhabited it for 13,000 years, yet it's the natives who are the 'aggressors'. It didn't take long for hypocrisy to show its ugly face. Now, to be fair, the Indians didn't want to assimilate. But who could blame them? They saw the white man who destroys everything he touches and they wanted no parts of it. They chose death over assimilation, and for that, I acknowledge their incredible independence and resolute determination to not be changed from who they were. Their spirit is an inspiration to me. They'd rather die than either be a slave or give up their culture for something completely foreign to them. For a nation that claims to love an underdog, we certainly have forgotten the indigenous people, the people of the Sun.
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The Gary Webb Series Part 1 "Introduction and Purpose"
This is the first part of a series I intend to do about Gary Webb, an investigative journalist who is supposed to have uncovered CIA complicity with, or at least knowledge of, cocaine running tied to the Contra war effort in the 1980's. The cocaine that hit the streets is said to have fueled the gigantic crack explosion across the country in the very early 80's I intend look into this story and find out what I can, then put all the information out there for people to see in one convenient format. Ten years ago, Gary was found with 2 shots to the the head and it was ruled a suicide. (He did the story in 1996, he was found dead in 2004) There was a note that was said to have been left for the moving company, etc, and there are some strange circumstances surrounding the death, not least of which is the fact he had TWO bullet holes to the face. **IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION ON WHETHER GARY WAS LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED, I'D LOVE TO BE ABLE TO CONFIRM THAT, THANKS**
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I HATE Atheists
Why do they exist? Do they just want to take God from me? Why are they even there AT ALL? Are they the offspring of some ancient ancestral line of party poopers and pessimists? What gives anyway?
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What Sacrifice?
How can a God die in the first place? Even if he could die, does coming back to life in 3 days negate the sacrifice? Don't you have to stay dead for that to be a sacrifice? ... And don't tell me about the ordeal of crucifixion either... Pain is nothing to a God. It was more like a cruci-FICTION than a crucifixion. Who would worship a Father who sends his son to be executed for mere mortals he just poofed into existence? You'd think the Father would value his REAL son over his petty human creations with all our sinful ways.. If God would sacrifice his own REAL son, then how do we know that he won't sacrifice us at some point in the future? If he'd off his own son, what chance do we have? Of course, there is no God, there was no sacrifice, and virgins don't get pregnant... but you know... I'm just sayin... Even if all that WERE true, the story STILL doesn't make any fucking sense. Not one iota of reason or logic in there. Not a drop. Although, Jesus sounds like he woulda been a fun dude to smoke a fatty with.... "Yo... dude.... do that resurrection trick again....... WHooooaaaaa!!!!" He did kinda look like a hippy. I'm just sayin... Didn't Charles Manson suggest his followers leave their family too? Luke 14:26 "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple."
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Seneca Nation's Petition to George Washington for Return of Their Lands 1790
The Seneca Nation makes a plea for their lands. A people removed from their land is no people at all. It's absolutely horrifying trying to contemplate what happened to the Natives here, not just the Seneca. Such aggregate suffering is impossible for one mind to understand.
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Robert G Ingersoll's First Speech 1860- Progress; Part 2, Witchcraft
Please rate & comment whether or not you like either me, my presentation or Robert Ingersoll. If however, you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, favorite &/or feature my video as a token of appreciation. By doing so, you can greatly help my video/s get noticed by others. Highly rated, favorited and featured videos get noticed much quicker. Thanks in advance. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ The first ever speech from Robert Ingersoll in 1860. He was just 27. Little did those lucky enough to be listening know that he would come to be known as "The Great Agnostic", one of the greatest orators of his day. I found a bunch of Ingersoll's works and will be posting them periodically when the mood hits me. I never did any narration before so it was fun to mess around. I love RGI's speeches. He was really something else.
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George Washington's 3rd Annual Message to Congress
Washington talks about the founding of our 10 mile square seat of government. Washington DC is its own city-state as is the Vatican and The City of London.
