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What's in my bag 6th grade late
You're probably confused about the title well I pretty much got into 6th grade a while ago I got it into it in September the 5th September the 6th so technically I already started 6th grade and it's been fun and it's pretty much quote on quote my first or 6 or 5th day that's pretty awesome and I've been wanting to do this for a while I'm pretty tired so please don't really be that mean just take it easy on me thank you guys so much for watching like share subscribe and I love you
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Hair tutorial and also this weird thing that keeps on happening stay tuned
Guys I'm not lying I swear I was in the bathroom and this just kept on happening I had this weird feeling and I don't know I just feel like something bad was going to happen so anyways I just watch the video it's cool not just saying that love you and subscribe
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We need to talk ✌😔
I know the title sounds kind of dramatic but it's not anything big in fact I just wanted to talk to you guys about pretty much just just pretty much just about my name I changed my name because I wanted to keep some privacy from the world so please don't think it's something big or something huge is happening Thank you And subscribe
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Morning routine that is really bad
Like share subscribe to all the stupid stuff thank you have a good day whatever😆😳
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Apartment Tour( big)
Hello guys I know I haven't been filming a lot but I've just been so busy Summer's over school have started so I'm in 6th grade now and I'm so excited and I have tons of responsibility so I'm not going to film a lot but please know that I'm always going to feel them and it's always going to be my priority to do that so thank you guys so much like share subscribe I love you and have a great day and I know I sound kind of like dry last night I had this kind of 6th grade party and it was amazing and I kind of lost my voice because I was dancing with my friends it was lit okay thank you guys so much love you and bye
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