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Slats Slats Slats Skrillex Re-Mastered
I was tired of never seeing this version on Youtube. So here it is the re-mastered version of Slats Slats Slats
Просмотров: 31852 RobertoAlmeida
Ultra Thin Condom Ad
Watch As Brian Durex tests the difference between regular condoms and Durex Ultra Thin Condoms, with his penis and a car door.
Просмотров: 214613 RobertoAlmeida
Meet The Black Heist
Meet The Black Heist Ken In't Zandt - Guitar / Vocals Roberto Almeida - Bass Antonio Guarrera - Drums / Vocals Johnny Taouk - Guitar
Просмотров: 277 RobertoAlmeida
Dark Soul
We were just getting a beer and Antonio told us he had a headache and then this....
Просмотров: 103 RobertoAlmeida
The Black Heist Cover Comfortably Numb Ending
The Black Heist (Ending of Comfortably Numb) Couldn't get the whole thing, but better than nothing I guess
Просмотров: 181 RobertoAlmeida
The Black Heist Queen St. Teaser
Just a little demo of what to expect from our EP Queen St.
Просмотров: 95 RobertoAlmeida
The Black Heist Introduction of band and intro to Strangers in the Dark
The Black Heist Introduction of band and intro to Strangers in the Dark
Просмотров: 80 RobertoAlmeida
The Black Heist - State Of Mind Live
The Black Heist playing State of Mind live at The Metro Theatre
Просмотров: 192 RobertoAlmeida
Robin Fail #2
Robin gets "crotched" in the face by Amanda while playing 52 pick up. Typical Robin behaviour.
Просмотров: 1606 RobertoAlmeida
Hidden Footage from the first Black Heist gig
Black Heist fans can rejoice as we uncover footage from our first gig!
Просмотров: 75 RobertoAlmeida
Robin Fail#1
Robin attempts to tackle me after being recorded, and misses completely. FAIL!
Просмотров: 130 RobertoAlmeida
The Black Heist - Weight Of Day
Our band The Black Heist playing our first song "Weight Of Day"
Просмотров: 451 RobertoAlmeida