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Cass, WV - Last train to Ball Knob Oct 28th, 2017
2017-10-28 This is video of the last train coming in for the final trip for 2017, up to Bald Knob. Pictured is the Western Maryland #6. Not seen is the Cass Scenic Railroad train that was used for the second helper train.
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How2 - SDL2, NDK, Android Pt. 1 Introduction
This is an introduction to setting up the command line build tools on linux for Android, to build with NDK, ANT, SDK, SDL2 for native applications like games. There will be another series about setting up your phone or tablet to talk to ADB under linux. There will also be another series of how build a more complex project with all of the cool stuff that SDL2 has for additional libraries. In all the setup can probably be reduced down to about an hour. Look for technical summations in the up coming descriptions!
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GeeFi - GoFund Yourself Post-Mortem Pt. 1
Yurgis apologizes for the short comings of his products. Yurgis also lets you know that all kickstarter backers are second class citizens. 2:52 Yurgis official apology stream starts. 4:05 "These devices were shipped out a 'little' prematurely" 6:20 Explains unlimited is only some of the time for those in two countries. 7:29 Go FUND Yourself Actual Open!!! 9:14 GeeFi Project page 14:50 Project updates 18:40 The new yPod 18:53 They let a homeless person in the shot. 23:38 "Unfortunately, it's technically impossible" 24:05 "It's technically impossible" 27:20 "BTW, no anon questions!" 30:04 "We have a spam situation, in chat and with emails" 31:00 "We want free stuff! For what?" 31:20 "We were a successful kickstarter campaign" 32:00 "I'm throttling" 32:31 "This is a Kickstarter Campaign. We are not Amazon" 33:36 "WHO IS FRANK MULLER!?!" 36:32 "There is one elephant in the room..." 37:24 "500 million $$$$" 38:28 "That's why you're getting a refund! . . . I could not deliver" 38:46 "I can't possibly give you all unlimited wifi" 40:04 "Why are you so mean to your backers?" 42:25 "Remember one thing. You're not our costumer." 43:29 "You're not a customer." 44:55 "U h8 us, cus u anus" 47:15 "NEVER EVER AGAIN!" 49:10 "The company will suffer." 49:46 "Love, light, and pen!ses" 50:20 Back to commentary on the project after the latest update concludes. 53:26 Hate filled Yurgis live from Chiner 54:15 "Noboooodieeee curses at my employees!!!!!!!!!!!iiiii!!!!!" 55:10 "My first born son!" 56:00 "I don't know if you had a fight with your wife or your girlfriend." 56:44 "The last month of March" 57:10 'NOBODY HAS DELIVERED A KICKSTARTER IN 4 MONTHS! ITS UNHEARD OF!" 59:29 "We are all friends?" 59:43 "Are you out of your mind?" 59:50 "Do I look like a cash register to you?!?" 1:00:05 "BUHBUYIIEIEIEIE!!!!!!!iiiiii!!!!!" Editors note, if editing orig. ~4 second offset if using timecodes.
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Samsung Chromebook Unboxing Part 2
A look at multi tasking and video playback and some audio quality testing.
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FFDAH - Yarbies | Hats off, to the order of complexity, yeah
Tonight, I order food with the sun in my eyes, and curse more Kia drivers.
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FFDAH - McySleeze longest of late night encounters for two order but no nine
Tonight, a man that says "Number nine" has two orders, and sets for a long time in the truck discussing things that will get cut out anyways meaning that this video would have been at least 2 minutes longer with all that was cut. So, buckle down, we are in for a bumpy ride on this episode.
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FFDAH - McySleeze Guy in the truck got apple pies
We were abruptly ordered, and then ordered and then made this little video to show you that tonight, we order again, maybe this time with apple pies as the title would suggest?
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FFDAH - McySleeze couldn't be trucked
Whooo, you kidding me? What is the over under of getting trucked around here? Do you believe in change? Late night gobs of cream ahead captain!
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FFDAH - Arch De Triumph, What if, wanted so much as to even ordering?
