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Honeybee Biology
Kentuckiana Beekeepers' Association review of honeybee biology
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P&T Committees and Formularies
What are P&T Committees and what role do pharmacists play on them? How do they set formularies?
Просмотров: 1558 Amber Cann
Adam LaDow - Nursing Assessment NUR 307
Adam LaDow performs a nursing assessment for his Sullivan University NUR 307 course.
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Tutorial Video - Use FindTime in Office365 to Vote on Meeting Times
Use the FindTime add-in as an alternative to Doodle polls to schedule meetings.
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NUR 300 - Nurse Assessment
Adam LaDow,RN performs a nursing assessment for his Sullivan University course NUR 300
Просмотров: 14884 Amber Cann
Pharmaceutical Calculations - Part 1.1
Brittany Brown and Keith Zimmerman (Class of 2018) will teach you to setup proportions and solve for dose and volume in this video.
Просмотров: 252 Amber Cann
Stats for Journal Club
These are the basic concepts you'll need to know to evaluate and present an article for journal club.
Просмотров: 116 Amber Cann
Add an Email Signature and Picture to Your Office365 Account
Dr. Sarah Raake will show you how to create an email signature and add a photo to your student O365 account.
Просмотров: 23 Amber Cann
PHR 5201 Faculty Intro
Welcome to Med Safety. Get to know your instructors!
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Tutorial Video - Boolean Searches
Use Boolean logic to maximize your literature search.
Просмотров: 48 Amber Cann
How to Upload an ExamSoft Artifact
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Create an inbox rule to filter unwanted messages
Use Outlook/Office 365 INBOX RULES to move unwanted emails to the Clutter box automatically.
Просмотров: 135 Amber Cann
Pharmaceutical Calculations - Part 1-2
In this tutorial, Brittany Brown and Keith Zimmerman teach you how to set up proportions to calculate doses and concentrations.
Просмотров: 184 Amber Cann
ExamSoft Tutorial - Register your Device
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Pharmaceutical Calculations - Part 2
Brittany Brown and Keith Zimmerman teach you how to set up dimensional analysis and proportions to solve for doses and concentrations. Problem 1 0.08s Problem 2 1m 10s Problem 3 1m 58s Problem 4 3m 42s Problem 5 4m 38s Problem 6 6m 06s Problem 7 7m 22s Problem 8 8m 58s Problem 9 10m 24s Problem 10 11m 30s Problem 11 13m 08s Problem 12 14m 53s Problem 13 16m 59s
Просмотров: 33 Amber Cann
Add Email Signature in Office365
Add a professional email signature to your student email in Office 365
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Find the IHI Open School Online Courses
PHR 5201 - Find and register for the IHI Open School modules
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Dissolving Sterile Powders
This tutorial will teach you the basics of dissolving sterile powders in diluent.
Просмотров: 43 Amber Cann
Filters Demystified
This tutorial will demonstrate the uses and different sizes of filters in sterile pharmaceutical compounding.
Просмотров: 23 Amber Cann
Register for your IHI account
Students in Dr. Cann's Medication Safety course must register for an IHI account to complete some assignments. This video shows you how to setup your account.
Просмотров: 107 Amber Cann
Change your Poll Everywhere User Name
Change the name participants use to sign in to your Poll Everywhere polls.
Просмотров: 45 Amber Cann
Medical Trial Designs
This refresher covers the various trial designs you will encounter while reading biomedical literature.
Просмотров: 117 Amber Cann
Calculation of Elastomeric Device Size
This tutorial will demonstrate the calculations involved in choosing a package size based on infusion rate.
Просмотров: 9 Amber Cann
Change your SUS password
This video demonstrates how to change your password by logging in to the Sullivan Univesrity VDI.
Просмотров: 38 Amber Cann
Rap Battle_ART Dose Adjustments
SUCOP students have rap battles during their HIV therapeutics block
Просмотров: 39 Amber Cann
ExamSoft Tutorial - Save Default Preferences
Set your default preferences in ExamSoft to keep consistent across assessments.
Просмотров: 50 Amber Cann
Download Office 365 to your Own Device
This is a very short demo of how you can get Office 2016 apps on your own computer using your Sullivan University credentials.
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Tutorial Video   How to Make a Prezume
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DIC Room Reservations
DIC rooms are now available to reserve in Outlook.
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SUCOP Lectern Tutorial
This is a brief tutorial on how to turn on, operate, and shut down the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy auditorium displays.
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SofTest v12 keyboard issue
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Pharmaceutical Calculations - Part 3
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