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UF College of Medicine Match Day 2017
Members of the UF College of Medicine class of 2017 finally open the envelopes containing their futures and celebrate with loved ones. #MATCH2017
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Patient gets ‘bionic eye’ vision system during UF Health’s first retinal implant
More than two decades ago, doctors could do nothing for Walfre Lopez as his vision faded away due to a degenerative eye disease. Now, a revolutionary artificial-vision procedure done at University of Florida Health has given Lopez a new window to the world. Early this year, Lopez got what he calls a “bionic eye” — a microelectrode array implanted in the retina. The electrode takes over the function of damaged retinal cells, sending signals to a special pair of glasses that allows Lopez to see shapes and contrasting images. Lopez is the first patient to receive the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System at UF Health, one of 18 implant sites in the United States. Gibran Khurshid, M.D., is the first retina surgeon at UF Health to have expertise in this area. Lopez, 46, was in his early 20s when he lost his sight to retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that destroys light-sensitive cells in the back of the eye. It affects about one in 4,000 people in the United States and worldwide, according to the National Institutes of Health’s National Eye Institute.
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Fostering young service dogs a labor of puppy love for UF students
Every morning, Morgan Montaudo — a University of Florida health science senior on the pre-occupational therapy track — puts on her backpack, heads toward the door and then turns to her wagging golden retriever to ask, “Do you want to be a service dog today?” Montaudo, 23, and her classmate Emily Kartiganer, 22, each foster a golden retriever for New Horizons Service Dogs — a nonprofit organization headquartered in Central Florida that pairs service dogs with people with disabilities, including those who have brain or spinal cord injuries such as cerebral palsy, children who have autism or military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder. Montaudo's foster dog, Biscotti, and Kartiganer's foster dog, Hawkeye, accompany the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions students everywhere they go, including to classes, restaurants and football games. Hawkeye was even featured on the big screen at a University of Florida gymnastics meet.
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Tionna Moore
In the Fall of 2014, 9-year-old Tionna Moore started complaining of a stomach ache. Every time her parents, Tedrick and Shamani Moore, took her to her pediatrician, the answer was always the same, it’s a stomach bug, and she’ll get better soon. After hearing that repeatedly, Shamani was in search of a solution. She took Tionna to the UF Health Pediatric E.R. on October 1, 2014. That trip turned into a 378-day hospital stay, something her family could have never imagined.
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UF College of Pharmacy – Jacksonville
Students attending the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s Jacksonville campus love living in the vibrant city surrounded by more than 20 miles of pristine beaches. Jacksonville offers many cultural, recreational and sports activities that appeal to many UF pharmacy students, including the Riverside Arts Market and Jacksonville Jaguars’ football games. Located minutes from downtown, the College of Pharmacy campus is connected to UF Health Jacksonville, a major academic medical center with more than 3,500 medical professionals and staff. Being a part of a hospital campus connects pharmacy students to the medical field and is a critical component to UF providing a world-class pharmacy education. For more information about the UF College of Pharmacy’s Jacksonville campus, visit http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/education/doctor-of-pharmacy-degree-pharmd/entry-level-pharmd/jacksonville-campus/
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Why Choose UF DPT?
Current Doctor of Physical Therapy students discuss why they chose to attend the University of Florida.
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Pursue Greatness – UF College of Pharmacy
Are you someone who gives everything you have in the name of pursuing greatness? At the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, we know the feeling. Greatness is our pursuit every day. It’s driven by an innovative curriculum, industry-leading research, next-generation technology and personal support. Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to write the next chapter of the pharmacy profession, and we invite you to join us on the journey. For more information, visit pharmacy.ufl.edu.
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Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
Educational experiences offered to students at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine provide professional (D.V.M.) and graduate (M.S./Ph.D.) students with comprehensive skills and the knowledge base to contribute to meaningful impacts in animal and human health.