Welcome To Fffffing Fifteen Dollars an Hour! Where we audit and analyze industries that seem to demand too much for too little. Most of this is done in a good nature, but yet critical spirit which is meant to spur innovation and improvements to a more than satisfactory level. Join your favorite fast food auditor on this exciting adventure and get some Pro Tips, musings, maybe even some entertainment!
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Lets complain - Cupheads personal rage solved.
So I just wrote some software since I did that other video. This will be up on github with a link at some point.
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The Quest for Answers, does high end toilet paper exist for the rich?
The quest for answers, High end toilet paper does it exist?
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FFDAH - Yarbies | We have both Not red
Yep, on this episode we find ourselves yet again at a Yarbies location getting things to ingest, in jest. Stay tuned for a fun filled episode!
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FFDAH - Yarbies | Never fails, robots broken promisses
Yet another visit to the big red hat. I don't even know why I bother ordering food here. I never seem to find the time or the reason. But blindly follow the pack and merge into the fold. No bell tolls for the nihilist.
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FFDAH - Burger sleeze | Rednecks galore, saucy radio voice
A visit to a hard to justify fast food establishment of usual dubious quality. Talking redneckery on a early spring day. Getting more than we bargained for.
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FFDAH - McySleeze | Stop, drop, and I've got another order!
Tonight, we have a double header! First we begin at McSleeze, then finish off at the big red hat. Find out if our hero's find what they were looking for.
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FFDAH - Arkening - Pizza Encounter
Made with components: both foreign and domestic! This is more performance art that recreates the experience of looking at the: "Ark Encounter" This is just the reflecting pool and was to have more video and stuff with it, but I think it was tragically lost in a iPhone video accident, where the iPhone suffered severe head trauma.More of the soft sell of Hesus Kristo. Also the 'fresh' pizza must have been resurrected from 9 A.M. that morning, by time 8 P.M. rolled around it was hard to distinguish the card board box from the cheese's underpinnings. It was a good value, but the I've licked better snot off of cardboard. It was also not 'warm/hot' it was just a few tepid degrees above room temperature, to give the sensation that you were not consuming raw food that was recently refrigerated.
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FFDAH - Yarbies | Some type of large arching red hat oh hell yeah
Today we visit a large red hat like looking arch thing on the conquest for quality. This episode we get the goods and let you find out about the pitfalls of what we ordered! What does Nihilism taste like? Does it even matter?
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FFDAH - TacoHell | Some type of large bell job, with icedcream?
Doing the usual, driving through, doing an audit, trying to make sure they they are clear. If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you stimulating! Join us on this audit to see how things turn out in the quest for better service!
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FFDAH - Chicken4less | Amish wasting our lives
It was some where around Chicken4Less when the Amish began to take hold.
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FFDAH - Yarbies | Reds hat is usually pretty solid
Going into the early days of the vault, our explorers stumble across the broken path that would lead them yet again to a large red hat. After Visiting the red hat our heroes almost die tragically.
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FFDAH - Yarbies | Some type of large arching red hat oh hell yeah more broken promisses
We find out more about the visit to the big red hat and all of their secrets of the visit revealed. Some may ask why even bother?
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FFDAH - McySleeze | Blue Berrys And Apple Pies Two Hollow Chop Sticks
This episode is an oldie but a good, just after I had started filming most stops in April of 2016. This takes us back to May 19, 2016 on Art Bell's Somewhere in time.
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FFDAH - McySleeze cannibalistic Hawaiians, no joke
This week our heroes pregame by getting deals on their way to Chee-poot-legs. On their journey the wrath of God is requested. The exhaust noise is fixed now!
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How2 - SDL2, NDK, Android Pt. 3 Getting SDK parts and more configuration
We get more dependencies via the SDKmanager. 3:50 Configuring bash_profile for PATH (you will need to log out and login to update it to work) You can also do the export PATH command on the command line to update the path in that TAB/instance of terminal if you do not want to log out and login again. In the next video Part 5 we will build and finish setting up the SDL2 project so we can build and deploy to a device.
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Home automation - A StrangerThing ZiggyBee Story (with some echo)
Some ideas and uses for Screaming at Alexa. Resistance is futile, but persistence is utility if you try hard enough. Covered are the devices needed and some use cases to making things suck a bit less for everyday use. Some things discussed include stats on the: Sengled E11-G13 W Amazon Echo SmartThings Outlet All of this because of the lack of support for legacy Wemo devices...
