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The Flaming Side of the Moon
I downloaded The Flaming Lips' song "The Flaming Side of the Moon" from their soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/theflaminglipsofficial/flaming-side-of-the-moon I used the 2011 remastered CD version of "The Dark Side of the Moon". I spent a great deal of time syncing all the tracks, as we don't know what format the Lips used to sync to in the first place. I had to remove a variable amount of silence between the PF tracks, usually around 0.05 seconds, so the Lips were probably using some form of vinyl. Now, I know what I've done also isn't perfect, but in my opinion it is almost there. I've listened to my mix many times and am convinced that it's as close as can be. If anyone has any constructive comments, please let me know. I have increased the volume of the Lips so you can really hear their additions. Otherwise, you may as well just listen to the original Pink Floyd album on its own. I am a very big fan of both Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips, so I have undertaken this with the greatest of respect for both bands and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. If anyone wants the MP3 or the Audacity project files of this, please email me a photo of you with a copy of The Dark Side of the Moon and any Flaming Lips album and I will happily oblige. Peace and love. Shine on. japandy0407[at]gmail[dot]com I do not own the copyright to either track or the cover art but other people have also uploaded their versions, so I hope mine can stay as well.
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