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Dr. Maryam Rahman, UF Health Neurosurgeon
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UF Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program
The University of Florida Department of Emergency Medicine Residency is located at the UF Health Shands Medical Center, the University’s primary medical school campus, in Gainesville, Florida. It has experienced remarkable expansion and growth in its pursuit of excellence in resident training. We have evolved into a fully established emergency medicine residency over the course of the last decade, and are fully accredited until 2020. We are committed to training residents to become superior well-rounded clinicians that have the skills to become educators, researchers, and leaders in Emergency Medicine. Residents are supervised and trained by board-certified Emergency physicians in a collegial and supportive environment. Since we believe Emergency physicians are best trained in the Emergency Department, our curriculum is heavily based on Emergency Medicine rotations, including a unique Emergency Medicine Critical Care block. The EM faculty has a significant breadth and depth of experience. Many of the EM faculty possess significant research experience as well as fellowship training in a variety of fields (Critical Care, EMS, Pediatrics, and Ultrasound). The faculty is comprised of individuals who have practiced extensively in both community and academic settings.
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Research at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
Research programs at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine generate new knowledge, both basic and applied, relating to the health of domestic animals and wildlife as well as people. Our work helps to insure a safe food supply and focuses on finding cures for important animal and human diseases.
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Reeve Abraben, Living Sober and Happy
Reeve Abraben, a local dentist, is happier than he’s ever been. After receiving addiction treatment at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center, Reeve says he has accepted sobriety and is committed to recovery. Now, he’s no longer using drugs or alcohol, and he takes time to look inward as a way to maintain life’s peace. If you know someone who could benefit from addiction treatment, call 352.265.4FRC.
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UF researchers find signs of Alzheimer’s pathology in dolphins
Autopsy studies of dolphins washed ashore on the beaches of Spain revealed the telltale pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. Learn how University of Florida researchers at the McKnight Brain Institute helped make this discovery and what it means. ​
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Protecting your eyes during a solar eclipse
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Gene therapy used to inhibit, reverse multiple sclerosis in animal model
Brad E. Hoffman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of pediatrics and neuroscience at the University of Florida College of Medicine, and a group of his colleagues have shown that gene therapy can be used to inhibit and reverse multiple sclerosis in mouse models.
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Summer Health Professionals Education Program Disaster Drill
Scholars in The Summer Health Professions Education Program - SHPEP at the University of Florida will be working with the university and local public safety agencies to identify the resources needed in a mass casualty event while practicing the triage system and other emergency responses.
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Jenny Joseph: Celebrating Commencement at the UF College of Nursing
Members of the UF College of Nursing class of 2017 reflect on their time as students. In both this spring and summer’s commencement ceremonies, our BSN and doctoral graduates will walk across the stage at their Pinning and Commencement ceremonies and become official Gator Nurse grads. #UFNursing #UFGrad
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The J.  Stephen Waters, MD, Scholarship
When John Stephen Waters, a College of Medicine graduate from the class of 1975, died unexpectedly in May at the age of 67, his family, friends and the community he served for more than 30 years as one of its most trusted and beloved orthopaedic surgeons, were shocked and saddened. “He was always energetic, had a passion for work and for life, and he could always be counted on to do the right thing,” said Shelley Waters, his wife of nearly 30 years and his No. 1 love. Staying true to the life the couple led together, Shelley turned her loss and sorrow into a tribute to her late husband by helping others attend medical school. She established the J. Stephen Waters, M.D., Scholarship shortly after her husband’s untimely death. The $1 million endowed scholarship for second-chance students seemed like the perfect honor for a generous and humble man who took joy in providing access to higher education for those in need.
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Andrew’s Story: UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital
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University of Florida Department of Urology
The University of Florida Department of Urology is comprised of fellowship-trained physicians, nurse practitioners and patient navigators who provide compassionate and personalized care to each patient we see. The department is also engaged in translational research and in providing educational programs for future leaders in urology. Our comprehensive program is a part of the University of Florida College of Medicine situated in Gainesville, Florida.
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University of Florida Research Landscapes: John D. Ash, Ph.D.
John D. Ash, Ph.D., an associate professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine’s Department of Ophthalmology, discusses his research on the pathways involved in the loss of sight due to inherited retinal degenerations. University of Florida Research Landscape Video Collection: http://med.ufl.edu/research/video-spotlights/
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University of Florida College of Nursing Scholar Minute: Sandra Citty, PhD, ARNP
Dr. Sandra Citty, clinical associate professor in the University of Florida College of Nursing, discusses her clinical research to improve nutrition for patients in the hospital setting.
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The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is recognized for having one of the leading pharmacoepidemiology research and education programs in the nation. At UF, researchers are study the broad impact that drugs have on populations through drug safety, comparative effectiveness and drug utilization studies. To learn more about the research and the program, visit http://pop.pharmacy.ufl.edu/research/areas-of-research/pharmacoepidemiology/.
