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Did God Originally Give the Sacrificial System to Mankind?
These are my opinions based on research scripture and prayer. Personally I do not think that the animal sacrifice system is what God wanted for his people and there are many scripture to back that up in this video, but he was willing to use that system that I believe the demons taught (just like they taught men to sacrifice other humans and their own children) in order to save the world through his own son. I am sure he was fully aware of the fact that the demons would teach sacrifices, but even angels (and fallen angels) have free will as is evident in scripture. For me, this makes the sacrifice on the cross even more impactful and I will explain that in the video. People often wonder why Jesus had to die this way-why would God set up his own son to die in such a cruel way, but that's just it-isn't it? Did God really WANT his son to die this way? OR...was it actually man listening to the dark spiritual forces in the beginning that caused it to have to be this way and in his love for us, God sacrificed his own flesh and blood through Jesus on the cross in the greatest sacrifice anyone has ever made. Blood sacrifices were not limited to Israel. Every nation sacrificed, but they sacrificed to the demons as Paul pointed out in his letter to the Corinthians in 10:20-21. Jesus's death eventually brought sacrifices to an end for the most part and those that still sacrifice today do not believe in Jesus and are still sacrificing to demons whether they know it or not-just as they were sacrificing to demons in ancient times and did not realize that what they called 'gods" were really demons.
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The New Covenant Law of Christ
Are we under the Mosaic Law (Sinaitic Covenant) or are we under the Law of Christ? Is the Law of Christ the same as the Law of Moses? Did Jesus bring new law? Was it God's plan for Jesus to bring new law? Was it prophesied? This is my first non-speaking video. I just let the scripture speak for itself.
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Part 1 : Who Are the Sons of God and Why Do They Matter?
I was reading another verse in the Septuagint (an early version of the Greek Old Testament) and my eye was drawn to this strange verse that said that God had appointed the "angels of God" over the nations. Obviously that would be an odd thing to read, because I would guess, like me, most people have never heard this before. I have had a healthy, yet balanced respect for the Septuigant since it was the first translation of the Old Testament and was the version that was in use in the days of Yeshua/Jesus and the apostles. I started looking into this passage. If this was correct, there had to be other passages to back up this claim (after all, scripture interprets scripture). It did not take me long to discover that there is a Bible scholar who has written and spoken extensively on this topic recently. I watched some of his videos and took notes and while I agreed with most of what he said, I had points of disagreement, so I didn't want to just pass on his lectures, but to make my own video on the topic. The fact is, many Bible scholars are well aware of this, but because it is a little too "shocking" for the average laymen to comprehend and quite frankly, for some pastors too, it is not spoken of and people are left with a lot of unanswered questions concerning scriptures that do address it. I realize this may be over the heads of some people and that's ok. It's not a salvation issue and what I talk about in my videos comes after years of hard study. But for those who like to get past the milk and deal more in the meat and potatoes, you may well enjoy this video. I also think as we are nearing the end of the age here, the father is opening up the passages to an even deeper level to understand the events that are soon upon us. I believe that this understanding is going to help us make more sense of why there is evil in the world, what Yeshua overcame at the cross (the powers and principalities) and how the antichrist will be able to do his evil all over the world and also what influence is behind the evil leaders of nations today. This is part 1 of what will likely be a 2 part video. Some of the latter things I mentioned will have to be covered in part 2 because this video will mostly focus on who the sons of God ARE and part 2 will explain more about how Yeshua works into this and what is coming.
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Luke 4: what Jesus said to the Jews in Nazareth That Made Them Want to Throw Him off of a Cliff
Jesus had just left the synagogue in Nazareth after reading a prophesy about the Messiah and claims that he is fulfilling it as they are listening. But what he says to them after makes them so angry they try to throw him over a cliff. What is it that makes them so mad?
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Acts Part 1 (Chapters 1-2)
Everyone claims to be like the Acts church or wants to be like the Acts church so I thought it would be a good idea to share what I've learned about Acts and the early churches.
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Free Online Tools I use to study the Bible
For my first video I wanted to share what tools I use to study the Bible so that my viewers know how I get my information that I share. I will be using these tools a lot as I make more videos in the future. Included in the video are what I consider to be beginner tools such as Biblehub, Keyword Search-Bible Gateway, and Blue Letter Online
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Part 2: Who Are the Sons of God and Why Do They Matter?
Part 2 on the sons of God as elohim.
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Azazel the Scapegoat
This is a brief look into the Hebrew word "Azazel" which has been translated in some translations of the Bible as "scapegoat" and how it is related to the sin offering.
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Acts Part 2 Chapters 3-5
An exegesis approach to the book of Acts.
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The Prophecy Song of Deuteronomy 32
Deuteronomy is not often thought of as prophecy let alone one full chapter, but Deuteronomy 32 is literally nothing BUT prophecy. As Moses is about to send the Hebrews into the Promised land, Yahweh instructs him to teach them a song that he gives them. This song they are to sing throughout their generations to remember Yahweh's deliverance and how they were CHOSEN out of the pagan nations to be HIS people but that over time many of them will forget him and this is what their fate will be. But today, after having seen "the ROCK" which is spoken of in this passage we can see that even Yeshua/Jesus was prophesied in this passage although we may not have realized it until it was revealed to us in the New Testament. In 1 Corinthians 10:4 Paul states that the spiritual rock that they drank from when they were with Moses and the rock that followed them WAS the MESSIAH: Yeshua Hamashiach :)
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