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Second Guessing PGD IVF
We still have a whole 10 months before I want to get this process started. So please help!!!! Does anyone know of a good place to get the process started?
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PGD- Gender Selection- IVF Vlog #1
My skin looks so bad in this video. Basically, I need to ditch coffee bc its a diuretic and deyhydrates. Anyhoo, I will be changing the direction of my channel. No more economic news. You are more than welcome to unsub but if you want to stay thats awesome! I am getting super personal in this vlog but I want to grow my channel and let the real me shine.
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Candace Owens Apologized to Kanye West
Thoughts? And Yes I am wearing Fenty Beauty. My aunt got it for me and I will treasure it always.
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This is My 4c Natural Hair Talk
Overview -#1 4c Hair Tip: Let Your Hair Grow UP& OUT in your face out to the sides of your head. Trying to slick it back all the time is going to stress your fro. -Why I Went Natural -Magic Potion for Hair Growth (Yes Real Magic) -How Often I Wash My Hair- As often as possible (I am active in fitness so grease,sweat/funk is bad hygiene)
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Testing Video
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Crazy Day- Part 2
People are so ugly on the internet. Basically I never thought Lovely Ti would be one of the type of people to be ugly on the internet.
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Caffeine Withdrawl Days 1, 2, and 3
Im not filming my entire three days. Only describing how I feel and what I did to remedy my pain. I ate so much food. I think Tylenol is supposed to be taken with food so I had to eat. I drank two big bottles of Brisk iced tea, milk, and orange juice. I read somewhere that water doesn't hydrate you as well as milk because it doesnt have to filter. So yes, calories, calories. I drank em. My comfort snack was cinnamon toast crunch. Waking up day three, I had no headache... Yet. The nausea throughout day two was probably why I kept snacking. It was so bad. Day 1 I even had to do a laxative bc I was so nauseous. I was more or less trying to settle my stomach. I forgot to mention that in the video.
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Caffiene Witdrawl Update
Peppermint Oil did it for me yall.
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What A Day- I Simply Cannot
Im going to record part two later but basically so many ugly comments were directed at me this morning and I am going to address it.
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