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근육 성장에 효과적인 반복 속도는? Effective Repetition Speed for Muscle Growth
Repetition speed and muscle growth slow duration & fast duration extension & contraction This video tells you the range between the minimum and the maximum duration of a repetition for a better hypertrophic result
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다이어트 콜라는 사실 다이어트에 도움이 되지 않는다!? Diet soda is actually not a weight management tool
I will appreciate your subscribes and LIKES :) *NNS: non-nutritive sweetener (same as artificial sweetener) Today, more and more people are looking for a weight management tool, and at the same time they want tools that are easily accessible and reasonably priced. Since diet soda is artificially sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners (NNSs) and is accessible only for $1-2 in almost every market or restaurant, consumption of diet soda has been increasing over time. People believe that NNS will help their weight management because NNS has no calories. However, in the medical field, two conflicting opinions on NNS have been arising. One side claims that NNS is a proper weight management tool since it helps people with weight loss, but the other side claims that NNS is an inappropriate weight management tool since it results in weight gain. The debate is still ongoing without a settlement. However, consumption of NNS actually contributes to weight gain, so this practice is an unsuitable weight management tool.
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1분 상식 #3 - 알아두면 좋은 네 가지 호르몬들 여러운 말 다뺌(eng sub might be added later)
참고로 멜라토닌 제품은 미국에선 자유롭게 판매되지만 한국에선 의사 처방을 받아야합니다
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