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Robert Green Ingersoll's First Speech 1860: Progress; Part 3, Mechanical Arts
Please rate & comment whether or not you like either me, my presentation or Robert Ingersoll. If however, you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, favorite &/or feature my video as a token of appreciation. By doing so, you can greatly help my video/s get noticed by others. Highly rated, favorited and featured videos get noticed much quicker. Thanks in advance. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ The first ever speech from Robert Ingersoll in 1860. He was just 27. Little did those lucky enough to be listening know that he would come to be known as "The Great Agnostic", one of the greatest orators of his day. I found a bunch of Ingersoll's works and will be posting them periodically when the mood hits me. I never did any narration before so it was fun to mess around. I love RGI's speeches. He was really something else.
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George Washington's 2nd Annual Address to Congress September 8th 1790
George Washington's 2nd Annual Address to Congress September 8th 1790.
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Robert G Ingersoll's First Speech 1860 & 64; Progress, Part 4, Slavery
This is RGI's first speech given in 1860 then again in 1864 with this part added after the abolition of slavery. SLAVERY. I HAVE endeavored thus far to show you some of the results produced by enslaving the human mind. I now call your attention to another terrible phase of this subject; the enslavement of the body. Slavery is a very ancient institution, yes, about as ancient as robbery, theft and murder, and is based upon them all. Springing from the same fountain, that a man is not the owner of his soul, is the doctrine that he is not the owner of his body. The two are always found together, supported by precisely the same arguments, and attended by the same infamous acts of cruelty. From the earliest time, slavery has existed in all countries, and among all people until recently. Pufendorf said that slavery was originally established by contract. Voltaire replied, "Show me the original contract, and if it is signed by the party that was to be a slave I will believe you." You will bear in mind that the slavery of which I am now speaking is white slavery. Greeks enslaved one another as well as those captured in war. Coriolanus scrupled not to make slaves of his own countrymen captured in civil war. Julius Cæsar sold to the highest bidder at onetime fifty-three thousand prisoners of war all of whom were white. Hannibal exposed to sale thirty thousand captives at one time, all of whom were Roman citizens. In Rome, men were sold into bondage in order to pay their debts. In Germany, men often hazarded their freedom on the throwing of dice. The Barbary States held white Christians in slavery in this, the 19th century. There were white slaves in England as late as 1574. There were white slaves in Scotland until the end of the 18th century. These Scotch slaves were colliers and salters. They were treated as real estate and passed with a deed to the mines in which they worked. It was also the law that no collier could work in any mine except the one to which he belonged. It was also the law that their children could follow no other occupation than that of their fathers. This slavery absolutely existed in Scotland until the beginning of the glorious 19th century. Some of the Roman nobles were the owners of as many as twenty thousand slaves. The common people of France were in slavery for fourteen hundred years. They were transferred with land, and women were often seen assisting cattle to pull the plough, and yet people have the impudence to say that black slavery is right, because the blacks have always been slaves in their own country. I answer, so have the whites until very recently. In the good old days when might was right and when kings and popes stood by the people, and protected the people, and talked about "holy oil and divine right," the world was filled with slaves. The traveler standing amid the ruins of ancient cities and empires, seeing on every side the fallen pillar and the prostrate wall, asks why did these cities fall, why did these empires crumble? And the Ghost of the Past, the wisdom of ages, answers: These temples, these palaces, these cities, the ruins of which you stand upon were built by tyranny and injustice. The hands that built them were unpaid. The backs that bore the burdens also bore the marks of the lash. They were built by slaves to satisfy the vanity and ambition of thieves and robbers. For these reasons they are dust. Their civilization was a lie. Their laws merely regulated robbery and established theft. They bought and sold the bodies and souls of men, and the mournful winds of desolation, sighing amid their crumbling ruins, is a voice of prophetic warning to those who would repeat the infamous experiment. From the ruins of Babylon, of Carthage, of Athens, of Palmyra, of Thebes, of Rome, and across the great desert, over that sad and solemn sea of sand, from the land of the pyramids, over the fallen Sphinx and from the lips of Memnon the same voice, the same warning and uttering the great truth, that no nation founded upon slavery, either of body or mind, can stand. And yet, to-day, there are thousands upon thousands endeavoring to build the temples and cities and to administer our Government upon the old plan. They are makers of brick without straw. They are bowing themselves beneath hods of untempered mortar. They are the babbling builders of another Babel, a Babel of mud upon a foundation of sand. Nothwithstanding the experience of antiquity as to the terrible effects of slavery, bondage was the rule, and liberty the exception, during the Middle Ages not only, but for ages afterward. The same causes that led to the liberation of mind also liberated the body. Free the mind, allow men to write and publish and read, and one by one the shackles will drop, broken, in the dust. This truth was always known, and for that reason slaves have never been allowed to read. It has always been a crime to teach a slave. The intelligent prefer death to slavery. Education is the most radical...