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UF Health Music Ensemble
The UF Health Music Ensemble is open to any UF Health staff, faculty, students and alumni with previous musical experience. To learn more visit: artsinmedicine.ufhealth.org.
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Thomas Beaver, MD
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Michael Rubey: Celebrating Commencement at the UF College of Nursing
Members of the UF College of Nursing class of 2017 reflect on their time as students. In both this spring and summer’s commencement ceremonies, our BSN and doctoral graduates will walk across the stage at their Pinning and Commencement ceremonies and become official Gator Nurse grads. #UFNursing #UFGrad
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UF Health lung transplant team gives young man his active lifestyle back
Peter Kavanagh suffered from cystic fibrosis his entire life. The disease, which causes persistent lung infections, began to limit his ability to breathe and severely affect his quality of life. At age 23, he was not going to let this disease limit his active lifestyle. Luckily, Dr. Tiago Machuca, UF Health lung surgeon, and Dr. Andres Pelaez, UF Health pulmonologist, worked together with other members of the UF Health Shands Lung Transplant team to provide Peter with a lung transplant and ultimately give him his life back.
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UF Health to offer iPad-monitoring app to caregivers of infants with rare heart defect
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Ever since her son’s birth in December, Elicia Ford has looked forward to the day when she can bring little Levi home to Panama City, Florida. Levi, 3 months old, was born at University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital with a rare congenital heart defect known as hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, a life-threatening condition in which the left side of the heart is not fully developed. Before he was a month old, Levi had his first reconstructive surgery and he is awaiting his second operation, which will take place before June. For children with hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, the time between the first and second operation is the most critical for monitoring vital signs.
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Kelly Foote, MD
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Dance for Life: Dance and Movement for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
Dance for Life is a free weekly dance class for people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders, as well as their significant others. The program is designed to help people with PD improve their quality of life through enhanced overall physical well-being, social interaction, creative expression, and targeted improvements in balance, strength, and mobility. The program is led by professional and student dancers from the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance and UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine, and combines elements of modern dance, ballet, and social dance. For more information, please call 352.733.0880 or visit http://arts.ufl.edu/academics/center-for-arts-in-medicine/outreach/dance-for-life/ for more information.
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Dr. Spiguel meets Paige
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Opportunities Available for UF DPT Students
Doctor of Physical Therapy students discuss unique educational opportunities available at the University of Florida.
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Legacy Challenge Kickoff – A campaign for UF College of Medicine scholarships
WHO’S NEXT? Jason Rosenberg, MD '95, and James Duke, MD '85, joined UF medical students in front of the George T. Harrell, MD, Medical Education Building to launch the Legacy Challenge scholarship giving campaign. The UF College of Medicine is recruiting alumni and friends to join the team and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. To learn more, go to: www.scholarships.med.ufl.edu
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Mark Mason
Mark Mason was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at just 49 years old. He had been searching for a treatment solution ever since. Eventually, he met UF Health neurosurgeon Dr. Kelly Foote and UF Health neurologist Dr. Michael Okun. Together with a world-renowned team of movement disorders experts, they were able to help Mark get back to life, walking the trails near his home and spending quality time with his wife, Kathy.
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Vision treatment developed by University of Florida researcher wins federal approval
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A gene therapy developed in part at the University of Florida to treat an eye disease that causes severe vision loss won final approval from federal regulators today. The treatment, known as Luxturna and brought to market by a Philadephia-based pharmaceutical company, uses a gene delivery process that originated at UF. Luxturna will treat Leber congenital amaurosis type 2, or LCA 2, which is caused by a genetic defect. The treatment technique uses a harmless virus to deliver a functional copy of a crucial, sight-saving gene to the retina. It was devised by William Hauswirth, Ph.D., an ophthalmology professor in the UF College of Medicine. A subsequent collaboration as well as other research work at the University of Pennsylvania brought the treatment to the public. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval is one of two recent successes for UF ophthalmology researchers. A similar gene therapy that treats another form of the disease known as Leber congenital amaurosis type 1 is expected to enter a clinical trial later this year, said Shannon Boye, Ph.D., an associate professor in the UF Colleege of Medicine.
