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Across the Halfpipe
The University of Minnesota Duluth Concert Band playing Sam Hazo's "Across the Halfpipe", the third movement to the Minnesota Portraits Suite.
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Pathsounds - Hengki's Song
Hengki Koentjoro is a photographer I watch on the ever popular art website known as www.deviantart.com. This is a really simple piece, just a synth and piano together - but likewise with his photography, less is definitely more. Enjoy. http://www.koentjoro.com/
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Pathsounds - Nocturnal Nature
photo credits go to: nocturnal_flame.deviantart.com pixelcraft.deviantart.com bryceman111.deviantart.com anginelson.deviantart.com hellsangel8924.deviantart.com
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Pathsounds - Welcome to the Path
So it's about time I share with you the real reason why I started this youtube account, and the reason why my name is Pathsounds. As you may have noticed in most of my videos, I've been on a huge journey these past 4 or 5 months of personal development. I feel like now, I am able to move forward. So this is a good day. :) Enjoy! p.s. - all pictures on here are from http://pixelcraft.deviantart.com - I used to do photography so these are all of my pictures...since i was making this video on the fly and didn't want to steal pics...
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Pathsounds - Endless
wrote this about a year ago, decided to put this together tonight. :) artwork credit goes to qauz.deviantart.com
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Star Spangled Banner
Okay, so this is actually a pretty old video, taken in... Spring of 2004 or 2005. This is the University of Superior Wisconsin's Senior High Honor Band. There were two separate bands playing, I was in the first one, and then afterwords we listened to this one, and I recorded it. This particular arrangement is by Jack Stamp. These are high school students. I was so blown away. What a fantastic ensemble! I miss these days.
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