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Galactic Ejaculate
The universe gives me goosebumps sometimes. Ok, ALL THE TIME!!! How does it feel to possibly be eternal? How does it feel be a meaningless speck while at the same time being the voice of the eternal cosmos? Goosebumps. That's how it feels. I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I begin to ponder our true place in this vast cosmos. I think of how many others may be thinking this way right now around some other star... I think how many have pondered before me.... My imagination runs wild all through time and space and I keep coming back to the ONE thing that all life in the cosmos HAS to have in common, no matter where it is, and that is: We are all the result of of dying stars spewing their rich guts across the cosmos. So no matter where life is, no matter when it was or will be, the elements that make them up AND the world(s) they inhabit will ALL BE MADE FROM THE SAME MATERIAL: Galactic Ejaculate. Even more than DNA, we all share the same chemistry. The DNA itself would not be possible without our beloved Galactic Ejaculate. Hey, maybe the universe is a pre-mature ejaculator? .... Ok bad pun...
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Just A Creepy Fruit
I told him to leave me alone. He had to hyper-analyze me. It's in his nature. Well it's in mine too. I have no idea who he is but he had to keep at it. He had to get the last word... Well so do I... You see,I have no life. This is what you get when you stir someone up who has nothing but free time to analyze your every word, for educational purposes only, OF COURSE. So let's break down one of this guy's videos and see if we can't learn something. This is just in the spirit of fun only. I do not hate this guy, nor do I even really know him. He does creep me out, but I in no way recommend or condone any cyber-bullying. I just wanted to show him that there are more ways to deal with trolls than merely censoring them. Video being ANALyzed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzGAAG7SSw&list=UUMapvvEXjnVL2a3Q7BnKhPA&index=1&feature=plcp User being violated, I mean ANALyzed: http://www.youtube.com/user/starhobo14
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Reductionist and Proud of It
Reductionists take all the beauty out of existence when they are done taking it all apart. NOT. Finding out how things work can only ADD to the beauty of something. It's mostly religious people who gripe about reductionism because when we're done taking the world apart and reverse engineering it, there's nothing left of their inept religious teachings on how the universe and even life works and changes through time. Anti-reductionists are people who can't stand hearing the truth about reality for fear of spoiling their fantastical notions of Gods, Devils and of heavens and hells.
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God spoke to me
When people pray to god it is quite normal. When people claim god spoke to them, automatically, they are considered insane- even by other theists. Why is that?
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1st Veto in United States History on Congressional Redistricting   George Washington April 5th, 1792
1st ever United States Veto. It went back to the house where they attempted to override the President's veto (aka negative power) but the override failed to achieve the required votes. The House then had to make certain changes to the bill and so it was amended and eventually passed as the *Apportionment Act of 1792*.
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I'm Prejudiced !!
Prejudiced? You mean racist? What exactly DO you mean? Your use of the word prejudice only reveals your ignorance of the definition thereof. .... Sweet!!! I always wanted to use thereof in a sentence... fuckin nerd...
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Why did God create humans?
What was the motivation for God to create people?