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Live stream Audio test Neewer 700/800 and OBS 18.0.1!
Test and demonstration of Noise gate in OBS studio, Audio technica P48, Neewer NW-700 and NW-800.
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Samsung Chromebook Unboxing Part 1
Yurgis unboxes the Google Chrome Browser incarnate. We look at the packaging and the form factor and compare it to hardware from days gone by. A look at the keyboard and ports.
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Triv Show WTAM - 2017-03-28 - Scott From Mass. is back!
Triv takes a call from Scott, first time in years! This is an addition to all of the great things that have been on the Tiv show over the years! iFartMediaChannelRadioOutDoor does not have an extensive back catalog of these great calls and moments so one is being created here as an archive of some of Cleveland Radio's greatest moments.
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FFDAH - Hedgeless | Ft. 4ButtonSoul  Discusting confusions special
Our 8 Bit hero's traverse the dangerous perils of New Years Day 2017. Santa brings stories of Banks and doing nothing with fury. This long format special only comes but once in a while when we have good topics or fun things so stick around for some good tid bits and some unknowns that you might like to learn about Ol' So Nics. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com This has been another Lack Luster Production! Tune in next time when... well you know... And I forget to upload this with the voice over in the beginning that I never even did.
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GoFUNDyouself - Exploring live
Yurgis laments that not more people get to see the creative process.
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FFDAH - Burger Sleeze | Taco Hell | Drum circle of chicken fryz, salty 'bout my twists
Our hero's are hot on the trail of better service, a maddening level of pursuit. Join them on tonight's double header. Remember, it is always important to maintain a constant level of lack luster form and performance. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
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Live streaming some Not Just Drudge Report...Ayeroll
Nothing special today testing streaming from linux via OBS 0.16.2 Recording some history as we go.
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Live streaming some Drudge Report 2017-03-21 with more Hunter
Hunter does all of the hard work today, to bring you the hustling bustling news HOUR! THE FULLER, FIRMER, SICKER, THICKER news HOUR. People want, but don't want jobs, Rich of NY are too dumb to send their money to the state and local interests without being "TAXED FOR IT" IDIOTS, GoldmanSach creates automated investor advisory bots, and more crap. WRITE THAT CHECK TO THEM WITHOUT BEING TAXED YOU PRICKS. Ranty Rants McGee, Hunter's cousin shows up to rant and swear in this great episode of Low Budget Garbage. At a point I am at a loss for words, it soon passes.
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FFDAH - Emzara's Autistic License Kitchen
This is one of those opportunities that I couldn't pass up. So this piece of performance art is a recreation of the experience of the 'Creation Museum' premier dining facility: Emzara's Kitchen, where we cook authentic wholesome Bible food: burgers, wraps, chips, salads, and grandma's cookies! Understand that we will use Artistic License at any point we see fit, especially if we think it provides more authenticity to our message of the soft sell of Hesus Christo. So welcome to the dining facility where only three classes of people smile: me, some of the staff, and Ken Ham (all the way to the bank) I remind you that this is a recreation of the experience that was very taxing to put on. It is coincidence that names and places may exist, but in this context are entirely fictional and this is performance art. To follow will be the Arkening!
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Lets Complain: Cuphead its all the rage.
I go over my problems with cuphead, the game is fine, the controller input how ever is lacking. Oh, Cuphead is a pineapple who lives under the sea.... Oh nope wrong video! So I've slapped together a small project to deal with the shortcomings of Cuphead's controller input so it can SUCKLESS. I'll be tidying it up a bit and putting it up on Github in the next day or so as I have time. Right now it works to run the program and use menu's as expected and binding of ESC and ENT to select and start, the polished version will have a config screen etc and a stop/start mode for it. And probably a custom bind option to turn certain buttons on and off for the program. BLEH. Obviously I had to confirm, but yes a Xblox3tard60 controller works just fine... and a PS3 controller also works just fine via ScpToolKit.
