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Why choose KPMG
Making the right career choice is important, finding the right company is essential. Watch this video to see the type of people that thrive at KPMG. Are you the right fit?
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Mobility 2030: Beyond transportation
It’s now widely accepted that by 2030, mobility especially in large urban areas will be dramatically different from today. In this KPMG animation, we envision a mobility future where transport seamlessly connects people’s lives, where consumers are able to get from point A to point B in a way which is cheaper, cleaner, safer; and our journeys become productive and entertaining extensions of our day-to-day routines. Although, we share only one version of the future, what is certain is that we are at the beginning of a transformational journey where we will see shifts in traditional business models where success will come through an unprecedented degree of collaboration. We believe this future is exciting, and collectively we can envision and build organizations that embrace the future of mobility. Visit our website for more information kpmg.com/mobility2030
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Meet Team Brazil - KICC 2016
Meet Team Brazil - KICC 2016
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Pharma outlook 2030: From evolution to revolution
We believe that pharmaceutical revenues will fall well short of forecasts, as current projections, as well as business and operating models, do not reflect the turbulence in the marketplace. Two seismic shifts are impacting the industry: the need to demonstrate value from therapies; and the move from treatment to prevention, diagnostics and cure, all of which is bringing in a host of new competitors. To rise to this challenge, executive teams need to choose which of the following three ‘archetypes’ they want their organization to become: 1. Active pharmaceutical portfolio company 2. Virtual value chain orchestrator 3. Pharmaceutical niche specialist Those pharmaceutical companies that manage to embrace the most appropriate archetypes, and master disruption, have the greatest chance to deliver real value to patients and be successful in the new, disrupted world. Visit kpmg.com/pharma2030 to read the report or to contact KPMG
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Meet Team Spain - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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KPMG Clara is the beginning of a new era for the audit – a gateway into the digital future.
KPMG Clara allows our people to work smarter, bringing all of our powerful data & analytic capabilities into one interface. It will allow you to interact with us online, on a real-time basis as we conduct the audit, bringing you greater and more relevant insights. It is part of our commitment to maintaining and enhancing audit quality. Learn more at kpmg.com/kpmgclara
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Meet Team Czech Republic - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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Meet Team Italy - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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FinTech emerges in the Capital Markets
The capital markets sector is seeing a number of exciting new FinTech companies emerge, across the full spectrum of the marketplace, from exchanges, investment and networks, to brokerage, research and risk management. And FinTech spending is set to reach $100 billion in capital markets, corporate banking and asset management by 2018. Watch the video to learn more.
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Meet Team Chile - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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KPMG - Passionate : Keep Calm, Carry On
A short film about Nikhil. Employee in Forensic at KPMG Risk Consulting and Special Constable made as part of the KPMG Passionate project. Nikhil Manek uses forensic analysis skills to help clients at KPMG. Outside of work he uses those same skills on the streets of London as a Special Constable in the Metropolitan Police. Nikhil's calm and methodical approach serves him well in either role.
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Digital health: heaven or hell
Many healthcare systems are behind the curve in making effective use of technology. But smart healthcare organizations are using technology to transform the way care is delivered and realizing considerable gains in efficiency and quality as a result. This is the finding of a new report from KPMG International, “Digital health: Heaven or hell? How technology can drive or derail the quest for efficient, high quality healthcare.” The report highlights key healthcare trends and opportunities, with seven ways technology can reduce costs and improve patient experience and quality of care. kpmg.com/digitalhealth
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Multi-Grammy winning singer and songwriter Annie Lennox achieved international fame in the pop duo Eurythmics. Now an equally successful solo artist, she provides support to disempowered women and girls through her NGO, The Circle.
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Industry 4.0
There’s a lot of hype surrounding Industry 4.0. But there’s not nearly enough bold action. It’s time for a step change. If you are like most manufacturers, you’ve probably already made some investments into i4.0 technologies. And you may have already seen some promising early results. Now, you’re looking for practical and effective ways to scale your successes up to create real enterprise value – to transform your performance and unlock sustainable competitive advantages. For more information visit https://home.kpmg.com/xx/en/home/insights/2017/11/industry-4-0.html
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KPMG True Value
What does value mean? KPMG’s True Value methodology helps organizations understand and quantify the value they create or reduce for society, and to build it into their decision-making.
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A day transforming insurance
A day in the life of an insurer who sees the industry changing radically as it tries to respond to a dynamic, digital and data-rich world. Leaving a meeting of disengaged colleagues, our insurer finds inspiration through various encounters and realizes a bold new vision is needed.
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KPMG Social Media Guidelines - Think Global, Think Social
Social media is as much about the individual as it is about the brand. Empowering 145,000 partners and employees to use social media across a global network of member firms demonstrates our vision of enabling the business through our people. We want to encourage all employees to engage in social media; professionally, honestly and effectively.
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Extraordinary people
Our shared values and purpose unite KPMG people around the world – and is what makes us extraordinary. Learn about four of our extraordinary people in this film. For more information check out kpmg.com/annualreview
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Corporate tax in 5 1/2 minutes
To build a robust and productive conversation about tax, it can be helpful to start with some reflection on how taxes have come into our societies in the first place. Visit www.responsibletax.kpmg.com to join the tax conversation.
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Meet Team United Arab Emirates - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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Enactus World Cup 2014: The world is ours
Students at Enactus World Cup in Beijing couldn't be more excited to share their passion for creating social change.
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All About the Evidence - Bank Job
In this episode of All about the Evidence, Harry Ross and his team of data scientists assist a retail bank in using an evidence-based HR approach to increase employee and customer engagement. Contact Harry at HarryRoss@kpmg.com
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What is the M&A Predictor?
