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Triumph T120SR: One of Triumph's Rarest Bikes
Here is an ultra rare 1965 Triumph T120SR that is about to get torn to pieces and shipped off to the UK to her homeland.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Complete Power Steering
Just a real quick overview of the steering. Any questions just ask!
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1995 Ford F-150 Project Truck
Well, here is how far we hace come on the old workin' truck! Dad and I have been bustin our butts since August on this thing!
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Suzuki GS 450 carb problem?
I have this partially overhauled suzuki and I still have accelerator issues. Watch this video and tell me what ya think. If you cant hear what I said, stock jets are 17.5 pilot, and 115 main, I have 22.5 pilot and 120 main jets in that bike.
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The Electric Oil Can Banjo: Sound Demo
Here's my Marvel Mystery Oil Canjo!!! Don't she sound purdy?
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Vinny's Rat Rod: "Hood Ornament"
Here's my next addition to the old Chevy - a one of a kind 'hood ornament'.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Power Steering Brackets
Here's part of the bracket system for my steering pump!
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Vinny's Banjos: Ca. 1925 Gibson DeLaval
Alrighty. What we have here is an oil can and a banjo neck from the 1920's!!! And boy does it sounds pretty! Leave a like or a comment if ya' dont mind my askin'.
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The Electric Oil Can Banjo Build Part 2
I'm gonna say that it's pretty self explanatory.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: "Floor Pans"
Well, the "floor" is almost finished. You can definitely call this a rat rod considering I've spent less than 20 dollars making this floor.
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Worlds Smallest Ratbike
I built this back when I was in high school. Tiny little clown bicycle turned lean, mean, street machine.
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1980 Suzuki GS 450: She lives again!
After fifteen years of neglect, this old cruiser is running once again! It took a lot of work and I still have a ways to go. The bike sounds a lot better than this, but the camera had issues. PS I named her Pheonix, becuase she arose from the ashes.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Power Steering Update
I've been messing around with the frame and engine to build a power steering pump.
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Vinny's Banjos: Cripple Creek
Cripple creek is a classic song worth playing on the world's coolest banjo.
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Spinnin' out!
More fun in the snow!
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Gas Can Banjo Project: Part 1
I have decided to make my own gas can banjo. I have half of what I need now. I hope all goes well. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Peek!
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GasCan Banjo project: Part 2
Well, I have made a little progress on the gas can banjo. I hope it is as good as Mr. Peeks!
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Vinny Plays His Canocaster
My newest creation - a 1956 Sunoco "Canocaster" full blown electric guitar.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Front Suspension (Old)
Here's an older video of me doing some work on the front suspension of my old Buick powered Chevy. Sadly, my neighbor Matthew McFadden died not too along ago as a result of cancer. I will never get to have that race with him...
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Old Suzuki GS, 14 years of isolation
1980 Suzuki GS450L being raised from the dead after years of dormancy. It's a good old bike and it runs good, believe it or not! It just needs a few more details.
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My Dream Project
Here she is! This is my baby!!! Here's week one on the project. This truck has been in my family one way or another for the past 40 years.
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Vinny's Gas Can Banjo
Well, that project I never really got around to finishing is finally finished. Enjoy.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: No more flat bed!!!
The bed has been sold. I'm finally rid of that stupid thing.
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Another project! The ol Manco Minibike.
I found the old minibike at a grage sale for 25 bucks. I couldn't resist!
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Attack of the Squirrel Monster!!!
Funny little squirrel thinks i am a tree.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Where it all Began
Here is my first video of the Chevy when I brought her home with me. It was a day I had been waiting for...
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Worlds slowest burnout.
What do you mean there's a motorcycle off-season?
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Motorcycle Engine Cooling trick
This is the best and cheapest way to keep an engine cool when synchronizing carburetors.
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Minibike Dual Exhaust, other bike updates
Here are some new concepts and updates from my bike collection. Enjoy!
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My Idea of shadetree bodywork
Well, I cant afford a welder. But I am good with my hands, so here is the basic patch panel for my old ford truck.
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Vinny's Banjos: "Trans Am"
Here's a new banjo I made this weekend. She's fresh from the oven and for sale!!! Leave a comment if you're interested!
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Vinny's Rat Rod: The New Engine and Some Other Stuff
It's been a while, but I've made progress on this thing.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Ball Joints
Makin' some progress on the old Chevy. Puttin' in new ball joints to get her safe to drive.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Bye bye flat bed!
Flat bed is SOLD.
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Makin progress on the old Suzuki
This old thing is ready for some aftermarket upgrades!!!
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Vinny's Rat Rod: Restoring the Cab
Spring has returned so it's time to start working on the Chevy again. Body work is a b*tch.
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Cute little squirrel baby!
This little squirrel was saved by my sister when she was a baby. She was abandoned and almost dead. But my Tonya saved her.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: I Has a Transmission
Building a transmission is a bitch; that's all I got's to say.
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The Electric Oil Can Banjo Build Part 1
It's my latest wacky creation. But I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
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Vinny's Rat Rod: "Rocker Panels"
Just doing some shade tree body work on the old Chevy.
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