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New ukulele won't stay in tune?
Quick tips for a new uke that won't stay in tune. Check out my company, http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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King Bee,ukulele
An old blues song by Slim Harpo,later covered by the Rolling Stones.Beer-belly courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Check out my ukulele company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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Quail flight cage
12' X 14' X 40' . Currently houses about 50 bobwhite quail.
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Rank Stranger
A Ralph Stanley bluegrass classic.
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Indiana flood june 2008 Trevlac Indiana
The destruction of Trevlac.Water rose fast and people lost everything.
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Your Cheatin' Heart~ Hank Sr. Cover
For unknown reasons, I sang both verses and then did the refrain twice. Oh well, the chickens didn't seem to notice.
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Behold,I Come Quickly
This is a song by the late Joseph Hill of Culture.
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I was wrong
This is a song by a local guy,Toby Purnell.I had a little buzz on and couldn't think of all my loyal supporters like Kim and Rich,Rick,Philip,Dave Grumpy,Ken,sirant,krabbers,etc. etc. Thanks for all the support. Check out my ukulele company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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Deep Elem Blues
An obscure Dead cover with Derek. G-C7-G -D7-G I can grow celery like nobodys business!
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Walking after midnight
An old Patsy Cline song done on banjo-ukulele.Man,that girl had shitty luck. Check out my ukulele company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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Review of Lanakai concert ukulele
Review of the Lanakai concert uke for the Ukehunt-Kala contest.Also a brief comparison of GHS vs. Aquila strings. Check out my company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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Indiana wildflowers
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That's Not my Name
Sometimes the best way to cast out your demons is YouTube. Thanks to jenerallyxspeaking for introducing me to the Ting Tings.
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Dirty Old Town
Snack time for the chooks.
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Tennesse Whiskey~
My idea of a garden party. My buddy Derik, some PBR and a couple ukuleles. Helpful hint for outside vids: We put the camera in a box to block any wind noise.
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High on the Hog
Late one rainy night after a few PBR's.This one is another one by Toby Purnell.
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Country Road
a John Denver feel good classic
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Win a Mainland Ukulele
Join our team on Kiva.org, make a loan and be eligable to win. We do random drawings on a random basis. http://www.kiva.org/team/ukulele_players_united_to_decrease_world_suck
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All you fascists bound to lose. Woody Guthrie
A song from a great American patriot and communist.
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Mainland Banjo-uke proto-type
Mainland's new soprano banjo ukulele. Just a Quickie. This is the proto-type of our new banjo uke available this winter. 22 inches long. weighing in at a mere 1.6 lbs.! Will be available with your choice of either sealed geared tuners or friction pegs. Estimated cost $285 retail.
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Cigar box 001
My first cigar box uke. Pretty fun and not that difficult to make.
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Bee Swarm
Life is great, I love springtime!
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I'll be your baby tonight
A great Dylan song.
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Across the Universe-The Barnkickers,LIVE at the Ukulele Luau
Amanda and Steve from the Barnkickers at the Ukulele Luau 2008 Check out my ukulele company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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Little old log cabin in the lane.
An old hillbilly song from 1871.
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She's not there.
a Zombies song from 1964.I really wanted to get it down a little better before making a video,but I can't get the tune out of my head so I went ahead and made a vid.I might redo it with the rest of the Khillbilly Caldera in the future.
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Baby, I love U-kulele.
A great song by Ronnie and the Ronettes, the only girl band to tour with the Beatles.
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An old tune by the Darlings(the Dillards).You might remember it from the Andy Griffith show.Always a pleasure playing with my neighbor Steve,check out his channel http://www.youtube.com/user/needmoresteve
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Enjoy your life!
Don't let yourself get down.If you are feeling bad,remember that life is always changing,so things will get better. Enjoy all of life's subtle beauty.No reason you should get bored. Appreciate what you have.If things are bad,try living by comparison,there's always someone worse off.
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Julia Nunes at the Ukulele Luau May 08
Alright,This is the video I meant to load yesterday,I'm pretty sure this is REALLY Julia and not Seeso.I'm not sure what this tune is titled.Enjoy!
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The Message, Krabbers cover
This is a song by my buddy Krabbers http://www.youtube.com/user/krabbers Please subscribe to him. "The Message" been covered alot lately for good reason. It's full of compassion. When I sing it I can't help but to think about people in my past, wonder how they are and how things might have turned out better. Life is too short to be bitter and being bitter is no fun anyway.
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BaronK at the UWC
Late Friday night at the Ukulele World Congress. June 1st 2012 Needmore Indiana.
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Another home-made cigar box uke.
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HWY61   Bob cover
A cover from one of the world's greatest Bobs. How'd he come up with this stuff?
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Shiva Song ~ Khillbilly Caldera
Whooping it up! ..... and then the battery goes dead, doesn't that just figure. This is about half of one of my only original tunes.
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Christmas came early this year, thanks to the nicest guy around! Deach!
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Shine a Light, Stones cover
The Rolling Stones have so many fantastic songs that go unnoticed by the youth of today.
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Take it easy,Go Greasy
We got new hats
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Poor Wayfaring Stranger~ Khillbilly Caldera
A traditional tune that we got ahold of. Nice and sloppy.
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Elephant Town~
This is a much covered and beloved song by Tia. I had just gotten out of bed, no coffee yet.
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Ride, Khillbilly Caldera at UWC
Khillbilly Caldera performing at the Ukulele World Congress, June 4th 2010
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Mainland Ukulele Give-aways, Join Kiva.org
Join our team on Kiva.org (Ukulele Players United to Decrease World Suck!), make a micro-loan of $25 or more to the recipient of your choice. Your small loan can have a great impact on someone's life. http://www.kiva.org/team/ukulele_players_united_to_decrease_world_suck If you have an active loan you will be eligable for future give-aways. If you've got more ukuleles than money, have a raffle/give-away of your own and encourage others to join.
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Honey Harvest 2008
Finishing up with my bees for the year.Thanks to all my subscribers!! check out my ukulele company; http://www.mainlandukuleles.com/
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NOT  Julia Nunes at the  Ukulele Luau May'08
I'm not sure what Julia calls this song.If you missed the luau,you missed a really great time.Don't miss out next year! OOPS!,I downloaded the wrong video,oh welll,here's Seeso!
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Your worries and troubles are mine. Ralph Stanley cover
Every once in awhile in life you meet a very strange bird.
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Colonel Boogey's March, ukulele
Goofing around on the back deck. C-G-C-F-G-C
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This is an old fiddle tune,that I've messed around with.The lavender colored wildflower is called Monarda Fistulosa,it is a native variety of beebalm that bees and butterflies love!
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Pleasant dreams
Back at it again.
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P4A  Join Kiva and win a ukulele.
Sorry my battery died at the end, We will be giving away more ukuleles right after New Years and maybe sooner. Join our team, make a loan and you are eligable to win a ukulele. Link to our Kiva team: http://www.kiva.org/team/ukulele_players_united_to_decrease_world_suck
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Deep Elem Blues,Live at the Bluebird
Khillbilly Caldera plays the Bluebird.
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