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Abortions in Heaven
What happens to a fetus or embryo if it goes to heaven? What happens if it never got a chance to learn anything? Is it given knowledge in heaven? If so, how do you know that? Where, in what literature, is that even suggested? When it comes to heaven, aren't we just making shit up across the board? So why is this anything new? I don't fucking know.
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So... You Say You Want A Revolution?
If this inspires you even a little, 'like' and 'favorite' this to show it. Maybe it'll get noticed, who knows? Thank you all in advance. Just what is a revolution? Does it have to be a violent and bloody thing? If necessary, yes. But what is absolutely unstoppable is a revolution of thinking; a paradigm shift. Do not think you are useless, you can do your part in a revolution of the mind. There are no excuses. Everyone can partake. Old, young, crippled, healthy, white, black, republican, democrat religious, non believer; it doesn't matter. You can do SOMETHING. I'm sick of defeatists and pessimists. I'm here to drop some knowledge on you negative thinking motherfuckers. You have UNTOLD power but you just don't know it. That's why it sickens me to hear my fellow Americans and some of the people I love cry about how we are powerless and this & that.... NO WE ARE NOT !!!!!!!! Wake the fuck up and realize the power we wield if we would just put our minds to doing something. We, JUST AS CONSUMERS, can bend mighty corporations to their knees if we really wanted to, but yet we belly ache about how we are so powerless. It seems none of us are willing to sacrifice any of our time or money into bettering either ourselves OR our communities, let alone our nation. We have it all so easy yet we are willing to compromise on nothing. We refuse to give up even the smallest of our luxuries and/or self-absorbed activities. We have become arrogant, uncaring, selfish, egotistical dummies who act like the world owes us something. Truth hurts, doesn't it? Just look at what America has become and the truth is clear. It makes me sick. Powerless? Fuck no. Uneducated, cowardly, overfed and fucking lazy? YOU GOT IT. _________________________________________________________________________ ALL REVOLUTIONS BEGIN IN THE MINDS OF PEOPLE. Has yours begun yet?
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Understanding What a TRILLION Dollars Is
Ever listen to politicians throw numbers around like 'trillion this' and 'trillion that'? Ever wonder exactly what one trillion dollars is relative to numbers mere mortals like ourselves can comprehend? It'll blow you away.
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Ron Paul People Are Idiots
First off, yes you can wait for the general election, but you can give him a big boost in the primaries... Show up people!!! If you don't vote in the primary and you live in a state that has one, you are a fucking complete moron and have no right to complain if Dr. Paul loses. It's your responsibility to know what your state's rules are and when the primary takes place. It is your responsibility to know that you must be a registered republican to vote in the primary. It is your responsibility to know that in order to switch parties to be able to vote in a republican party, you must do so 3 months ahead of time OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. What does Dr. Paul preach? Self sustainability and reliance, honoring your own responsibilities and being AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE. The government isn't going to help you change parties and vote for him. They want it more difficult. You need to be aware of this and do what you have to do to exercise your right to vote. Don't fuck this one up, it's Dr. Paul's last run.
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Man's Ignorance, the Church & the Afterlife
Thumb. Fave. Share. Sub. C'mon, you know ya wanna... A bit of a philosophical look at how we humans think of things. Towards the end, I take a look at death itself and came up with a positive angle on death. Part 1: Terrestrial point of view vs. True objectivity (if that's possible) Part 2: How the doctrine of the Catholic Church has evolved, similar to how an organism adapts to pressure from it's environment. No pressure, no change. Part 3: Our fear of death and how it is looked upon with great anxiety when we should understand that it is death itself that makes what little life we have so precious. If we lived forever, one day would be just as guaranteed as the next. Talk about boredom... This video was made one night last year around November or December of 2011. I attached the pictures and finally uploaded it. I had this saved on the computer where I work but had to work at another location and so never finished the video until now. I WOULD LOVE SOME INPUT & YOUR THOUGHTS. Any comments welcome, even the obligatory trolls. "Hit me with your best pot." - Henry Crumb - RIP Henry, you were one funny motherfucker...
