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Funniest scene on Keeping Up Appearances
Keeping Up Appearances episode 1 season 1 Daddy's Accident hilarious scene when Sheridan asked Hyacinth to send him a check by Richard at the end Richard ask Hyacinth how much to send Sheridan she says very tersely "don't send him any money"
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Me singing The Cleveland Show theme song
Yours truly singing The Cleveland Show theme song and also singing like Cleveland.
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A very hilarious scene from King of the Hill
From Episode 15 Season 9 Dale Slams Bill with truth as add change the sides rather to go back to his job in the army or stay with the Harmonaholics
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My all time favorite scene from Mom (Season 1 Episode 5)
I don't own the rights to this scene but Bonnie (Allison Janney) convinces Christy (Anna Faris) to take Regina's (Octavia Spencer) money.
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CVC New Line Cinema/ WARNING Disclaimer
End credits from All About the Benjamins
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Michaela EXPOSED!
Watch the captions in the video and listen to Michaela as she says her nationality
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Me singing I'm a Survivor
Me singing the theme song of the television series Reba
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Two Scorpios saying "Are you out of your mind"
My seven year old niece and Whoopi Goldberg saying "are you out of your mind"
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Family Guy scene Peter's Dirtbike Girlfriend
Family Guy singing Peter's dirt bike girlfriend on TBS
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Cleveland Show season 1 episode 7 (Funnies Edition)
The Cleveland Show season 1 episode 7A Brown Thanksgiving in comics configuration
Просмотров: 89 Carrington Hollister
Paris saying I had to find George and put a bullet in his head
I don't own the rights to this clip.
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Me singing Spectre's Intro Writings On The Wall Alcapella
I tried my best but the title is self explanatory.
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Me singing Walk Over God's Heaven by Mahalia Jackson
I'm singing alongside the late Mahalia Jackson as a living tribute to my Choir Director Sis. Carol Wooten
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Hilarious Cleveland Show Scene with a twist
The Cleveland Show episode 7 season 1 A Brown Thanksgiving. (Haunt Edition)
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Disturbing scene from A Day Late and A Dollar Short
This scene is when George sexually assaults Shanice and Kimberly catches him red handed.
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Me attempting to sing Did We Almost Have it All by Whitney Houston
I was attempting to sing one of my personal favorite songs by the late Whitney Houston.
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Lexus December to Remember Advert (Haunt Edition)
One of a Kind Lexus Advert on HLN with a twist.
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Funniest scene on M*A*S*H
Just listen to what Hawkeye said it's self explanatory
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A Montage of Seth McFarlane Theme Songs
Me singing a montage of Seth McFarlane theme songs consisting of the following: The Cleveland Show American Dad Family Guy
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Lexus December to Remember Advert (1950s Edition )
This is what the Lexus December to Remember advert would look like in the 1950s (minus the 2017 RX of course)
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Another Hilarious Scene from King of The Hill
This is the scene when Bill does a shotty job by half-cutting his fellow base member's hair just so he can go see the Harmonaholics.
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WGBH LOGO (2017)
WGBH Logo (2017) after the credits of Arthur.
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Lexus December to Remember Ad (Haunt Edition)
Lexus IS Commercial on HLN with a twist
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More than a Woman- Aaliyah
More than a Woman Courtesy of Aaliyah
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