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Bad customer service (read description for context)
I've been in NYC for a month (just moved here) and I wanted to rent a car for a day so I could explore more places in the city without being confined to the subway. I reserve a car at Budget rent a car for 8 o clock on 8/5/17 at 304 west 49th street. At the end the customer said the problem isn't with you it's with the company policy. Now I agree after listening to their conversation and other people conversation some of the rules/policy's don't make any sense and all around suck but I sat there for 30 mins and over the course of that time multiple customers came in and that guy treated every one of them like crap. He was rude and had an attitude if you tried to ask him a question. He was a horrible employee. If on the 1 in million chance budget higher ups see this the guy working behind the counter should be fired.
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