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"Why" Questions
Are there really any "why" questions as it applies to the universe (non-sentient material) or is the question "why" a uniquely human phenomenon? It seems since everything we do has a reason that we assume the universe must work that way too. Do we really mean to ask "how" but we make the common mistake of asking "why" instead? On earth, after something happens we ask why did it happen because generally, we have sentient creatures on earth that CHOOSE to do either this or that. The universe doesn't operate that way. There is no intentionality in the universe with the exception of sentient beings, therefore, to ask why about anything in the universe except sentient beings is both misleading and unanswerable. We think the mysteries of the universe are so extremely hard to understand and for the most part they are. Could our difficulty be lessened merely by making sure we frame a question properly? Is intelligence all about finding the right answers OR is it MORE about asking the right questions? What good is finding the right answer to the wrong question? First we need to ask the proper questions, then devote our time in the right direction.
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Response to Muslim Guy: Take 2
Here's a little peek behind the scenes. This was actually a second video I sent, THE FIRST ONE WAS NOT UPLOADED. This is what I do when I'm You-Tubing.... This is typical of the kind of effort that people like myself and (for example) TruthSurge spend so much time on. (He is a fellow atheist and deals with Muslims a lot in private too) Go give him a shout: http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthSurge You guys have no idea how much we fight the good fight when no one's looking........ Or.... Maybe you DO !! This was a private message from probably October 2011. It was sent to an individual who is Muslim. We had a back and forth there intermittently. (That's 'off and on' for you creationists and fundamentalists) I always respect messages both sent and received in private so the person will remain nameless but I'm sure you'll recognize the MO. It's the same regurgitated non-sense. IE Man is unique, the animals are programmed, blood clots in the Qu'ran, morality, free will... etc... blah blah blah. Same shit every time. That's not to say I don't like this person, I do. I think it's admirable that someone engage in dialogue. But then, the Qu'ran tells them to be polite to the infidels. Either way, this person seems to be a generally good person, from what I can tell. (which isn't much) We, from time to time, have sent each other such lengthy PM's that I decided to respond with a video. Since this video and countless book-long PMs have apparently had little to no impact (as I haven't heard from the person), I thought I'd make it public so at least it has the possibility of impacting SOMEONE. So enjoy. Thanks
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Re: Evidence For God: Not Necessary
Here's my mocking response to a mocking person who loves himself. He's a terrible actor and an even worse liar. See for yourself. DawahFilms: Evidence For God: Not Necessary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJt1PV_UIqw Complete Rationality: An Islamic Scholar??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzmeF4rgmIM&feature=channel_video_title
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God Paradox #3
God, it is said, had no beginning. This MUST mean he has no idea where he came from, thus he can't be all-knowing. If he does know where he came from, then he did have a beginning.
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FBI Murder Statistics According to Race in the U S
Over half of all murders are by black people. Black men are about 6 to 7% of the population. Take out black seniors and black youth and just look at black men between the ages of 13 to 45 and what you have is 3 to 4% of the population committing HALF OF ALL THE MURDERS. It's time to speak out and show who the real racists and predators are. Please help me out on Patreon. I could SO use it! Thanks guys! https://www.patreon.com/Divided_And_Conquered Colin Flaherty is great too: https://www.minds.com/ColinFlaherty RESPECT HIS CHANNEL!!! No cursing, no F-bombs; That's MY JOB. Come to me for that. On Colin's channel, he wants no racism, no rancor, and absolutely, unequivocally NO APOLOGIES. You Tube's a pile of dogshit anymore. Lots are moving over to Minds, at least for the nonce. I'm motivated now. I will never stop.
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Evidence God Does NOT Exist
I have infallible evidence God does not exist.
