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Perdido on Vibraphone
Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for a while. I've had a lot of school work and also been working for stuff for band competitions so I haven't really had a lot of time on my hands. I've mostly been practicing stuff for school and I've also been try to bring the altered scale and also some Japanese modes that I learned into my language. If you have any tips on how I can improve my usage of the altered scale, please tell me in the comment section, I love constructive criticism. Also, Happy Easter and Happy Passover everybody!!!
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Just Friends on Vibraphone
We learned this song in my jazz band class, and needed to send a video of us playing a solo to our teacher for a marking period final grade. This was the video I sent. I was originally going to send this video to my teacher and then recording a new one for my YouTube, but I thought this came out well, so I decided to upload it.
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Summertime on Vibraphone
I got a new pair of mallets for Christmas so I can finally post videos with 4 mallets, as the most I'd really have at one time was like 3. I'm also going to have the upper manual of the vibes, so that the rope isn't broken, because currently the accidentals in higher octaves sound shrill and clanky. Thank you for watching.
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Take the A Train on Vibraphone
Hey guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have constructive criticism, please share it with me. I'm starting my sophomore year of school literally tomorrow, and I'm gonna be very busy, so it's likely I will not post very frequently until like Holiday Break when I will have a week off from school. I'll still try to post a video every once in a while if I'm able, and I have learned more than 10 jazz standards that I have not made videos on, so stay tuned. Cya!
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A Night in Tunisia on Vibraphone
Hey guys! It's Christmas break so I plan on posting more. I'm probably going to post one of Summertime, Work Song and maybe Song For My Father or It Don't Mean a Thing, but I'm not sure. I kinda wanna relax a little since I've been working hard in school, so if I don't post all of those, I'm sorry. Also, I learned the famous Dexter Gordon lick for the solo break, but I did try to alter it a little on the recording to make it my own, so in case you are wondering, no, I did not mess up, I just changed it a little.
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Blue Bossa on Vibraphone
Should I post videos of solos that I've transcribed? Tell me in the comment section.
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Seven Come Eleven on Vibraphone
It haven't posted in a little so I thought I would post this Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton song that I learned a while back. I hadn't practiced it for a while but I've been transcribing Lionel Hampton recently and randomly remembered this song. Speaking of transcribing, I've been thinking of playing transcriptions on this account. I learned a Miles Davis solo and am working on another Miles Davis solo, a Dexter Gordon solo, and am transcribing some Lionel Hampton and Charlie Parker licks. If you think I should post trancriptions, comment in the comment section below.
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Jordu on Vibraphone (Reupload)
I took down a few of my older videos such as Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are and Freddy Freeloader. It was for a few reasons. The main one was that I didn't think the solos were that good. Also, I found the whole 3 mallet thing a little cringy. I own full pairs of mallets now, I don't have to play with 3 mallets anymore, I can play with 4 now. I wanted to reupload this particular song because it is really special to me, because it is the first jazz standard that I learned. Thank you for watching, and if you have any suggestions towards my solos or for other standards that you want to hear, please let me know.
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Abracadabra (Eb Blues) on Vibraphone
This is a song that we played in my middle school jazz band. I don't remember what key it was in, but I remembered the melody so I taught it to myself in E flat. A bunch of songs that I wanted to post over winter break didn't have backing tracks that I liked, so I'm sorry but I probably will not post a video for Work Song or Song For My Father. I'm going to be going to a vibraphone convention in New Jersey tomorrow and I'm gonna get to meet Vibraphonists like Joe Locke!!!
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Satin Doll on Vibraphone
I had two takes of this song, so I wanted to give a shout out to my friends Kim, Sarbina, and Azeem for helping me choose which one to post.
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