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Kahoot Hack 2018 (WORKING)
This is my first YouTube video! Please subscribe for more content! Link to hack: https://liquidram.tech/kahoot/
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Hurricane Michael Overview
This video is about the devastating Hurricane Michael. If you were in the storm zone, this may offend you, probably not but everyone is different. Subscribe to SirMatthews and JustJoline! Like the video, subscribe, and hit the dislike button two times! Thanks for watching and hit the notification bell too!
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Krunker.io Fail
This is me, thinking I am cool and gonna win Krunker.io. But, I'm trash and loss. Subscribe to SirMatthews! Subscribe to JustJoline! Like, comment, share and hit the notification bell! Have a great day/morning/evening/night!
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How does SirMatthews React To Election Day?
The title says it all. Enjoy! Subscribe to SirMatthews AND JustJoline! Like, Share, Comment! This is something that puts a lot of thought... I am considering changing my channel name. What do you think? Here are a few possible ideas... 1. JustMatthew (inspiration from JustJoline) 2. HesMatthew 3. KingGoat If there are any suggestions, let me know!
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Channel News and Skimming The Internet
I will present channel changes and upcoming content for you guys! And skimming the Internet for stuff! Like, comment, share! Hit the notification bell for new videos! Subscribe to SirMatthews AND JustJoline! Now go subscirbe to both channels. I mean it. If you don't I come to your house and mug you. If you do subscribe, I give you the asian eyes to not see. You will solve the equation, cause you asian.
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New Shoutouts Coming Soon!
Hey fans from everywhere around the globe! I am announcing something that will come in the future! That's right! Shoutouts! Comment down below, "Hes a goat" and you will get the following based on the timing of the comment. 1st : Pin, heart, shoutout 2nd: heart, shoutout 3rd: shoutout Everyone else: a heart or nothing based on timing. Subscribe to JustJoline and SirMatthews for great content! Like, comment, share! Hit the bell for news on new videos! Subscribe now and I give you gold. No subscribe, I come to your house with two chopsticks, shove up your, wait TMI.
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Nike Lunarsolo Review!
I just got this from the outlet in a north Georgia and I got these fresh Lunarsolos! I want to share this with you guys so leave a like, share, and subscribe if you haven't already done so! And yeah, see y'all later! Disclaimer: Nike did not pay me to make this video. This is all my opinions. Another one: JustJoline has been deleted because of something, IDK. Sorry for y'all who did subscribe to her! Bu bye
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Drake- God's Plan (Asian PARODY) Reaction
SirMatthews React to this random shit. Please like, subscribe, and share! Parody Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncgyyTdgvas Original God's Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpVfcZ0ZcFM Enjoy!
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Take off from ATL- Washington Dulles on Southwest Airlines
This is not my video. My cousin allowed me to use it on her vacation. I am not going on vacation again, so just beware of that.
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Hurricane Simulation Gameplay
Playing Hurricane Simulation to wreck some peoples homes! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, comment your favorite part of the video, and make sure to subscribe! Link to game: (Game may not be available for iOS) https://scijinks.gov/hurricane-simulation/
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Krunker.io Fail Part 2
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FNAF Gameplay
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When you find free robux and you find out that.....
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Run 3 Gameplay
Recorded with ScreenCastify (https://www.screencastify.com), the screen video recorder for Chrome
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Keep staring at me and this will happen...
Title says it all! Sub, like, comment, share! I don't know what in the blue moon happened to JustJoline, but stayed tuned for upcoming news alerts...
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Dollar Tree Gun Review
Just me reviewing neon orange glock looking crap I got from Dollar Tree. Subscribe for more videos! Also, subscribe to JustJoline! A new channel from someone in with the same blood as me.. So yeah, see y'all later.
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Crime City 3D 2 Gameplay - Part One
Playing Crime City 3D 2
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Ballistica - Gaming Video #1
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