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A Message To The Religious
I believe that all this time in my crusade (lol) against religion on youtube has been ill spent. I've been preaching to the choir. (lol) I have ridiculed religious people incessantly and made them to feel unintelligent. Christ, I can't believe I'm saying this! (lol) But it is true. I have forgotten what it was like to be indoctrinated. I forgot about all the fear and guilt I had as a religious person. It's been a long time since I was religious and that time has made me arrogant and dismissive toward people of all faiths. I still hate religion. I just no longer hate the everyday individual who is religious because they are innocent victims. My anger has been misdirected. It's religion I hate not the people who follow it. (With the exception of the tel-evangelists who intentionally mislead people who are at vulnerable points in life, those scumbags I still hate.) Most, like myself had no choice in the selection of their religion. I know what that is like. I can remember thinking that there may be no god but still was too afraid to voice my opinion for fear of burning in hell, disappointing loved ones and possibly missing a chance to see my deceased father in heaven. Now that it has been so long since I made my decision to abandon my faith and indeed all faiths, I sometimes forget just how hard it was to do and just how long it took. I have been very hypocritical. Basically, I just want people of faith to know that it is OK to question. It is OK to doubt. I have gone through it. I was so into my faith that I was "saving" my friends from what I thought would be an eternity in hell for them. (After all, I knew I was going to heaven and couldn't stand the thought of a friend going to hell.) I was motivated out of deep concern for them. My intentions were admirable but i didn't know that I came off as arrogant because I could not see another point of view. My religion would not allow me to have another point of view. That would be tantamount to heresy. That would be abandoning god. All this I remember. I was so religious that any abandonment of my faith would necessarily take a long time to accomplish. Mind you, there was never a plan or goal to do this, it just happened over about 10 years. I had no outside influence leading me down this path. It was all my doing. If anything, the people around me wanted me to keep my faith. I don't know how I would have reacted if someone had called me stupid for believing or trashed my religion but I can hazard a guess that it would have only served to drive me deeper into my dogmatic thinking. The fact that it was MY choice, MY idea alone probably helped me free myself from the chains of religion. If it had been suggested to me, especially if in an insulting manner, I may not have made it to the freedom and relief I feel today, now released from the fear, guilt and shame I used to feel. The liberation is amazing. It's like been released from a self-induced mental prison. But still, I empathize with religious people now and realize that you get more flies with honey. I was once them so who am I to act like I'm better than them? That is exactly the type of arrogance I despise about religion. I don't want to convert people to atheism. I want to help people find their own way to de-conversion. After all, atheism has nothing to which to convert. It has no rules, no feeling of being born in sin, and no deity to worship. Atheism is just a word. A word which means no belief in a deity. That's it. Pretty benign if you ask me. To all you theists who are receptive to this message, I know what you are going through and having insight to what it's like to be indoctrinated I am in a unique position to bridge a gap and have a more empathetic dialogue. To all you atheists who are disappointed with me I understand. I just think this is a better way for me to convey my point.
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Interview with God
I ask God some of the things we've all been wondering. You know, like what he did for trillions of years before the universe, what is his favorite creation, what language did he think in before there were any.... you know stuff like that. THIS VIDEO WAS INSPIRED BY ROLLING ROCK!! LOL
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Sober Randy Rhodes
Just trying to fake a Randy solo. You can never quite catch Randy Rhodes' guitar prowess in a bottle. That's what made him great. Sometimes you can fake it though. =D
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My buddy, Captain Kool-Aid put me up to this. This is for you Leroy. I must admit, the ending makes my chest swell with pride.
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Explaining the Mystery of God?
Just a quick funny... I was bored. Seldom do religious people ever consider what it was like pre-universe. Just imagine a God who knows everything EXCEPT wtf he's doing there... Imagine just total darkness, nothing in existence except one being; and that being has no idea how He got there. He has perfect memory. He can go back to any point in the past and remember every thought he had then. You can go back as far as you like, and there was still nothing but this God...with no idea how or why He's there. No matter how far back in his memory he goes, he was always there!! Does he ever wonder about himself? God must be completely without identity because he has no origin. Imagine the feelings of insecurity. Here we have a God who can do anything but he is still not happy because he will always be a mystery to himself. Imagine the discontent. Imagine the feelings of not belonging. No wonder he created mankind to torture and kill.... He has to take it out on SOMEONE....