Tom Franks, Global Head of Corporate Finance provides an overview of what the M&A Predictor covers and the metrics that are involved, including capacity to invest and appetite to invest.
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What is evidence-based HR?
KPMG’s global people and change leadership describe what evidence-based HR is and the benefits it can offer those who adopt the new model.
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Meet the 2015 KICC team Chile
Meet the 2015 KICC team Chile
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Data & Analytics add value to Audit and confidence in assurance
Data & Analytics unlock the data in your business and deliver insights to help enhance audit quality.
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Experience the KPMG International Case Competition 2016
In 2016, 88 students, representing 22 countries travelled to Dubai, UAE to compete in the finals among the world's top graduate talent. They had been selected from over 20,000 students, by winning their national competitions. Watch their experience unfold. KICC 2016 was in association with Emirates, one of the most dynamic and innovative airlines in the world. KICC is an annual business competition that brings together student teams from around the world to analyze complex business cases, gain unique cultural experiences and compete for the global champion title. Are you up for the challenge? www.kpmg.com/kicc
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KPMG’s innovation in audit
Harnessing powerful technology to provide higher audit quality results. Bill O’Mara, Global Head of Audit, KPMG International. Roger O’Donnell, Global Head of Data & Analytics, Audit, KPMG International. Marc Macaulay, Cognitive Audit Leader, KPMG in the US.
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As founder of not-for-profit organisation Adopt Change and National Adoption Awareness Week in Australia, actress Deborra-lee Furness is giving a voice to the most vulnerable victims of a fractured world: children.
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Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting and Monitoring
Today it’s a given that businesses must behave ethically and responsibly at all times. But how can you be certain that the people and organizations you do business with maintain the same high ethical standards? Astrus Third Party Due Diligence Reporting and Astrus Monitoring is designed to replace traditional manual intelligence gathering and searches global, regional and local sources to and the information you need. Learn more: www.kpmg.com/astrus
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Meet the 2015 KICC team India
Meet the 2015 KICC team India
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FATCA - Are you ready?
FATCA is U.S. legislation enacted by US Congress to prevent offshore tax abuses by U.S. persons. The FATCA rules are wide-ranging and will impact many global financial institutions. To properly assess the requirements of this law and its impact on your business requires a trusted business partner. You will need a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of experts, with global expertise in large transformational projects, who understand your business.
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KPMG Powered Enterprise
KPMG Powered Enterprise is a faster, smarter way to achieve your transformation goals in the cloud.
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Meet Team France - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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Meet Team Hungary - KICC 2016
Meet Team Hungary - KICC 2016
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Meet Team Hungary - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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KPMG "The Difference in Us"
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As the first female CEO of one of the world’s largest professional services firms, Lynne Doughtie inspires confidence. KPMG’s Women’s Leadership Summit encourages participants to improve upon the statistic that only 5 per cent of CEOs in S&P 500 companies are female.
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KPMG Data & Analytics film competition: The Perfect Date
What would a perfect date look like in the world of big data? KPMG and MOFILM challenged up-and-coming film makers in a crowdsourcing short film competition. The task: To represent Data & Analytics in an everyday scenario. The film that came in third place was 'The Perfect Date' by Kathleen Wilder and Emily Moré.
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Worldwide, 200 million more men than women have access to the internet and 21% of women are less likely to have a mobile device. As a woman, as a mother and as a global business leader, Jennifer Artley is championing collaboration to create a shared future for all.
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Mark Toon KPMG Capital
Mark Toon, CEO of KPMG Capital, Global Leader of Data & Analytics, discusses where to look for data and how to predict outcomes.
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Meet Team Sweden - KICC 2016
Meet Team Sweden - KICC 2016
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Women's Voices
As Hollywood declares ‘Time’s Up’, female leaders from around the world are adding their voices to calls for bolder steps towards inclusion, to create a shared future for all. To watch the series please visit http://paidpost.ft.com/kpmg/
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Medical devices 2030
Stake your claim in the medical device value chain of the future and avoid the commodity trap.
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The latest on BEPS
http://bit.ly/162qSjK Sean Foley, KPMG's Head of Global Transfer Pricing Services shares his view on the BEPS Action Plan.
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Meet Team United Kingdom - KICC 2017
For more information on the KPMG International Case Competition, please visit kpmg.com/kicc
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Value of Audit - Rotation & independence
Will mandatory rotation enhance or reduce audit quality? Visit kpmg.com/ValueofAudit to learn more about the current and future direction of audit.
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A bee sting motivated four-year old Mikaila Ulmer to set up a lemonade company that donates a percentage of its profits to organisations fighting to save bees. Mikaila, from Texas, secured at age 9, a $60,000 investment on ABC’s Shark Tank and at age 11, a US-wide distribution deal with Whole Foods Market for Bees Lemonade. Now 13, she is a self-proclaimed ‘Bee Ambassador’.
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KPMG China - Values who you are (Diversity)
We respect individual differences, and we are proud of our diverse team. KPMG values who you are - be part of our diverse team.
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Introduction to KPMG Process Mining with Microsoft Power BI
KPMG Process Mining visualizes actual business processes with Microsoft Power BI. The processes are created from transactional data and do not need any user modeling. This ensures process analysis without bias and provides full end-to-end process transparency. It aims to help businesses find and present better alternatives to real-life processes, to make them more efficient and controls more effective. The demonstration shows a procurement process from the creation of a purchase request to a payment release that has been analyzed in three specific use cases. Learn more: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/
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