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Hunter talks - Promo Video
Through the powers of divination we have summoned Hunter for his incite, advice, and commentary on many of today's modern topics that the world faces. Perhaps his advice will get us through these demented and troublesome times ahead!?!
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My Adult fidget spinner [ HOME MADE! ]
I show you my home made adult fidget spinner which uses some 3D printed plastic parts. And POST! That's right this is made out of recycled goods! Be green Be Human
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FFDAH - McySleeze | Waiting in Bar Harbor
On tonight's episode, I lost everything including the copy for this episode and no one reads this anyways. Leave a comment if you want to know more about Rock'n'Rollye
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FFDAH - McySleeze | What is the state of the icecream machine?
Moving through the shadows we pass up several establishments which have been seen time and again. Editing all of this video in the dark and the cold is getting old. Writing the copy is starting to get sloppy. There is no script for the cuts we take, or the mistakes we make. Watch the video. Like a two dollar, comment after a few too many, and subscribe like a brown shirted youth!
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Live stream of trying order the grand finale of Chiptopia. Roughly a 12 minute wait for catering. Interesting I was able to previously just call the store and order. The store this time said call the catering line. Listen to the jazzy hold music of Chipotle. The good news is that the noise gate worked great! The sound of silence!
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Eclipse 2017 space 1:45 PM
The start of the clips we are partially started already take a look this is almost live.
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Live streaming some Drudge Report...
Nothing special today testing streaming from linux via OBS 0.15.1
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Live streaming some Drudge Report 2017-03-17 with more Hunter
Hunter does all of the hard work today, to bring you the hustling bustling news HOUR! THE FULLER, FIRMER, SICKER, THICKER news HOUR. Today's news! Get drunk Friday, because it is St. Patrick's day! Amy Shmuckler is a hack of a comedian that doesn't understand that she isn't funny and continues to steal jokes. Most of the other news was garbage in this broadcast, but enjoy!
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Live streaming some Drudge Report 2017-03-09 with more Hunter
Hunter does all of the hard work today, to bring you the hustling bustling news HOUR! THE FULLER, FIRMER, SICKER, THICKER news HOUR. Fast food automation comes to save the day in Cali, Katy Perry Vs. the Nunnery, Wild Boars in Fukushima, Vault7 now just not in Fallout, Hillary as a uglier person as a man, The B-52's go to SK, Eric Schmidts Big Data scam?, CIA car hacking, Lawyers pants catch fire, Climber survives fall, And more!!!!
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Hunter Talks - Radio Mono Log Drudgery 2017-03-29
Hunter does all of the hard work today, to bring you the hustling bustling news HOUR! THE FULLER, FIRMER, SICKER, THICKER news HOUR. Educations are for idiots, more bad writing, Lego batman, the left smells blood, Obama spied all of the things, North Korea EMP plan?
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FFDAH - Chicken4less | Abrupt questioning of ep
Today we continued our question looking for the holy grail of the service gap. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
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Frank's Lost Studio Sesions Ep. 1
Frank was always ahead of his time. Creating ASMR minutes like all of the kids do these days for the views. Frank would have had so many views just for his ASMR content alone. Listen loud and proud to unheard sessions with Frank and have fun. Remember kids, have a nice set of head phones or a super stereo system and turn it UP LOUD, to like 12 or something.] You will probably suffer hearing damage, but it is pretty worth it IMHO.
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Live streaming some Drudge Report 2017-02-03
We will outsource all of the jobs and terror in Paris. These headlines in more in this bigger and longer uncut perusing of the headlines.
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Live streaming some Drudge Report 2017-02-13
Hunter reads the headlines and some stories from the day's events. California dam in Oroville may fail. John Waters Aca Trump administration and congress and senate criticized for failure to act fast enough to change taxes and regulations... Less than a month in. And other news of interest.
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Doom -- Hand Banana Live Stream Betta Test PT. 10 (Cyber Demon PT. 2)
Watch me get stomped repeatedly by the CYBER DEMON in the second half of the boss fight. Eventually I figure out a strategy and work it from reload to reload to VICTORY! When is a BFG-9000 just not enough? @ 10:20 Watch the start of the epic battle, where WE BOTH DIE.
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