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When the Party in South Omaha took a nosedive.
Felt bad for her but the one Cardinal sin in karaoke...DO NOT STOP SINGING YOUR SONG UNTIL IT IS OVER. Even if you can't.
Просмотров: 6 Alex Diaz
Party Time Part II
The time to celebrate.
Просмотров: 12 Alex Diaz
Two Wonderful Black Girls Singing A Legendary Song.
Mariah Carey singers. Welcome back to my childhood.
Просмотров: 16 Alex Diaz
2017 Omaha Karaoke Semifinals
Kaine Friend #1
Просмотров: 5 Alex Diaz
5 Things You Should Never Say/Do to a Runner.
Runners hate this literally
Просмотров: 4 Alex Diaz
2017 Omaha Karaoke Semifinals
Me. Didn't win but I was happy to make the Semifinals
Просмотров: 7 Alex Diaz
Party Starter in South Omaha.
My two friends that started the party.
Просмотров: 3 Alex Diaz
The Most Glorified Day about My Running Season in 2017.
Running Season in a nutshell
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2018 Wild Card. Chiefs Smack Talk and Reenactment of Super Bowl 51.
The joy of a choke and the wonderful glorious celebration of a Queef defeat.
Просмотров: 6 Alex Diaz
Cowboys Fans Seeing The Truth About A Dak Attack
Cowboys Smack Talk. Fans now crying to get Romo back.
Просмотров: 38 Alex Diaz
2017 Omaha Karaoke Semifinals
Friend number #2.
Просмотров: 3 Alex Diaz