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Just tweaking the ole gee-tar.... Making some sense, at the end just being silly... Who ME??!!
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E Major exercises/Mexican Shmeal dance
Video PM Original Post: August 2011 [[[[ READ BELOW ]]]] 12/5/11 A little explaining is in order... This was a private video intended for TRUTHSURGE only.... (I suggest you go check him out) http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthSurge What happened was I found him on the tube and he was nice enough to entertain a few questions I had about guitar, as he is a pro and I'm..... well.... I'm not. So I sent him this and it stayed private since August. It's now December and instead of deleting it, I thought it was worth a laugh or two. Enjoy or face-palm, the world is your oyster, I just work here.
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The 10 Commandments
"Morality comes from the 10 Commandments" WHAT???
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Corn Flakes
Chu wanna get Rough wit me??!!
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Bible Time with Shmeal- Episode 1- Lot's Drunken Incestuous Desire
Thumb. Fave. Share. Sub. C'mon, you know ya wanna... Bible stories we didn't hear in Sunday School.... Ever wonder why they never read a whole chapter or book all the way through at church? That's because passages are VERY carefully cherry picked prior to the service so as to avoid reading some of the incredibly immoral material that is ubiquitous in the bible. That's why the passages are very short too, generally. NERD FUN TIP: Find the most commonly used and beloved passages that Christians employ. Make a list of the top 10 most popular.... Go look up each passage individually and then read the passage before it and the passage after it. Generally, the 'beloved passage' that you looked up now has a different meaning in light of the context in which it was REALLY used. If that doesn't work, read the entire CHAPTER in which the 'beloved passage' appears; read the chapter before and after. Usually you will find some serious gems... Even if it doesn't end up pertaining to the 'beloved passage' you'll always find something else that is disturbing to our sense of morality. Guaranteed. You can then PM the person (or see them face to face) who just LOOOOVES to quote scripture to you all day because they have NO THOUGHTS OF THEIR OWN.... (so irritating)....and tell them: 'Hey did you read the passage right after that? ... Yeah, it says....." or 'Hey did you know that in the very same book (Matthew, eg) that your passage appears, it also says THIS??..." They just look at you with that glassy stare that says .... fuck .... this atheist knows more about my bible than I do. That makes them MAAAAD. Believe me. That's when they threaten you with hellfire (they call it a friendly reminder..... I DON'T) and say: "I'll pray for you". Translation: You have just PWNED me so I will say some dumb shit that sounds like I'm taking the high road. To me, they might as well say go fuck yourself. PRAY FOR ME???!!! How fucking dare you ?- you arrogant prick. Pray for these nuts- that they don't end up in your mouth. Passive aggressive fuckers.....
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God Paradox #2
If god has a perfect vision of the future, is he powerless to change it? If he changes it, then his perfect prediction was not so perfect. Sorry again Mr. Creator, you can't have it both ways.
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God Paradox #1
I decided to re-do my video and inject a little humor. How can god be all-powerful? Here's 1 thing he can't do- create another god more powerful than himself. Sorry pal, Mr. Creator of the universe but I think I've got you on this one.
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Holy Books
Ever wonder how an all powerful god did such shoddy work on his holy books? If you were god wouldn't you make a book that stands out?
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George Washington's Talk to the Chiefs and Counselors of the Senaca Nation December 29th, 1790
This was Washington's response to the entreaty for fairness on behalf of the Seneca Nation that was read in the previous video in this series. In response to their grievances, they were force fed a bunch of lies- albeit incredibly eloquent lies- but lies just the same. I love my country, I am a fan of George Washington's but reading these speeches has disgusted me. Of course, even if George truly wanted to stick to his word, we as a nation DID NOT. Just as Washington put the blame on the individual States prior to being a unified nation, future presidents would do the same, pretty much claiming 'that was then, this is now'
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Man Boots
My cat tries to play me out like a scratch-off ticket...
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Re: Don't Fight atheists Youtube Christians!  just pray for them
Asking for a sign....
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