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University of Florida Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program
Thank you for your interest in the Rehabilitation Science PhD Program. The PhD program provides training to future rehabilitation scholars, building skills in research, teaching, and interdisciplinary teamwork in movement science and disability science. We train rehabilitation scholars with an innovative graduate program that builds skills in research, teaching, and interdisciplinary teamwork in disability science and movement science. Students design their own specialty area within the broad categories of: Disability Science Movement Science Upon successful completion of this program, students receive their Ph.D. and are well positioned for faculty positions in research universities and research centers. http://rehabsci.phhp.ufl.edu/
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Dr. Slayton meets Tyler
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TrialNet: You’re Making a Difference
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Lisa Spiguel, MD
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Researchers find no evidence that genetics is influenced by social class
ATTENTION EDITOR: For media inquiries, call Doug Bennett at 352-273-5706 or email dougbennett@ufl.edu. GAINESVILLE, Fla. — More than four decades ago, a psychologist’s landmark idea linked family income with children’s cognitive abilities. Now, new findings by a group that includes a University of Florida Health researcher show no evidence for that theory. “While children from higher socioeconomic status backgrounds have much better cognitive outcomes on average than do those from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds, genetics appears to matter just as much for both groups,” said David Figlio, Ph.D., dean of the Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy, the primary author of the study and a former UF economics professor. “Genes matter. Environment matters. But we find no evidence that the two interact.” In the largest and most diverse study of its kind, the researchers analyzed birth and school records from more than 24,000 twins and nearly 275,000 siblings in Florida. They analyzed math and reading test scores for children in the third through eighth grades who were born between 1994 and 2002. They found the children’s socioeconomic status was unrelated to the genetic influences that drive cognition and test scores, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills used to perform mental tasks, pay attention and communicate. The study focused on twins because they allow researchers to disentangle the role of genes and environment in development. “There’s been an idea that genetic influences on cognitive development are more important for kids from rich families than kids from poor families. This has been based on studies using twins. We looked at the question using far more twins than anyone else has, and we don’t find any evidence for this idea,” said Jeremy Freese, Ph.D., a Stanford University sociology professor and primary author of the study.
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UF Biomedical Sciences Concentration: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is one of the eight concentrations within the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Andrew Berglund, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, provides an overview of research opportunities in the concentration and advantages to training at UF. Carl Shotwell, student, highlight his decision to pursue biochemistry and describes his research within Dr. Berglund’s lab. For more information, visit http://biomed.med.ufl.edu/about
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Christian Jobin, PhD
Christian Jobin, Ph.D., is a professor of medicine and hold appointments in the UF College of Medicine’s departments of medicine and anatomy and cell biology, as well as the UF College of Veterinary Medicine’s department of infectious diseases and immunology. The Jobin Lab is interested in bacteria/host interactions and ensuring innate/immunological responses during health and diseases. He is also co-program leader of the UFHCC Cancer Therapeutics & Host Response (CTHR) research program.
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UF Biomedical Sciences Concentration: Molecular Cell Biology
The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences offers eight concentrations for students to train within their research area of interest. Dr. Eric Vitriol Ph.D., assistant professor, and Mat Sebastian, M.D./Ph.D. student, speak about the opportunities available in Molecular Cell Biology from the lab to journal club and beyond. For more information, visit http://biomed.med.ufl.edu/about
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What is Leber’s congenital amaurosis?
Gene therapy treats man for inherited blindness – Matthew Schwarte received treatment in 2008 when he traveled from his home in Indiana to the UF College of Medicine to receive retinal AAV gene therapy.
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Dr. David Fuller, Director of the UF Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program
Dr. Fuller is a Professor in the Dept. of Physical Therapy. He teaches the Neuroscience course in the Physical Therapy curriculum as well as Neuroplasticity: A Foundation for Rehabilitation in the RSD curriculum. Dr. Fuller’s research program is aimed at understanding how neuroplasticity in the brain and spinal cord influences the control of breathing. The overall hypothesis driving the work in Dr. Fuller’s laboratory is that appropriate induction of neuroplasticity has the potential to improve respiratory muscle control in cases of injury or disease, thereby reducing dependence on mechanical ventilators and improving the quality of life for certain patients. Dr. Fuller’s laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach to explore the relationship between neural plasticity and breathing. Current projects focus on 1) mechanisms of spinal plasticity induced by rehabilitative training; 2) identifying strategies to improve respiratory motor recovery following spinal cord injury, and 3) using gene delivery to respiratory motoneurons as a tool for improving breathing in certain disease states.
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